December 6, 2000
volume 11, no. 253


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for December 6, 2000

Desperation! Thy name is satan!

    Satan is so desperate he's revealing his true self to millions in every spin, every whine and excuse, every alteration of the law. And the saddest thing as his disciples in the Democratic Party fight for their political life, is that so many are seeing the beast face to face and can't see the terrible danger and damage to their souls!

    The standard-bearer for the culture of life, the man millions of Americans - but only 50% of the Catholic population - have put their faith in to begin to turn America back to God is George W. Bush, who was certified as the winner of Floridaís vote for the presidency of the United States by the Secretary of State of Florida on Sunday, November 26, the Solemn Feast of Christ the King. This second certification ensures him Florida's electoral votes and the presidency. He IS our president elect and all people of faith, should breathe a sigh of relief, because now, hopes rise for the lives of about 5,000 babies who will be saved every year from a brutal and painful death -- the barbaric partial-birth abortion. We can thank God -- our prayers were answered. This bitter battle was Lepanto all over again and every Rosary, every Hail Mary has borne fruit.

    However, we MUST continue praying, as Yogi Berra once said, ď it ainít over till itís over.Ē Even though Bush won the election fair and square -- three times -- the prince of darkness still wants those babies killed, so he will pull out all the stops -- he will not give up. Gore's army of big city lawyers continue their onslaught. They continue to rattle all the courts with double-talk and lies.

    It should be apparent to all that Gore and his Democrat buddies want to keep up the ballot legerdemain until they win. These same lawyers connived to get the postal authorities to throw out thousands of military ballots because they were not postmarked properly, ignoring the fact that there would be no post mark if the military handled the mail.

    These men, who fight for the freedom that we would have free elections are told by Gore that their vote doesn't count. Gore is not fit to be the commander of these brave men. If he is president, I believe there will be mass resignations.

    I'm not an attorney, but I believe that I do have common sense, and common sense would dictate that if the machines did not work properly, as the Democrats state, and some Democrats did not have their vote counted, then you MUST assume that they ALSO did not work properly, when the Republicans cast their votes. Since Bush won the machine count and a recount, and even another recount it stands to reason that he would also win a hand count, unless there's manipulation of the ballots as happened in Chicago 1960 by the Democrats. It was called fraud then and it should be called the same now, unabashed fraud!

    There is a war going on in our country, between good and evil -- let there be no mistake about that. Satan will not rest until he has all his surrogates in place to fulfill his desires and wishes -- to win souls. The only way satan gets his wish, is if Gore becomes president, so that he can veto the ban on partial-birth murders, as he has promised.

    Remember satan, who tried to tempt Jesus Christ? Most people say they believe in God, but somehow, no one wants to talk about satan. Itís as if people don't mind sinning and breaking Gods commandments, but, fail to recognize that it was satan who influenced their actions. It was the evil one who turned from being a holy angel when he said "I will not serve."

    Satan MUST have Al Gore to be our next president in order to continue America's moral decline. He must have the leader of the world's most powerful country on his side. The rest will be easy. As easy as having all major decisions of our Supreme Court go his way. First prayers were taken out of the public schools. Then the killing of unborn babies, even while they're being born was a great victory for him.

    Satan MUST have Gore to be president if Planned Parenthood and all the other killers of unborn babies are to continue their satanist inspired work and destroy as many of God's precious children as they can, and that there will continue to be justices on the Supreme court who will NOT respect the sanctity of human life and thus disobey the will of God.

    Satan MUST have Gore to be president if women will continue to be left in the dark, that abortions increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Without satan's help, how else can one explain why the Media's resistance to expose the abortion/breast cancer link, when 27 of 33 studies world-wide including 13 of 14 in the United States, have shown that abortions increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Products have been pulled from the shelves with much less evidence.

    Satan MUST have Gore to be president so that the Hollywood Filth industry can continue their satanist inspired work unabated and thus add another insult to God.

    Satan MUST have Gore to be president if homosexuals are to continue their quest, that their deadly and satanist inspired lifestyle is to be accepted by all, and thus, another slap to the face of God, who has forbidden these deviant and deadly sex acts.

    Satan drooled when a president of the United State took liberties with a young intern on numerous occasions to satisfy his sexual lust and in the hallowed Oval Office, no less. Satan was ecstatic when this same president committed perjury and was NOT kicked out of office, because times were good. Also, the same immoral bunch who twisted the Lewinsky scandal into a mockery of justice and decency are representing Gore. Don't tell me Gore and Clinton aren't joined at the hip! Don't tell me Gore has a higher moral standard than Clinton because you would be lying to me and to yourself. Clinton has proven that and Gore is burying himself right now as he continues his state of denial.

    In Al Gore, satan has a man after his own heart. A man whose major thoughts, visions and promises are against the will of God and the Holy Scriptures and thus, give great pleasure to satan. Please pray for the vice president's soul. It is evident he doesn't realize how much danger he is truly in. The man himself is a child of God, but inside, as Jesus pointed out in Matthew 23: 27-28, "Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you are like whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear just to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity."

    To all Catholics, who have their head in the sand and still cling to their Democratic party in spite of the Party's commitment to the Culture of Death and it's anti-Catholic attitude, I say, ďwake up.Ē You must try to see how your party has been taken over by satan. I saw this transition to satanism years ago, which is why I bolted the party.

    How else can one explain how Gore and his cronies can get away with their attempt to steal the election and in broad daylight, no less. How else can they get away with two machine counts -- won both times by Bush -- wanted hand counts in the three most Democratic populated counties in Florida -- got them and still lost. Now they are angry because Miami-Dade County, which is controlled by Democratic officials, refused to hand count because there was not enough time.

    All this in spite of the fact that there was NO Republican voter fraud, unlike the fraud that took place in 1960 in Chicago, when Kennedy a Democrat defeated the Republican, Nixon. The son of the mastermind of that theft, is now the chairman of the Democratic party. He has learned well at his father's knees, as has Gore from his mentor, Bill Clinton. The only fraud in this election, is the fraud being perpetuated by the Democrats.

    To find words to describe the United States 2000 presidential election is impossible. There are no words in the dictionary to describe the underhanded tactics of Al Gore and the Democrats.

    Words like chicanery, fraud, disgusting, repugnant, stealing, lying, cheating, power-hungry, all come to mind. These words do NOT adequately describe the monstrosity of the tactics and deeds of the Gore campaign.

    Itís all of the above, plus a word that is never mentioned -- MURDER. It seems that people, who, because of the killing of 1.4 million unborn babies yearly, in the first 16 weeks of gestation, the perception that life is cheap has permeated their minds. People, now, are impervious to the act of murder.

    If Gore, with satanís help, manages to come back and steals the election, the sounds of about 5,000 babies, who are murdered every year, while they're being born, may not be heard by Gore, when he vetoes the ban on partial-birth murders, but they WILL be heard by God -- on that, you can bet your bottom dollar.

    Gore may not hear the sound of metal as it is thrust into the back of a baby's head -- lacerating the scalp and forced through the bone. Another three more inches and the baby's head would have followed his arms, body and legs into a new world.

    Gore, may not see the abortionist working feverishly to kill the babies before their heads are delivered, otherwise he would be charged with murder.

    Gore may not see the babiesí little arms flailing and legs kicking after they have been delivered. The babies apparently sensing that something is wrong, as they are forced and pulled prematurely, from the safety and comfort of their mother's womb, suddenly stiffen, while experiencing excruciating pain when the metal pierces their brains and then -- all movement ceases.

    Gore may not see this barbaric torture and murder of God's precious children, but their Creator WILL see it. One has to wonder how a civilized person could allow such a deed to happen -- let alone authorizing it -- by vetoing its ban. If you have a strong stomach, click here to see what 50% of Catholics voted for.

    So, this is what our country has come to. Half of itís citizens, even though 94% of them say they believe in God, have voted for such a man to be their president - a man who sold his soul to satan to climb the Democratic political ladder. This ladder would surely fall, if it was not held in place by satan.

    Strong words -- you bet, but as true as the sky is blue on a sunny day. A person, who at one time was pro-life, only to become the ultimate pro-abort for worldly gains, is indeed, a surrogate of satan.

    How Gore has gotten this far should not be so alarming. There is and never has been a rule of law the Clinton/Gore administration abided by if it went against their agenda.. Without satanís help Gore would not have received millions of dollars by the very people who satan drools over -- the entire abortion industry, the Hollywood filth industry and homosexuals with their depraved lust; a lust -- so deviant that it results in death to many and our country still doesn't care.

    Without satanís help how else can one explain why 50% of Catholics would vote for a man who has a history of stretching, twisting the truth and outright lying?

    Without satanís help how else can one explain why 50% of Catholics would vote for a man who would veto the ban on partial-birth murders.

    Without satanís help how else can one explain, why 50% of Catholics would vote for a man who condones the homosexual life style -- a life style that is forbidden by God and is killing off our young men.

    Without satanís help how else can one explain why 50% of Catholics would vote for a man whose party is anti-religious. Going so far as to call people, who attend church on a regular basis and believe in the 10 Commandments, the fanatic religious right. Catholics above all should be outraged at Gore's anti-Catholic maneuvers. See prior column.

    We have become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. A society gone amok with its sodomy and all things immoral. A society that was so self-indulgent and depraved, that it was destroyed by God. We are no different from that culture of yesteryear -- we are worse. We kill one-third of our babies -- even while they're being born.

    Bush is not our president yet -- Gore said he will continue to fight and take it to the courts. If Gore becomes our president, the murder and immorality WILL continue. GEORGE W. BUSH IS OUR ONLY HOPE.

    To all Catholics who voted for Gore -- you ignored the Doctrine of your own Church. You put politics ahead of God. You above all should know better. You are a party to the killing of unborn babies, even while they're being born. Was your vote for Gore worth your soul? I honestly believe that you DON'T truly believe that there is a God. HOW COULD YOU? May God have mercy on your souls.

    There are a few readers out there who think I'm too rough on Gore, too judgmental. As a Catholic I have a duty before God to be judgmental when it comes to sin. We are taught to love the sinner in the sense that he is a child of God and we should love our neighbor. Do I love Al Gore? As a person made in the image and likeness of the Creator, Yes! But we are also strongly instructed to hate the sin, despise it with such loathing because of its consequences. For those who think my language is strong, read the entire chapter of Matthew 23. Read verse 33: "Serpents, brood of vipers, how are you to escape the judgment of hell?"

    In summary, I hate what Gore stands for and his actions. Though I love him in the Christian sense, because of his behavior I definitely do not like him and I truly hate what he stands for.

    The only thing left is for us to pray to God for his help and forgiveness -- that we have allowed worldly gains to supplant the sanctity of human life; That we have ignored God's will -- ďThou Shalt Not KillĒ and that we truly have not understood the meaning and consequences of Our Lord's words in Mark 8: 36, ďFor what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his own soul.Ē

    There is a finality to those words that should wake up that 50% of Catholics who need to be shaken awake, brought to reality of the state of their souls before they discover they've made their own bed and must lie in it forever living out a real nightmare of eternal damnation. Their screams will pale in comparison to the screams of the aborted preborns that they turn a deaf ear to today.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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December 6, 2000
volume 11, no. 253
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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