February 23, 2000
volume 11, no. 38

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    We've enlisted Frank Joseph, MD, a committed retired Catholic physician from Southern California to write a special pro-life column for the DailyCATHOLIC which will appear each Wednesday exulting the Catholic beliefs on creation and procreation in upholding the Sanctity of Life.

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As the Catholic Church in America goes, so goes America!    part two

        There were ten pro-abortion speakers at Catholic universities for their commencement exercises this past graduation. One has got to wonder -- are pro-life speakers inadequate? Of course not. Then WHY? That's the question.

        Then, we have Father Robert Drinan, a Catholic priest. He is a disgrace to the Catholic Church, and whose actions perpetuate the killing of unborn babies. He teaches at Georgetown University, which as you know is Catholic. He is a retired Democratic congressman. During the House judicial committee hearings, he was a witness for Clinton and stated that Clinton should NOT be impeached. Later on the Chris Matthews Show on television, he vehemently reiterated his position and also said that he shouldn't even be censured. Now, here's a man,(Clinton) who used the Oval office for a motel. Father Drinan was willing to accept this. He was also willing to accept (in the words of Democratic congressmen) a reprehensible lying bum to be his commander and chief. A known serial adulterer and a perjurer, to be the moral leader of our children.

        So why Father Drinan fought so hard to keep Clinton in office, boggles the mind. Surely, he knew that Clinton was a bad role model for our children and that perjury would increase in our courts, if Clinton was not removed. He was also willing to accept the fact that Clinton would again veto the ban on partial-birth abortions, if he stayed in office, thus ensuring that thousands of babies would be killed, yearly, who otherwise would have lived.

        About the same time, I heard on Geraldo Rivera's TV show, words from another Catholic priest that I thought I would never hear. Words that must have put a big smile on satan's face. Luckily, I taped that show, so what you read is word for word.

        The priest's name is familiar to many as probably the most liberal, non-Catholic-like priest in the Church today. I'm speaking of Fr. Andrew Greeley, who spewed his reasons why Clinton should NOT be removed from office. The interview started with the following statistics: 68% of the general public gives Clinton a favorable approval rating, while 72% of Catholics give Clinton a favorable approval rating. Fr. Greeley said, "The one who takes the sword will perish by the sword." What this has to do with Godly people thinking that Clinton is not morally fit to lead our our country, I don't know.

        Greeley also said, "those who turn adultery into a political crime, risk being accused of the crime." Adultery may not be a crime in our country, but it does break God's law, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Why was Greeley making light of adultery? Doesn't he know that his words can easily influence someone contemplating adultery to actually break God's commandment. Of course, he does! After all if a Catholic priest doesn't think that Clinton's immoral actions are not serious, then others are more likely to follow through on their temptations.

        Greeley also said, "those who print Ken Starr's smut have no right to criticize Larry Flynt's smut." This statement by Fr. Greeley is repugnant and greatly harms the Catholic Church and the priesthood. To compare Ken Starr with Flynt, the king of pornography is ludicrous, besides being a lie. Fr. Greeley is impugning the reputation of a man he does not know, just to make his idol, Clinton, look good.

        Before Starr was chosen by Janet Reno, (appointed by Clinton) to head the independent council, he was hailed by Democrats and Republicans alike, as a very honorable man and who someday, may sit on the Supreme Court. That statement is against everything that's in the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

        This same priest, when condemning those who want Clinton removed pontificated, "Judge not lest ye be judged." And then he turns around and judges Ken Starr. At least those who wanted Clinton removed had their children's moral well being at stake.

        Greeley also said, "it's terrible to explore private lives of public figures. Their private lives should be kept private." Greeley, who is supposed to be a learned man, who has written thirty books, should know better. He had to know that the articles of impeachment had nothing to do with Clinton's Oval Office sexual escapades. It had to do with perjury and obstructing justice. He lied under oath to deny Paula Jones her constitutional rights in a civil law suit and he lied under oath to the Grand Jury. Over and over, the House managers drove this point across. And for Fr. Greeley to lie to the American people, disgraces the entire Catholic Church. YES, Fr. Greeley lied. He has got to know, what the articles of impeachment are. He teaches sociology at the University of Chicago.

        Greeley also said, "the Catholic hierarchy is absolutely silent on this issue. (meaning the Clinton issue) The Bishops are silent." He said, he doesn't usually agree with the Bishops, but on this issue, he does. If the Bishops were silent on the Clinton impeachment hearings and he agreed with the Bishops on this one issue, then why didn't he keep his mouth shut. He also said, "the Pope is also silent. The Pope can't figure out why this is a such a big deal."

        Now, Fr. Greeley thinks he knows what's in the Pope's mind? He falsely states that the POPE IS NOT CONCERNED, when people, especially the leader of the most powerful nation on this planet, is a serial adulterer and liar under oath and is pro-abortion and even vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortions. How can a priest make up such a lie about the Pope? A Pope who passionately pleads for the Sanctity of Life and who told Clinton himself and the American people in August 1993 during his visit to Denver, "If you want equal justice for all and true freedom and lasting peace, then, America, defend life." The Holy Father followed that immediately with, "All the great causes that are yours today will have meaning only to the extent that you guarantee the right to life and protect the human person. Mr. President, my reference to the moral truth which sustains the life and the nation is not without relevance to the privileged position which the United States holds in the international community in the face of tensions and conflicts that too many peoples have endured for so long."

        In that same address John Paul II affirmed that, "Only by instilling a high moral vision can a society ensure that its young people are given the possibility to mature as free and intelligent human beings endowed with the robust sense of responsibility to the common good, capable of working with others to create a community and a nation with a strong moral fiber." No, Fr. Greeley, you haven't got a clue what the Pope thinks and that is what is truly sad.

        Greeley also said, "religious leaders of other denominations are pontificating and moralizing on this issue." Now, he is attacking Protestant religious leaders for saying that Clinton is not morally fit to lead our country. The Protestant leaders were right -- Clinton was not and still is, NOT fit. He also said, "it's an attempted coup d'etat of fundamentalist Christians against the U.S. constitution."

        This is another outright lie. Regarding articles of impeachment, as originally framed, Alexander Hamilton wrote that, "Impeachable offenses are injuries done immediately to society itself."

        For Fr. Greeley, to have the gall to say that perjury and obstructing justice are not a threat and injurious to our nation's well-being is mind boggling. How can he say that with a straight face? If murderers go free because someone lied under oath and they kill again -- would this not be threat to our country, as well as to the people being killed?

        This radical modernist also said, "the managers have a glow of true believers about them -- they truly believe Clinton, because he is immoral, should be swept from office, but if we sweep away, all those who are immoral, who will be left?" What a terrible statement for a Catholic priest to say. Notice, he conveniently leaves out, lying under oath and obstructing justice. Besides, everyone does not commit adultery. And to plant in people's minds that everyone does it, would only lead those who have not, to do so.

        Geraldo, who is a known Clinton lover, actually seemed to be embarrassed by Fr. Greeley's remarks and it takes a lot to embarrass Geraldo. Fr. Greeley then said, "These are not impeachable offenses. It's a trumped up case. Clinton's lawyers cut the managers case to ribbons." Again Fr. Greeley tried to give the country a false impression, apparently hoping, since he's a Catholic priest, his words would be taken more seriously. I watched practically every minute of the trial, either live or on tape and the House managers had a mountain of evidence against Clinton. Their case was solid and irrefutable. If not for the liberal Democratic Senators -- the same ones who voted not to ban partial-birth abortions -- Clinton would have been removed.

        Is it any wonder that most Catholics voted for Pro-abortion candidates. when you have these kinds of priests influencing their minds? Is it any wonder that 72% of Catholics gave Clinton a high approval rating -- compared to 68% for Protestants? Is it any wonder that attendance at mass is falling off and people are leaving the Catholic Church?

        Tom Smith who tracks religious attitudes says, the news is not good for the Catholic Church. Those with a strong affiliation with the Catholic Church and attend mass weekly, between 18-29 years is 20.7%. Over 55 years, it's 49.8%

        Greeley, Drinen, and Maguire are not the only priests whose actions are deplorable, but time and space precludes any further discussion of this issue. What's happening to my Church, when priests are pro-abortion and spew their thoughts to young formative minds and the bishops don't excommunicate them? What's happening when priests condone adultery, distort facts and fight hard to keep a morally bankrupt man, as well as a perjurer in office, where he is sure to influence the minds of our children and knowing all the while, he will again veto the ban on Partial-birth abortions? This only ensures that thousands of God's precious children will die, who otherwise would have lived.

        In the next installment I will complete this thread with part three as we show where Canon Law, Sacred Scripture and Church Doctrine strictly entreats the hierarchy to speak out strongly for the laws of God and to denounce immorality and sin, no matter the cost including getting political over moral issues!

    God bless!

    Dr. Frank

February 23, 2000
volume 11, no. 38
Pro-Life Prescriptions: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

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