December 26, 2000
      volume 11, no. 273

      Cyndi Cain's CHRISTMAS MESSAGE

      A Chorus of Christmas Blessings to All

        Cyndi Cain    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, at this Holy, Blessed Time when we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, let us recognize that He, Who is God, came as an infant, helpless, born into a world of sin and wantonness, Who had no one other than Mary and Joseph and the Shepherds to welcome Him, and to Adore Him Who is Perfect Love. Let us recognize that in this Birth, true humility was shown to the world, and the example of this true humility must live in our own hearts and souls each day of our lives.

            I pray that during this Blessed Season all of us, together, might strive for perfection in our lives, through the humility of the Only-Begotten Son of God, born this day in a stable, in a manger. There, He was wrapped in swaddling clothes by His Holy Mother. Let us recognize that the swaddling clothes are, for us, the love which we give to Him. We warm Him by our love, and we obtain His Warmth, His Love, and His very Life within our own souls.

            There are so many graces that He desires to give to each of His children at this Holy Season, and we therefore, must always be conscious of the graces and seek them above all else.

            This has been a tremendous year of Jubilee. Let us, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, carry the Jubilee Year forward, not only into a New Year, but into our entire life.

            For all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I assure you of my humble prayers for you, and thank you so much for all of your prayers for us.

            It has been a tremendous year of growth for The DAILY CATHOLIC. We, as His humble instruments, have watched in awe as the number of people who visit our website has grown steadily, all led to these pages by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

            For all who have helped financially to keep The DAILY CATHOLIC online, I offer thanks and prayers. And for all who have visited our site, and are unable to help financially, please know that you are prayed for equally, for with God there is Infinite Love, and I strive each day to resemble Him in that Infinite Love for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

            Rejoice and be glad! The Birth of the Savior is within your soul! Rejoice and be glad, for God has seen fit to take up His Abode in you, and thus you are priceless to Him, and to all the angels and hosts of Heaven in their eternal song of praise.

            Wishing you every Blessing from on High this Christmas Day, I remain

        Your very little sister in Christ,


      December 26, 2000
      volume 11, no. 273

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