February 15, 2000
volume 11, no. 32
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More than One Million Expected for Closing Mass

    TORONTO, FEB 13 (ZENIT).- The city of Toronto is beginning preparations for the Pope's visit in July, 2002, when the 17th World Youth Day is to be held there. According to reports in the Toronto Star, John Paul II is expected to say Mass for an estimated 1 million people at the closing of the event.

    Mayor Mel Lastman described the Pope as "the superstar of superstars -- one of the most loved men in the world." The mayor's office has been working with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops for the past two years in order to bring the event to Toronto.

    Nonetheless, the Vatican has not made an official public confirmation of the selection. This is expected to come at the end of the Jubilee World Youth Day in Rome.

    Toronto has a very international population, representing 169 different countries of origin and 100 languages. Organizers predict that this will help the young visitors from around the world to feel welcome.

    Fr. Thomas Rosica, national director of the event, stated that "World Youth Days forges bonds, breaks down cultural and geographic barriers and unleashes a tremendous potential for doing good. Our goal isn't to leave behind monuments but living reminders of this beautiful gathering.''

    The youth will be involved in some sort of public service project for the poor of Toronto during the five days they are there. "It's a Catholic event, but it encompasses the goodwill and desires of all young people,'' Fr. Rosica said. "Young people cut through the difficulties and nonsense of an adult and skeptical world.''

    The event is tentatively scheduled for July 22-28, 2002. On the 27th, there will be a prayer vigil with the Holy Father, while the closing Mass will take place on the 28th. Downsview, the likely site of the Mass, can accomodate more than a million people.

    Dennis Mills, appointed by the Prime Minister as papal commissioner of the event, stressed the intangible benefits the visit will have on Toronto. "The presence of the [Pope] in Toronto will prick the conscience and reinvigorate the values of caring and sharing. In 1984 when the Holy Father was here, he made an impact." ZE00021321


February 15, 2000
volume 11, no. 32

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