March 22, 2000
volume 11, no. 58

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Baby Body Parts and Planned Parenthood

        It seems that when you think you've heard it all -- something else comes along that shocks every fiber in your body. Not only has our country killed 37 million unborn babies since Roe Vs Wade, but now, these same babies are being dismembered and their body parts are sold to the highest bidder.

        Life Dynamics Inc. -- a pro-life group based in Texas, exposed this body-parts industry as the result of undercover work by lab technicians. They spent almost three years investigating and researching this issue, and arguably know more about it than anyone else in the country. Their effort was the subject of the 20/20 TV show on ABC, shown on March 8. The show was a far cry from what it should have been. For some reason, they didn't show the bags of eyes, arms, legs, brains and other organs, which were supplied to them. ABC claimed, they didn't want to shock the public. Instead, they showed scientists working with little pieces of tissues in petri dishes.

        The show was at 10:00 PM. I've seen more violence on ABC shows that are shown earlier in the day, when children are watching. TV shows in which every one of the Ten Commandments are broken don't phase them. We've seen movies depicting gruesome scenes about the Holocaust. They show movies in which people are dismembered and have their heads blown off. We've seen real live murder on TV. So please ABC, don't insult our intelligence. You just didn't want to connect Planned Parenthood and the other death camps to these sadistic and vile acts.

        ABC, owned by Disney is the most liberal of all the networks. Disney has been boycotted many times for their backing of TV shows and movies that shock and revolt Christians.

        If they didn't want to show the brains, extremities and other organs, they could at least, have described them. They seemed more concerned that if a mother has her unborn baby killed, nobody had the right to dismember her baby and sell the body parts to the highest bidder, since she did not give her permission.

        As if it would be just fine if the mother gave her permission. As a matter of fact they interviewed one of the mothers who had her baby killed and she was horrified that they would chop her baby up and sell the body parts. If only she would have been horrified, at the thought of giving permission to have her baby killed in the first place.

        An eight-week-old baby brain goes for $999. A baby's eyes for $75, liver for $150, gonads for $550. In addition to a body-parts price list that can turn one's stomach, the undercover investigators turned up page after page of orders from prominent research universities and pharmaceutical companies. Even the federal government's own National Institutes of Health has been ordering baby body parts.

        The order forms specify which body parts the researchers desire. Here are some direct quotes: "Whole Eyes, 13-20 wks," "Brain, 8-24 weeks," "whole intact Leg, include ENTIRE HIP JOINT, 22-23(-) weeks gestation. Age of fetus must be determined and noted ... indicate foot pad measurement." "Note Age, Race, Sex."

        Most order forms come with specific directions, e.g., "Dissect lungs intact from 17 to 24 week fetal cadaver." "Dissect by cutting through symphysis pubis and include WHOLE Ilium. To be removed from fetal cadaver within 10 minutes."

        When an order calls for fetal tissue retrieval to be completed within 10 minutes, a live birth is highly likely. When an order stipulates something like "no anomalies" or "no congenital abnormalities,"those abortions are probably being done on healthy late-term babies. The order forms also include specific shipping instructions. "Ship on fresh wet ice. Next day." "Ship on dry ice." "Ship next day. Federal Express."

        The buyers and sellers of these parts obviously don't believe that aborted babies are just "blobs of tissue." We wonder if the mothers would go ahead with their abortions if they knew that others were cutting up and selling their babies.

        One of Bill Clinton's first executive orders in 1993 lifted the ban on federal funding for so called "fetal tissue research" that involved using the organs and tissue obtained from aborted babies. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) then codified this executive order by shepherding through the then- Democratic Congress the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act (Public Law 103-43), which Clinton signed on June 10, 1993.

        Evil feeds on evil. We legalized these killings on demand -- 1.4 million of God's most precious creations are killed every year, even while they're being born and suffer excruciating pain in the process. So, why be surprised that this is happening?

        Gloria Feldt of Planned Parenthood, the leading killers of babies in the USA, was pious in her condemnation of the baby parts traders, even though the killings in the 20/20 show were done at Planned Parenthood facilities. Planned Parenthood is responsible for the national network that supports the trafficking of baby body parts. Ms. Feldt's display of indignation and horror on 20/20 was deserving of an Oscar.

        Lying comes easy for these people. What's a lie compared to the wholesale killing of unborn, and 3/4 born babies. Planned Parenthood Federation of America - sounds good, doesn't it? Why, they exist to actually help people to plan a family -- very commendable. The very name oozes benevolence. I'm surprised they didn't put the name of a Saint in front of it.

        But, their name is a misnomer-- it is a lie. They do NOT plan parenting. To plan parenting -- the prime requisites are parents and children. When babies are killed, you have neither parents nor children. And why are unborn babies killed? They are killed BECAUSE OF Planned Parenthood.

        One has to ask -- who are theses people, that they would flagrantly misrepresent their killing agenda with sugar coated words like Planned Parenthood? But sugar coating their killing agenda is nothing new for them. They don't even have the "guts" to use the word abortion anymore, because everyone knows, it means to kill an unborn baby. Now, their sugar coating of death has resulted in the euphemism, "the right to choose."

        One of the great mysteries of our time is -- how in the world did we let them get as far as they did?Lies and euphemisms are the hallmark of Planned Parenthood. They exist for one reason only and that is to get as many women to have their unborn babies killed, as they possibly can. There is NO planning -- it is CUT AND DRY.

        And now, they have branched out into the trafficking of baby parts. Quite a benevolent group, aren't they? Not only do they not PLAN on telling women about to have an abortion, the physical and mental complications of this horrendous deed, but they won't even tell women, that induced abortions increases their risk of getting breast cancer. Their attitude seems to be -- better for women to die of breast cancer, than take a chance on the public's reaction to the truth. Thousands of women die every year, because they were not told of this risk. It IS America's best kept secret.

        It's only a matter of time before our courts are flooded with law suits against the abortion mills for not informing women of this vital information before they have their baby killed. I will not be surprised that when the above comes to fruition, and it will -- that the abortion mills will start paying women off, rather than going to court. Because in a courtroom they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. The truth will all come out. The evidence is overwhelming. The American Cancer Society has even admitted to one aspect of the link, but will NOT tell the public. 10 of 11 studies done in the USA show the link as well as lab tests. For more details, click Abortions - The Truth

        The truth of the matter is that no one -- not 20/20, not The American Cancer Society and not the Clinton/Gore administration, will do anything to harm the multimillion dollar abortion industry.

        At least by focusing on and condemning those who profit from the sale of baby body parts, 20/20 turned a national spotlight on this barbaric practice. The story may not have been all that we wanted, but it's better than nothing. 20/20's focus on the money trail is like pointing out that smoke from the ovens at Auschwitz violated Germany's Clean Air Act.

        Our once Godly country, now, thanks to the liberal Democrats, has its own Auschwitz -- PLANNED PARENTHOOD. The result is that the viewer was left with the false impression that Planned Parenthood was outraged at these practices rather than a participant in them.

        The people involved in the trafficking of baby parts were constantly referred to by the narrator as "businessmen" instead of by some more accurate description which would identify them as being part of the abortion industry. This was done despite the fact that Life Dynamics, provided documentation to 20/20 proving that all the people involved had links with both Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

        It was clear that 20/20 wanted the viewer to perceive that this was not something which occurred within the abortion industry, but that some evil profit-driven outsiders had infiltrated and taken advantage of the abortion industry. It was as if 20/20 was trying to portray the abortion industry as an unwitting victim of the baby parts business.

        There was never any mention of the researchers, pharmaceutical companies and universities who buy baby parts. I just don't know what it takes before the American people say, "enough is enough!"

        One thing that I do know -- if Al Gore is elected president, satan will continue to win, because Gore, as Clinton did, will veto the ban on partial-birth murders thus ensuring that the prized older baby body parts will be in abundance, which translates into more money for Planned Parenthood and all the other death camps.

    Dr. Frank

March 22, 2000
volume 11, no. 58
Pro-Life Prescriptions: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

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