March 20, 2000
volume 11, no. 56

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    Today we bring you the Holy Father's Sunday Angelus yesterday. Fresh from a week of quiet spiritual exercises during the Papal Lenten Retreat, the Holy Father acknowledged the cheers of over 35,000 craftsmen and women in St. Peter's Square and he called on their patron Saint Joseph to be with them, and all fathers globally as well as with the humble Vicar of Christ in his journey to the holy carpenter's homeland as the Pope begins his weeklong "Jubilee Journey" beginning in Jordan today. The Pope also called on the Virgin Mary to be with him on this historic, spiritual pilgrimage. The full English text was translated and provided by ZENIT news agency ZE00031922.

Holy Father's Sunday Angelus for March 19th

    Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    1. Before concluding this solemn Holy Mass, we prepare ourselves to recite the prayer of the Angelus in spiritual union with St. Joseph, Mary's husband and guardian of the Redeemer. Although this year his liturgical feast is postponed until tomorrow, it is in honor of the Patron of workers that you, dear craftsmen, celebrated your Jubilee today. I greet all of you with much affection and ask you to take my blessing to your homes and your work places.

        The feast of St. Joseph also invites us to special remembrance of fathers, who find in him a high evangelical model. I want to assure every father of a family of my special prayer, from the older ones, who has known the joy of becoming a grandfather, to the young ones, perhaps apprehensively awaiting their first children. Like Joseph, may all fathers be good men, ready to make whatever sacrifice for the good of their family. May the love of their wives and their children be a recompense for their every effort!

    2. I would like to ask you now, dearest brothers and sisters, to pray for some specific intentions. Next Friday, March 24, we will remember the missionaries who have spilt their blood for the Gospel with a special Day of prayer and fasting. 1999 was also marked by the sacrifice of another 30 brothers and sisters: priests, men and women religious, seminarians and lay people actively involved in evangelization. From their witness we raise an invocation to God for forgiveness and reconciliation; may their examples be a stimulus and support for all in the Holy Year road of conversion. Let us remember them in prayer together with those who with great courage continue to work in the front line of the frontiers of evangelization.

        Moreover, I ask you to pray for my Jubilee pilgrimage to the Holy Land, which will begin tomorrow. In a special way, I invoke the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph in this apostolic trip, which is so rich in meaning. With profound emotion I will go to the places where the Word was made flesh, lived and died and rose from the dead for our salvation. May this visit, inspired only in religious motives, bring auspicious good fruits for the entire Church!


March 20, 2000
volume 10, no. 56

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