January 3, 2001
volume 12, no. 3


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for January 3, 2001

Live with the Holocaust of the Womb long enough and you become immune to it.

    The column today is about one man. A man who kills babies while they're being born. A man whose atrocities pro-choicers condone. A man who rivals Hitler in the pursuit to destroy a whole class of people. This is a man who, by his deeds, is one of the most vicious butchers in the history of mankind. Attila the Hun, Ghenghis Khan, Nero, Napoleon, Joseph Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin et alii all delegated someone to do the killings. This man takes great pride in doing it himself. He specializes in killing babies in late term. I am speaking of none other than Dr. George Tiller. Known the nation over as "Tiller the Killer."

    He is by no means the only abortionist killing near-full-term babies -- there are plenty of others, but none of his colleagues showcase their handiwork with such self- promotional audacity. Why, he even has a web site, so that he can hawk his wares. Tiller is either completely contemptuous of public opinion or convinced that the public is beyond caring.

    After all, when a country kills one-third of its children -- about 1.4 million abortions are done every year, it is bound to instill in the minds of the American people, the perception that life is cheap. So, it’s we, the people who are responsible for removing the manhole cover, so that monsters like Dr. Tiller, can crawl out.

    We elect people to high offices such as Clinton/Gore, Congressmen and Senators, who see no evil in all this, as the German people saw no evil in Hitler until it was too late, until he had killed 6 million Jews. Hitler promised the German people a better life -- their economy would be the world's best. They would never have it so good. There would be minimal unemployment and Hitler delivered. When you kill 6 million people, you're bound to have low unemployment.

    We were continuously told by Clinton and then by Gore that unemployment was at an all time low. This was their boast -- their selling point. But, boy what a price to pay -- kill your young and let the good times roll.

    Under Clinton/Gore 13 million of God's children have been killed. They promised fewer abortions when they took office. They lied big time. Yet, the media harkens back more to President George Bush's being forced to raise taxes and they have forever held that against him for his remark, "Read my lips. No new taxes!" Yet Clinton and Gore live by the lie and the media scoffs at it as commonplace. Everybody does it. Live with immorality long enough and you become immune to it. Instead of trying to reduce the number of abortions they did everything in their power to facilitate and INCREASE the number of abortions. They even vetoed the ban, which was OVERWHELMINGLY passed in Congress, on the late term and excruciating painful, gruesome partial-birth abortion/murder and increased funds to Planned Parenthood, the largest killers of unborn babies in our country and around the world.

    This most corrupted administration in the history of our country was in the pockets of Planned Parenthood -- the planners of death. Planned Parenthood is NOT about promoting PARENTHOOD, but AGAINST Parenthood. And leading this assault is this global-reaching butcher. Tiller’s worldwide ads seem to be reaching their target audience. German and Japanese television teams recently visited his home base in Wichita Kansas, in search of interviews concerning the European and Asian women who are making the long journey to engage his grisly services. He recently doubled the size of his killing mill, thus approximately tripling his killing capacity.

    Wichita's Bishop Eugene Gerber has long led prayer crusades and Rosaries outside Tiller's abortuary, but Operation Rescue, though their intent was right, have done great damage to the faithful in Wichita by playing into the hands of pro-abort baiters who, through the liberal courts have been able to stretch the boundaries and impede peaceful, prayerful demonstrations. That and the fact Clinton-Gore refused to sign the Partial Birth Abortion Ban have enabled Tiller to continue the holocaust of the womb in unprecedented numbers. Live with immorality long enough and you become immune to it.

    Tiller’s warped mind is of the idea that certain disorders are so serious, that there is no point attempting to prolong the child's life. Among these conditions, which are not fatal and in fact may be only mildly disabling. Tiller names "encephalocele" (hernia of the brain) for instance, which can be repaired, and the prognosis is good for many of these patients.

    He also cites "hydrocephalus," (water on the brain) which can be treated. 86 per cent of infants survived following their shunt placement. Of these infants, 46 per cent were reported normal on follow-up." Tiller also, observes -- bordering on boasting -- that the average age of the more than a thousand late-term babies he has killed is 27 weeks. The New York Times (May 16, 1997), citing the National Center for Health Care Statistics, reports that approximately 15 per cent of babies born at 22 weeks will survive, 25 per cent at 23 weeks, 42 per cent at 24 weeks, and 57 per cent at 25 weeks.

    A story in the Kansas City Star (August 26, 1991) quoting Tiller spokeswoman Peggy Jarman said that "elective abortions should be considered acceptable into the 26th week because these fetuses are not capable of surviving outside the womb without artificial life supports.”

    This kind of satanist talk is the direct result of the Roe Vs Wade decision by the Supreme Court 28 years ago, when abortions were legalized. It was only a matter of time before human life would be deemed so cheap that killing babies right up to term, would not even elicit a raised eyebrow. Live with immorality long enough and you become immune to it.

    In the same interview, Miss Jarman admitted that "about three-fourths of Tiller's late-term patients are teenagers who have denied to themselves or their families that they were pregnant until it was too late to hide it.” Abortions are performed on them with no reference to health problems in either the baby or the mother. These teenagers are being placed at an extremely high risk of getting breast cancer and if there is a history of breast cancer in the family their risk increases even more dramatically. Even the American Cancer Society will admit that a delayed first full term delivery increases a women's risk of getting breast cancer.

    Quite a concession by the ACS, since they are the masterminds of America's best kept secret -- that ALL abortions increase the risk of breast cancer -- not just the killing of the first child. The ACS says the studies are inconclusive, in spite of the fact that 27 of 33 studies World-Wide have shown the increased risk. 13 of 14 right here in the United States. This is pure garbage, they lie. For more details, see my home site.

    Products have been pulled from the shelves with MUCH less evidence. The reason for hiding the truth is that it would be a near fatal blow to the abortion industry, which was being guarded by the Clinton/Gore administration. It is estimated that thousands of women die every year, because women are not told of this risk by the abortion mills, before they have their baby killed.

    Even though the ACS will admit that killing one's first baby, which automatically delays a woman's subsequent full term delivery, (provided she was not made sterile by the abortion) the NEWS MEDIA will NOT alarm the public. They would sooner have thousands of women die needlessly every year, than do anything to harm the multimillion dollar abortion history. Is there any doubt that the United States of America, has earned its title as the, “culture of death?” Live with the culture of death long enough, and you become immune to its devastation.

    Since Teller's website lists the average age of the mothers on whom he performs his fetal-abnormality abortions as 29 years, there can't be much overlap between these two groups. This admission raises the possibility that Tiller could be killing as many as three healthy late-term babies, being carried by healthy mothers, for each "disabled" child he kills.

    One of the conditions for which Tiller says he "terminates" is Trisomy 21-the scientific name for Down's Syndrome. Yet according to World magazine (January 18, 1997), of the 250,000 Americans currently living with Down's Syndrome, most score in the "mild to moderate" range of mental retardation, and most can learn to read, hold jobs, and live independently. Do they have to be executed? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that in the 1980s, abortion reduced the number of children with Down's Syndrome born to white women over 35 in the metropolitan Atlanta area by about 70 per cent. Eugenics used to be a dirty word -- not anymore. Live with political correct insanity long enough, and you become immune to it.

    But don't Down's Syndrome babies put a tremendous strain on other family members? The National Committee for Adoption reports that "there is a waiting list of screened families who want to adopt seriously disabled newborns, including babies born with Down's Syndrome and spina bifida." The latter disability is also among Tiller's conditions warranting abortion, in spite of the fact that it can be corrected by surgery, even while the baby is still in the womb. Advances in medicine are being made every day. Who knows what the future holds?

    Orel Hershiser, who still holds the major league pitching record for throwing the most consecutive shut out innings, would have been lost to the world if his parents had known that spina bifida is an "intolerable" condition. To read more and see Baby Samuel, who reaches out of the womb to grab the finger of his surgeon, who was operating on him for the correction of spina bifida, see my web site with photo.

    Most of the parents who don't want these children could place them for adoption by having them delivered alive at the same point in the pregnancy at which Tiller is killing them. Even with adoptive homes available, there are those, who would sooner kill their child. As they say -- better dead than to live a life of hardship. But how are we to decide what will lead to intolerable hardship? We should not play God. Yet live with the idea that man can do anything and you become immune to the reality that there is a Creator Who will ultimately judge.

    As George Will, the columnist and a regular on the ABC Sunday show, “This Week with Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts,” has frequently written regarding his son Jonathan, and as many people attest to -- people with Down's Syndrome appear to be among the happiest people on the planet.

    One reason frequently given for the toleration of large-scale abortion of birth-defective infants is that the cost of caring for them is high. And certainly, if it had to be born by the family alone, it would be crushing, but there are other avenues. Recently an article in the New England Journal of Medicine put the annual figure for the country as a whole at $2 billion. That's less than the $2.3 billion Americans spend each year on chewing gum. The CDC estimates that care for people with Down's costs $1.8 billion per year. That is about half the $3.4 billion we spend each year on cookies.

    It is, in other words, a question of priorities and Americans today do not seem to be human-centered. The Pet Industry Joint Council says, we spend around $63 billion each year on the acquisition of pet food and related articles.

    On May 11, 1997, the Associated Press reported that the San Francisco SPCA had announced that "no adoptable animal ... with a treatable disease will be euthanized ... and it will pay for medical care for an animal with a long-term health problem after it is adopted." Milwaukee, St. Louis, and New York are also taking steps to become "no kill" cities. Somehow I don't expect them within the foreseeable future to become "no kill" cities for human babies.

    The euphemism Tiller uses to describe the actual killing of "disabled" children is "premature delivery of a stillborn." Of course, the baby is "born still," because Tiller has injected his heart with a lethal dose of digoxin. Tiller says this ensures that the child "will not experience any discomfort during the procedure." But most people who have suffered a heart attack-which is what occurs in this case-- describe it as an excruciatingly painful experience. One is also left to wonder how much "discomfort" is experienced by the many thousands of younger, healthy babies, Tiller routinely tears limb from limb before he kills them, without benefit of anesthesia.

    Reliable studies reveal that unborn babies feel excruciating pain when they are killed at 20 weeks gestation, some studies as early as 10 weeks, since neurological structures necessary to feel pain, pain receptive nerve cells, nerual pathways, and the thalamus of the brain begin to form eight weeks after fertilization. The cerebral cortex is not necessary for pain sensation.

    Many animals are given an anesthetic when they are killed in late term, but humans nothing, because it would be an admission by the pro-choice/pro-aborts that they were, indeed, killing sentient human beings and these brutal murders would make the pro-choice people, akin to the German people who applauded and urged Hitler on. Live with the holocaust of the womb long enough and you become immune to it.

    In one of the more macabre sections of his advertisement, Tiller recommends that "couples elect to view or hold the baby after the woman has recovered from the anesthesia." Of course, he concedes that "some couples initially find this a very frightening thought." Indeed. He also said, in a "Dear colleague" letter dated April 19, 1991, in which he solicited abortion business from referring physicians, that "Patients are encouraged to speak directly to their baby if they wish, and finally to say 'goodbye.' (Not all patients choose to be involved in this process. ... )" In a 1996 promotional video, Tiller offers patients an opportunity to obtain a "family photo" with them holding their dead baby. He also suggests that, as a memento, they might wish to have a lock of the baby's hair or a fetal footprint.

    Even more bizarre is the fact that the Rev. George Gardner, pastor of Wichita's College Hill United Methodist Church and an outspoken Tiller apologist, publicly admits to performing postmortem baptisms on Tiller's victims. If the deceased aren't babies with souls, what do these parents think they're baptizing? If they are babies with souls, why isn't this murder?

    And there is no sign that the direction is about to be reversed. One of the darker consequences of the current effort to map the human genome will be withering pressure to test unborn children for genetic predispositions to certain "disabilities." And why should we stop at Trisomy 21 and spina bifida? If, for instance, as is argued by homosexual advocacy groups, there is a genetic component to homosexuality, how many parents will want their unborn babies tested for the operative gene? In China and India, fetuses are already aborted for the defect of being female. And a recent study determined that more than one in ten mothers would abort a child susceptible to obesity.

    On April 30, 1997, USA Today reported that the city of Brandenburg, Germany, had dedicated a memorial to nine thousand physically disabled, mentally retarded, and other persons deemed "inferior" and "unworthy" by the Thousand Year Reich. They were, as the world grows weary of being reminded, systematically executed in the Nazis' euthanasia program. The former prison building in which the victims were held will now house their memorial. We can only hope and believe that similar memorials will one day be established in the buildings now occupied by abortionists like George Tiller.

    Of course, George Tiller is not the only problem. He is only a symptom. Society is the problem for allowing these atrocities to happen by electing people to high offices, who have no sense of common decency. Those pro-choicers, who defend infanticide for fear of losing their choice [ to kill babies] in earlier trimesters are taking self-indulgence to a new and sickening low. All proof, that if you live with immorality long enough, you grow immune to it and its consequences.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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January 3, 2001
volume 12, no. 3
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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