Rewarding Failure Never Works

That should be evident by the sad state we have fallen into today for, indeed, Russia's errors have spread to where we not only have adopted the communist manifesto, but lowered our standards even further to make it possible for Islam to raise its bloodly crescent in the shadow of the Freemason agenda for a One World Order. The result: the chaos we have been warned about so often.

      Those who have not been paying attention to the signs, those who do not know the Scriptures, those who have ignored Our Lady's Message at Fatima - an extension of her message at Pilar, Guadalupe, Quito, Rue du Bac and LaSalette, those who have bought into the canard that the counterfeit church of CONciLIARism is Catholic and believe the "pertinacious heretics" who have occupied the throne of Peter over the past fifty six years could ever be a valid popes, and those who place their hope in man, specifically that this current "synod" (read SIN-odd) in Rome that will culminate with the abomination of the documented sodomite Paul the Sick's "canonization" only plays into the devil's hands in continuing the lie St. Paul warned of in 2 Thessalonians 2: 3-11 for the mystery of iniquity is rooted in Modernist Rome. It is the "operation of error" that identifies the "whore of Babylon" that enables the beast in chapters 17 and 18 of the Book of the Apocalypse (which too many have come to accept as the Book of Revelation). We see over this past decade more clearly how this is all playing out according to God's script with so many undeniable signs that we are indeed living in those times foretold.

       Ninety-seven years ago, as the world slumbered in naivete, the Bolshevik Revolution was merely weeks away from becoming a reality when the Mother of God appeared for the final time at the Cova in Fatima, Portugal and, through the power of God, manifested the Miracle of the Sun to bring many back to her divine Son Jesus Christ. Mary was sent to reinforce all that Divine Revelation has foretold and impart the simple measures necessary to curtail the impending doom and gloom that would follow if mankind did not heed her final warning.

        As we can see so clearly today, mankind has not heeded Mary's messages at Fatima. If her admonition that "more souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than anything else" was prevalent in those seemingly "innocent" days, what do you suppose today when modesty can hardly be found in Webster's let alone anywhere except in traditional chapels? Mankind has pushed the envelope so far in the direction of aberration of the body that there is nothing sacred anymore. Babies? Kill 'em if they hamper your lifestyle. Want to be promiscuous, no problem, we'll mass market and liberally advertise in every medium any and all methods to enhance your carnal pleasures while making sure you go against God's ordaining will of populating Heaven. Want to pervert God's natural order? Why not call such an evil, disgusting and downright nauseous perversion "gay"?

        Evidently those who have bought into the latter do not take to heart the inerrant words of holy Writ nor remember what befell those who dared God's patience in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. They forget what happened to Adam and Eve just for taking a bite. They forget the temporal punishment doled out to Moses just for striking a rock twice. Like the Jews of old, they say si, si with their lips, but no, no with their deeds and the Almighty can take only so much and then, well, can you say banishment to Egypt or Babylon? Here today, gone tomorrow. They've forgotten St. Paul's foreboding words of 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10.

        In this world gone amok, as it will and should, because it has failed to place its trust in the only means for peace on earth: our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Sovereign King with Mary our Immaculate Queen, I could write so much and yet, on such temporal matters, it would be like the blind leading the blind.

        I couldn't begin to tell readers about the stock market crash, but then I'm not alone, no Wall Street or Washington "expert" can either.

        I couldn't begin to tell readers where to put their hard-earned earnings, but then in that also I'm not alone, no banker or Treasury Secretary can either.

        I couldn't begin to tell readers what the temporal answers are to the issues addressed incessantly and boringly by the sorry and dangerous chosen candidates for head of the politburo of the People's Republic of the United States of America, but then neither can the candidates or their peers in Congress, who are the real culprits in enabling this implosion and ruin of the great American "dream."

        I couldn't begin to tell you of all the scandals in the Obama Administration, but then neither will the mainstream media or the Democrats who are in full "Bob Filner mode" as they bail from the POTUS despite the fact they knew all along and covered-up to their constituents how corrupt this regime and their Party have been.

       I couldn't begin to tell readers who is going to win the Senate and House elections, though the biased pollsters and, as Rush Limbaugh appropriately calls the mainstream press, "drive-by media" will tell you even if you don't ask. One question: When did Journalism 101 start teaching subjectivity and the art of selling one's soul? Over the last six years I've never seen such blatant, obvious bias propaganda in tilting the scales for a man called by supporters the "Messiah" which only prompts straight-thinkers and those who know the scriptures to think "antichrist." What was that Jesus said about making friends of Mammon now?

        I couldn't begin to tell our troops in Iraq, many who signed up to protect and defend their state how they were conscripted into an international and unpopular war that, despite the "success" of the Surge during the Bush presidency, has shown no fruit and accomplished nothing except empowering the evil empire of Islamism that is so obvious today as the caliphate grows. Who cares that Osama Bin Laden is dead when you have an even scarier scenario with Barack Hussein Obama out in the open replicating the very tactics of Vladimir Lenin, Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Hugo Chavez, not to mention Nation of Islam radical Louis Farrakhan and Kenya's bloody dictator Raila Odinga. Oh wait, the latter two are close personal comrades of Obama to this day. You'll notice I didn't mention sixties radicalist Marxist Bill Ayers or Saul Alinksy or "Rev." Jeremiah Wright or "Fr." Michael Phfleger or the corrupt Chicago Daley machine that has its roots in the communist manifesto. Well, what do you know, I did mention them.

        I could mention many more, especially those faux "Catholics" in Congress and in chanceries who are blindly forget all that was passed down from Christ through His Holiness Pope Pius XII whose anniversary of his death coincided with the eclipse of the true Catholic Church.

        I couldn't begin to tell families who are losing their homes because of staggering mortgage payments that there is an answer to their woes except to remind them that no one is entitled to anything except "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" in our Bill of Rights. It mentions nothing about home-ownership or bailouts of bad debts. While the blame for the current economic crash can be spread to a number of culprits, no one is innocent in this financial fiasco for too many bought into the mantra, parrotted on Madison Avenue, "I want it all and I want it now!" There are consequences for not taking responsibilities for our actions or inactions. The important thing is to learn from our mistakes, and we all make them, but how can we learn if the trend is to reward failure? What kind of message does that send tomorrow's generation who will be stuck with a humongous, staggering, stifling debt and the immoral society they will be haunted with for generations to come?

        I couldn't begin to list the number of people we know who are affected by this current crisis that only intensifies in scope, for the just will suffer as well as the unjust, but I would like to mention one who is a microsm of so many who placed their trust in a finite system and have been betrayed. That would be our dear friend Helen Cooper. whose husband Irv passed away in 2000 in the state of Sanctifying Grace and was a wonderful mentor in my endeavors in the 80's. She, like so many others have seen their life-savings nearly wiped out. Nor can I tell others who, in past years, were regular contributors to the DailyCatholic but in recent times those funds have dried up. Nor can I offer any business advice to countless others who have seen their portfolios, 401K's and other nest eggs vanish in less than a month. All I can do is extend my sympathy and prayers, and remind them what our Lord says in St. Matthew 19:24 about how it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to Heaven. That's an imagery of a dromedary I can't quite imagine, but maybe losing temporal riches can be a blessing in disguise. Just know that those who capitalized on others misfortunes, who dishonestly squandered other people's money, who stole, lied and covered up, will have their day before the Supreme Judge and that goes for politician, prelate and the pompous predators who, when push comes to shove, suddenly develop a case of amnesia. I guarantee they will be reminded of the truth at their Particular Judgment.

        While there are many things I couldn't begin to explain or provide answers for regarding temporal matters, I can tell you what the solution is for all of these collective chaotic crises that have seemingly hit all at once from ISIS beheadings to ebola to voter fraud to...oh, you get the picture. It's called chaos. It is really no different than in olden times as we ask, with David in Psalm 129: 3 from yesterday's Introit, "If Thou shalt observe iniquities, O Lord, who shall endure it?" The only answer is to repent, turn back to God and the only Church He founded: the true Roman Catholic Church from Saint Peter through dear Papa Pacelli.

        Now, of course, realistically that isn't going to happen for, as our Lord says "Many are called, but few chosen." Even with tragic temporal consequences threatening to capsize capital gains I doubt that many will be repentant enough to convert, fully convert and drastically change their lives. Yes, even in drastic times taking the drastic steps of renouncing the world, the flesh and the devil is unlikely because the vast majority, as we and our contributing writers have pointed out, have been so dumbed down that they wouldn't know the truth even when it is staring them in the face, which is what Christ is doing and yet they blink and look for other avenues of relief. Don't they realize all they need to do is knock? But instead they continue to knock God, blaming Him for their misery and misfortune without having a clue that penance and sacrifice is one of the vital qualifications for entrance into the presence of the Beatific Vision. Was that not the essence of our Lady's messages at Fatima?

        It was merely an affirmation of what St. Paul points out in Hebrews 13: 4, "We have not here a lasting city, but we seek one which is to come." and, that is why no one should ever give up hope. If one places their trust in man, then they will get what we have today: total chaos. If one places their trust solely in Christ and the unchanging doctrines of His holy Church, there can only be joy in knowing that our time here on earth is but a drop of water in a never-ending ocean of happiness. Yet so many place their emphasis on that one drop that they jeopardize their chances of ever becoming part of that heavenly sea.

        Why, I'm sure you are asking, would anyone be so dumb as to choose an infinitesimal fleeting drop over an infinite eternity? Good question. The answer lies in the father of lies who has been so successful in these times, as Sacred Scripture warned, as Our Lady warned, as countless saints and concerned Roman Pontiffs warned and did all they could to safeguard the Faith and souls with what they thought would be failsafe measures to assure protection.

        Such steps were taken by Popes Paul IV and St. Pius V with their infallible decrees Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and Quo Primum; by Pope Pius IX with his Syllabus of Errors and Pope Leo XIII with his "absolutely null and utterly void" reinforcement that Anglican Orders (and consequently like-man-made conciliar Orders) are invalid through publishing his Apostolicae Curae as well as his encyclical on safeguarding the Unity of the Church Satis Cognitum and, of course, his powerful prayer he composed the "Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel" as part of the mandated and vital Leonine Prayers at the end of every Low Mass. And then we have His Holiness Pope St. Pius X who put it all out there in condemning the synthesis of all heresies - Modernism - with his infallible encyclical Pascendi Domenici Gregis which he backed up with a mandatory Oath Against Modernism to ensure the pastors and shepherds would not succumb to heresy.

        As we all know, that went out the window in the sixties. Why? You know why. And that why is the very reason we are in the situation we find ourselves in globally today both temporally and spiritually: BANKRUPT!

        It is because the massive majority defaulted on the tenets of the Faith and chose to close their eyes to obvious anathema that in saner times would have been condemned and put down immediately. But we had grown lazy, perfect foils to satan's wiles. After two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, a devastating depression, America was looking for the brass ring. The sacrifice and earn-your-way mentality of the last great generation (parents during WWII) was abandoned for the new-age gurus whose siren of "you can be anybody you want to be" had followed the "don't tell me what to do" generation of the sixties, fogged by the incessant marijuana smoke that clouded minds everywhere during the most devastating revolution in the history of the Church, if not of all time.

        So then, do we blame Vatican II on the weed? No, but we can clearly see now it was a rebellious weed that was allowed to be planted by Angelo Cardinal Roncalli who had vowed before God not to allow it when he took the solemn Papal Coronation Oath. By his omission or commission, either way a grave sin before God, that insidious weed was allowed to grow unchecked and choke out the sensus Catholicus of the masses. A new religion was formed and those who resisted were ridiculed, persecuted and banished to the hinterlands. If you don't believe that you haven't been following the rants and intention to eliminate traditional Catholic practices by the Modernists' chief honcho right now - one Mr. Jorge Bergoglio. All that went before was chucked because it hindered the conciliar agenda of building a kingdom of peace on earth without Heaven's help through tolerance and diversity, universal salvation, humanism, ecumenism, all falling under that great umbrella of Modernism, condemned by holy Mother Church. Yet few raised objections.

        So why are those who are in the Recognize-and-Resist camp - specifically the SSPX, Atila Guimaraes, Dr. Marian Horvat, John Vennari, Michael Matt and the rest, which doesn't include the likes of Michael Voris, Fr. Z or any of the empty heads at Catholic Answers and the rest of the EWTN airheads - why do they refuse to connect the final dots to see the true picture. What are they afraid of? I'll tell you. They don't want to leave their comfort zone. In truth, they don't want to upset their benefactors who they fear they'll lose if they admit sedevacantism. I know because that is what we were faced with, as was Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey and many others as well. But we were concerned more with what God thought than what man thinks. We realized we'd lose supporters. And we did. But we also realized that if we still refused to admit these men could not possibly be popes we'd be lying to ourselves and lying is a sin against the eighth commandment. "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

        I challenged Atila six years ago (and I do want to add here that it was Atila's writing that prompted us to flee the Novus Ordo forever) in the respectful but same firm manner he addressed John Paul II in 2003 when he co-wrote the work "We Resist You to the Face." I had sent this challenge to Atila beforehand back in 2008 so it was not a "Pearl Harbor", if you will, but rather a loving, charitable plea in the manner St. Paul counsels us in 2 Timothy 4: 2, 5 to connect that last dot to see how his rationale of remaining "inside the church" is futile for it is a false church.

        He wrote, and I quote, "Given that all the Conciliar Popes have stood behind the heresy of universal salvation - that a man can be saved in any religion - we believe that those Popes may be - and most probably are - heretics, and therefore, illegitimate Popes." [editor's emphasis] There you have it. Right? Wrong. For the next sentence he backtracked on this logical statement by saying, "But they still remain valid authorities of the Church until a new Pope will declare their heresy, or until the ensemble of the faithful will make their authority lose its effectiveness."

        Huh? In other words, folks, Atila agreed that they're "probably" heretics, definitely illegitimate, but then he falls back on the tired pabulum that, tough luck, we can't do anything about it and must accept them as "valid authorities of the Church" because we don't have a "new Pope who will declare their heresy." As I wrote in "This Interminable Interregnum" there can be no "new Pope" to do so if he comes from the ranks of the current body of "cardinals." True succession can only come from a body of true successors of the Apostles who are not heretics and have not been excommunicated. As mentioned, that is only possible with the small band of true bishops we have today in the traditional ranks, all of whom do not subscribe to conciliarism and most of whom will not make one concession whatsoever to the false church formed at Vatican II. I say "most" because SSPX bishops are still straddling the fence; yes, even Bishop Richard Williamson who is an enigma, especially in light of reading Father Anthony Cekada's personal account of what really happened in the split between the Nine priests and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre it is quite an eye-opener that should cause many to tread carefully within Society parishes.

        But back to Atila's rationale on the other reason one has to accept a heretic as a "legitimate" Pope. This one blows my mind, for he followed that up with gibberish about knowing when a pope loses his office is a "a social-political problem." Say what? Yes, he went on to say, "Since the Church is a visible society, for an authority to lose its validity, the error that causes such loss must be known and rejected by a considerable number of its members or the more influential." In other words, majority rules? That doesn't resonate with Catholic truth. Did not Saint Augustine say, "Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it, and right is right even if nobody is doing it"? So if everyone is following the pied piper toward the abyss we have to wait until everyone says "no" or a few "more influential" members dare shout above the din of yes-men careening toward ruin? Do you see the insanity of such? Besides, the Church is not a democracy. It is a hierarchy with Christ as the Head. Go against Him, as Atila has admitted "all the Conciliar Popes" have and you would still follow such a rebel who dares God? I think not. Besides, the same holy Doctor of the Church identified the priority, "the death of the soul is worse than the freedom of error." Therefore by recognizing Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla, Ratzinger and now Bergoglio, the worst of a really bad lot, those who have have only given them more freedom to spread error which has, is and will definitely cause the death of souls.

        Atila offered a few examples to try to convince readers of this bizarre logic of "because the world accepts a heretic as a Pope so we must too."

        He first gave the analogy of a drunken father who "destroys family life." According to Atila, the father doesn't lose authority when the children, yes the children, "realize their father is morally wrong," but when "they make his authority lose its effectiveness." Under this criterion there would be few fathers left in this world for children everywhere have rebelled against their parents who are not drunk, but thanks to modern technology, indoctrination in schools, media, society and churches, have rejected the authority of their fathers and mothers, those who are fortunate to still have a two-parent family. The children have rejected the very authority God has designed for their salvation.

        The second example he gave was a captain who betrays his troops. This was probably his best example of equating what has happened since Vatican II, but it still carried little weight to supporting his arguments for by the captain's betrayal of his men or country he would automatically lose his authority before God and law, and the troops rebelling would ony be an effect of the cause.

        I will deal in detail with his third example, but first let us examine his fourth example. Atila addressed the situation where "two strong opposite parties fighting inside a kingdom, and one denies obedience to the king, he may lose control of the country."

        Yes, that is true, but what if these opposite parties are lopsided - a David vs. a Goliath, if you will. Will a single slingshot of truth convince the majority of Philistines (read CONciLIAR catholics) that David (personified in the small body of traditional Catholics faithful to Catholic truth) has felled the behemoth bully who is chief potentate of the Modernist church. No, it has proved that has not worked and Atila's apostolate is proof of this as are ours, CMRI,,, the Society of Traditional Roman Catholics (,, and, not to mention, which Bishop Fellay totally scrubbed any criticism of CONciLIARism to cozy up to the false 'popes'. We've all fired every slingshot of truth we can and still the Philistines-in-a-fog place all their hope in a man and "kingdom" that is doomed. Therefore, he "may lose control of the country" (read CONciLIAR church), but we know he won't because the Philistines have been so indoctrinated to accept the novelties and heresies of Vatican II that they can't decipher the difference. Therefore we can continue to hurl all the pebbles possible, but it still leaves those stoned still stoned in their thinking.

        Under such circumstances then, are we to agree with Atila's assessment? He wrote:

      "Now let me apply this case to the case of the Church: For a Conciliar Pope to lose his authority, we have to resist him, expose his errors as much as we can so people become aware of his errors and enter into resistance against them. The larger the number of persons who know his errors and do not follow them, the more his government becomes ungovernable, and the more the validity of his authority is questioned."

        In other words, according to Atila, such a decision as to a pope's invalidity can only be determined if the inmates running the asylum come to their senses and the mob-mentality rules. In all respect for Atila's scholarly background, such reasoning is ludicrous.

        Now let us go back to the third example he proffered, that being of the case of a governor who is corrupt. In order for the governor to lose his authority, the public must "make his faults known to create an atmosphere of general opposition so that his own subordinates will oppose him." Hmm, kind of like what is finally happening with ol' Barak. Well, we all know that doesn't work or most of the governors of this land would be out on their fannies. That reminds me of another governor - and no, I'm not speaking of Mrs. Sarah Palin - but rather one long before her who, though afraid of the masses, still stayed in office even though he was making the biggest mistake of his life because he had been corrupted by power. I speak of Pontius Pilate who dared Christ with the words recorded in the Gospel of Saint John 19: 10, "Speakest Thou not to me? Knowest Thou not that I have power to crucify Thee, and I have power to release Thee?" Well we all know our Lord's response: "Thou shouldst not have any power against Me, unless it were given thee from above. Therefore, he that hath delivered Me to thee, hath the greater sin" (St. John 19: 11).

        Let that soak in, folks. Any power granted to a Pope comes from above. Atila agreed because he wrote the following to summarize Tradition in Action and his own position: "When a Pope becomes a pertinacious heretic, God knows it. Therefore he loses the pontificate before God. He becomes an illegitimate Pope." Those are Atila's own words that I will repeat with emphasis: "When a Pope becomes a pertinacious heretic, God knows it. THEREFORE HE LOSES THE PONTIFICATE BEFORE GOD. He becomes an ILLEGITIMATE POPE."

        Since "all the CONciLIAR Popes" have been "pertinacious heretics", as Atila agrees, is it not true that they have lost their pontificate in God's eyes by Atila's own admission when he wrote the following?

      "Therefore, he loses the pontificate before God."
    If that is the case, and it is, then these heretics would also lose all grace. Hence, that would mean that the Grace of the Holy Ghost would be withdrawn no longer protecting a pope from error when he is illegitimate because he is not a true pope. What, pray tell, is the difference between "illegitimate" and can-in-no-way-be-Pope? Nothing! If these are illegitimate Popes as Atila has correctly assessed, then they cannot be legitimate successors of Peter and therefore have usurped the Chair of Peter. Ergo, the real Chair of Peter is empty. Ergo, the seat is vacant. Ergo, the Latin term employed by the Church: sede vacante applies to what the real situation is since the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII: sedevacantism.

        What are those, who cringe at this word established by holy Mother Church, so afraid of? I know in several discussions with Atila and Marian, their argument has always been that they choose to remain "inside the church" as opposed to sedevacantists whom they consider "outside the Church." Now, pray tell, how can one be "inside" a church that has been proven to be false? One might as well say they want to be inside the Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Mormon, Anglican or what-have-you-church or inside the Jewish synagogue or Islamic mosque or Hindu or Buddhist temple or Zorastrian tent or Native Indian teepee for that is what is inside the "church" Atila and Marian insist they must remain in.

       For some reason known only by their logic they think that by declaring they are sedevacantist they will be less effective even though 90% of what they publish rightly supports the sedevacantist position and that is the reason why we still link Tradition in Action on the sidebars of every edition. Don't they realize that the only way to be truly "inside the Church" is to cling uncompromisingly to each and every tenet and tradition of holy Mother Church and to realize that if God rejects these illegitimate popes we must as well? Not to embrace this position goes against all sanity no matter what the world thinks. And, have I mentioned, I could really care less what the world thinks? Forget the "social-political problem" that seems to hinder Atila for some unknown reason from realizing it matters not one wit to God.

        Now six years later I again ask Atila and all others out there who think that they can still recognize-and-yet-resist all they want, how can they castigate those who do not recognize one who God does not recognize as legitimate? How can they justify such? How can Atila in one breath say that "all Conciliar Popes" are "pertinacious heretics" and that "God knows it" and "therefore, he loses the pontificate before God" and "becomes an illegitimate Pope" and in the next paragraph contradict that by saying "However, given that he has all the appearances of a Pope - duly elected by a College of Cardinals followed by a hierarchy of Bishops, and accepted by the Church as such - he is still a valid or a de facto Pope. To stop being a valid Pope, a considerable part of the members of this visible society called the Catholic Church should resist his authority and make it inefficacious"?

        That folks, is pure rubbish for Atila has placed Caesar above God with such rationale. As one who has great respect for this Catholic scholar from Brazil, I'm amazed how far he's reaching to justify the unjustifiable.

        In addition, as we proved in our editorial "This Interminable Interregnum", despite the "appearances of a Pope" the College of "Cardinals" who elected Fr. Joseph Ratzinger and two years ago Mr. Bergoglio were not true bishops and thus their cardinalate would be "absolutely null and utterly void." Ditto for the "hierarchy of Bishops" who are not legitimate both by virtue of being consecrated after 1968 in the new invalid rite of episcopal consecration and, even if they were consecrated before that, would have lost all authority due to their excommunication latae sententiae per Pope Paul IV's infallible decree intended for all perpetuity Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and reinforced by his successors through Pope Pius XII.

        Besides, Atila's words "accepted by the Church" begs the question of who is the Church. Is it the infallible, perennial Magisterium which has protected the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and passed down religiously all the constituted evangelic traditions intact from St. Peter through Pius XII or the ever-changing-with-the-winds novelty of the counterfeit church of CONciLIARism which has embraced multiple heresies as accepted teaching of the newchurch? Remember Saint Athanasius' words during the massive Arian heresy when 95% of the world's bishops were in heresy: "They have the churches, but you have the Faith." So also today they have the churches, or lodges, if you will, in what they have done to those once consecrated houses of God.

        But who has the Faith? Those who give credence to a heretic as a pope who God has rejected or those who, even if they be a small minority, stand with what holy Mother Church has decreed under the protection of the Holy Ghost and has already passed infallible judgment on "in perpetuity"? If you are truly Catholic that question is a no-brainer.

        Yet, Tradition in Action's seemingly stubborn position prompts me to wonder. Are they worried that they might lose clientele and benefactors? That they might lose readers and hits? That they might be ostracized by others who remain ostriches with their heads in the sand? Is that what has prompted Catholic Family News to straddle the fence or The Remnant to basically sell out in being duped by the Motu Mess? Are they that afraid of losing subscribers or advertisers that they will compromise their principles and further confuse the faithful few who are still faithful? Are Atila and Marian afraid they won't sell enough books and tapes if they embrace the obvious conclusion of most of what they have published, so manifestly illustrated on their Church Revolution in Pictures? You know the idiom that a picture says a thousand words and these shocking, scandalous photos prove sedevacantism in living color or, in the case of older pics of Roncalli and Bishop Montini, in sepia tones. There are no greys for the case is so clear in black and white!

        Personal ambitions aside for all parties, it cannot be about reputations and income, but about saving souls and expressing the truth with no exceptions for the sake of salvation. Our Lord's words in St. Mark 8: 35-38 come to mind: "For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For whosoever shall be ashamed of Me, and of My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of man also shall be ashamed of him, when He shall come in the glory of His Father with the holy Angels."

        While the Lord knows, as we at the DailyCatholic have struggle with every day, we all must put bread on our tables and pay our bills, and, indeed, every laborer is worth his wage. But can we really afford to compromise such an important issue that carries with it the very welfare of countless souls? By straddling the fence and trying to play both sides that one thinks he can resist at will whatever he wants, but still recognize such an entity when, by Atila's own admission, God does not, is fruitless, folks, and only confuses more souls.

        We know, we've been there We knew, in our journey to the truth and the ultimate syllogism of sedevacantism in this time of the Great Apostasy, that it would entail great sacrifice and rejection by many who had previously supported us, but man's opinion and approval mean nothing in the big picture. We knew it would be a narrow, rough road that led to Calvary and this culminated for my beloved bride Cyndi this past April where, with the conclusion of Fr. Gerard McKee's Holy Mass on the feast of the Divine Maternity this past Saturday on the altar at Mount Saint Michael's to complete the 30 Consecutive Gregorian Masses, I have no doubt she is now enjoying the everlasting fruits of the resurrection of her soul.

       As contributing writer John Gregory wrote and we republished last week on What should Traditional Catholics Do?, I ask why can't our friends at Tradition in Action, Catholic Family News, The Remnant, and SSPX realize this? Why can't they connect the dots, which, once they have honestly done so, would be able to unite in forming a formidable Traditional Catholic force which will not give one iota of a concession to the counterfeit church of CONciLIARism. Imagine it: Those mentioned above united in purpose with this publication, Novus Ordo Watch, Bishops Daniel Dolan and Donald Sanborn and Fr. Cekada's works at, Bishop Mark Pivarunas and the CMRI, Bishop Giles, OFM's The Seraph, John Lane in Australia, John Daly in England, and the ever-increasing sedevacantist trend in the United States where many independent chapels do not recognize these Modernist Marxist Bergoglio as a valid pope. Think of the impact in laying out a clear path that, rather than confusing the faithful, would encourage them and give them hope that there truly is a light at the end of this interminable interregnum. Now if we could just work on Bishop Clarence Kelly and the SSPV to bury the hatchet we'd be even closer to having a united front.

       Putting aside non-doctrinal differences is the answer for building a stronger Church Militant to combat the heretics for as I have often said, united we pray, divided we are prey! Think that kind of force wouldn't convince Bishop Fellay and the rest of the bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre to reject any of the insipid overtures from an insincere and dishonest Modernist Rome? Remember Lefebvre, though he paddled the waters of reconciliation with the heretics, also strongly stated (though lately that has been suppressed in SSPX publications) that sedevacantism was a very real and likely scenario. Also, consider the fact that the Society is shrinking in America whereas sedevacantist parishes are growing where presently the numbers of parishes is only ten shy of what the SSPX currently has. Think of the strength and fruits of all working towards one goal of overthrowing the Robber Barons! Do you not think with that kind of clout that we could make a dent, a big dent in the warped, indoctrinated lukewarm minds of so many trapped in their Novus Ordo lodges? Do you not think such a force, favored by God, could not move many presbyters to see the light and seek to be conditionally re-ordained as true sacerdotes, thus increasing the number of priests who can bring the true sacraments to more?

       Think also with a joint cooperation of the traditional Bishops and parishes how priests would no longer be competing with each other over territories and petty differences. With the cost of living and travel skyrocketing, less travel time and costs for true priests would enable them to cover more areas in a smaller area by sharing. Think of the possibilities because all would be using the very same apostolic Traditional Latin Mass of All Ages that must be said in perpetuity. Think the numbers of converts wouldn't swell? It can be done, but it takes cooperation and, as I said, putting aside non-doctrinal differences that divide us.

        I am reminded of the Collect for the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost, O God, our Refuge and Strength, Who art the Author of all godliness; hear we pray Thee, the devout prayers of Thy Church, and grant that what we ask confidently we may obtain effectually. And Psalm 16, verse 6: I have cried for Thou, O God, hast heard me : O incline Thy ear unto me, and hear my words.

        Prayer is always the answer, but we ca't rely only on God to do everything. We must do what St. Augustine advises, and that is to pray as if everything depends on God, and work as if everything depends on us. We've got to employ all-out effort in both. We must all reintensify our prayer life for it is only through the Grace of God that one can see so clearly the current tragic situation with the Papacy today. I also would caution that we, who have embraced apostolates to spread Catholic truth, cannot afford to play both sides of the street. We cannot have our cake and eat it too. To use one more cliche, we cannot call both sides of the coin. And speaking of coins, the Gospel of St. Matthew where Christ asked for a coin and rebuked the Pharisees who were trying to trap Him, saying, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's."

        Now Atila concluded his "argument" for remaining with the status quo by saying that this is what "occurred" to him at the moment "to explain how our position of resistance is correct." But it is not for he totally ignored the infallible decree of Pope Paul IV, though he did bring up Saint Robert Bellarmine's words from "De Romano Pontifice" in which the holy Cardinal wrote, "Just as it is lawful to resist the Pope that attacks the body, it is also lawful to resist the one who attacks souls or who disturbs civil order, or above all, who attempts to destroy the Church. I say that it is lawful to resist by not doing what he orders and preventing his will from being executed." This passage is used both for and against the sedevacantism position depending on which way you spin it since, in reality, it really applies only to a true Pope. If a man were not a true pope, then we must not only resist him but reject him as an enemy of of the Faith, an adversary of Christ. It is interesting that Atila believes St. Robert was referring to the "Renaissance Popes who lived prior to him: St. Robert Bellarmine lived from 1542-1621; Alexander VI was Pope from 1492 to 1503." Keep in mind, foks, that as bad as the Borgias were and the Medicis, etc., Atila based this on pure conjecture on his part and provided no credibility to such a statement considering St. Robert did not specifically identify the rascal Alexander VI but is referring to any pope - past, present and future - who would attack souls or disturb the civil order.

        Two things are important to note here. First, while Pope Alexander VI was an immoral Pope guilty of having concubines, accused of simony and nepotism, etc. he never taught another doctrine or deviated from the constituted evangelic traditions. He was a bad pope, a really bad, bad pope who caused much scandal and probably was the linchpin for the unrest that created the Protestant revolution, but he was still a legitimate Pope. Not so, by Atila's own admission, of "all the Conciliar Popes." Secondly, once again Atila was strangely silent about Pope Paul IV's infallible decree for all time, an ex cathedra document that would naturally trump anything St. Robert said, which St. Robert Bellarmine would readily agree with.

        Finally, Atila stated "Only by uniting all traditionalists in this position will we be effective." No, Atila my good friend, it will not be and that has been proven to be the case for there is even more confusion through compromise and in making even one iota of concession to the false church where "pertinacious heretics" have ruled for the past 56 years. Hasn't the Motu Mess Hoax taught you anything of the Hegelian Ratzinger's tactics and now of the anti-Traditionalist Bergoglio? You, Atila, have filled your volumes of your excellent landmark Eli Lamma Sabbacthani series with detailed documentation of Ratzinger's own heresies and cunning as well as who influenced him to deviate from the Faith. Remember a man named Jorge learned under that system and at the beck and call of Liberation Theology. A leopard cannot change its spots.

       To Atila and all others out there who try to rationalize their stance, the only way we can unite the traditional movement is in accepting what God has deigned, that they are not true Popes and that the only syllogism is sedevacantism in order to unite behind the traditional bishops who give no concession or recognition to the counterfeit church of CONciLIARism and to encourage said true prelates to come together in a universal Synod of those true Successors of the Apostles to further God's will and help effect what you, Atila, have said, "If during this process of spreading resistance, God intervenes and a holy Pope enters the scene, he will have all the means to judge and declare those Conciliar Popes heretics and be followed by a large number of Catholics."

        As my bride Cyndi wrote back in 2008 in To Dream the Impossible Dream, we keep waiting for divine intervention when we fail to realize that God has provided such intervention through those loyal to the true Faith and His true shepherds, those who can legitimately trace their succession back to the Apostles. It is not going to happen by gaging it on being "followed by a large number of Catholics" for that will be the eventual good fruits of uniting under one banner for the Faith: Sedevacantism which is the state of the Church today until we can once again, after 56 years-and-counting of interregnum, submit in total obedience to a true Vicar of Christ.

        Those who have sat on the throne over the past 56 years have been imposters, antipopes if you will. In fact, many will argue they are antichrists and the bad fruits bear this out as Jesus asserted in the Gospel of St. Matthew 7: 15-21, as well as being reinforced by St. John the Evangelist's own words in his first epistle, chapter 2: 18, "Little children, it is the last hour: and as you have heard that antichrist cometh, and now there are many antichrists : whereby we know that it is the last hour."

        Keep in mind this beloved disciple is the author of the Book of the Apocalypse. If anyone outside of Christ and His Blessed Mother has been shown these times, it would have been St. John. And speaking of many antichrists, there is no doubt that Obama is one of the antichrists. Make no mistake about that. But he is not alone. Add to his ranks all those who have rejected Jesus Christ and embraced the world. St. John affirms in verse 21-26, "I have not written to you as to those who know not the truth, but as to those who know it: and that no lie is of the truth. Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son. Let that which you have heard from the beginning, abide in you : If what you have heard from the beginning abide in you, you also shall abide in the Son, and in the Father. And this is the promise which He hath promised us, eternal life. These things have I written to you concerning them that seduce you."

        And, oh, have we been seduced! whether it be by "pertinacious heretics" occupying Modernist Rome and every diocese in the world or the secular sector in government and commerce that claim we can have peace on this earth without recognizing Christ as our Sovereign King and Mary as our Immaculate Queen. They can promise relief of everything that ails man, but they cannot deliver because God will not aid antichrists, especially when they reject His laws both natural and supernatural. Is it a sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate? Of course it is. In fact I will go further in such assessment: Any politician or prelate or person who does not vehemently oppose and work uncompromisingly to defeat deliberate murder in the womb from conception on and the spread of perversion through legitimizing sodomy, can well consider themselves antichrists as well for they have rejected Christ and accepted the lie. We can never render to Caesar the things that are God's.

        Anyone, whether they be politicians, lobbyists, hedge-fund traders or speculators, the oil cartel, lukewarm prelates, high-on-the-hog CEO's, or media wags, can try to justify and play the blame game all they want when it comes to the current state of the world and our country and the economic collapse which was long ago foretold for these times. Some can even try to still dupe the vast majority into believing that a mysterious man with a dubious background of doubtful U.S. citizenship at birth, heavy Muslim influence in his youth, who was weaned on the corrupt Chicago machine that is infamous for throwing ethics to the wind, and a man with no track record of any fruitful accomplishments in his entire life can mesmerize millions into believing the lies he has continually and deliberately told as President of the People's Republic of the United States.

        But then, as Dr. Droleskey so adroitly pointed out in his recent essay Socialism, Straight From Your "Pro-Life" Conservative, the current lame duck president George Bush has already paved the way, along with other antichrists throughout the world whether they be in the Vatican, in the Kremlin, in Iran, in Korea, in Pakistan, you name it or in your own neighborhood for we have not heeded Blessed Mary's dire warnings at Fatima, and before that at LaSalette, Rue du Bac and Quito, Ecuador. Because we have not learned from and remembered the past, we are condemned to repeat it. This is something playing out before our very eyes as I write this commentary with the government takeover of banks, radical judges rewriting the Constitution, greed and fraud at every level of government, business and ecclesial climes the world over. It is playing out in a false church posing as the universal Catholic Church with a pertinicious heretic who promotes men who are abject criminals such as Bernard Law and William Levada to avoid prosecution while replacing them in their former appointments with their sad sodomite-friendly patsies in Sean O'Malley and George Niederauer, not to mention the sorry lot of lukewarm false prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing who, as previously mentioned, Christ identifies in the Gospel of St. Matthew 7: 15-21.

        What Obama and his ilk, what Bergolio and before him Ratzinger and their ilk have done is reward failure, just as the senseless bailouts by the U.S. Government with excuse after excuse. What those who recognize unlawful laws are doing is condoning a failed system that can never succeed without Christ as our Head. If only Atila and the rest of those who, for some reason have not yet received the grace to clearly see why holy Mother Church remains in the state of sedevacantism (which is perfectly acceptable in Church history even if the time frame has exceeded all projections for no set time for the duration of an interregnum was ever established), could only realize that by recognizing Bergoglio and those who preceded him, they continue to reward failure - a big failure before God and man. No matter how much they resist him, by recognizing him as a true pope when God and His Church do not, is to continue rewarding failure at the expense of countless souls.

        It all comes down to this, folks: Unless all traditional groups and apostolates are willing to connect that last dot to truly see the state of the holy Catholic Church today and come together for the common, noble and necessary purpose of saving souls, we'll continue to see more insanity, collusion and corrosion in temporal and spiritual sectors as more and more clueless dumbed-down souls accept the "operation of error to believe a lie" (2 Thessalonians 2: 10) and blithely, blindly applaud the doomed logic of the devil's agenda. Will they never learn? Rewarding failure never works.

    Michael Cain, editor

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