April 14-16, 2000
volume 11, no. 75

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INTRODUCTION     In order to provide the reader more than just a rehash of what a movie or video is all about which really only serves to promote a film or program despite the rating, we have decided to bring you a more in-depth feature by enlisting Michael Vincent Boyer, editor and publisher of the excellent monthly tabloid magazine "Goodbye Hollywood". Like fellow columnist Pat Ludwa, Michael also hails from northern Ohio but for the past twenty plus years has lived in the deep south. Yet, because of his intrinsic inside work with the Hollywood establishment as Director of the Alabama Film Commission, he is well aware of the state of the industry and most of what he has seen is not compatable with the teachings of the Church. For that reason he began his monthly publication and has begun writing a regular in-depth, thought-provoking, sometimes shocking column for the DailyCATHOLIC. After Lent he will expand even further in providing a brief daily guide of programs that may not be all they're cracked up to be, or a program that might slip through the cracks and be forgotten even though it is excellent. This happens often and Michael will be on top of it to enlighten readers as to what Hollywood is truly up to as he infiltrates the devil's workshop - Hollywood USA!

   Because he will dealing with how all this affects Catholics we are calling the column: "HOLY WOULD HELP HOLLYWOOD" with the subtitles: "MOVIES & MORALS." Also, because he will be treating videos both in VCR rentals and video games and how we need to be on our guard, we're also subtitling it: "VIDEOS & VIRTUES;" and finally, he'll also be covering programs and programming decisions for television and how we need to keep in mind the great cardinal virtue of Temperance to guard and guide us in our viewing - thus subtitling it: "TELEVISION & TEMPERANCE." Therefore, all three subtitles are appropriate to effectively convey the topics he'll be covering.

   For past columns by Michael Vincent Boyer, see HOW HOLY WOULD HELP HOLLYWOOD Archives.    If you want to send him ideas or feedback, you can reach him at

    What Hollywood doesn't want you to know

    Good News: Valenti talks Retirement! Bad News: Clinton could replace him!

        "The very thought of America's most corrupt president in history replacing one of the most morally corrupt leaders of the film industry should send shivers down the back of Americans eagerly waiting for a positive change in the direction of American entertainment."

          In a move that would spell even greater disaster for the future of quality entertainment at home and in the theatres, Jack Valenti hinted that when he retires as president of the Motion Picture Association of America, the suggestion of Bill Clinton as his replacement "would be great. It really would." Valenti did have enough insight to suggest, "...he does bring a little baggage with him," according to an interview with Dana Thomas of New Yorker magazine.

          The very thought of America's most corrupt president in history replacing one of the most morally corrupt leaders of the film industry should send shivers down the back of Americans eagerly waiting for a positive change in the direction of American entertainment.

          Clinton Deputy Press Secretary Jake Siewart tried to dodge the question when he replied, "The president sleeps better knowing that Jack Valenti is still at the helm." A typical Clinton response; he doesn't answer the question, and while he "sleeps better" knowing that Valenti is still at the helm, most Americans are "sleeping better" knowing that someday Jack Valenti will no longer be at the helm. But the prospect of Clinton as replacement is not a prescription for better sleep, but a "Nightmare on Elm Street!"

          Writer Thomas says, "...while some studio execs on the west coast are keen on the idea, their counterparts back in Washington aren't sure its what the MPAA needs right now." There's no doubt that studio execs on the left coast are keen on the idea. The reason Valenti has been in place for 34 years is because he carries the dirty laundry of the industry while pretending to clean the laundry for the public. Hollywood feels a certain amount of debt to the one feeble man who caved in and abolished the code of ethics for the motion picture industry. With his retirement looming, the industry needs an equally deceptive, lying, and morally vacant individual who will maintain the status-quo of sleaze, and perhaps even allow the industry to sink deeper into the moral abyss. Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg have bent over backwards to groom Clinton for a Hollywood future by inviting him to their homes for vacation, contributing thousands to his legal defense fund, and hosting million-dollar fund-raisers - knowing fully that he has corrupted the office of president, co-opted the national security of the nation, convicted of perjury, committed rape, and is the only elected president in American history to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives - just the kind of person Hollywood needs at the helm of the Motion Picture Association of America as their chief lobbyist in Washington to make sure key decision-makers impacting the industry are paid-off and well-greased.

          Clinton's reputation for intimidating critics and smearing their reputations sits well with Hollywood's top brass who wants nothing less than total influence over government actions concerning entertainment. As recent as late January, Clinton was back in Hollywood again on Air Force One as the guest of gay-rights activist David Geffen and appeared at Golden Globe Award film festivities.

          If anyone thinks that Valenti is hesitant to fully endorse Clinton as his replacement, Dana Thomas of the New Yorker adds, "Nevertheless, Valenti thinks that Clinton would be great for the job." She says Valenti's voice filled with enthusiasm as he added, "The movie business is a dazzling, fascinating, unpredictable world - like politics - and naturally Clinton is drawn to that ...if you're in the insurance business or run the New York Stock Exchange, you're not around beautiful women every day." God, save us!!

    Michael Vincent Boyer


April 14-16, 2000
volume 11, no. 75

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