August 30, 2000
volume 11, no. 155


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for August 30, 2000
The party line that leads to hell!

    Since Senator Joseph Lieberman was picked by Al Gore to be his running mate, I've listened to all the pundits and self-proclaimed political experts, who by the way, try to hide their liberalism behind well chosen words and I cannot escape the following conclusion:

    Senator Lieberman is a religious person in his own mind and in the minds of his people, (Democrats) who know nothing about the subject. In the past the Democrats constantly referred to religious people as the religious right and if you attended church on a regular basis, you were a religious fanatic. Maybe now, we will not hear these terms anymore, since Lieberman would have to be considered a religious fanatic. On the Sabbath, Orthodox Jews will do no work as a sign of respect for our Lord. However Lieberman says, he will break with this tradition if it warrants. So, what else is new.

    After the Lewinsky scandal he was one the first Democrats who condemned Clinton. He said, “'I have been deeply disappointed and angered by this president's conduct. President Clinton engaged in an extramarital sexual relationship with a young White House employee in the Oval Office, which was irresponsible and immoral and thus raised serious questions about his judgment and his respect for the high office he holds. He then made false or misleading statements about that relationship to the American people, to a federal district court judge in a civil deposition, and to a federal grand jury; in so doing, he betrayed not only his family but the public's trust, and undermined his moral authority and public credibility."

    The House impeached Clinton, but the Senate did not have enough votes for removal. Lieberman was one of the Senators who voted NOT to remove Clinton from office, in spite of his scorching rhetoric. Thanks to all the Democratic Senators who put politics first, Clinton remained in office. Not a single Democratic Senator voted for removal. It was a straight partyline vote. This partisan vote by the Democratic Senators was disgraceful -- it was appalling. It was a sham of a trial -- it was a joke.

    They violated their oath to God, when they vowed to set aside partisanship. They swore to be impartial and to weigh all the evidence before coming to a decision, on whether to remove Clinton from office.

    The elder statesman, the much respected Democratic Senator Byrd, even said that Clinton “committed high crimes and misdemeanors.” Yet he voted to acquit -- a vote that will be discussed through the ages.

    The Constitution clearly states that, a president should be removed for “High crimes and Misdemeanors.” Lieberman and other Democratic Senators, echoed Byrd’s opinion. This flagrant disregard of the Constitution is repugnant. Alexander Hamilton wrote that impeachable offenses are injuries done immediately to society itself.

    For them to have the gall to say that lying under oath and obstructing justice are not a threat and injurious to our nation's well being is mind boggling. How could they say that with a straight face? If Clinton’s lying under oath and obstructing justice, is not degrading and does not bring harm to our country then our country has sunk further into hell than I thought, and satan has been working overtime.

    Perjury in our courts will be greatly increased, as a result of Clinton not being removed from office for HIS perjury. Criminal defense attorneys have already admitted that a precedent has been set, since Clinton was not removed and they will take advantage of it.

    Clinton was called by the Democratic Senators, “a reprehensible lying bum, a perjurer and an adulterer.” They said that “he egregiously failed; that he violated his trust; that he lessened the esteem of the presidency and that he brought dishonor to his office.” STILL, not one Democratic Senator voted to remove Clinton from office.

    Since then, Senator Lieberman has been called the conscience of the Senate by the pundits. WRONG -- It should be, of the Democratic Senators.

    A very religious man? He is so religious that he voted NOT to ban the barbaric partial-birth abortion. This procedure of killing late term viable babies when they are completely delivered, except for the head, which they make sure stays in the birth canal (otherwise it would be murder) when they stab the baby in the back of the head with a pair of scissors; enlarge the hole, then stick a tube in the opening and then suck the babies' brains out with a powerful suction machine, is so hideous that it makes me want to cry every time I describe it. Even the American Medical Association came out against it.

    The truth is -- they don't want this gruesome procedure banned, in order to pay back the abortion industry, the Hollywood filth industry, the homosexuals, militant feminists groups and all the other self indulgent people who supported them with money and votes. They want this option open in case a woman changes her mind late in her pregnancy -- she can still have her baby killed --"legally." This is tragic. Not only is it sick, but it is murder in the first degree!

    Again the righteous Lieberman stuck to the party lines. In his heart he KNEW the gruesome partial-birth abortion should be banned. Here is what he said when he announced that he would uphold Clinton's first veto of the ban in 1996, "However, I will do so with a growing personal anxiety that something very wrong is happening in our country."

    He KNEW it was wrong, so instead of trying to right the wrong, he STILL voted along party lines and condemned thousands of babies to a tortuous, painful and horrible death every year. Where is the religion and character of such a man?

    If in the eyes of Democrats, that Joseph Lieberman is a religious man -- a respected man of character, than what does that make Al Gore and the rest of the Democrats.

    In short, Lieberman is the same as all the liberal Democrats. He will not break party lines for the good of our country. He will not break party lines, for the sake of common decency and not even for God.

    It has always amazed me that the two groups of people that one would think would be very pro-life, would be Jews and Blacks. Both groups were considered less than human beings, as are another group -- unborn babies. How easily people forget.

    Jews and Blacks have been there, but still they will stick to the Democratic platform that insists that unborn babies are less than human. The fact that there's not a scientist in the world, who could deny that human life begins at conception, still does not dissuade them -- not even the Declaration of Independence:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    Notice -- it does NOT say that all men are "born equal." It says, "All men are CREATED EQUAL."

    When our learned forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, they chose their words carefully, so there would be no misinterpretation. But the Democrats/pro-choicers (read, pro-death) will not accept it. They have chosen to discredit and mock our country's most revered document, just for votes. NO good will ever come from killing one's own child. See: Abortions vs Childbirth

    I went into detail on this subject more than I wanted to, but it was the only way to show that the old adage that “talk is cheap,” was never more appropriate than in the conflicting rhetoric/actions of Senator Joseph Lieberman -- a religious man only in his own mind and the minds of the morally bankrupt Democrats who condone perjury, obstructing justice, adultery and the killing of unborn babies right up to birth.

    Many months ago, after the last vote by the Senators to ban partial-birth abortions, I wrote the following:

    The following Senators are not fit to sit in the hallowed halls of the Senate, since they are lacking even one shred of common decency. Then I named the Senators and gave their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Senator Joseph Lieberman was one of 31 Democratic Senators who voted NOT to ban the barbaric partial-birth abortion. Only 3 Republican Senators voted not to ban it.

    I ask you, which party is the compassionate one and which party makes satan proud? And which party brings sadness to the face of God?

    Mr. Lieberman, I can only hope that someday this article finds its way to your desk. To me you're NOT a religious man when you condone the killing of God's most precious creations. Even when babies are killed while being born and suffer severe pain, doesn't even bother you. You're like all the rest of the Democrats -- the party line comes first and our country and common decency second. This is also, why you didn't vote to remove Clinton from office.

    You are ALL TALK -- NO GUTS. You and Gore are two of a kind and deserve each other. Both of you will do anything to climb the Democratic political ladder -- a ladder, which as sure as I'm writing this, is held by satan.

    The last I heard, Orthodox Jews, were pro-life. Orthodox Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, a group of pro-life Jews and Christians said, "I can say that I am 100 percent convinced that Jewish tradition demands that Jews align themselves with the religious pro-life movement."

    Syndicated radio talk show host Michael Medved, who is an observant Jew, points to Lieberman's recent interview on CNN's "Larry King Live," in which Lieberman was asked about "the apparent contradiction between Orthodox Judaism's antiabortion strictures" and his own voting pro-abortion record.

    Lieberman danced deceptively around the issue by pointing out rabbinic debate over where to draw the line between life and 'potential life' -- without noting that Jewish law also demands respect for 'potential life' and sanctions abortion only when the "life" of the mother is directly threatened."

    It would appear Senator Lieberman, that for political gain, you have also sold out your own religion. You may be the conscience of the Democratic party, but certainly not the Republican party. There, you would be at the bottom of the barrel.

    Quite a combination -- Al Gore who, when he was a congressman, was pro-life, only to switch for political gain and Joe Lieberman, who denounces his religion for political gain, thus bringing great joy to the prince of darkness. I shudder to think that these two men, who also condone homosexuality, may be the leaders of our country.

    If Gore is elected president, the moral degeneracy of our once Godly country will continue. Of this, I have ABSOLUTELY no doubt. We know for sure that he has vowed to veto the ban on partial-birth abortions. We know for sure that on all moral issues -- the Democratic party, will be more representative of the wishes of satan than to the wishes of God. For the past eight years, this has been the case and if you think that Lieberman is going to inject morality into satan’s pride and joy party, then you know nothing about history and politics OR satan has gotten to you too. Pick one -- it IS one of the two.

    We as Catholics, MUST follow the Doctrine of the Catholic Church and use our vote to respect the sanctity of life. We MUST vote for a candidate, who also respects God's most precious creations. Al Gore has vowed to respect a women choice if she wants to kill her baby, even while they're being born. No one should have the choice to kill another human being.

    We MUST stop the American holocaust and vote for George W. Bush. Our vote reflects our character and our morals and when we are ready to meet God, we had better be prepared.

Dr. Frank Joseph

August 30, 2000
volume 11, no. 155
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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