March 14, 2000
volume 11, no. 52

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INTRODUCTION     In order to provide the reader more than just a rehash of what a movie or video is all about which really only serves to promote a film or program despite the rating, we have decided to bring you a more in-depth feature by enlisting Michael Vincent Boyer, editor and publisher of the excellent monthly tabloid magazine "Goodbye Hollywood". Like fellow columnist Pat Ludwa, Michael also hails from northern Ohio but for the past twenty plus years has lived in the deep south. Yet, because of his intrinsic inside work with the Hollywood establishment as Director of the Alabama Film Commission, he is well aware of the state of the industry and most of what he has seen is not compatable with the teachings of the Church. For that reason he began his monthly publication and has begun writing a regular in-depth, thought-provoking, sometimes shocking column for the DailyCATHOLIC. After Lent he will expand even further in providing a brief daily guide of programs that may not be all they're cracked up to be, or a program that might slip through the cracks and be forgotten even though it is excellent. This happens often and Michael will be on top of it to enlighten readers as to what Hollywood is truly up to as he infiltrates the devil's workshop - Hollywood USA!

   Because he will dealing with how all this affects Catholics we are calling the column: "HOLY WOULD HELP HOLLYWOOD" with the subtitles: "MOVIES & MORALS." Also, because he will be treating videos both in VCR rentals and video games and how we need to be on our guard, we're also subtitling it: "VIDEOS & VIRTUES;" and finally, he'll also be covering programs and programming decisions for television and how we need to keep in mind the great cardinal virtue of Temperance to guard and guide us in our viewing - thus subtitling it: "TELEVISION & TEMPERANCE." Therefore, all three subtitles are appropriate to effectively convey the topics he'll be covering.

   For past columns by Michael Vincent Boyer, see HOW HOLY WOULD HELP HOLLYWOOD Archives.    If you want to send him ideas or feedback, you can reach him at mboyer@goodbye-hollywood.com

    What Hollywood doesn't want you to know

    Hillary's mantra: "Do as I say, not as I do...or else!"

        "Her personal penchant for lying aside, Hillary Clinton's bizarre personal behavior does not lend well to pleas for reforming the entertainment industry. A former FBI White House chief of security clearance, Gary Aldrich, wrote that Mrs. Clinton's behavior was having a demoralizing effect on the White House staff."

          During the week of December 13th through the 17th of 1999, the International Ministry of Culture undertook a major nationwide campaign to promote the publication Goodbye Hollywood with an emphasis on the need to establish a revised Production Code to replace the alphabet soup of "over 65 different ratings, rating combinations and sub-ratings applied to the four main categories of popular entertainment such as feature films, television, video, and video games." The media campaign stressed the need for a return to a "one system" approach similar to the pre-1968 Production Code Administration which successfully ushered in 40 years of largely quality film content and entertainment that offered "clear guidance" and accessibility to all generations. In a nutshell, a return to the excellent safeguard of the Catholic Legion of Decency ratings.

          The following Tuesday, December 21, 1999 CNN reported that Hillary Clinton proposed a uniform rating system for feature films, television, and video games, saying, "Parents need clear guidance and not alphabet soup." Vice-President Hillary Clinton concluded that she will press for ratings changes if she is elected to the U.S. Senate from New York.

          Coincidence? We certainly don't think so. The week before, as director of the IMC, I was a guest on over 30 radio stations nationwide along with a national radio ad campaign advocating change in the rating system. Hillary Clinton is following in the footsteps of her highly deceptive husband who routinely "scolded" the entertainment industry to clean up its act and would then appear at Hollywood fund-raisers within weeks of his pronouncements. Observers say that Hillary Clinton's statement about movie ratings will follow the three part scenario the Clintons have used repeatedly to manipulate and deceive the public:

      • 1. As a candidate, pretend to publicly support a popular issue that has wide support among the population, even though it may go against the candidate's personal philosophy.
      • 2. The overwhelming support for action that would negatively affect the targeted group will cause the target group to pour large amounts of cash into the campaign of the accusing candidate to soften the attacks.
      • 3. If elected, the candidate will then delay, pull back, and eventually abandon the campaign pledge to support action because the candidate is now "bought and paid for."

          This is how the Clintons have both operated for more than 25 years of political life. Two recent biographies of Hillary Clinton that were released in late 1999 portray the "First Lady" in terms more appropriate to "The First Liar." She is considered the ring-leader in the mass firings of civil servants in the White House travel office in order to turn the work over to her longtime friend and movie producer Harry Thomason. Insiders say the First Lady went so far as to smear the reputations of the employees using the FBI to "investigate"misdeeds that were later unproven. She originally denied the charge, but testimony at government hearings proved otherwise. (Thomason is credited with rushing to Washington to instruct Bill Clinton to lie to the public using the famous phrase, "I did not have sex with that woman.")

          In the biographies, Hillary Clinton is portrayed as the mastermind behind smearing the reputations of any woman who claimed they were abused by her reckless husband. She is also singled out for lying about her part in the fraudulent land deals surrounding the Whitewater development and the legal work she performed, claiming her assistant at the Rose Law Firm did much of the work. When investigators asked to see the billing records, they suddenly vanished, only to appear many months later laying conspicuously on a White House table. Investigators found her fingerprints to be covering most of the documents related to the swindling of investors.

          Her personal penchant for lying aside, Hillary Clinton's bizarre personal behavior does not lend well to pleas for reforming the entertainment industry. A former FBI White House chief of security clearance, Gary Aldrich, wrote that Mrs. Clinton's behavior was having a demoralizing effect on the White House staff. One staffer told Aldrich that they were instructed not to make eye contact with the "First Lady" if they were unfortunate enough to pass her in the Executive Office Building corridors. And, Hillary Clinton even insisted initially on occupying the office traditionally reserved for the vice president. In a rare incident of self-assurance, Al Gore stood his ground.

          It was Hillary Clinton who lashed out at the "religious right" and blamed them for accusing her husband of inappropriate behavior with other women, most specifically Monica Lewinsky. She flatly refused that he had sexual relations with her and called it all "lies by the religious right who are filled with hate." Even after proof was established and slick Willy finally came forward and fessed up, she was still in a state of denial in public. But comedians have roasted her for what ol' wavering Bill must had to contend with privately for, to quote an old proverb: "There is no wrath like the wrath of a woman scorned."

          Never mind that she has been doing most of the scorning. This scorning, as I mentioned above, also includes scorning the movie industry for producing such trash that harm "the children." But secretly her fingers are crossed as she winks at those movers and shakers in Hollywood for she is very much in cahoots with them, hoping to latch on to an executive position in Hollywood after her political career is over much in the same manner as her husband once he becomes ex-president in January 2001. Many expect he will be offered a "cush career position" with Dreamworks by his good friend Steven Spielberg. When it comes to weighing values vs. dollars, do you think Clinton would ever opt for the former? Not a chance! His track record asserts this.

          But this piece is about his better half and, as Gary Aldrich also points out, Hillary Clinton was the first wife of apresident to insist on removing the star from the top of the White House Christmas tree. It was replaced with a metal sphere punctuated by a lightning bolt; a defiant symbol showing disrespect for the Star of David. This is the same woman who is touting her "sympathy with Jews" while honoring Ramadan and dissing Catholics and Christian values for the same year she removed the star from the tree, Mrs. Clinton invited artists to create and send original ornaments for the tree. Aldrich reported that many of the ornaments were molded phallic symbols along with carved depictions of couples engaged in sex, which Mrs. Clinton insisted be hung on the tree.

          This is a person who bleats "it's for the children" on television and in her saccharine book "It takes a village" and other platforms, while exhibiting a behavior and creed that cries out as hypocrisy. Is this the person Americans want to push for "guidance" and "changes" in entertainment responsibility? We don't think so.

    Michael Vincent Boyer


March 14, 2000
volume 11, no. 52

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