June 23-25, 2000,
vol. 11, no. 112



Events that happened during this Corpus Christi Weekend in Church History

  On Saturday and Sunday, we observe the nineteenth anniversary of the first Apparitions at Medjugore. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to six Yugoslavian children in this remote, tiny village southwest of Mostar in what is today the southwestern part of Bosnia-Hercegovina. The children ranged from ten years old to seventeen. Today all are adults and five of them are married with families. Vicka Ivankovic, the oldest remains single and still lives in Medjugorje. On the Feast of Saint John the Baptist in 1981 Our Lady appeared but said nothing. The next day, Mary imparted her first words from Heaven: "I have come to tell the world that God exists, and that peace is necessary for the salvation of the world. In God is found true joy from which true peace flows. The Gospa, as she is known in Medjugorje, announced herself as "Kraljica Mira" which means "Queen of Peace." It is peace, conversion of heart, a return to God and His sacraments, prayer and sacrifice that the Mother of God has endeavored to convey to the millions who have made pilgrimages to her special Oasis of Peace over the past nineteen years. The fruits are undeniable as millions more have been touched by the messages and reformed their lives, heeding Our Lady's call. For other time capsule events that happened during this two-day time period in Church history, see MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

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