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    WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant:
  • Television the Pope can be proud of!
  • School vouchers shot down in Florida by liberal judge
  • Expose on forced sterilization in Peru should be embarassing to Al Gore
  • For the sake of millions of lives in Mozambique, governments need to drop red-tape
  • Sudanese strife and bomb Catholic hospital in southern Sudan
  • Serbian Orthodox Church refuses communion to pro-aborts. Not a bad idea for U.S. Bishops to emulate
  • Rich and famous saying no to world and embracing religious life
  • Monthly Medjugorje Message for February 25th
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    "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and he who seeks, finds; and to him who knocks, it shall be opened."

    Matthew 7: 7-8

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        For the Daily LENTEN REFLECTION for Thursday, March 16th and Devotions of the WAY OF THE CROSS, see LENTEN REFLECTION.

    Special Prayer for the First Thursday in Lent

    Look down favorably, we beseech Three, O Lord, upon the devotion of Thy people, that they whose bodies are mortified by abstinence, may through the fruit of good works be refreshed in mind. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever. Amen.

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    Looking for God in all the wrong places!

       They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

    "Credit-wealth - stocks, bonds, bank-balances - have no set limit, at which we say, 'No more.' They have in them a caricature infinity, which allows men to use them as false religions, as substitutes for the true Infinity of God. Like money, love and power can become ersatz religions: those who pursue these things as ends will never find satisfaction. Such men are all in pursuit of God, but they do not know His name, nor where to look for Him."

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    WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant:

        EDITOR'S NOTE: This week will see a decrease in News regarding events from the Vatican since the majority of the Papal Staff and Roman Curia are on retreat. News announcements are expected to be be brief during this time, so we join our prayers and hearts with those on retreat, and take this time to reflect upon the state of our own souls as we share together this season of preparation and reconciliation.

      Polish commerce pushing for Church-sponsored television network to bring back values to Poland

         In Poland, birthplace of the Holy Father who is in retreat all this week, a number of Polish companies are backing a Catholic Church-sponsored family television network. The network is co-owned by the Franciscans in this country and is expected to go on-air later this year in fulfilling the need for a wide selection of programs with Catholic morals and values stressed in all shows. This is one way to turn the the "tabernacle of satan" back to God. continued inside


        WARSAW ( - Several large, Polish companies will provide backing for a new Catholic Church-sponsored family television network, the firms announced today.

        The state-owned firms, including copper giant KGHM, oil group PKN, the Polish Power Grid (PSE), and life insurer PZU Zycie, said they will invest 120 million zloty (US$29.35 million) to TV Familijna, co-owned by a local Franciscan order.

        "Good, decent, family television is treated as a niche investment," PSE's Chief Executive Krzysztof Zmijewski told a news conference. "But there is a large group of people who listen to normal music, read normal newspapers and will want to watch normal television. And I, as a head of one of the firms investing in Familijna, want to profit from this."

        The station plans to begin broadcasting in late 2000 and plans to focus on family-friendly programming reflecting Catholic values. Officials said TV Familijna will not accept advertising for contraceptives or other morally-illicit products, but will accept most other forms of advertising.

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      Judge thwarts school vouchers in Florida

        Florida's Governor Jeb Bush, brother of presidential hopeful George W. Bush, expressed extreme disappontment over a state judge's ruling that tuition vouchers for private schooling cannot be used when constitutionally all states are required by law to provide a public education system. This is a blow to an already sorry education system nation-wide. Ignorance begets ignorance apparently, and justice is indeed blind to the true need for a stronger educational system with morals intact and family oriented.continued inside.


        PENSACOLA, Florida ( - A state judge struck down Florida's fledgling school voucher program on Tuesday, saying the state constitution requires the government to provide a free, public school system.

        Circuit Judge L. Ralph Smith said the 53 children currently enrolled in the pilot program may finish out the school year, but they will not be granted tuition vouchers for next year. "Tax dollars may not be used to send the children of this state to private schools," Smith said. The judge did not consider any evidence, relying solely on the language of the state constitution.

        Gov. Jeb Bush was "extremely disappointed by the judge's ruling," said spokesman Elizabeth Hirst. She contended that thousands of Florida students already attend private schools with public funds, referring to programs that serve children with disabilities and special needs. She said Bush will continue to fight for the program. The decision will be appealed to the 1st District Court of Appeal, but both sides agreed the case is unlikely to end before it is considered by the Florida Supreme Court.

        Under Florida's voucher law, students at public schools that earn a failing grade two years out of four can ask for vouchers that use tax dollars to pay for private school tuition. Only two of Florida's 2,500 public schools -- both elementary schools in Pensacola -- now qualify.

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        WASHINGTON, DC ( - Republican congressmen on Tuesday called for an investigation into the US Agency for International Development and allegations the Peruvian government is using US aid to force poor women to have sterilizations.

        Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kansas, was responding to a report by the Population Research Institute (PRI) which showed that poor women were coerced into sterilization, forced to receive injections of contraceptives during pregnancy, sterilized without their knowledge after caesarian delivery, and the subject of population control quotas by government officials.

        Although USAID told Congress last year that it had curbed the abuses in the Peruvian population control programs, PRI said its investigations found that abuses are rampant, with the Peruvian Ministry of Health setting quotas for sterilizations among poor minority women.

        In response to PRI's revelations of Peru's use of US aid in these programs in 1997, Tiahrt sponsored legislation in October 1998 that prohibits US funds from going to non-voluntary foreign population control programs. Based on the latest findings, Tiahrt said USAID should begin an internal investigation into the allegations.

        Steven W. Mosher, PRI president, said victims and Peruvian doctors who furnished investigators with evidences of abuses declined to testify in public for fear of reprisals by Peruvian authorities. PRI investigators cited examples of women who told them that Peruvian medical personnel had recommended last-minute cesarean deliveries and sterilization, in violation of the Tiahrt amendment.

        The Clinton administration has promised to increase foreign aid for family planning to record levels this congressional year. But abuses in existing programs such as those found in Peru should be corrected before consideration is given to additional funding, Mosher said.

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        VATICAN ( -- Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes, the head of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, has issued an urgent new request for international aid to the survivors of devastating floods in Mozambique.

        Meeting with journalists in Rome after a visit to the African country, Archbishop Cordes said that thousands of people are in need of food, shelter, and medical supplies after the flooding that followed a cyclone in Mozambique. As head of the Pope's official charity, the archbishop had brought $150,000 in relief from Cor Unum, and stayed to assess the needs of the relief agencies working with the flood victims.

        While in Mozambique, Archbishop Cordes also met with the country's president, Joaquin Chissano and with leaders of the Catholic Church and the relief agencies active in the area. The archbishop remarked that many of the people of Mozambique are suspicious of outsiders-- and especially those who come from South Africa or the United States. Therefore, he said, it is important to provide support for the missionaries who have already been working among the people, and gained their confidence.

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      Catholic hospital bombed by Sudanese air force as violence continues unabated

         Scripture tells us that "the queen of the south will rise up and defeat the north." In the Sudan Tuesday, the Sudanese government dropped bombs on the Voice of Martyrs hospital in the southern part of the country where Christian and Islamic rebels continue to wage war against one another. As in all wars, there are no winners; only losers as has been evident for quite some time in the Muslim dominated Sudan.continued inside.


        KHARTOUM ( - Sudanese government warplanes dropped bombs on a missionary hospital in southern Sudan on Tuesday, killing two people and injuring several others.

        The Voice of Martyrs, which sponsored the hospital in southern Sudan where rebels of the mainly Christian and animist south are fighting a decades-long civil war against the mainly Islamic north, said about a dozen bombs fell in the area of the hospital. Tombek Marcello Daniel, who works for Far Reaching Ministries in the region, was one of the two people killed.

        The VOM hospital was the third medical facility bombed by Sudanese warplanes this month, in addition to a Christian school where several children were seriously injured when bombs were dropped there. Khartoum Bishop Max Gassis said after that bombing that the radical Sudanese Islamic government was targeting civilians to inflame sentiment against rebels.

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      Serbian Orthodox Church getting tough on pro-aborts. Could it be a blueprint for the American bishops to crack down on the culture of death?

         Maybe it's time American bishops took a page out of the Serbian Orthodox Church in refusing Communion to known pro-abortionists. In this country so unravelled over the years by communism and war, the people are taking note of the declining birthrates and realize something has to be done. It is proving that only when people realize that God must increase as we take stock of our nothingness will such atrocities as abortions cease and the bishops have the clout to follow through on it. It's time to get tough with lukewarm, cafeteria Catholics who call themselves "Catholic" but refuse to abide by Rome's teachings and doctrines. continued inside.


        BELGRADE, Yugoslavia ( - The Serbian Orthodox Church today issued a order that abortionists would be refused Holy Communion in all of the church's diocese, according to the independent Beta news agency.

        The church's Holy Synod sent a letter to all priests mandating they refuse Holy Communion to doctors and midwives who perform abortions. "Abortion is a grievous sin before God, condemned by the Scriptures," the Synod's letter said. "As such, it threatens the entire Serbian nation with biological extermination."

        The abortionists can return to Communion only after repenting of abortion. While abortion is legal under Serbian law stemming from the years under Communist rule, many observers have noted a sharp decline in birthrate in the country due to the practice. Some fear a potential collapse in the country's population.

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        WASHINGTON, D.C., MAR 14 ( American gossip columns are reporting the almost unbelievable phenomenon of well-known, high society women who are abandoning it all, to enter the austere life of a convent.

        In its latest issue, "Talk" Magazine dedicates six pages to the phenomenon. The article, entitled "Italy's La Dolce Vita Nuns," recounts the stories of the daughters of Roberto Gucci, of the Marchionesses Rossi di Montelera, and of Della Chiesa, who is the sister of Princess Barberini.

        Last year, the vocation to the consecrated life by prominent persons, was the subject of a long interview with a famous fashion model. The interview was published by the largest Italian publishing house, Mondadori.

        The book published by Mondadori, entitled "I Chose God," was edited by journalist Orazio La Rocca, and recounts the story of Antonella Moccia, who went from a high fashion house to the simplicity of convent life. ZE00031403

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    February 25th Medjugorje Monthly Message

    NOTE: We respectfully recognize and accept the final authority regarding apparitions, locutions and prophecies presently being reported around the world rests with the Holy See of Rome and the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church to whose judjment we humbly and obediently submit.

      "Dear children! Wake up from the sleep of unbelief and sin, because this is a time of grace which God gives you. Use this time and seek the grace of healing of your heart from God, so that you may see God and man with the heart. Pray in a special way for those who have not come to know God's love, and witness with your life so that they also can come to know God and His immeasurable love. Thank you for having responded to my call."

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