June 14-15, 2000
volume 11, no. 108


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for June 14-15, 2000
Has the Democratic party become satan's pride and joy?

    It must be obvious to all by now, that our once Godly country is sinking into hell at an alarming rate. Can anyone doubt that satan is licking his “chops” as he reflects on the Clinton/Gore administration. How proud satan must be of his star pupils.

    They say that 90% of the people believe in God, if so, then one must also believe in satan. The Holy Scriptures tell us that Jesus Christ was tempted by satan. For some reason, we never hear much about the prince of darkness. People go about their lives as if he doesn’t exist. Maybe they think satan is relaxing somewhere on some sunny beach, being satisfied and counting all the souls he’s accumulated. As a matter of fact people even act as if there is no God.

    To these people, I say, get your head out of the sand and look around. Do you like what you see? If you were satan, whose souls would you covet the most? What people in satan’s control could create havoc on the entire world -- your clerk at the local market, or maybe your next door neighbor? How about the leaders of the most powerful country on Earth. How about one entire political party of the most powerful country on the planet, Earth.

    How does one explain why the oldest political party and once the champions and voice of the poor and downtrodden, have become nothing more than the pawns of satan -- his pride and joy? The American people have been duped by the Democratic party and I must admit I was included. It reminds you of a con game, where they let you win in the beginning, only to get your hopes up -- and lose everything in the end.

    How else can one explain why Clinton and Gore, early in their political careers were pro-life, but now, don’t even care if babies are killed when they are 3/4 born and suffer sever pain in the process. They found out that it was not conducive to climbing the Democratic political ladder, which requires a litmus test -- to be an unqualified supporter of legal abortions, so they sold out, to who else, but satan. They found out that the Democratic party, in their race to get money and votes, relinquished all moral accountability.

    To prove this point, the late liberal Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, Robert Casey, who was a great supporter of economic and racial justice, in 1992, during his second term, was refused permission to address the Democratic National convention, because he was pro-life and would have spoken out against abortions. The killing of unborn and 3/4 born babies is now at the top the Democratic’s party platform. All other issues are secondary.

    How else can one explain, how a man, Clinton, could become president, even though the populace new he was a womanizer, adulterer and a draft dodger. How could this happen? This alone, should boggle one’s mind.

    Then when he used the Oval Office for a motel with an intern young enough to be his daughter, even while he was conducting the business of our country and could easily have been blackmailed by a foreign nation, he was still given an approval rating of 65%. There were those, who looked the other way, because times were good, thus distancing themselves from God and ignoring one of the most prophetic passages in the Bible: "For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul."

    Clinton’s streak of luck continued, or I should say -- satan’s running interference for him, as he continued his lying and lying under oath. Even angering a judge,who leveled a contempt charge against him along with a fine. In spite of all this and the words of members of his own party, who called him a “reprehensible lying bum” -- he somehow escaped being removed from office. This is even more mind boggling, since the consensus at the time was that he wouldn't last the week.

    To make Clinton's adulterous affairs more palatable, the Democrats had to incriminate and destroy the reputations of many of our past presidents, claiming they all did it. I’m sure that satan reveled in this and it saddened the children of our country, when they found out that their heroes were no better than a reprehensible lying bum.

    Clinton, then decided to make satan even happier, by committing one of the most diabolical and repugnant acts imaginable. He vetoed the ban on the NEVER needed late term barbaric partial-birth abortion, in order to pay back his big money contributors -- Planned Parenthood, the Hollywood filth industry, NARAL, militant feminists, homosexuals and all other people, who have no sense of common decency. Thus, thousands of viable babies are murdered every year, under the guise of an abortion, in one of the most gruesome manners and suffer excruciating pain in the process -- all for money and votes.

    Then, when you thought it couldn't get worse and satan would be basking in his glory and taking a rest -- Al Gore, who will also veto the ban on partial-birth abortions, if elected, is trying to "out do" Clinton’s disrespect for everything that’s good and holy, so he decides it’s time for Catholic bashing. He has endorsed World Pride 2000, the world’s first international homosexual "pride" event, scheduled to be held in Rome from July 1 through July 9. The organizers even admit, it’s a direct slap at the Catholic Church and the Jubilee.

    Gore, the Democratic Party's presidential hopeful sent a letter to the organizers of World Pride 2000 on March 23rd after the Vatican had expressed its displeasure about the week-long event that will culminate in a massive street demonstration. "As you renew your commitment to promoting equal protection under the law for every citizen and opposing all forms of discrimination, I stand ready to ensure gay and lesbian Americans have the opportunity to participate fully in a nation and a world that is united in those goals of importance to us all," Gore wrote. "I look forward to strengthening our working relationship throughout the 21st Century," Gore added, and sent his "warmest regards."

    This event, is sure to bring unprecedented attacks against ALL Christianity. According to a recent report from Catholic World News Service this event "plans to flood the city, which surrounds the Vatican, with hundreds of thousands of homosexual activists engaging in parody of the Church and overtly sexual displays. The Vatican had strenuously requested that Rome not allow the gay pride event, especially this year, since millions of pilgrims are visiting Rome due to the millennial Jubilee celebrations, but to no avail. Catholic commentators in Rome have called the homosexual initiative a calculated attack against the Church and the Jubilee.

    Al Gore’s Catholic bashing seems to be an ongoing commitment. Along with First Lady Hillary Clinton, Gore was criticized by the Republican Party two months ago for not distancing himself from supporters engaged in a campaign to have the Vatican lose its permanent representative status in the United Nations. Thus all Christian views, and all those with pro-life views will be silenced.

    Republican National Committee Chairman, Jim Nicholson, responded to the Democrat National Committee's empty rhetoric towards Catholics. "Neither Al Gore, Hillary Clinton nor the Democrats in Congress have ever proposed a positive agenda for Catholics," Nicholson said. "Whether it's passing a ban on partial birth abortion, keeping the Vatican in the United Nations or granting relief for couples from the Marriage Penalty, the Democrats are on the wrong side of the issues important to Catholics. And don't think they'll help parents send their children to parochial schools-- unless they're rich like Al Gore or Hillary Clinton, who can afford to send their kids to St. Alban's or Sidwell Friends.

    "I challenge Al Gore, Hillary Clinton or Ed Rendell to have a real, truthful debate on issues crucial to Christians. Let's let the voting records of the two parties do the talking, " so said Jim Nicholson.

    Support of the Holy See has grown in only a few months to more than 2,000 groups from all faiths from all over the world. They know, if the Vatican is removed, there will be no voice, internationally for people of Faith and no voice for the unborn.

    The Vatican, classified as a nonmember state with permanent observer status, has many of the same rights and privileges as the 188 countries that are full U.N. members. Though it has no vote, the Vatican can take active part in debates and conferences, where it has been a leader in advocating the pro-life message and opposing attempt by other countries and organizations to promote abortion worldwide.

    In Austin, Texas on 5-26-00-- Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush said, “the Vatican should be allowed to maintain its permanent observer status'' at the United Nations, and he urged the White House to make its position clear. “In world affairs the Holy See has long been an influence for the good and never more than in the last two decades,'” Bush said.

    Bush noted that pro-abortion groups have been arguing that the Vatican's status, which gives it a chance to advocate the pro-life stance at the UN, should be changed. He indicated his opposition to the pro-abortion effort and his support for keeping the Vatican's position in the UN intact.

    “The position of the administration is unclear,'' he said. “The position of my administration will be very clear and firm: America supports permanent observer status for the Holy See.”

    The Texas governor, whose statement was distributed in Austin, also addressed the subject in an address by satellite to the Catholic Press Association meeting in Baltimore. During the interview, Bush called for a "culture of life" and affirmed his opposition to abortion. Did anyone notice this coverage by the Press?

    “A truly welcoming society must be a culture of life,” Bush said. “We must appreciate the dignity of life in all its seasons ... and look toward the day when every child, born and unborn, is welcome in life and protected in law.”

    Bush said he was upset when, on March 14, the United States Mission to the United Nations, which is headed by Clinton-Gore's ambassador Richard Holbrooke, sponsored a press conference for the pro-abortion group.

    There are 60 million Catholics in the United States -- 40 million of voting age and I will be disappointed if just one Catholic votes for Gore. I will be also be disappointed if any Christian of any other denomination, or any person of any faith votes for this clone of Clinton. Satan’s winning streak MUST end.

    Years ago, I left the Democratic party, when they chose to be the party of evil. Did you ever in your wildest dreams, picture our country, where people of faith were ridiculed and called by the Democrats -- “the religious right,” as if it were some sort of an evil preoccupation. And if you attend church on a regular basis, then you are a “religious fanatic.”

    Where one major party’s (Democrat) base are the purveyors of death, sin and evil. Their major contributors: Planned Parenthood -- the killers of unborn babies; NARAL -- their cheerleaders; the Hollywood filth industry -- requires no explanation; the gay community and their perverted and deadly life style.

    There is no time left. It’s has to be obvious to all, that a vote for Gore will be a vote for satan. I dare anyone, “in his right mind,” to deny this. It cannot get any plainer -- there is a war going on in our country, between good and evil -- between God and satan. Whose side are you on?

    Satan loves religious bashing and he loves when babies are killed in their mother’s womb and when they're 3/4 born. He loves Planned Parenthood for doing the killing. He loves pro-choicers for giving their approval for the killing of human beings. He loves the Hollywood community -- the peddlers of filth and violence. He loves the gay lifestyle, with their perverted sexual behavior, resulting in the death of thousands of young men. He loves it when his followers try to remove Godly people and their views from the United Nations. He loves it, when he has the leaders of the most powerful country on Earth in his hip pocket. How can satan not love these people -- that's what he's all about?

    Your vote and your help to get others to vote for pro-life candidates -- not just for the Presidency, but also for the Senate and the House, will determine our country’s future. A country to make satan proud, or a country that brings a smile to the face of God. It’s as simple as all that. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

June 14-15, 2000
volume 11, no. 108
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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