December 8, 2000
volume 11, no. 255


Sister Lucy's GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER column for December 8, 2000


        With the First Sunday of Advent comes the beginning of a new Church Year. It is “New Year’s Day” for the Catholic Church.

        It is our duty and privilege, as children of God, to take seriously the meaning and purpose of Advent. For those who may not know, the word “Advent” comes from the Latin word “advenio,” which means “to come.” Advent is about the coming of Jesus; it is about the celebration of His birth into our world as a tiny beautiful baby. Advent is a period of time to prepare our hearts and souls for the celebration of Christmas! All other activity which distracts and subtracts from the spiritual preparation of our souls is mundane, worldly, and a waste of time.

        How far our world has come in our lifetime to lose sight of the real meaning of Advent! How worldly and materialistic our society has become... frantically maneuvering to purchase material gifts for friends, co-workers, and loved ones! How well this fits into the plan of the diabolic, who tirelessly labors to lead us away from God and reaches a milestone when he gets people to lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas and the need of our souls to prepare for it spiritually!

        As a young Sister, when studying philosophy, I learned that the more spiritual a thing is, the more REAL it is. How interesting that we humans can get so caught up in material things which are not as REAL as spiritual things! People wear themselves out in the hustle and bustle of gift buying!

        Certainly, there is nothing wrong with buying and giving gifts for Christmas, but when all of the activities leave Jesus out of the ultimate purpose, the actions are worthless, no matter how costly the gifts!

        Yet, we must ask God to give us this grace because we cannot effect it ourselves. We must constantly ask Jesus for the grace to prepare spiritually for His birthday. A wonderful prayer for this could be: “Come Lord, Jesus! Make me a saint! Bring me closer to You each day no matter what the cost to myself!”

        What if you were to die tomorrow? How would you live today? Making a very good confession is one way to start.

        Please, dear reader, do not let this Advent pass into history without taking serious stock of the state of your soul. Let this be the best preparation for Christmas that you have ever made! Do it by constant prayer, some sacrifices and making a very good confession. Do it by cutting down on the frenzied gift-buying.

        Maybe this will be my last Christmas! Maybe this will be your last Christmas! Don’t believe that is possible? Remember Our Lord said that we do not know the day or hour!

        There is no better gift we could give the Baby Jesus on Christmas than the generous giving of our hearts and souls. The pure giving of our pure hearts and souls. All the rest is just so useless!

        God bless you, dear reader. Please take seriously my sisterly recommendations.

    Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

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December 8, 2000
volume 11, no. 255

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