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WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant:
  • Pope focuses on importance of Trinity at Christ's Baptism
  • Atrocity in Australia over aborted baby that could have lived
  • EWTN offering opportunity to participate in Spiritual Bouquet for Holy Father's 80th birthday
  • Castro relents, will allow public Holy Week processions and services in Cuba afterall
  • Jerusalem will be jammed during Holy Week
  • Italian Supreme Court echoes Church's belief on the sin of homosexuality
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  • WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant:

    John Paul II Preaches to 30,000 Pilgrims

        VATICAN CITY, APR 12 ( Today, John Paul II went deeper into Christianity's most important and difficult mystery: the Trinity. He carried his listeners to the banks of the Jordan river, where Christ was baptized, and which he himself visited in his recent pilgrimage, to the unique moment when the Father and the Holy Spirit made themselves known.

        With this morning's catechesis, the Holy Father continued the Jubilee series he is dedicating to the Trinity. There were 30,000 pilgrims present from some 20 countries, the majority being students.

        John Paul II evoked the scene when the Father's voice resounded, proclaiming: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." At the same time, the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove, making the whole Trinity present.

        The image of the Holy Spirit as a dove appears several times in the Bible and in extra-Biblical texts. The Holy Father quoted several words from the Jewish Talmud to convey how at the creation, the Spirit of God "fluttered over the surface of the waters like a dove who flies around its young without touching them."

        The history of salvation "involves time and space, human ups and downs and the cosmic order, but primarily the three divine Persons. The Father entrusts the Son with the fulfillment of a mission, in the Spirit, in 'justice,' namely, divine salvation," the Pontiff said.

        Therefore, the Trinity is not distant or impersonal. To demonstrate the opposite, the Pope explained that this presence of the three divine Persons is happening at every moment of our life. In emphasis, he quoted a great 4th century Christian intellectual, St. Chromatius, Bishop of Aquileia, who said: "The Father does nothing without the Son and the Holy Spirit, because the Father's work is also the Son's, and the Son's work is also the Holy Spirit's. There is but one grace of the Trinity. Therefore, we are saved by the Trinity, because in the beginning we were created by the Trinity alone." ZE00041209

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      Aborted baby in Aussie hospital is removed alive as staff in dilemna of what to do while waiting for baby to die

        How callow, how crass can the medical profession get than in an Australian hospital where the doctor was so flippant as to evoke outrage from every pro-lifer in the world. In an Australian courtroom yesterday in Darwin, testimony was heard in the case of an aborted baby which survived nearly an hour and a half after having been aborted while the hospital staff stood and waited for the young aborted infant to die! The coroner explained that a "vacuum" of responsibility was created when the fetus was born one knew what to do since the fetus was supposed to be dead! God works in wondrous ways...and now there is one more innocent who was baptized in blood, rather than in water and the Spirit. How are the pro-aborts going to deny this is outright murder with plenty of witnesses who can't deny it! continued inside

    Coroner Calls for Rights of Premature to be Respected

        DARWIN, AUSTRALIA, APR 12 ( An aborted baby survived 80 minutes while the hospital staff waited for her to die, according to testimony at a coroner's court in Darwin, Australia, yesterday. The abortionist had induced labor in the mother to remove the 21-22-week-old aborted fetus. However, the nurse-midwife found herself delivering a live child.

        Greg Cavanaugh, the coroner, said that there was a "responsibility vacuum" when "Baby J" was unexpectedly born alive, leaving the nurse with a moral dilemma. The nurse, Carrie Williams, said that she called the Royal Darwin Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Director Dr. Kai Man Henry Cho to report the live birth. The doctor reportedly responded, "So?"

        The Coroner said that no instructions were left for the nurses for such an event. In the end, Williams did everything she could: she wrapped the baby in a blanket and waited for her to die. Babies born before 22 weeks seldom survive, and almost always require artificial assistance to breathe properly. Even without this minimal care, "Baby J" lived more than an hour.

        The coroner ruled the cause of death to be premature delivery. He said deaths after such live births, even if the gestational age made survival impossible, should be reported to the coroner and the public had the right to be informed and take part in any debate. The deceased should not be described as 'fetus', an 'aborted fetus', a 'non-viable fetus' or anything that diminished her status as a human being. Neither should the purpose of the induction procedure be allowed to diminish her status as a human being.

        "The deceased having been born alive deserved all the dignity, respect and value that our society places on human life," Mr Cavanagh said. "The fact that her birth was unexpected and not the desired outcome of the [abortion] should not result in her and babies like her being perceived as anything less than a complete human being."

        Australian Right to Life Chairwoman Margaret Tigue said that she hoped the story of this baby's short life would "serve to remind others that unborn babies are people too and are as deserving of their rights to life as are all others." ZE00041220

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        BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, APR 12 ( EWTN's website has started a campaign to give John Paul II a special present for his 80th birthday -- a Spiritual Bouquet. All Catholic Internet users are invited to visit to promise prayers and other spiritual acts for the intentions of the Holy Father. The page will be open until May 4. On May 18, his birthday, the Spiritual Bouquet will be presented to the Pope.

        "We wanted to express our thanks and love for the Holy Father in a special way," said Mother Angelica, Foundress of EWTN. "We felt a Spiritual Bouquet of prayers from faithful around the world woudl be very dear to his heart." ZE0004123

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      On again, off again permission for public Holy Week processions and services in Cuba on again!

         Hoping to avoid a worldclass black eye, the Cuban government reversed their decision to ban Holy Week processions and services yesterday. Realizing the eyes of the world are focused on Fidel Castro and Cuba over the Elian Gonzalez predicament and fearing another revolt by enraged Catholics who experienced religious freedom when the Holy Father visited two years ago, Castro can see the writing on the wall and thus is backpedaling, allowing the traditional Holy Week services to continue as they have since 1998. continued inside.


        HAVANA 12 (NE) The Cuban government decided to allow religious processions to take place in the Island during Easter celebrations, revoking a previous decision to forbid such celebrations. As Misna news agency informed, Cuban authorities decided to withdraw a previous measure that prohibited religious processions during Holy Week, putting a stop to the preparations the Church in this country was making in view of the celebrations.

        On Monday, a spokesman to the Conference of Catholic Cuban Bishops had announced the decision of the communist government to suspend religious processions in the Island. The measure was "communicated to the Church by local authorities in every diocese," said a communique issued by the Bishops. The statement also expressed the surprise caused by the decision, especially when Easter celebrations had taken place in 1999.

        As Misna news agency reported, the Cuban government's change in position after its initial prohibition has caused great joy among Cuban faithful, who will once again be able to celebrate Easter. Nevertheless, although religious processions will be allowed, a government officer declared without given further explanations that "in some cases and because of determined circumstances, religious manifestations could be prohibited."

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      Jerusalem expecting huge throngs for Jubilee Holy Week

         Jerusalem is gearing up again for the second time in a month for massive crowds as they await a great number of pilgrims to flood Israel and the Holy City during Holy Week. A number of churches in the area are expected to pick up the overflow that will undoubtedly occur, and the languages of the foreign pilgrims are also being considered with priests being provided to accommodate their sacramental needs. Thus different churches will conduct Holy Week services in a specific language as an aid to all pilgrims with one church serving English-speaking pilgrims, another Spanish, another French, and so on. continued inside.


        JERUSALEM, APR 13 ( Jerusalem is preparing for a great influx of pilgrims during this Holy Week. There are many foreign pilgrims already in evidence on the streets of the Holy City, wishing to live the Paschal mysteries very intensely during the Jubilee of 2000.

        Given the fact that the Holy Sepulcher Church cannot receive all the pilgrims, because of lack of space and other organizational difficulties due to the number of confessions that share this sacred place, services are being scheduled in other churches in Jerusalem according to different languages.

        Spanish-speaking pilgrims will observe the Easter Triduum in the Church of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary on Nablus Street. English-speaking pilgrims have been assigned the "Ecce Homo" Church, St. Anne's Basilica, and the Holy Land College Chapel. French-speaking pilgrims will meet in St. Stephen's Basilica on Nablus Street, in the Latrun Abbey of the Trappist monks, and in the Crusade Church of the Resurrection in Abu Gosh. ZE00041203

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      Church's stance on homosexuality upheld by Italian Supreme Court

         Finally, a Supreme Court that makes sense and one that has come to its senses is the Supreme Court in Italy which ruled that homosexuality is a "psychiatric illness or disorder." This ruling upholds the Church's stance against the practice and propaganda of gay and lesbian activities and vindicates those who have spoken out strongly on the abnormality of the gay lifestyle as Cardinal Thomas Winning of Scotland and Bishop Kenneth Angell of the Burlington, Vermont Diocese to name just a few over the past several months. continued inside.


        ROME ( - The Italian Supreme Court this week ruled that homosexuality is "a psychiatric illness or disorder" in a case of a woman suing for alimony after her husband of 25 years admitted he was homosexual.

        The supreme court confirmed the decision of the Church's marriage tribunal to declare the marriage null since the husband had been a secret homosexual from before the wedding. The Sacra Rota, the Vatican's highest ecclesiastical court, had ruled that in matters of marriage, homosexuals are "psychologically incapable of assuming their conjugal obligations" and suffered from "a grave inability to carry out the duties of matrimony."

        Using the Church court's decision, the Italian court ruled the wife was not entitled to alimony payments since the couple had been married in the Church and the Church had declared the marriage to be annulled.

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