July 26-27, 2000
volume 11, no. 126


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for July 26-27, 2000
More Gore Lies

    The Clinton/Gore administration has been the most corrupt administration in the history of our country. Lying comes as easily to Clinton and Gore as killing innocent babies comes to abortionists. There is no thought, no conscience and no shame. You say you want proof? Read on:

    On Gore’s recent appearance on “Meet The Press,” Tim Russert asked Gore, “does life begin at conception? Gore said, “NO.”

    Since there's not a scientist in the world who could deny that life begins at conception, we’ll just chalk this one up to stupidity on the part of Gore. We won’t accuse him of knowing the truth and lying about it on this one, although it’s hard to conceive that a man running for the presidency, doesn’t know when life begins. Those who kill unborn babies for a living, even admit that life begins at conception.

    Russert said, “in 1987, let me show you a letter you wrote to your constituents, ‘During my 11 years in Congress, I have consistently opposed federal funding of abortions. In my opinion, it's wrong to spend federal funds for what is arguably the taking of a human life. Let me assure you that I share your belief that innocent human life must be protected, and I am committed to further this goal.’ When did you change your mind on that principle?

    Gore answered, “Ten, fifteen years ago. I can't give you the exact day. It's been quite a while ago. And here's the reason I changed. I talked to a lot of women, who taught me about the kinds of circumstances that can come up and the kinds of dilemmas that women can face. And the circumstances are so varied. I've come to the very deep conviction that a woman's right to choose must be protected regardless of the woman's income. Now, I've always supported Roe vs. Wade and I've always opposed a constitutional amendment to take away a woman's right to choose.

    As recent as a few months ago, Gore said he has always been pro-choice -- never pro-life. That is, until the above letter surfaced, which proved that he was a liar. So, now he has had to change his story, since there was no way to wiggle out of this one.

    His excuse that women’s dilemmas and circumstances changed his mind is beside the point. The point being -- he has already been proven a LIAR. I might add, that if you do buy the reason he switched -- I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn, that I KNOW you'd be interested in.

    It’s common knowledge that one must be a pro-abort to climb the Democratic political ladder. This is why he switched. No woman's story could be sadder than 1.4 million babies, who are killed every year -- 94% for convenience sake.

    No woman's story, could be sadder than babies who are killed when they are 3/4 born and suffer excruciating pain in the process, in a barbaric procedure called partial-birth abortions.

    No woman's story could be as sad as women who are dying needlessly, because they were not told that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer. No woman's story could be as sad as the emotional and physical complications after a woman has her baby killed.

    No woman's story could be as sad as the increased risk of premature deliveries in subsequent pregnancies, do to the damage done to the cervix and uterus. These preterm infants are more prone to have physical and mental problems.

    Babies cannot donate money toGore’s campaign, as can Planned Parenthood who kill babies; NARAL, who promotes the killing, the Hollywood Filth Industry and the militant pseudo-feminist group (NOW)

    One does not change their moral principles, even if there is a gun pointed at their head. UNLESS, you sell your soul to satan for political gain.

    Gore constantly uses the euphemism the “right to choose.” He can’t even say the word abortion, which means to kill an unborn and 3/4 born babies.

    Russert asked, “When do you think life begins?” What follows is a pitiful attempt to evade the question.

    Gore answered, “ I favor the Roe vs. Wade approach. Let me just say, Tim, I did.”

    Russert, again trying to get a decent answer, asked, “which is what? When does life begin?”

Gore: “Let me just say, I did change my position on the issue of federal funding. And I changed it because I came to understand more from women. Women think about this differently than men.

    Russert: “But you were calling fetuses innocent human life, and now you don't believe life begins at conception. I'm just trying to find out, when do you believe life begins?”

Gore: “Well, look, the Roe vs. Wade decision proposes an answer to that question.”.

    I must interject here. Apparently Gore never read the Roe vs Wade decision, because the majority opinion even admitted, that they didn’t know when life begins, which we now do.

Russert: “ Which is?”

Gore: “which is, in my view, a commonsense approach that there is a developmental process during which the burden kind of shifts over time. And they say - - you know, they talk about the burden being different, burden of proof different in the first trimester than the third trimester. I mean, that's the way the Supreme Court has addressed it.

    As hard as Russert tried, he could not get a straight answer from Gore, on when he thought life begins. It was a pathetic display of evasion, double-talk and lies. This is the man who wants to be president.

    Another interesting point during the same interview, that shows the ineptness, continuing double-talk and lies by Gore, was when Russert said, “Seven billion dollars, which was loaned to Russia is missing. The CIA sent a letter to the White House, stating there was evidence of personal corruption by prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin of Russia in 1995. The CIA expected the Clinton/Gore administration to be impresses with their work.

    “When the CIA report on Chernomyrdin arrived in the office of the VP, Al Gore, it was rejected and sent back to the CIA with a barnyard epithet scrawled across its cover... At CIA headquarters ... the message seemed clear: The VP did not want to hear allegations that Mr. Chernomyrdin was corrupt and was not interested in further intelligence reports on this matter.” NY Times Nov 23 1998

    Gore said, “that’s utter nonsense.”

Russert: “it never happened?”

Gore: “never happened, I don’t think I ever wrote a message of that kind on any CIA report, also I would dispute the statement of whoever sent that over there, expected the White House to be impressed with it. You talk to the people who were in charge of that division and what they'll tell you was -- they'll absolutely agree that it was a very sloppy piece of work.”

    What I would like to know and which was not asked by Russert is -- Mr. Gore, how did you know that the letter written by the CIA, was a sloppy piece of work, if it never happened? Did you get the mail, or not? And how could the people in charge of that division of the CIA agree with you that it was sloppy, if you had no knowledge of the letter. When someone agrees, the party they agree with, should have knowledge of the subject. And where is that letter now?

    On another occasion during the interview, Russert brought up the subject of the Buddhist Temple and illegal contributions in 1996.

Gore said, “No money changed hands there.” Notice the word, "there."

Russert: “but people went to jail...There were 103 Coffees at the white house which raised about 7.7 million dollars in a matter of weeks. In April you were asked by Robert Conrad, who was investigating the situation, whether or not you attended any of them. You said I don’t think so ... maybe one ... two days. Later your lawyer amended it, saying that you misunderstood the question and it was about 25 -- now it appears that there were 37. The federal prosecutor asked, ‘did you have discussions with anybody concerning the role Coffees would play in raising that type of money.’ “You replied, ‘Well, let me define the term ‘raising,’ if I could, because if you mean by it, would they be events at which money was raised, the answer is no.’ People, who are reading that, conjure up, Clinton’s famous quote, ‘well that depends what the word ‘is,’ means.”

Gore: “They were not fund-raisers.”

Russert: “Lannie Davis, a special counsel to Clinton and a no more loyal defender and spin doctor to Clinton and Gore, in his book, “Truth to Tell.” said they WERE fund-raisers and they should have said that, but Gore still said, 'they were not fund-raisers, months after the coffees story was over and everyone knew that our denial that the coffees were not about fund-raising had been absurd ... it would have been better to have described these events from the start as fund-raisers and not to have to deny the obvious."

Gore: “well they were not fund-raisers.”

    It would seem that Gore has no regard for the acumen of the American . people. NOT fund-raisers? Is he for real? Also, can he be that deficient between the ears that he would actually mimic Clinton’s -- “it depends on what you mean, by the word “is.” All the jokes all over the newspapers and TV regarding Clinton’s sleight of mouth, apparently had no effect on Gore, or he just takes us all for a bunch of “suckers.”

    The last two subjects had nothing to do with the killing of unborn and 3/4 born babies, however I HAD to mention them -- just to prove that Gore’s lying, evasion, and twisting the truth, doesn’t just stop with the abortion issue.

    Even Bill Bradley, a fellow Democrat, who ran against Gore in the primaries, said that Gore lied and will continue to lie if he is president.

    How is it possible that anyone in their right mind, would vote for Albert Gore to be our president? A man whose linguistic gymnastics matches that of his mentor. Evading the truth, twisting words and lying are all in a days work for these people. They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. How much more of this can our country take? Will we ever learn?

    How could a person, who is being investigated, for illegal campaign contributions be the Democratic nominee for the presidency? Have they no one better to offer? Have they no shame? Do they actually think they can con us twice?

    Because Clinton, who at one time was also pro-life, was elected for a second term, in spite of the fact he was a known liar and adulterer, they think once a patsy -- always a patsy.

    Will we forget the Clinton scandals, which opened a gaping wound in our moral fibers -- a wound so great, that only God can heal? Will our receptive abilities be able to deduce that we have another protege of satan -- Albert Gore, standing in the wings -- a known liar, who also, has no respect for the sanctity of human life? Will satan again seduce the American people to vote for him, in spite of his aversion for the truth and his ungodly views?

    Or will the American people say, enough depravity is enough and send satan back to hell, where he came from?

    The upcoming election will be the most important in the history of our country. The heart and soul of our country is at stake. Let there be NO mistake -- it will be a battle between the forces of evil and the forces of good.

    It will be a battle between those who want to re-define the Bible, to accommodate their self-indulgence and pursuit of worldly gains -- even over the dead bodies of God’s innocent children and those who TRULY believe that there is a God and we must obey every one of His Ten Commandments.

    "For what will profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul." Mark : 36

    "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me" Matthew 25:40.

    "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart" Jeremiah 1:5.

Dr. Frank Joseph

July 26-27, 2000
volume 11, no. 126
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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