Catholic PewPOINT
September 2, 2013
volume 24, no. 245

Give what you can; God will do the rest

    Editor Michael Cain shares an S.O.S. with readers regarding his wife and soulmate Cyndi Cain who is fighting for her life right now in Scripps-Mercy Hospital where she has been for over a week with an infection that has puzzled all the doctors despite taking many cultures, scans and bloodwork. For reasons only known to the good Lord, they cannot elevate her blood oxygen or blood pressure and that complicates the other ailments that have long affected her such as her severe fibromyalgia and headaches. Adding to that is her susceptiblity to pneumonia which grew worse once she was in the hospital a while, and, well, you get the picture. It is so serious this time that he has decided to re-introduce "Cyndi's Angels" in hopes readers will respond in kind to help her in her time of need.

    On this Labor Day I was going to write about something else, but events closer to home have put events in the CONciLIAR church and world on hold until next week. For now I must focus all my attention on my loving wife Cyndi who is, at this moment, struggling for her life...yet again. An unknown fever has ransacked her system. As many know, for the past twenty years she has suffered constantly, always offering it up in the best way she can: by praying and lovingly accepting her crosses with a smile even when the pain is suffocating. For reasons only known to God, the sufffering intensifies on feasts of Our Lord and Our Lady. Thus, beginning late on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary she developed a fever that topped 100 plus.

    Her medical plan is with St. Paul's PACE - an anigram for Program of All inclusive Care for the Elderly and every six months she must go down there for a full day of assessment with a team of medical specialists. That day was Wednesday, August 21. While there she was exposed to other people, some who were sick, others who were not, but could have been unknown carriers. This is another reason she has not been able to accompany me to Holy Mass because exposure to others can trigger a virus that can attack her immune system. Other than the drastic recourse of living in a bubble, she has to be so careful because, unfortunately, her immune system is such that she is susceptible to almost any and all germs and that bugaboo grabbed her on that Wednesday big time. By Thursday she was showing signs of a high fever with chills alternated by heavily perspiring where her nightgown was soaked.

    She dutifully took the medicines the doctor prescribed though the Doxycycline antibiotic given to her were having bad side effects to her and we feared that was causing the fevers. Though I advised her to stop taking that particular antibiotic, she wanted to be obedient to the doctor's orders and continued taking it until Saturday - when PACE was closed - until I insisted she cease taking those pills at least until she saw the doctor on Monday morning at PACE.

    Over the weekend her fever and temp soared to 104.5 and so I took her to the doctor at PACE Monday morning where they registered her temp at 104.7 and in stroke danger. Immediately they had her on a bed with an IV to break the fever. After five hours there they couldn't get her temp to fall so they rushed her to Scripps-Mercy Hospital where she remains still today, over a week now as the doctors work to isolate what infection is attacking her and why her blood pressure and blood oxygen are so low. They have poked, prodded and scanned her entire body in hopes of finding the source. Still no dice.

    It was so serious that dear Father Gerard McKee, CMRI felt it necessary to administer Extreme Unction last Thursday and he kindly brought her Holy Communion. We are so blessed by having a true priest available and it saddens us that so many do not have a like dedicated traditional sacerdote and lifesaver shepherd close enough to provide the true Sacraments as an oasis of grace in this arrid time of the Great Apostasy.

    Knowing that Cyndi's soul is clean again is the most important factor to both she and your humble or should I say humbled editor. So many times we place our fate in the hands of a medical profession whose own hands are tied by the bureacrats (It will only get worse if Obamacare goes into full effect!). Fortunately the doctor she has at Scripps-Mercy is an understanding one and truly compassionate. He does not want to release her until he gets to the bottom of why she has and had such high fevers.

    Believe me, a hospital is the last place she wants to be, but she accepts it as God's will because, as always we place it all in His hands and hope and pray the costs there - both to the pocketbook and to her health - do not hinder her from a full recovery.

    She's been through so much throughout her life, including contracting pneumonia 59 times up until being admitted last Monday. Make that now 60 times since pneumonia set in as well, something she feared just by being in the hospital. She is a fighter and has conquered what the medical profession would say is impossible, but we know the truth of Christ's words in St. Matthew 19: 26, St. Mark 10:27 and St. Luke 18:27 that "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." One such example is that when she was hospitalized a year ago or so, there were severe scars on her lungs. This time the xrays show that most of those scars are gone. How can that be? While the doctors scratch their head with no scientific way that can happen, we all know that God can heal for, after all, is He not the Divine Physician?

    Tomorrow is her birthday when she turns the big 65 - oh, she'll kill me if she knew I confided my bride's age to you - LOL. Right now it's looking more like we'll be celebrating in her cramped hospital room high on the mesa in Hillcrest overlooking Mission Valley and scenic San Diego with the mountains to the east. I say that under the precaution they don't catch me smuggling in a cake. Then again, where there's a will there's a way. Maybe I'll just make it a bigger cake and share it with the nurses and staff. How then will they be able to throw stones, heh?

    Seriously, though it is serious and I don't make light of what she is going through. Though she has been through this before, each time it takes its toll as she grows weaker and older - as we all do in this circle of life. And, just when we think we're going to break even financially, well, once again we face a financial crunch. It did not help that it seemed most were on vacation during August which turned out to be a very dry month as far as donations with a total of five people remembering SANCTUS/DailyCatholic. Needless to say, this has caused a drain where we're once again deep in the red that has, once again, placed us at the eleventh hour where we are running on fumes, if that.

    Therefore, we have no choice but to resurrect "Cyndi's Angels" who came through before when she was hospitalized in 2003 and again in February 2012 and we humbly ask if you can find it in your heart to donate again by clicking on the donate button below. You know God will reward you, if not temporally, definitely spiritually.

Cyndi's Angels
% SANCTUS/DailyCatholic

2750 Wheatstone #111
San Diego, CA 92111

    Whatever you can donate, know Cyndi will be forever grateful as she offers up whatever it is that God so deigns for her in these later years of her life when things are falling apart in society due to a total topsy-turvy moral compass. We often talk about our own parents and express gratitude that they are not around to see what this world has come to. They would be shocked beyond description, which prompts us to think why we - you, I and everyone else reading this, are not shocked and outraged by what passes as acceptable in today's church and secular world, many times not being able to decipher the difference between the two, so corrupt and devoid of Christ's love and truth are they.

    She is prepared if it is God's ordaining will that all she was asked to accomplish is completed and He now wants to take her home. I can accept that fully from a spiritual sense of great joy. However, being human, it would be a tremendous loss since we have never been closer and to lose the one constant in this editor's life would be a terrible blow, one that I must psychologically prepare myself and my sons in the event of that happening sooner or later.

    In a way, from a selfish viewpoint, if you will, both of us would gladly welcome God taking us home soon in order to escape this mortal coil, but we also know there is no such animal as the 'Rapture' - which can only happen when one is released from Purgatory and enters into the Beatific Vision forever. So from a practical and apostolic viewpoint, until that moment, we know God is not done with us and we obediently will forge on despite the obstacles and crosses He deigns for us to bear up under.

    While I can never imagine the pain Cyndi endures which, somehow, someway, God has spared me in that department - save for a few scares and a chronic case of sciatica, arthritis and COPD, not to mention declining eyesight - I really am the healthy one, so to speak. What is the greatest cross for me, other than praying that our sons - so mesmerized by the world, the flesh and the devil - will someday return to their roots and the foundation they were weaned on - the true faith - is that I can do nothing to ease her suffering. I'll try to encourage her with "I understand, love" or "think of the souls being saved" or "won't it be great when you get to Heaven and no more pain?" and other ramblings that slip off my tongue more in self-defense for I'm helpless in what I can do for her except to love and care for her the best I can. Being a man, I often fail in that department as well, for there are times when fools rush in where angels fear to tread. What husband cannot relate to that?

    The one fortunate point is that God allowed this latest crisis with Cyndi's health to happen during our Annual Summer Hiatus Edition so I had the time to devote fully to her. At the same time, I have a second responsibility before God to keep the DailyCatholic going and thus have deciphered that the best way to do that is a weekly edition with daily highlights. That takes up less time for me at the computer, freeing me to care for my bride's needs which will increase, I'm sure, once she is released. Providing a weekly edition with each day's liturgy and a feature also keeps current for seven days all articles whereas publishing each day, an important article is often lost because few go back to the mosts recent archives. It's a sign of our times. What's current, what's now? By maintaining a weekly edition we'll be able to keep as current as possible, allowing me to make daily tweets to alert you to anything that has just popped up.

    At least that's the plan for now, which is subject to change depending on Cyndi's health and, yes, even my own since long tenures at the computer are fast becoming a thing of the past. That's what age does to you. Did I mention the circle of life?

    And in that vein, I want to keep my bride's life as positive as possible and be there for her no matter the cost. Ah yes, cost. That is our greatest worry as we balance the budget. We have asked our readers to pledge because that is the only way we can budget. I repeat what both Cyndi and I have written so often on these pages: If each person reading this site could donate a widow's mite in relation to their own treasures, v.g. someone on a fixed income, just a dollar a month, or say someone makes $3,000 to $5,000 a month. In the latter is it too much to ask them to pledge a tax-deductible donation of $100 or more? Again, it all depends on your financial capability and your heart. It all comes down to what Jesus says in St. Matthew 25: 40 as you see in the banner above. Regardless, Cyndi will keep all of you in her prayers always fingering the beads of her rosary tucked beneath her pillow.

    On this Labor Day, please remember those who labor for the Lord in the true Church for their work is more vital than any. After all, what could be more important than the salvation of souls? If someone is unable to find a Traditional Mass near them, forego putting anything in the CONciLIAR collection plate and earmark it either for SANCTUS/DailyCatholic and/or another trusted traditional site, and/or the Traditional Chapel of your choice. Tithing did not die with the Great Apostasy. And speaking of that, please never forget those of us who strive to inform those confused Catholics trapped in the CONciLIAR Novus Ordo church of why they must flee from the false church of Vatican Two and seek refuge in the true Church founded by Christ and obeyed from St. Peter through the last true Pope His Holiness Pope Pius XII.

    Will you hide your treasures and talents as the unprofitable servant did or will you be as the good and faithful servant and look for the dividends of grace by giving from your heart? We know what Our Lord says in St. Matthew 25 in the parable of the ten virgins and of the talents as well as the description of the last judgment. That pretty much sums up what we must all do to be prepared. It all comes down, for Cyndi's sake, to this: Give what you can; God will do the rest.

Michael Cain, editor, The DailyCatholic

2750 Wheatstone #111
San Diego, CA 92111