Letter from Cyndi (cyndi013.htm) as featured on The DailyCatholic, a Traditional Catholic publication dedicated to perpetuating the One True Faith and preserving the Traditional Latin Mass in this time of the Great Apostasy by upholding the sedevacantist syllogism in order to Save All Necessary Catholic Traditions in the United States (SANCTUS) and preserve the Truths and Traditions of the Church founded by Jesus Christ upon the Rock of Peter.

My dear brothers and sisters,

    The times, indeed, are urgent.

    I do not mean that we are to be alarmed about our needs here on earth, but rather are heads lifted high so that God's pure gaze may warm us, heal us, and make us fervent in our True Faith.

    If you or I were to tell anyone, or say to anyone, that we embrace the One True Faith, they'd either laugh, call us racists or worse, or merely shrug and go on happily believing the lies of the great deceiver satan. Those who are trapped within the Great Apostasy have been there so long, not to mention two generations that have known nothing else, that their ears have stopped itching. Their hearts remain motionless, no longer restless.

    We, at one time, all had restless hearts until we found our rest in Christ. We know there is a Heaven, a Hell, and Purgatory. One has to wonder if those who remained in the embrace of the Great Apostasy, provided they had once been given the grace to know it for what it truly is, and have passed on before us, if they are in purgatory. No, I am not judging anyone. I am merely reminding all of us of our duty to not only live our Faith to the fullest, but to also convert our fellow man who is lost and wandering to the siren song of Satan.

    I have lived in the shadow of the Cross nearly my entire life. I have had to fight just to remain alive. But that is just fine, for that is where God wishes me to be, in the shadows.

    But I come out of that shadow this day to write to you, for it is upon my soul's heart to write, and to let you know how sinister the world is, and how much worse it is going to become in the next four years. So sinister, so diabolical, that the few who remain rooted in the Faith, who practice that Faith, and who keep morality and values and principles at the core of their being, will become even less than today's number. And what shall become of all who are being led to eternal damnation, if we who live now, this day, do nothing?

    Oh, how well Mike and I know the situation in the world, and in everyone's pocketbook. It is dire. Dreadful, fearful, filled with the cries of the demons of hell that shriek constantly that there is no God, no sin, and all who think so are truly fools, truly demented. We cannot hear them shriek...not for lack of trying. It is simply because these demons live in the supernatural realm, rarely taking on human form long enough for us to recognize them for who and what they are...traitors before the Cross of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    But the Shadow of the Cross shall remain until God has cried out: "Time is no more!" When will that be. Well, for millions, it turned out that of course the Mayans were wrong. So now what? Is there another prophecy that pinpoints the end of all time? Read the Apocalypse and you will know what God intends you to know, and in that respect you shall be prepared.

    What a joy it is to be prepared. What happiness and peace unspeakable for lack of human words to express it, is knowing our soul is prepared to be called back to our Creator at any moment.

    I had that privilege a month ago by the time you read this short letter. I began to feel, last September, that my life was slipping away a little at a time, like a faucet that drips but not enough for anyone else to notice. I kept it to myself, and waited, for as I told you, I have fought these sixty-four years to simply be alive, and the strength to continue the fight has not been given. Rather, I can feel and hear the life inside of me dripping into the vast world. Our priest, who comes down from Spokane on the weekend, was so kind to come, to hear my confession, and give me the Sacrament of Extreme Unction and Holy Viaticum. Oh, what peace and joy!

    Yet, do not think that the devil does not tempt, even in the shadow of the Cross. He tries everything he can to rile me, to make me despair, to make me so frustrated that I will just give up. He goes after my husband, he goes after computers, phones, fax and copy machine. If that doesn't get our goat, he attacks either one of our sons, and by this time it does seem that the walls are tumbling down around us. Even in the shadow, there is much work to yet be done. We cannot, under any circumstance, give in to Satan's nefarious traps, snares, temptations, and foul seductions.

    We are the Church Militant. Oh, that we could once again call upon just leaders of nations to form a Crusade. Thanks to the Conciliar Church, that won't work, because the Crusades, which were formed to hold back the Muslim Hordes, have already been apologized for.

    Oh, to be among the early Christians who were put to death in the Roman Empire. Too late, that has come and gone, and if you haven't checked lately, the Conciliar Church throws a dark light on anyone who speaks ill of the Roman Empire. Dear God on High, have mercy on us all.

    So, what do we do? Well, I, for one, intend to pray and offer everything to Jesus through Mary, so that His Will may be accomplished in me. All according to His Grace, one second at a time. And I know there are many souls out there who suffer in silence and in the shadow of the Cross, for His Will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. To contemplate what this earth would be like, what mankind would be like if all strove to have His Will done here, we would transform earth, and perhaps allow almighty God to light up the firmament of night with a spectacular light show, whereby we might see, at least, angels from on High rejoicing.

    We no longer have a voice that the world hears or even wants to hear. We clamor, but the demons of lust clamor all the more. We beg, we beseech, we pray until we fall asleep, and it seems to no avail. Ah, there is the rub. There is the one thing that is known in the shadow of the Cross that is not known outside—God accepts our seemingly insignificant little prayers and sacrifices, and He turns them into eternal treasure that He gives to those most in need, poor sinners, infidels, heretics, the countless protestant faiths, and all who do not know Him and the One True Faith.

    All is not lost. Many are lost, that is true. But we must not give up.

    Even though I feel the life draining out of me, I will not stop, nor will Michael. Yet, because of my situation, which worsens every day, with no chance of being healed, or even helped by the medical community, for I have entered long ago into the end-stage of COPD, not because of smoking, but rather because I have had pneumonia 59 times in my life.

    So I come to you as a little child, my hands held out. Please, always pray for us that this apostolate will please God and help save souls, and will have so much content on the True Faith that should we all be called home tonight, it would suffice for those left to convert because of the manifold pages Mike has written, formatted, and created graphics for. I plead for my husband. Please, in your heart, the heart of your soul, promise to take good care of him if I should suddenly slip into the next life, to my personal judgment. Promise not only to pray, but to support with all that you can of the treasure God has given you, this apostolate, that on your personal judgment day God will say to you: "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the kingdom I have prepared for you."

    We are in dire straits financially due to the economy and the continued administration of Barack Obama. I will say only that he is not what he seems, or even what he says he is. Remember those demons that shriek and take human form only when they think we will not catch them in the act? Let he who is wise understand.

    Take good care of my beloved husband. Help him now when he loses sleep over how to pay the bills that are necessary for the Daily Catholic. Give, not to him, but to God Who has given so generously to all of us. There is not one among us that could not spare one single dollar a month. When you factor in the cost of an envelope and stamp, we are asking for chump change. Still, thousands of chump changes will solve the problem once and for all. The problem now is that only a certain few, who always give, are expected to do the full work of the laity. The truth is that all of us, from children to the senior citizens, must remain active as the Church Militant. There is no better way to reach those who are in apostasy, in heresy, in any one of the multi-thousand Christian churches, and the countless billions in the Far East lost to pagan belief, than through the internet, the New World Order that has already befallen mankind, so that's one less worry on all of our minds, just so you know. Give please, for each day I seem able to do less and less to support Mike by my presence, by my ability to keep his home as his castle, and to prepare his food, for if I do not, Mike forgets to eat, gets weak, and then becomes ill.

    What is really taxing him is that we must come up with $2000.00 to pay all our due bills on contract at this time of the year that enable us to continue publishing while also meeting our just debts.

    It pains me so much to see this happen. It is true that we have very little money to spend on food, but at least we have that little. And with it I do the best I can to stretch it through a full month. And while I do these few things, Mike is at the computer, working on the issue, preparing it for you as a feast before your eyes while his own eyes are beginning to fail him. He and I both pray that you share this site with your Novus Ordo friends and acquaintances, and anyone with whom you come in contact every day. We pray your children take from it a renewed faith, hope and love, and will carry the torch of faith long after all of us have gone home.

    I don't know what else to say. I wish I had the gift of a great writer. I wish Mike and I could upload audio and video onto our website, so that you could see and hear us yourselves. But we need the software to do that, and then the memory space in the computer, and that costs more money than we can afford. Over the years of this apostolate, which this coming August will be twenty-four years, we have seen many fervent souls become cold and drift away. Most recently, we have noticed that there is a terrible reluctance among Traditional Catholics to lend a helping hand even though, as Mike informs me, we are well ahead in hits and visitors compared to last January and each month readership increases to where we are averaging 2 million hits a month and over 80,000 visitors in over 120 countries. You would think, other than the few faithful benefactors who seem to be carrying the full load of contributing, that if you gain anything from all that Mike has published, that you would want to give even a widow's mite.

    I realize money is tight, but without your cooperation in the Church Militant, what else can we do? I have waited to write, preferring to think it was due to the bad economy, or that people were waiting to see who was elected president. Well, if the latter is true, we all know who got elected, and I again refer you to the paragraph above and suggest you read it again...and weep.

    I believe and place all my trust in God. I also trust you - all of you, of whatever years you have lived, to step forward now. Only God knows how long I have on this earth. It could be anytime, a month or a year from now, or more. It is up to Him, and no one else, ever. But it is also up to you to help and in your heart you know that. That is why I asked Mike to allow me to write this letter not in my University of Virtue series that I have not been able to keep up, but a straight letter asking, no, rather begging for your help. We have lived by the vow of poverty ever since 1990 and because of that and the government's restrictions on having life insurance or even making funeral arrangements, we truly do leave it in God's hands as to what will become of us. We trust in Him. We hope to God we can trust in you. If so, just click the button Mike will place below and contribute whatever you can to help.

    You can be assured that you are all in my humble prayers and sufferings each day, and I mean that from the heart of my soul. Never have I forgotten you, even though I have never met you. We hopefully will meet...in Heaven.

    Humbly I await your response to take good care of my husband.

    Yours in Jesus through Mary,

Cyndi Cain

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