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Vatican claims victory as pro-aborts self-destruct during Beijing+5 conference at UN in New York last week. Many third-world nations feel betrayed by wealthier pro-abort nations.
   The negotiations of the U.N. special assembly on woman ended with intense, extended final moments. On Saturday, June 10, at 4 a.m., the delegates to Beijing+5 ended their deliberations by contradicting all expectations. Archbishop Renato Martino, Vatican Permanent Observer at the U.N. in New York, expressed his "satisfaction over the decisions reached" during an interview on Vatican Radio. continued inside.

Holy Father extends prayers for successful summit of North and South Korean presidents for the "reunion of families"
   John Paul II expressed hope for the forthcoming summit between President Kim Jong-il of North Korea, and Kim Dae-jung of South Korea, scheduled to take place from June 12-14. "I join all persons of good will in congratulating the authorities of the two countries for this initiative, in the hope that the dialogue and the exchanges may contribute to the reconciliation of the two populations, to the reunion of families now separated for half a century, and to the renewed stability and prosperity of the whole Korean peninsula," he said. continued inside.

Pope's would-be assassin granted clemency by Italy, will be returned to Turkey to face further jail time
   The Italian government has extended clemency to attempted assassin of Pope John Paul II in 1981 Mehmet Ali Agca and will extradite him to his native Turkey, where he still faces an 8-year prison sentence for the 1978 killing of a Turkish journalist. Authorities in Turkey have indicated that Agca will be required to serve out that sentence. The Vatican has remained mum except to reaffirm that the Holy Father forgave Agca shortly after regaining consciousness in the hospital. continued inside.

Cardinal Cassidy heads delegation in Moscow, fuels speculation invitation to visit by Russian Patriarch could become reality
Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy    Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, the president of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, is in Moscow this week to pursue contact with the Russian Orthodox leadership. He will return to Rome in mid-week, but he extended his stay two days which gave rise to more speculations by the Italian press that an invitation to the Pope was imminent. The Pope has made it clear that he will not visit Russia until he receives an invitation from the Orthodox Church. The following story will explain more. continued inside.

Archbishop of Moscow still hopeful that invite to Pope will come despite behavior of Russian Orthodox leader
Archbishop Kondrusiewicz   According to Archbishop Thaddeusz Kondrusiewicz, Archbishop of Moscow, the Orthodox authorities still do not think that the moment has arrived for the first meeting of a Pope with the Patriarch of Moscow since the Great Schism. "They think that certain problems need to be solved before a visit of the Holy Father would be possible," explained the Archbishop, "but if we don't meet to discuss, how can we solve the problems?" continued inside.

Bishop Misago waits and prays as verdict will be revealed in Rwanda on Thursday
   On Thursday, a Kigali court will issue its verdict regarding Bishop Augustin Misago of Gikongoro, arrested in April 1999 for complicity in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. If found guilty, the bishop risks the death penalty. According to one of the few people allowed to visit the bishop "is awaiting the verdict with calm and in prayer." continued inside.

Violence continues in Rwanda as priest is murdered by thieves
   While the bishop waits for the inevitable from a kangaroo court, Father Isidro Uzcudum, a 69 year-old Spanish priest, was killed Saturday, June 10, in the parish of Mugina (diocese of Kabgayi, Rwanda).The priest, who belonged to the Spanish diocese of San Sabastian, was born in 1931 and ordained in 1957. He had been working in the diocese of Kabgayi for many years. continued inside.

Japan's Cardinal Shirayanagi retires, Pope names Bishop Okada to succeed him as Archbishop of Tokyo. Brit Abortion group targeting teens with booklet on abortion that is "riddled with errors"
Cardinal Peter Seiichi Shirayanagi    The Holy Father has accepted the retirement of Cardinal Peter Seiichi Shirayanagi of Tokyo, age 72. The Pontiff has named Bishop Peter Takeo Okada of Urawa as his successor. In 1989, Cardinal Shirayanagi formed a group of priests, religious, and lay people to meet with Chinese Catholics to ask pardon for the sins of the Japanese Imperial Army, to promote peace and unity among Catholics, and to contribute to the reconstruction of churches, seminaries, and religious institutes. He was made a Cardinal by John Paul II on November 26, 1994. Archbishop-elect Okada will be succeeded in Urawa by Fr. Marcelino Taiji Tani, chancellor of that diocese.continued inside.

Vatican Secretary of State extolls fruits of the Missions
Cardinal Angelo Sodano    Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Holy See Secretary of State, highlighted "the admirable spreading of the Gospel throughout the world" upon inaugurating on Saturday the "Expo Missio 2000", and exposition about the evangelizing mission of the Church in the world. In the Roman abbey of the Three Fountains, where tradition says the Apostle Paul was martyred, the Vatican Cardinal remarked that the exposition celebrates "the saving power of Christ's grace and the profound action of the Holy Spirit upon humanity spread throughout the five continents". continued inside.

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