With this edition we present our Annual Summer Hiatus features, devoted to the Blessed Mother of God, whose Assumption into Heaven is the highlight of this month dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We are suspending our series on comparisons between the true Mass and the false Mass until September as well as regular features in favor of pertinent features for each day from our stable of writers present and past. Throughout this month you need only click the day below to go to that particular day and feast as we present a smorgasbord of spiritual food for thought.

    It really doesn't make a difference what Bergoglio says for he has no authority per Pope Paul IV's infallible decree Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and Jorge's dislike for the Traditional Latin Mass is no surprise considering his Modernist Marxist track record, despite his fauning false humility. He, along with all the false CONciLIAR 'popes' fail to realize - or have blatantly ignored - Pope St. Pius V's infallible decree codifying the dogmatic decrees of Trent, specifically the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that if anyone dared to alter what occurred on the altar they would incur automatic excommunication latae sententiae. Ergo, one who is excommunicated can never be a true pope. Ergo, wake up "Recognize and Resist" folks and realize the sedevacantists are right. Note also what he said above left. So true. Prime evidence: Vatican Two. For the decree that a holy Pope said the true Latin Mass must be said in perpetuity, see Quo Primum.

Click above to see what the true Apostolic Canonical Traditional Latin Mass truly means and why St. Pius V's words will stand until eternity.

Cyndi Cain returns with a timely colloquy addressed to all Catholics on the essence of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, but applying it to today for we are indeed engaged in a great civil war, not only in the state against the Marxist Obama Administration, but in the Church where seemingly true Catholics are greatly outnumbered, but so were Don Juan's armada at Lepanto and they had the secret weapon we too possess: the holy Rosary and a battalion of prayer warriors. Now it is left to the living to resist the Great Apostasy so that the dry martyrs living and dead have not done so in vain. We must all work together to purge the CONciLIAR church once and forever for the sake of souls as you'll see in Cyndi's Colloquium, titled - get it - The Getitpurged Address

Editor Michael Cain relates a correction he made at the request of an Air Force official to right the record. In doing so he noted we are living in a time when honor means little, one's word means nothing, and man lives according to what other men think with little regard for what their Almighty Creator thinks. The official agreed. How dense, how dumbed down have the masses become when they can't decipher St. Augustine's truth that wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and right is right even if no one is doing it? Cain endeavors to explain this moral morass and why we will remain there on the menu of boiled frog if we do not leap from the stove of denial and connect the dots that lead to the truth of what is really going on. He reminds us of what is truly Stolen Honor

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Today is the Feast of Saint Peter's Chains. The chains with which Peter the Apostle was fettered from time to time have always been the object of veneration among the faithful. They are preserved in a basilica in Rome, which is called Saint Peter ad Vincula (in chains). The anniversary of the dedication of this church falls on August 1st. The chains of ...more for today's Mass

This one of the most landmark series we have ever published and the credit goes to Griff Ruby, who has succeeded in proving one of the greatest arguments to expose the very point of how, when, what, where, who and especially why modern Rome broke away from Eternal Rome. We have compiled his six-part installments into one compendium so you can see all the components and nuances and undeniable facts that prove Griff's point as he takes us past the spin right through the skin to the bare bones and then fleshes out what really happened in 1964 as a result of what John XXIII began with the opening of Vatican II on October 11, 1962. He lays it out in Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: the Lumen Gentium Syndrome

      Hail, Queen of the heavens,
           Hail mistress of earth,
      Hail virgin most pure
           Of Immaculate birth.
From Matins in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

St. Alphonsus was born of noble parents near Naples, Italy, in 1696, and died in 1787. In the midst of many evils he appeared with a three-fold mission as Doctor, Bishop, and founder of a new religious Order. As Doctor he became the great teacher of Moral Theology; he found the middle way between the two extremes of the lax and the over rigorous, and by his ascetic writings he spread amongst the people Catholic piety, ...more for today's Mass

The holy Doctor of the Church Saint Alphonsus Liguori founded an order dedicated to redeeming souls and he wrote volumes during a time when the enlightenment was already threatening the foundations of the Church. He vowed never to waste a moment and never did. He was the outstanding moral theologian who held the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the greatest gift any Catholic could partake in. He foretold the very crisis the Church is suffering today when he prophesied, "The devil has always attempted, by means of the heretics, to deprive the world of the Mass, making them precursors of the antichrist, who, before anything else, will try to abolish and will actually abolish the Holy Sacrament of the altar, as a punishment for the sins of men, according to the prediction of Daniel 'And strength was given him against the continual sacrificer'." Alphonsus, through a thorough knowledge of the Faith, the cavalier attitude already permeating the Church and through messages he himself received from Heaven, knew that day would come when, just as Our Lord foretold in Matthew 24: 15, the "abomination of desolation" would occur. He was truly the Keeper of the Moral Compass

      Clear star of the morning
           In beauty enshrined,
      O Lady, make speed
           To the help of mankind.
From Matins in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

The body of St. Stephen, the first martyr, with those of some other saints, was discovered near Jerusalem in the year 415. Later the body of the saint was ...more on today's Mass

Today we begin the nine-day novena to St. Philomena through her feast on August 11. Click below for Prayers.

On this fifth Saturday in the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade, we focus on the intention of true wisdom which helped guide Mary and Joseph back to the Temple where their divine Son was imparting true wisdom and amazing those who heard Him for the first time. Who was this marvel? John Gregory presents a reflection on this mystery, which marks the final public appearance of Jesus from the time He was twelve until He reached thirty. In this mystery in the Temple we see the relationship between Mother and Son. In Mary's few words we see expressed the loving and concerned motherly compassion that so well defines her role for us as her children today, and in her divine Son's reply is laid out the mission Christ will undertake as John shows in The Fifth Joyful Mystery: The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

      Thee God in the depth
           Of eternity chose
      And formed thee all fair
           As His glorious spouse.
From Matins in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day One

The Church puts her hope in God from whom she receives her help (Gradual). Our Lord has healed the wounds of mankind (Offertory) and has given us strength and courage (Introit). The theme is infinite charity and the mercy of God. St. Paul repeats to the Corinthians the miraculous transformation which has taken place in him through the grace of God (Epistle). The healing of the deaf and dumb, related by ...more for today's Mass

St. Dominic, the founder of the Order of Friars Preachers, was born in Spain in 1170, and died at Bologna, Italy, in 1221. In 1208 while the saint was at prayer Our Lady appeared to him, gave him the Rosary, and bade him go forth and preach. Beads in hand, he led the Catholic troops against the Albigensians. and crushed that heresy. Countless souls were brought to grace by his words. His parents attributed his birth to the prayers of the holy Benedictine Abbot, Dominic of ...more on St. Dominic

John Gregory presents an inspiring piece on Saint Dominic, the extirpator of heresy, who is the ideal on how we can extrapolate today those heretics far worse than in the time when the founder of the Order of Preachers walked the earth for holy Mother Church. How do we know of the heretics today? The very words of Sacred Scripture expose these heretics such as the CONciLIAR false 'popes' from Roncalli through Bergoglio, by their own words that makes them apostates far more devious than the Albigensians who ravaged the Church in the thirteenth century. Heaven bestowed the powerful weapon of the Rosary to St. Dominic to fight heresies. Today that weapon must be used all the more fervently if we are to defeat the Modernists who subscribe to what Pope St. Pius X called the "synthesis of all heresies." John provides the evidence in The Receptor of the Rosary to be the Extirpator of Heresies

For the Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost John Gregory provides the Haydock Commentary where we see how St. Paul gives witness that only through the grace of God has he been able to accomplish what God has aided, elevated and cured of sin. That is the message of the Gospel indicating that the deaf and blind man represents the spiritual blindness and deafness mankind has contracted by turning from God and embracing the chaotic din of the world, the flesh and the devil which, ironically, causes spiriritual deafness and dumbness. Really dumb! Yet, with just one word from our Lord "Ephpheta" the man in the gospel is healed. So also by absolution in the Sacrament of Penance by a valid, truly ordained priest, can one's soul be similarly healed. Just a simple Ephpheta proves Christ's point

    And called thee His Word's
         Own Mother to be,
    By whom He created
         The earth, sky and sea. Amen.

    God elected here and pre-elected her.
          He made her to dwell in His tabernacle.
    O Lady, hear my prayer.
          And let my cry come unto thee.

From Matins in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Two

Tradition tells us that during the pontificate of Pope Liberius, in the Fourth Century, in the heat of August, the plan of the church of St. Mary Major was traced out in a miraculous fall of snow. For this reason that basilica is known as St. Mary-of-the-Snow, and the name is also given to the feast of its dedication. The stations at Christmas are held in this Church because some relics of the Crib of Bethlehem are p ...more on today's Mass

Twelve years ago Timothy Duff wrote this for the Reign of Mary and Tim republished it on these pages in 2005. It is an excellent primer to help your friends who are trapped in the Novus Ordo establishment to better understand why the New Mess is not from Christ nor from the only Church He established on earth. Tim shows very, very clearly why it is not Catholic! We have divine revelation and tradition to prove this point along with the infallible decrees of past true reliable Popes who were truly Christ's chosen Vicars on earth whereas the men who have occupied the Chair of Peter over the past fifty plus years are imposters who are not Catholic, yet have used their invalid authority to try to destroy the Church by altering what Jesus set in stone upon the Rock of Peter. Tim explains in The Church is Not Above Christ

      Hail, Virgin most wise,
           Hail, Deity's shrine,
      With seven fair pillars,
           And table divine.
From Prime in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Three

This festival was originally commemorated on the Vigil of Ember Saturday in Lent. With the decline of liturgical understanding a special festival was instituted in its honor in order to arouse popular devotion to this mystery. It is now the patronal feast of the Lateran Basilica, and of all churches under the title of St. Savior. Pope St. Xystus II There is also a commemoration of Pope Saint Sixtus, Saints Felicissimus and Agapitus, Martyrs. Pope St. Sixtus II, 24th Successor of St. Peter, effected the translation of the mortal remains of the man Christ chose as the first Sovereign Pontiff of His Church. Sixtus also introduced the Latin exclamation Deo gratias into the Ordinary of the holy Mass. He is also referred to as Xystus and is mentioned in the Canon of the ...more on today's Mass

This editorial was filed two and a half years ago and becomes more pertinent with every passing day because souls are weakening, vulnerable to the roaring lion who is satan, going about the world seeking the ruin of souls and devouring whomever he might because man has become so pliable to the platitudes of the world, the flesh and the devil. Editor Michael Cain makes an impassioned plea to the true bishops and priests to heal the hurts which begins by burying the hatchets. If they can't do that, there won't be any trees to preen because they will have fallen. That is the crux of his Open Letter to the Traditional Bishops who are all we have left during this Great Apostasy, so evident every day in Modernist Rome and in the aftermath of the syncretic WYD where so many have been dumbed down to really think all that hoopla was Catholic. Where are our true Bishops to save souls? Cain pulled no punches in the State of the Soul Address

Day One

      Preserved from the guilt
           Which hath come on us all;
      Exempt in the womb
           From the taint of the fall.
From Prime in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Four

St. Cajetan was born in 1480 in Lombardy, of pious and noble parents. From childhood he was known as a saint and in later years as "a hunter of souls." Even before St. Ignatius he undertook to establish a body of Clerks Regular following the apostolic life. Together with Pietro Carafa, afterwards Pope Paul IV, he took the austere vow of entrusting himself entirely to Divine Providence and living solely on any alms which might be voluntarily given by the ...more on today's Mass

Mario Derksen contributed articles to the DailyCatholic for several years with his Traditional Insights Columns. In fact he was the first sedevacantist to grace these pages. Yet, his signature work would come later in a 100 page rebuttal to the SSPV's Bishop Clarence Kelly in refuting false accusations and assuring with unmitigated proof that His Excellency Bishop Pierre Martin Ngo-dinh-Thuc was not only authentic but those he consecrated were also totally valid. Mario's concise work will go a long way in enlightening Catholics in waking them up to where the True Church really is and will begin to work towards that true unity we all desire for Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that is definitely not in Modernist Rome. Mario presents the printed and video of his presentationThe SSPV and the Thuc Bishops

      O new Star of Jacob
           Of angels the Queen,
      O gate of the saints,
           O mother of men.
From Prime in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Five          Novena for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Day Two

While today is a Feria Mass there is also a commemoration of the holy martyrs St. Cyriacus, Largus and Smaragdus. Cyriacus was a holy deacon of Rome under Popes St. Marcellinus and Marcellus. With Largus, Smaragdus, and about twenty others he was crowned with martyrdom in 303, in the persecution of Diocletian. The occasion of the translation of their remains many years later to a church dedicated to them led to the institution of a festival in ...more on these holy martyrs

Twelve years ago Atila Sinke Guimaraes filed a most revealing piece that triggered a tsunami of investigation and resulted in discovering the real truth and why the CONciLIAR church is a false church and not Catholic. It answered the questions we had on why the CONciLIAR church had been so silent about the travesties of Communism? Why? Angelo Roncalli had sold out to the very enemy Our Lady had warned against at Fatima and we see it repeating today with the heretics of Modernism who have sat invalidly on the throne of Peter ever since with their syncretic bafflegab that is filled with ambiguity and tremendous danger to souls. It is the same in the United States where we have sat idly by while Barack Hussein Obama sells out our country by making a pact with the enemy, be they Communists or Infidels. This article is an eye-opener for anyone who has been living in a bubble. The Pact of Metz

    O terrible as
         The embattled array,
    Be thou of the faithful
         The refuge and stay. Amen.

    The Lord Himself created her in the Holy Ghost.
          And poured here out among all His works.
    O Lady, hear my prayer.
          And let my cry come unto thee.

From Prime in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Six           Novena for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Day Three

St. John Mary Vianney was born at Dardilly, France, in 1786. He was a farm-hand until his nineteenth year, when he began his studies for the priesthood. His talents were poor, and his progress slow. He was ordained at Grenoble in 1815; he became parish priest of Ars in 1818. That little town was the scene of his marvelous labors until his holy death, August 4, 1859. He was ...more on today's Mass

This holy Cure of Ars holds nothing back in exacting a thorough examination of our souls, consciences and habits. By and large Traditional Catholics live their daily lives free of mortal sin, but how many of us seriously take the Cure of Ars' words seriously enough to move out of whatever comfort zone we are in at the present and strive to love God more, to be more aware of His role for each of us, and to manifest our choice of God over the world? That is a question St. Jean Marie Vianney asks. How will we answer? His words are as applicable today, even moreso, than in his time as parish vicar in the post French Revolution days of the first half of the 19th century, and onee thing remains the same as he speaks On the Lukewarmness of Souls

      Hail, Solomon's throne,
           Pure ark of the law,
      Fair rainbow and bush
           Which the patriarch saw.
From Tierce in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Seven           Novena for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Day Four

After the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul this is the greatest festival in the ancient Roman Liturgy. The terrible martyrdom endured by the famous archdeacon deeply impressed the generations that came immediately after him, for whom Saint Lawrence became at Rome that which Saint Stephen had been at Jerusalem. During the persecutions under Valerian in 258, numerous priests and bishops were put to death, while Christians belonging to the nobility or the Roman Senate were deprived of their goods and ...more on today's Mass

On this sixth Saturday in the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade, we begin the Sorrowful Mysteries as we focus on the intention of contrition for our sins. John Gregory presents the scenario on how much Our Lord begged the father for such. There in the Garden He was alone for even His Apostles could not watch one hour with Him. How lonely it must have been, how harrowing the agony to see our sins and transgressions. How can we ease His suffering? By resolving not to place ourselves in the occasions of sin; by being part of the hope and light that sustained Him and encouraged Him to continue His course for He was a man, like us in every way, save for sin. Why, oh, why do we persist in offending the Son of God? And yet, while we still expect God to do so much for us, are we willing to spend even an hour a day with Him and for Him? Thoughts to meditate on during this week as John presents a reflection on The First Sorrowful Mystery: The Agony in the Garden

      Hail, Gideon's fleece,
           Hail, blossoming rod,
      Samson's sweet honeycomb,
           Portal of God.
From Tierce in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Eight           Novena for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Day Five

While today is the 12th Sunday we defer here to dear St. Philomena whose traditional historical feast is August 11 as we complete the nine-day Novena to her this day. The tomb of this virgin and martyr, unknown until the first years of the 19th century, was providentially discovered in 1802 in the ...more on St. Philomena

For the Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost John Gregory provides the Haydock Commentary where Father Haydock brings out the importance of the Good Samaritan parable for it is, as the Fathers and early Doctors of the Church all agree, an allegory of the New Covenant. The victim in dire help is Adam, his posterity is Jerusalem. The man, by heading for Jericho is seeking the world, the flesh and the devil, is accommodated by the demons personified in the robbers, who take grace from him by beating him as he succumbs to sin. Those who pass by him without helping represent the old Law, while the Samaritan is Christ Who represents the New Law. His beast of burden signifies our Lord's humanity and the inn He brings the man to represents the only Church He founded. The wine for the man is the Blood of Christ, the oil is His mercy. The host of the inn represents St. Peter and his succession of true Popes and Hierarchy. The charge to go and do in like manner

      Well fitting it was
           That a Son so Divine
      Should preserve from all touch
           Of original sin.
From Tierce in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to Saint Philomena Day Nine           Novena for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Day Six

Saint Clare, born at Assisi in Umbria, was the first of the holy virgins whom St. Francis, consecrating to God, bound to Christlike poverty. On a visit to St. Francis, she expressed to him her desire to become a Spouse of Christ. To St. Francis had been given a little chapel called the Portiuncula by the Benedictine abbot of Monte Subasio. St. Francis gave to Clare the rule of St. Benedict to follow, as he desired to graft his new foundation on to the old Order, so as to give it a canonical basis, one already recognized by Holy Church. St. Francis determined that Clare should not imitate the rich convents of Benedictines then in Umbria, but should go ...more on today's Mass

The feast of St. Clare is also the date when His Holiness Pope Pius XII issued his Encyclical Humani Generis in which he warned Catholics of the false opinions and errors threatening to undermine the holy Faith. A few months later on November 1 His Holiness would declare the Dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, body and soul into Heaven with his encyclical Munificentissimus Deus. It would be the Last Infallible Proclamation from the Seat of Peter. Since that time nothing has been spoken ex cathedra. We can see how those in charge today totally ignored his sage words of Humani Generis and furiously forged ahead with their agendas so that when His Holiness passed away on October 9, 1958, all hell would break loose and did with the Modernists gaining control and eclipsing the very Church Christ established on earth with a counterfeit ape that has done everything in its power to destroy the Truths and Traditions of holy Mother Church with the origins of "aggiornamento" in aiding the prince of the world to gain countless souls for God's chief adversary, causing Heaven to weep how the wolves in sheep's clothing have totally pulled the wool over the flocks' eyes as Papa Pacelli had warned in his encyclical Humani Generis

    Nor suffer by smallest
         Defect to be stained,
    That Mother whom He
         For Himself had ordained. Amen.

    I dwell in the highest.
          And my throne is on the pillar of the clouds.
    O Lady, hear my prayer.
          And let my cry come unto thee.

From Tierce in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Day Seven

On this Feria of the 12th Sunday after Pentecost there is also a commemoration today of the holy martyrs St. Hippolytus and St. Cassian. Hippolytus is one of the saints associated with St. Lawrence, who baptized him, and whom he followed to martyrdom in 258. St. Cassian was a schoolmaster, and the official who sentenced him to death for being a Christian and had him murdered by his own pupils. He repented and ...more of today's commemoration

Two years ago John Gregory joined the chorus of those trying to wake the thunders and roust Traditional Catholics from their stupor. The same goes for the shepherds who we have urged numerous times to set aside their differences and come together for the sake of souls, especially in this time when the SSPX is in such turmoil and confusion. So far all has been met with lukewarm silence. John does his best to urge both clergy and laity on and provides a formula for the bishops to follow. It's not as difficult as it seems but the more they procrastinate, the more difficult do they make it, not only for converting conciliar Catholics back to the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church, but in keeping their congregations from being disillusioned and opting to become home-aloners. That is the sad truth for it is the bishops who are allowing the division by their stubbornness to come together. John provides a solution if only the bishops would respond to the question: What should Traditional Catholics Do?

      Hail, Virginal Mother,
           Hail, purity's cell,
      Fair shrine where the Trinity
           Loveth to dwell.
From Sext in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
          Novena for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Day Eight

As early as the Seventh Century the preparation, by a solemn fast, for keeping devoutly the great festival of the Assumption, is described as a custom of great antiquity. In many parts of the Church the strict fast enjoined lasted over several days. The Mass celebrated on this day is of Our Blessed Lady, on account of its being that of a vigil, and is said in purple vestments, and the Gloria in excelsis is omitted. Today is also the feast of Saint Eusebius, Confessor. He ...more on today's Mass

The renowned and venerable Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger weighs in on the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this vigil of her being assumed into Heaven by her divine Son. He writes: "What in this dawn before which the brightest constellations pale? Laurence, who has been shining in the August heavens as an incomparable star, is well nigh eclipsed and becomes but the humble satellite of the Queen of Saints, whose triumph is preparing beyond the clouds. Mary stayed on earth after her Son's Ascension, in order to give birth to His Church; but she could not remain for ever in exile. Yet she was not to take her flight to Heaven until this new fruit of her maternity had acquired the ...more on the Dormition of the BVM

      Hail, garden of pleasure,
           Celestial balm,
      Cedar of chastity
           Martyrdom's palm.
From Sext in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena for the Assumption tomorrow Day Nine      Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day One

The Double of the First Class Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. Blessed Mary lived, cared for by St. John, for twelve years after Our Lord's Resurrection. Her life was spent in helping the Apostles and in praying for the conversion of the world. On the third day after Mary's death, when the Apostles gathered around her tomb, they found it ...more on today's Solemnity

Sermon by Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI for The Assumption

For the Fourth Glorious Mystery of the Assumption reflection John Gregory focuses on His Holiness Pope Pius XII's decree in proclaiming the Dogma on November 1, 1950 with his encyclical Munificentissimus Deus. John takes this papal decree and divides it with the first part applying to the Fourth Mystery of the Rosary on the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven. The belief of this dogmatic fact was long held by the Magisterium of the Church from the very time of the Blessed Mother being lifted up into Heaven, yet never fully proclaimed as a definitive Dogma until Pius, in complete harmony with all the authentic bishops of the Church, decreed it. This inspiring papal decree is the compendium for this meditation. In honor of this month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, he shares his reflection on The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven

      Thou land set apart
           From uses profane,
      And free from the curse
           Which in Adam began.
From Sext in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day Two

The excellence of a fruit is always a sign of the quality of the tree which bore it. In the case of St. Joachim, the Immaculate Conception of Mary reflects a splendid glory on the chaste union of her parents. The Gospels speak of a sister of Our Lady who accompanied her even to the foot of the cross. According to some authorities she too was a daughter of St. Anne and of St. Joachim. His feast was first introduced into the Breviary by Pope Julius II, who fixed the date of March 20. Pope Leo XIII (Joachim Pecci) raised it to a double of the second class. In the reform of the Breviary carried out by Pope Saint Pius X, August 16th was the date fixed. The close relationship which ...more on today's Mass

Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey shook down the thunder with this article in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 and it is important to give the reader a look back and how few things have changed for he nailed the reasons why the demonic devastation occurred and, fearfully, will occur again, because we have not heeded God and His holy mandates. Tom followed this with an update which reaffirmed the necessity of establishing the Social Kingship of Christ in every nation, beginning with our own. This can be realized only by obeying fully and faithfully what Our Lady asked at Fatima. There is no other way!! After nine years shouldn't we have seen that? Just look at the feud building between Christians and Muslims. Those who are not with Christ are against Him. It's as simple as that as Tom explained in We've Done This to Ourselves!

    Thou city of God,
         Thou gate of the East,
    In thee is all grace,
         O joy of the blest. Amen.

    As the lilly among the thorns,
          So is my beloved among the daughters of Adam.
    O Lady, hear my prayer.
          And let my cry come unto thee.

From Sext in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day Three

Saint Hyacinth, named the glorious Apostle of the North, was born of noble parents in Poland, about the year 1185. In 1218, as a Canon of Cracow he accompanied the bishop of that region to Rome. There he met Saint Dominic and soon afterward was one of the first to receive the habit of the Friar Preachers, in a group clothed by the patriarch himself. He became a living copy of his dear master. The church was his only chamber, and the ground his only bed. So wonderful was his progress in virtue that ...more on today's feast

On this seventh Saturday in the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade, John Gregory shares his reflections on the Scourging at the Pillar and ties in the intention of Patience. By our sins we scourge our dear Lord anew. Do we take pleasure in such masochism to our souls and to pure Love that we would continue to beat Christ? He is so patient with us. Why? Because by tending to our souls, and examining our words, actions and thoughts at the healing font of Divine Mercy - the Confessional - we receive the salve of salvific Sanctifying Grace. Through the Sacrament of Penance we can put a halt to the scourging, and apply dabs of sincere love to close and comfort those terrible wounds on His precious flesh; wounds we helped open. Thoughts to meditate on during this week as John presents a reflection on The Second Sorrowful Mystery: The Scourging at the Pillar

      Hail, city of refuge,
           Hail, David's high tower,
      With battlements crowned
           And girded with power.
From None in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day Four

The liturgy for the Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost shows us that by faith we put all our hope in Jesus, for He is our Refuge and we ask for the virtue of charity, which renders us lovers of the divine law and practitioners of it. Let us pray for an increase of faith, hope and ...more on Sunday's liturgy

For the Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost John Gregory provides the Haydock Commentary where Father Haydock continues with the Samaritan, this time in respect to the ten lepers and the only one to return and give thanks for his healing by the miracle of Jesus Christ is a Samaritan. Christ exhibits surprise that this Samaritan is the only one left, but the Son of God knewe and it was another manifestation that He had come for all, not just the Jews. He conveys this by assuring this man that the faith he had is what healed him, made him whole. The Faith of the Samaritan

      Filled at thy Conception
           With love and with light
      The dragon by thee
           Was shorn of his might.
From None in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day Five

Saint John Eudes, forerunner of devotion both to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, was born in 1601, some time after France had been torn apart by the revolt of the Huguenots. The rebels were calmed but relegated to western France by King Henry IV, after he himself returned to the Catholic faith. It was in that region that this young Saint spent his ...more on today's feast

Cyndi asked four years ago if it is pride that keeps us so blaize about so many things, so apathetic in responding to help others spread the Gospel and True Faith amidst the sea of conciliar confusion, or is it a false assumption that we've got it made? She reminded all that such thinking can lead away from God, right into the traps set by the wily evil one who, as St. Peter warned us, goes about like a roaring lion seeking whomever he can to devour - especially those in the Traditional movement, especially true priests and bishops. The devil will use every tool he has to bring us down. We have to be on our guard at all times and Cyndi reminded us of the ruler we have that should clear all confusion: the infrangible tenets of the infallible dogmatic Council of Trent. That is our barometer that we can best gage on our knees. She explained in her lesson Pride and Lukewarmness Lead to the Abyss

      O Woman most valiant,
           O Judith thrice blest,
      As David was nursed
           In fair Abisag's breast.
From None in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day Six

Saint Bernard was born at the castle of Fontaines, in Burgundy near Dijon, in 1090. The grace of his person and the vigor of his intellect filled his parents with the highest hopes, and the world lay bright and smiling before him. But Bernard renounced it forever to join the monks of Citeaux, a few miles distant. Four of his brothers and a group of friends, thirty young Christians in all, went when he did to ...more on today's feast

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was a truly dedicated man who turned his back on the world and built monasteries throughout western Europe and was the confidante of popes and kings, beggars and paupers. He was the main man in preaching the purpose of the Crusade to recover the holy land where Our Lord and Savior walked. Bernard traversed the continent stirring men through prayer and reason, never compromising the Truths and Traditions. He was responsible for the revival of the Cistercian Order. This holy and mystic Abbot from France composed one of the most beautiful prayers ever created the Memorare out of a thorough devotion to Our Lady. See more on this Crusading Hammer of Heretics

    As the Savior of Egypt
         Upon Rachel's knee,
    So the world's great Redeemer
         Was cherished by thee. Amen.

    Thou art all fair, my beloved.
          And the original stain was never in thee.
    O Lady, hear my prayer.
          And let my cry come unto thee.

From None in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day Seven

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal was born in Dijon, France in 1572, the daughter of Benigne Fremyot, president of the parliament in Burgundy, and married at twenty to Baron Christopher de Chantal who died in 1601. Nobility and riches were there for the asking for Jane Fances, but she used them wisely for the honor and glory of God. After nine years of marriage and seven children, Jane became ...more on this feast

Ten years ago Catharine Lamb filed an inspirational column that brough home the point quite well that there is no place like home and home is where the heart is. That heart is one with Christ in offering with the priest the propitiatory holy sacrifice of Calvary to the Father in an unbloody manner in the indefectible Mass decreed by the Council of Trent and codified by Pope St. Pius V as the Tridentine Mass or Apostolic Canonical Traditional Latin Mass. No matter how they wrap the New man-made Mass foisted on the faithful by Paul the Sick, it cannot hold a candle to the True Mass - "the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven." Catherine invites all to come home in The Tridentine Mass: When you know you're really Home!!!

      Hail, dial of Achaz,
           On thee the true sun
      Told backward the course
           Which from old he had run.
From Vespers in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Day Eight

Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary always flourished in the Church, but its first official approval did not come till the beginning of the 19th century when Pope Pius VI approved, for certain religious organizations, a Feast for the Most ...more on this feast

Inspirational Talk by Fr. Benedict Hughes, CMRI on "My Immaculate Heart is the Way that I will lead you to God"

When the venerable renowned Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger wrote The Liturgical Year there was no feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary for it was still considered merely the Octave Day of the Assumption, yet what he wrote for this day applies so well to the feast day established for the universal Church by His Holiness Pope Pius XII during the Second World War in 1942. Needless to say, in his heart the Prior of Solesmes Abbe Gueranger knew of the devotion to Mary's Most Pure Heart for His Holiness Pope Pius VI had already approved the feast for certain religious houses, most probably the Benedictines as well at that time in the early nineteenth century and he began his masterful work L'Annee Liturgique - The Liturgical Year in the mid-1800's. See The Spotless Virgin Queen of Heaven

      And that man might be raised
           Submitting to shame,
      A little more low
           Than the angels became.
From Vespers in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
Novena to the IHM Day Nine      Consecration to the IHM      Act of Reparation to the IHM

St. Philip Benizi was born in Florence on the feast of the Assumption in 1233. He was one of the first to profess the religious life as a Servite, and in time became general of the Order. With his brethren he preached in many countries of Europe, and journeyed even into western Asia to spread the Christian faith. In his humility he refused honors and even the Papacy, which was offered him by the cardinals assembled in conclave. He entered into the glory of Heaven in the ...more on this feast

In his last article for the DailyCatholic before he went into syndication, Gabriel Garnica filed a thought-provoking piece in reminding us that too many have discarded the necessary hairshirts that made saints out of sinners, men and women who deliberately avoided temporal comfort to make them more comfortable in knowing their quest to attain everlasting comfort was the only way to Heaven. They don't call those plush stuffed single sofas "lazy boys" for nothing! It all starts so innocently: this comfort, that convenience, this delight, that pleasure, and pretty soon, if we do not discipline our senses, our senses will rule and that leads to each and every one of the Seven Deadly Sins as Gabriel tweaked conscienses in asking If You Are Comfortable, You Are Not With God

      Thou wrapt in the blaze
           Of His infinite light,
      Dost shine as the morn
           On the confines of night.
From Vespers in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

In the Gospel of St. John, the Apostle Bartholomew is not mentioned among the Apostles, but it is stated that Philip and Nathaniel came to Jesus, and that Our Lord said of Nathaniel, "the Israelite in whom was no guile." In the list of the apostles in the other Gospels, Nathaniel is not mentioned, but after Philip is placed Bartholomew. The Redeemer chose all the apostles at once, and formed them from the beginning into a hierarchial group with St. Peter at their head, in order to show us that ...more on this feast

On this eighth Saturday in the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade, John Gregory provides inspiration on what the Crowning with Thorns means to Catholics and the intention of Love of Contempt. Not easy, but necessary for just as the Jews cried out in pride to patronize Pilate "We have no king but Caesar," so also we, who are true sons of God, must, in all humility, state unequivocally: "We have no King but Jesus." Where He is mocked, we offer humble prayer of reparation and expiation for these terrible sins against the Incarnate Word so cruelly tortured and disfigured. Thoughts to meditate on during this week as John presents a reflection on The Third Sorrowful Mystery: The Crowning With Thorns

    As the moon on the lost
         Through obscurity dawns,
    The serpent's destroyer,
         A lily amid thorns. Amen.

    I made an unfailing light to arise in Heaven.
          And as a mist I overspread the whole earth.
    O Lady, hear my prayer.
          And let my cry come unto thee.

From Vespers in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

St. Louis XI was born into royalty on April 25, 1214 in Poissy, France and crowned King of France in 1226 on the death of his father King Louis VIII. He had been raised in a staunch Catholic atmosphere by his mother Blanche of Castile, who became regent upon her husband's death until her son ...more for this feast

For the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost John Gregory provides the Haydock Commentary by Father Leo Haydock as we come to Our Lord's words from St. Matthew 6: 24 that no man can serve two masters; that one cannot serve both God and mammom, which means riches and worldly things. Therefore we realize the words of St. Paul in the epistle to walk in the spirit and rail against the flesh for the world, the flesh and the devil is our downfall unless we heed Christ's counsel. He chastises us not because He's mad, but because He loves us and reassures us here how much the heavenly Father does too with his reference to those wonderful things of nature God has placed here on earth for man's use as He intended. But always remember No Man Can Serve Two Masters

      Hail, Mother most pure,
           Hail, Virgin renowned,
      Hail, Queen with the stars
           As a diadem crowned.
From Compline in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception
For inspiration on St. Louis IX, see Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's From His Mother's Knee: A King Who Ruled for Christ the King

On this Feria of the 13th Sunday after Pentecost there is a commemoration of Pope Saint Zephyrinus, a native of Rome, who succeeded Pope St. Victor I in the pontificate in the year 198. In 202 Septimus Severus, a military despot, raised the fifth and most bloody persecution against the Church, which continued for nine years until the death of the emperor in ...more on this commemoration

If only we had been vigilant then we would have realized the destruction already underway in the mid-nineteenth century. The Blessed Virgin warned us and yet we did not listen. Now we reap what we have sown. We bring you the first article we ran by Bill R. Metallo, President of The Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, because we all need to wake the masses to warn of this coming catastrophe prophesized by Our Lady at La Salette; to bring Vatican 2 Catholics back into the fold of the true Catholic Church; and to reveal the truth to Protestants and all false religions that NO ONE existing outside the one, holy and apostolic Catholic Church can have a share in eternal life. Bill highlights the Prophesies imparted one hundred and sixty-five and a half years ago that show only too shockingly clear How the Faith will be Lost

      Above all the angels
           In glory untold,
      Standing next to the King
           In a vesture of gold.
From Compline in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

St. Joseph Calasanctius was born in Aragon in 1556. Having become a priest it was revealed to him that he should teach the children of the poor. He founded the Order of the Poor Clerks Regular of the Pious Schools of the Mother of God. He was ever a devout pilgrim at the shrines of the martyrs, and daily visited the seven Churches of Rome, where he lived for fifty years. He died August 25, 1648. This is also the feast of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They are the ...more for this feast

Dr. Frank Joseph, the indefatigable crusader for pro-life with no exceptions wrote for the DailyCatholic for several years. This column we present here capsulized what he is fighting and praying for: the liberation of the innocents in the womb by ending the intentional slaughter of babies in the womb and putting an end to the abortion mills who make millions on this industry of genocide. It was on January 22, 1973 when the Gates of Hell were opened and out slithered every venomous creature possible to infect generations that it was proper and their choice to eliminate generations to come. The venom of these vipers is deadly in The Snakepit of Abortion

      O Mother of mercy,
           O Star of the wave,
      O hope of the guilty,
           O light of the grave.
From Compline in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

It was the combined efforts of two saints who had the greatest effects on the life of one of the great Doctors of the Church Saint Augustine of Hippo. Augustine's mother Saint Monica played a major behind the scenes role in his conversion, while Saint Ambrose was on the front line with Augustine, who had become a great skeptic, teaching, influencing and converting him. Augustine was born in Tagaste in what is today Algeria on November 13, 354. By the time he was 30 he was preaching rhetoric, interspersed with Manichean heresy, at the university of Milan. It was there he ...more for this feast

Saint Augustine is one of the greatest Doctors of the Church, one of the greatest single intellects ever. Like the Apostle St. Paul, he began as a notorious sinner, embracing heresy after heresy, but when grace finally touched him through the prayer and reparation of others, this Saul turned into a Paul and his cries for truth were mostly heard and responded to in Heaven by the relentless efforts and graces of his loving, persevering mother St. Monica and his mentor, the Bishop of Milan, the holy Doctor of the Church Saint Ambrose, who is credited with the conversion of this man from Hippo. Sadly today neither Augustine, his mother Monica nor Ambrose nor all the saints who passed through this veil of tears over the centuries, would recognize the CONciLIAR counterfeit church as Catholic. They would have denounced from the beginning the aggiornamento and "new springtime" as heretical and extremely harmful to souls. See Doctor of Grace

    Through thee may we come
         To the haven of rest
    And see Heaven's King
         In the coursts of the blest. Amen.

    Thy name, O Mary, is as oil poured out.
          Thy servants have loved thee exceedingly.
    O Lady, hear my prayer.
          And let my cry come unto thee.

From Compline in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

Besides the chief feast of St. John the Baptist, that of his nativity, the Church commemorates on the twenty-ninth of August, his glorious death and birth into Heaven. Ever since the Fourth Century in Africa, in the East, in Syria, and in many places all over the world, the beheading of St. John the Baptist has been commemorated on August 29th. When in 362, pagans violated the tomb and burned his remains, some parts were saved by monks, and taken to St. Athanasius at Alexandria. The head is said to have been preserved at Jerusalem, and may later have been ...more for this feast

After the horrendous hedonistic display in Rio last month of the real con the CONciLIAR church is foisting on the world, especially the youth, and Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis' calls for disorder to rebel against the hierarchy with basically a call for anarchy, it's time to revisit a sermon from Fr. Louis Campbell in which he brings home the point we all need to realize for make no mistake, it is a battle to the finish and the victor will only be those who remain ever loyal to Jesus Christ, Who has given us "the truth, the way, and the life" - Himself and His teachings through the infrangible tenets He established for His one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. To not fully accept these truths is to serve mammon, embodied in the three-headed dragon of the world, the flesh, and the devil. As today's Gospel so clearly defines: "No man can serve two masters." We must either fight for the Kingdom of Heaven or succumb to the fires of hell. Father explained in Fighting for the Kingdom

      These praises and prayers
           I lay at your feet,
      O Virgin of virgins,
           O Mary most sweet.
From The Commendation in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

Saint Rose, the first canonized saint of the New World, was born at Lima in 1586. She received the name of Isabella in Baptism, but one day her mother saw a beautiful rose drooping over the baby's cradle and ever afterwards called her Rose. She was an obedient child; her mortifications were most severe. She prayed worked, and wept for the conversion of sinners; she excelled in her love for holy purity. She lived a life of simplicity and prayer in a small hut in a corner of her father's garden; the birds would ...more on this feast

Four years ago Stephen Grieve from England filed a series on proving how the Scriptures had foretold the Chair of Peter would be vacant in the end times and he pinpointed exactly how with his third installment which is the crux of his intention in the discernment of St. Paul's words in 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7 on the "restrainer/withholder" - in Greek κατέχων. Grieve illustrated by deduction and logic that it could only be the Papacy and ergo the Pope. This makes perfect sense when you read his arguments and syllogism on how Sacred Scripture reveals that the Pope will remove himself from the Church and there will be no one in authority to abate the "Mystery of Iniquity" - the "man of lawlessness" who is commandeered by the devil himself as Stephen revealed Identity of the κατέχων Restrainer/Withholder = The Papacy/Pope

      Be thou my true guide
           Through this pilgrimage here,
      And stand by my side
           When death draweth near.
From The Commendation in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

Saint Raymund Nonnatus never knew his mother for he was born prematurely and she died at childbirth. Thus the mother of this heroic Spanish saint, did not live for him to know and love. Longing for a mother, Raymund asked the Blessed Virgin to take him as her special son. She revealed to him that he should devote himself to the ransoming of captives. He then founded the Order of Our Lady of Mercy for this ...more for this feast

On this ninth Saturday in the Fifteen Saturdays Rosary Crusade, John Gregory shares the grueling thoughts of the Carrying of the Cross with the intention of Love of the Cross, carried by true Love. The time continuum between the Praetorium where the Jews screeched 'Crucify Him!', and the moment He arrived at the summit of Calvary could well have taken thirty minutes to an hour and a half. In this time, we have in the Via Crucis, several lessons we can garner from this interval, including His reunion with His Sorrowful Mother, the aid of Simon of Cyrene, the gentle charity of Veronica, the weeping of the women of Jerusalem, and three cruel falls along the way; each more crushing and exhausting. Despite all this, the question arises: John asks us to examine our hearts and souls to see if we have the spiritual stamina to keep up with Him? The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery: The Carrying of the Cross

There is a bough in which no blur of either kind,
   original or wrought, hath touched the Virgin rind.

In thy Conception, O Virgin,
   thou wast immaculate.
Pray for us to the Father,
    Whose Son thou didst bear. Amen.

From The Commendation in the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

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    The Novena for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is prayed from August 31 through September Our Lady's birthday. This Novena was approved well before Vatican II: Nihil Obstat: Iacobus P. King, I.C.D. Censor Deputatus. Imprimatur: Bryan Iosephus McEntegart, D.D., LL.D. Episcopus Bruklyniensis See DAY ONE

During this month we will keep you abreast via our tweets above. For the latest articles and links on what is happening we recommend the link bars below. Always remember that while it is good to keep up with events so you are in the know, it is better, no vital, to keep up with your spiritual growth through prayer and sacrifice for if we have the garments of grace which St. Paul details in Ephesians 6, we will be prepared for whatever comes down the pike. After all, our only goal is Heaven. That should prompt us to be ever on our guard for the the devil prowls about the world like a roaring lion, seeking whom he might devour. Beware and be prepared. That is the purpose of this publication.

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The unholy triumverate above have all contributed to the Great Apostasy. You will see the countdown for each day during August in the left column and below we bring you two sources by the late great Fr. Luigi Villa on why neither should ever even be considered for sainthood.

  • John 23 - Anathema sit
  • John Paul 2 - Anathema sit

    To fortify why the CONciLIAR church is the false church, see key Papal Decrees that preceded it and condemned the V2 false 'popes' who spit in Heaven's Face

  • Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio Pope Paul IV
  • Quo Primum Pope St. Pius V
  • De Defectibus Pope St. Pius V
  • Satis Cognitum Pope Leo XIII
  • Apostolicae Curae Pope Leo XIII
  • Lamentabili Sane Pope St. Pius X
  • Pascendi Dominici Gregis Pope St. Pius X
  • Oath Against Modernism Pope St. Pius X
  • Mortalium Animos Pope Pius XI
  • Humani Generis Pope Pius XII
  • Sacramentum Ordinis Pope Pius XII

      V. The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary.

      R. And she conceived of the Holy Ghost.

      (Hail Mary)

      V. Behold the handmaid of the Lord.

      R. Be it done unto me according to Thy word.

      (Hail Mary)

      V. And the Word was made flesh.

      R. And dwelt among us.

      (Hail Mary)

      V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.

      R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

      V.Let us pray.

      All Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts, that we to whom the Incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His resurrection. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

      V. Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae.

      R. Et concepit de Spiritu Sancto.

      (Ave Maria)

      V. Ecce ancilla Domini.

      R. Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

      (Ave Maria)

      V. Et Verbum caro factum est.

      R. Et habitavit in nobis.

      (Ave Maria)

      V. Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix.

      R. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi.

      V. Oremus.

      All Gratiam tuam, quaesumus Domine, mentibus nostris infunde: ut qui, Angelo nuntiante, Christi Filii tui incarnationem cognovimus, per passionem ejus et crucem ad resurrectionis gloriam perducamur. Per eumdem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

    The Fatima Prayers

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.
    (repeat the above 3 times then bow your head in reciting the following:)

        O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in unison with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

        O Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

        O my Jesus, it is for love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

    The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Lord have mercy on us,
       Christ, have mercy on us.
    Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us.
       Christ, graciously hear us.
    God, the Father of Heaven,
       have mercy on us.
    Holy Trinity, one God,
       have mercy on us.
    God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
       have mercy on us.
    God, the Holy Ghost,
       have mercy on us.
    Holy Trinity, one God,
       have mercy on us.
    Holy Mary, * pray for us.
    Holy Mother of God, *
    Holy, Virgin of virgins, *
    Mother of Christ, *
    Mother of divine grace, *
    Mother most pure, *
    Mother most chaste, *
    Mother inviolate, *
    Mother undefiled, *
    Mother most amiable, *
    Mother most admirable, *
    Mother of good counsel, *
    Mother of our Creator, *
    Mother of our Savior, *
    Virgin most prudent, *
    Virgin most venerable, *
    Virgin most renowned, *
    Virgin most powerful, *
    Virgin most merciful, *
    Virgin most faithful, *
    Mirror of justice, *
    Seat of wisdom, *
    Cause of our joy, *
    Spiritual vessel, *
    Vessel of honor, *
    Singular vessel of devotion, *
    Mystical rose, *
    Tower of David, *
    Tower of ivory, *
    House of gold, *
    Ark of the covenant, *
    Gate of Heaven, *
    Morning star, *
    Health of the sick, *
    Refuge of sinners, *
    Comforter of the afflicted, *
    Help of Christians, *
    Queen of angels, *
    Queen of patriarchs, *
    Queen of prophets, *
    Queen of Apostles, *
    Queen of martyrs, *
    Queen of confessors, *
    Queen of virgins, *
    Queen of all saints, *
    Queen conceived without original sin, *
    Queen assumed into Heaven, *
    Queen of the most holy Rosary, *
    Queen of peace, *

      Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,spare us, O Lord.
      Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord.
      Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,have mercy on us.

    V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.
    R. That we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.

    Let us pray.

      Grant unto us, Thy servants, we beseech Thee, O Lord God, at all times to enjoy health of soul and body; and by the glorious intercession of Blessed Mary, ever virgin, when freed from the sorrows of this present life, to enter into that joy which hath no end. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Pray for the Sick

    Pray for the Dearly Departed Souls
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    • We remind you not to forget the traditional Catholic family of Mark and Rita Davidson and their four sons who lost everything in a horrific fire. Please pray for this devastated family and open your heart and checkbooks to help. To understand their plight NovusOrdoWatch has more info on Ferocious Fire destroyed Property of Dedicated Traditional Catholic Family in Canada

      To help, please see The Davidson Family Trust

    • What do you think should be placed on the altar at St. Mary Major in Rome, you know right next to the tabernacle that holds unconsecrated hosts? How about a beach ball!?! Gotta see it to believe it and NovusOrdoWatch has the skinny in Back from the Beach

    • Good cop, bad cop but both are breaking the laws of God as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey asserts in the first visible fissure between Pharoah Benedict and Pharoah Francis, though we know it's been festering. Francis Says | Viva la Revolución!

    • With unFrancis' latest sabotage of the Motu Mess of 1962, Traditio notes that those who did not buy into Ratzinger's hoax are vindicated. As for those who "Recognize and Resist"? Well, isn't it time to wise up? It's the Guillotine for the Motu with Bergoglio the Executioner

    • So much for Ratzinger's Motu Mess and Roncalli's '62 Mass. Jorge doesn't like it. Not modern enough for him. Definitely not a good time to be a Franciscan if you love the Latin Mass. Lost in the limelight of Rio is a certain protocol issued July 11 that NovusOrdoWatch reveals will find the "Recognize-and-Resist" gang trembling in their boots. First the OFMs then the rest. Watch out, FSSP. Don't say you didn't see this coming. Can't wait to hear what Fellay will say. Oh, me thinks the sede ranks will swell. "Summorum Pontificum" Restricted

    • More on the travesty in Rio from Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey as Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis pranced before 3 million clueless souls whose thrill will soon wear off, but whose behavior will continue since there are no fruits in the CONciLIAR church but you can't tell that to the sheeple who blithely and blindly follow Francis The Pied Piper of Antichrist
    Big Gulp! 7-11 has nothing on Jorge!
    • Bozo Bergoglio you might call him considering he may be sinking into dementia according to Traditio with the crazy things he says such as relaxing the stance on "gays" - yeah, he actually said that and trying to wipe a sinful slate clean without reparation - oh, yeah, that'll work Not! What part of "go and sin no more," does Jorge not get? What does Bergoglio know about the intellectual history of Catholicism?

    • Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis "wants anarchy, disorder, chaos, confusion and dialogue to replace the last bastions hierarchy, order, structure and obedience." Those are the words of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey in assessing the severe damage Jorge has leveled in stirring up the revolutionaries as Tom pulls back the curtain in Francis The Apostate: From Revolution to Anarchy

    • Bishops join the flash mob in a disgusting 'Simon Says' dance, but then what else are those false prelates good for? So much for dignity. Let's hear the excuses the "Recognize-and-Resist" gang will make for this one of the blind leading the blind toward the abyss. What is there to really celebrate with the loss of so many souls? Evidence at NovusOrdoWatch that they don't care as you'll see with the Dancing "Bishops"

    • Jorge's presbyters are taking him at his word and stealing jewelry off statues as Traditio reports. The "mess" has begun, but the thief who turned Our Lady of Copacabana Basilica into a den of thieves was jailed. Whoa! Jorge didn't tell the youth they'd be jailed for the disorder he called for. More chaos ahead with A Den of Robbers

    • In the aftermath of the hedonistic WYD, Traditio publishes a few words from Pope Benedict XV's encyclical Sacra Propediem in 1921. You would hope and pray that TIA would realize no true pope could ever condone the immodesty that went down in Rio Against Women's Indecent Clothing

    • It was Marxism to the max from Merton to Montini as Social Justice raised its ugly head thanks to Florence's mayor, pro-union thug, and Communist agitator Giorgio La Pira, who knew full well he was going against Social Catholic Doctrine as Dr. Carol Byrne reports in part IX of her series on this Catholic Communist in Moving in for Industry Takeovers

    • The mud mecca of the Modernists has been moved to Copacabana Beach. Oh, that's reverent! Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey continues to expose Jorje's real agenda of indoctrinating the youth to socialism and the New World Order for he is merely Francis The Sillonist

    • Respected Italian journalist Sandro Magister digging harder as NovusOrdoWatch reports in his efforts to get to the bottom of the scandalous cover-up engineered by unFrancis and Ricca and the rest of that ilk as well as the real reason 30-year old sultry siren Francesca Chaouqui was appointed to have unlimited access inside the Vatican. Oh that will work, right? Wrong! Remember the Borgias. For more on "As the Vatican Turns" see The Scandals Continue - And there's a New One Brewing

    • Waves galore, but no blessings as Traditio relates that Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis layman calls on youth to create a new mess. Wait, they already have the New Mess and sending these know-nothing-about-the-faith "evangelizers" out into the street will only agitate things, creating chaos - wait, isn't that the modus operandi of the Marxists? Ah, now you're getting the picture Beware of False Prophets and False 'Popes'

    • Send in the clowns, send in the unCatholic clones, as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey reminds us of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich's horrible vision of what has become the CONciLIAR circus, so evident in Rio this week with Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis layman strutting about, defying both God and security. Tom actually took the painful task of watching the bizarre proceedings and shares the results that include good ol' Bishop Rifan (you remember that betrayer from Campos). Tom tells it like it is in Francis The Syncretist

    • Don't be suckered into believing Russia and China are not a threat to the West. That is the warning imparted by Toby Westerman to not be lulled into a false sense of security for recent events show they are mounting an offensive with the U.S. as their target and with this present incompetent and evil administration we're sitting ducks. Is Moscow-Beijing Axis a Real Threat or an Imagined One?

    • One look at the pix coming out of "World Youth Day" in Rio and you can see how unCatholic it is as NovusOrdoWatch posts a pic, all we can say is, "at least they left their socks on!" The temptations that exist at these events are no different than a rock concert except the Argentine icon they're coming to see is not Mick Jagger! But then a rolling stone gathers no moss, nor does an imposter 'pope'. See A Preview of the "Catholic Woodstock"

    • Just an inkling of what to expect in Rio. Think what Carnivale conjures up and you'll see, as Tradition in Action illustrates, what is in store for WYD this week Flash-in-the-Pan Flashmobs have no clue of their Faith

    • It takes a criminal to know one and we can see the cover-up of the sexual scandals continues as Traditio points out the public buffoonery of the disorganized one UnFrancis the flake fails at faking a fast one

    • The rumors of the 'Gay' Lobby in the Vatican and sordid past of Mr. Battista Ricca's blatant homosexuality have been confirmed as NovusOrdoWatch reports just as ol' Jorje heads for Rio. Let's see Lombardi deny this! Let's hope and pray there is a mass exodus from the false CONciLIAR church so souls can be saved. We owe it to God and to our fellow man especially to save the true Church in light of Magister's Accusations Prove TRUE!

    • There is a nostalgic article by Francisco Gutiérrez where he talks about manners. However, what he describes is not exclusive to Mexico. The very same points he makes were most common for all U.S. Catholics who were groomed in the same manner on manners in the 40's and 50's. Read it and weep compared to the disrespect we have today thanks to Vatican 2! Mexican Customs & Manners in the U.S.

    • Not many are shining a light on Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis' first 'uncyclical' Lumen Fidei and that's a good thing since there's really nothing about faith in it but, as Traditio points out, merely more "vapid puff-pieces" that would better be used for lining the bottom of birdcages. Lumen Fidei Has Been Widely Ignored

    • Time to get off the fence and admit there is no way a true pope could ever canonize known heretics. NovusOrdoWatch takes off the gloves and lays down the gauntlet to the "Recognize-and-Resist" camp, especially the spin-doctors at the Remnant. It's time to answer honestly the question: Is the Novus Ordo Church the True Church or a Counterfeit Church?

    • What is there left of Catholicism in the CONciLIAR church? Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey puts it very simply that with World Youth Day starting Monday in Rio the Carnivale atmosphere will be the theme as "another 'partnership' made in Hell to promote the devil's very own New World Order of Judeo-Masonry" and worse takes place before the world with the UN's involvement as well. Ah, what else would you expect from unFrancis? See Dispensing With The Last Pretenses of Catholicism

    • What is happening in Brazil, aside form WYD, is a revolution and the causes and effects of it as reviewed by Manoel Ricardo da Rocha Fiuza, a long-time friend of Atila Guimaraes of Tradition in Action, is a mirror effect of what is happening and will happen here in the United States as the left tries to ramrod through legislation and tactics to muzzle its citizens. All part of the chastisement because of our grievous sins against God's Laws. Fed up with 'Democracy'

    • Who was the best choice to place as new head of the Vatican Bank? Why of course, a known sodomite! Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any weirder in the CONciLIAR circus, NovusOrdoWatch alerts all with several links that the reliable reporter Sandro Magister once again, along with Italian Weekly and others, have the evidence to prove the rot despite the Vatican's denials that unFrancis' choice comes from the 'Gay' Lobby within the vipers' nest and has a long history of covering up the blatant sodomy network, which, of course, Bergoglio had to be totally numb not to know since tricksta Ricca was just across the river from Buenos Aires. See Lambasting Lombardi's Lies on 'Gay' nays
    • Formed as a backlash to Archbishop Lefebvre's episcopal consecrations, the FSSP has had a quarter of a century to try to stem the tide, but they have been swallowed up by the Modernist monster as Traditio points out in 25th Anniversary of the Insult Mass

    • Flash mob ready to flash for unFrancis in Rio at WYD. So much for virtue. NovusOrdoWatch warns it's R-rated or worse. We're taking their word on it. We won't watch it. We're just alerting you how vile Vatican 2 church has become and to warn any friends who may have kids duped by the hype. Beware! Guard their souls. Lewd Dancing for World Youth Day

    • A leopard cannot change his spots. So also with Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis whose spots run deep through his Talmudic connections so much so he could be called Francis the Rabbi as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey documents or Francis the Silent in his deaf response to the scandals that he knows very well have crippled souls and continues unabated despite the rhetoric as he is ready to party hardy in Rio, but if you want the bene fits you better twitter him. Unbelievable? See Tom's final part of Where Does One Begin? Part Three

    • Step right up, boys and girls, see the circus that awaits World Youth Day in Rio! Tell us that's Catholic and we'll tell you you're out of your cotton-pickin' mind! It's pagan to the hilt - all form and no function as NovusOrdoWatch presents the bizarre liturgical freak show. Truly it's The Blind Leading the Blind

    • You couldn't make this up. Acting more like the corrupt Borgia pope. Traditio reports Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis flake, in order to gin up attendance in Rio, is...ready for this? offering "Indulgences" for Tweets

    • The sell-out of the Church by the CONciLIAR 'popes' is at the crux of the problems in the world today for by so doing so these imposters skewered the moral compass that had been guarded by the only Church that Christ established on earth. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey files his second installment that he could easily have called, "Live by the UN, die by the UN" as we see in Where Does One Begin? Part Two

    • Bishop Donald Sanborn and Fr. Anthony Cekada weigh in with a true Catholic perspective with insightful commentary linked NovusOrdoWatch on Restoration Radio broadcasts, the latest being unFrancis' First 100 Days

    • Mr. Bergoglio refashions the criminal law to stem impending demand for documents on sexual scandals. It's all form and no function, typical of the Modernists who've ruled for 55 years as Traditio reports that unFrancis is more interested in how pizza is prepared than protecting children from the ravages of pedophilia Bergoglio's New Law Panders to Pedophiles

    • During a time when known heretics are being advanced for CONonization, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey shares astounding accounts of a true holy priest from Chicago whom the CONciLIAR church wants nothing to do with, even though Fr. Leo McMcNamara, who died in 1973, had as his most ardent supporter none other than Padre Pio. Many miracles have been attributed to this mystic and stigmatist Fr. Leo, who had a special mission for St. Maximina, and Tom's own testimony in Better Than Realtors and eBay

    • Eccesiastes 1: 2 says it best: "Vanity of vanities, and all is vanity."
      What is more vein than false 'popes' being marketed from trinkets to bobble-heads to, as Tradition in Action documents, being on the cover of the worldly, bizarre and salacious "Vanity Fair" magazine - namely Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis proponent of progressivism as their 'Man of the Year' saying: "...the revolution continues"! Ah, yes, perhaps Jorge mistook the scriptural meaning of "all is vanity". Not! And the 'humble' Francis wins in Vanity Fair

    • While most Americans revere the Constitution, what they forget is that it is a mere document written by men. The infallibility of Catholic dogma, however, is from the hand of God and takes precedence every time as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey points out in showing how Freemasonry has enveloped all facets of our society today and, thanks to Vatican 2, almost the entirety of the Catholic population as Tom reminds us it is either Christ or chaos, the latter of which we've had plenty of lately and sure not enough of the Former as you'll see in Where Does One Begin Part One

    • With Roncalli's CONonization less than six months away, did anyone check on his association with Montini and La Pira, both being propped up for BEATification in the corrupt CONciLIAR church? Dr. Carol Byrne presents evidence of La Pira's hand in caving to the Commies in part 8 of her series Helping Communist Interests at Vatican II

    • One of the famous lines from the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz is "We're not in Kansas anymore" but Bishop Richard Williamson was in the sunflower state on July 2, Rossville that is. He was stirring up his own tornado in exposing the man behind the curtain and in front as he gave almost a two-hour talk for the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the landmark Episcopal Consecrations by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988. NovusOrdoWatch provides his talk in mp3 form in Williamson unleashed

    • Bishop Williamson continued his Silver Jubilee tour, so to speak, with SRO Masses in Virginia at St. Athanasius as Traditio reports, while in Econe Fellay's own celebration was half empty, giving evidence of the fallout as Williamson insists The Resistance to the SSPX is growing

    • Note to all who belong to the "Recognize and Resist" gang, please see Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's documentation of previous true Popes' decrees that mandate you cannot resist just those things you don't think is Catholic, and still recognize Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis as a true pope. It's not possible, or as anti-sedevacantists are wont to say, "It's untenable." There is only one tenable conclusion: The Chair has to be empty or else the gates of hell have won and Christ lied. We know that's not possible, therefore this apostate heretic is hiding in plain sight. Just look! It's not complicated as Tom shows in the simplicity of Vatican I with Incompetent To Teach Squat About The Catholic Faith Part Three

    • NovusOrdinarians had better pony up more bucks in the collection plate because the CONciLIAR cabal is going to need it with news that the FBI is clamping down on Dolan and Ratzinger for cover-up as Traditio reports FBI hot on heels of NY's Dolan

    • Wanna become a "saint"? Bill Metallo shows you the wide path of worldly acceptance John Paul 2 took. Hey, why not canonize Pope Alexander VI considering the bar has been lowered so far?! Bill lists How to become a saint...it's as easy as following off a log

    • Don't wanna be Catholic? That's fine with ol' Jorge who says, as Traditio reports, you can join the Anglican church. After all, what's the difference? They're both PROTESTANT! All part of the progressives' plan.Okay for Novus Ordinarians to become Anglican Ordinarians

    • Our Lord said to make friends of Mammon and the CONciLIAR 'popes' have done just that and now it is coming back to bite them big time as Traditio reports. Paul the Sick bowed to the UN in the 60's, JP2 & Ratz followed. What did that get them? How about UN demands the Vatican to turn over all pedophilia files by January 2014 or else.

    • With all the bad trees sprouting up since Vatican 2, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey alerts all not to get lost in the "trees" or they will get caught in the backdraft of the impending fire, so obvious by those who penned the ludicrous "lumen fidei" as Tom shows how the Church has long ago condemned the "four hands" Incompetent To Teach Squat About The Catholic Faith Part Two

    • Jorge rams Ramadan down Catholic sense, but then did you expect him not to? NovusOrdoWatch details his apostate remarks where he hopes a false religion, a satanic one at that, will "bear abundant spiritual fruit." Never mind Sunday's Gospel, this Bergoglio bud is a classic example of those who say "Lord, Lord" and won't enter into the kingdom of Heaven (Mt. 7:21). Maybe he can count the 72 virgins with his Muslim buddies. So how will the semi-traditionalists explain this? They'd be wise to first check out Happy Ramadan!?! Not if you're Catholic!

    • Our Lord said to make friends of Mammon and the CONciLIAR 'popes' have done just that and now it is coming back to bite them big time as Traditio reports. Paul the Sick bowed to the UN in the 60's, JP2 & Ratz followed. What did that get them? How about UN demands the Vatican to turn over all pedophilia files by January 2014 or else.

    • Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis' poor taste bespeaks his beliefs and that is not good as Dr. Marian Therese Horvat points out in his love for the bizarre work of the modernist 'artist' Marc Chagall that looks more like kindergartener scribbled it. Just more of the evidence that satan rules Rome, not Christ as can be seen in Jesus on the Cross by Chagall

    • Modernist to the core and DOA! That is the summation Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey arrives at in reviewing the word salad bafflegab of lumen fidei where more ambiguity slithers into the sensus of theCONciLIAR faithful to further confuse them into thinking Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Tom toasts the two-headed pope monsters in his first part as he clearly shows unFrancis and nolonger Benedict16 are Incompetent To Teach Squat About The Catholic Faith Part One

    • We assure you that you can depend on the thorough researchers at NovusOrdoWatch to expose the CONciLIAR charlatans including the apostate Mother Teresa who was not the saint the world and John Paul 2 made her out to be. The site publishes beaucoup links to provide evidence to her heresies as well as the specific condemnations by the Church and that she ipso facto placed herself outside the true Church which proves also that Wojtyla's words and Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis layman's words in lumen fidei only contribute to the fact they're all apostates and anything they do is entirely null and utterly void for they have no authority, which we hope His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson will see and abandon any hope of Jorge doing God's will. Few apostates repent. See The Apostate Humanism of Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

    • Once again Tradition in Action publishes an article by Dr. Robert Banaugh that reaffirms sedevacantism is the only syllogism to what has happened over the past 50 years as he presents part II of The Church of Man with Attack against the Integrity & Unity of the Faith

    • Amidst all the corruption in the CONciLIAR church, why should we be surprised that rules have been sorely broken in pushing through the cononization of two rascals who by their words and actions surely could never be considered saints? In fact there is an apparition, whether true or not who knows, but it depicts JP2 burning in hell. Yet, because it's the will of Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis to destroy the Church he's going through with it come hell or highwater as Traditio exposes the corrupt culprits in What does unFrancis care about Traditional Requirements?!

    • Be ready for a barrage of volleys at the Recognize-and-resist gang who think they can have their cake and eat it too. NovusOrdoWatch proves that we have a duty before God to verbally expose those who refuse to listen to the truth just as we attack a gunner in war, not the gun, so also we must target the person as Fr. Felix Sarda explains in his 1886 masterpiece Liberalism is a Sin as it's time to refute a popular misconception in Liberalism and Personal Polemics

    • Jorge's Mafia-like foil caught trying to smuggle 26 million dollars out of Switzerland and deposit it in the Vatican Bank as Traditio points out the embezzlement and money-laundering going on by the CONciLIARS Bergoglio's Senior Accountant Caught Smuggling Beaucoup Bucks

    • More of the same ol' bafflegab to further dumb down the sheeple. On the same day it is officially released that - come hell or highwater (probably both) - Roncalli and Wojtyla will be cononized by Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis on Dec. 8 this year to prop up the apostasy spawned at V2, he issues his first and hopefully last faux en-sick-lick-ill lumen fidei. Ol' Jorge claims Fr. Joseph Ratzinger also had a hand in it - figures since Mr. B is not too bright - thus "four hands", but we all know whose hand is really in this. Hint. The hands also hold the pitchfork and seem to have adjusted to fire. NovusOrdoWatch will be at the forefront of exposing Another Milestone [Millstone] in the Modernist Sewer

    • Just as we've been pointing out in our series Truth vs. Fiction on the stark differences between the grace-filled Traditional Latin Mass and the graceless Novus Ordo, NovusOrdoWatch shows the words and phrases deleted that makes it not only invalid, illicit, but also sacrilegious. See The Novus Ordo 'Mass' Exposed

    • Penance and reparation are things of the past according to Jorge as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey points out how Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis layman is not only a heretic and blasphemer, but also he's Francis the Insidious Little Pest

    • Denial and lies haven't worked so well with the false clerics in scarlet, purple and black, so the U.S. potentates of the cloth, as Traditio reports, have decided to leave their scheming to others as they Hiring Lobbyists to do the 'Bishop's dirty cover-ups

    • Four hands are still no hands when Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis issues his first uncyclical as NovusOrdoWatch points out along with several other interesting pieces in their latest Novus Ordo Watch News Digest

    • Oh, don't you love semantics? Words do have significance and NovusOrdoWatch shows the absurdity of the recognize-and-resists' ridiculous arguments by replacing one title for a name and you see the vacancy of a certain CFN editor's mind of not admitting the Chair is Vacant. In this Reality Check for Non-Sedevacantists, NovusOrdoWire presents beaucoup links to show once again the anti-sedes have no answers because it is their position that is untenable as you'll see in Demonstrating the Folly of the False Traditionalist 'Recognize & Resist' Position

    • Who's behind the massive cover-up of the rot? Convicted pedophile Poggi could poke enough holes in the CONciLIAR balloon to deflate the satanic perverts in the Vatican if he proves credible, though that could be a problem despite the fact he supposedly knows and wants to expose all the sodomite rot, pimping, demonic Black Masses and other terrifying sacrileges that include names yet to be announced. Why? Because misery loves company. You know, make friends of mammon time. It would seem NAMBLA is alive inside the Vatican as NovusOrdoWatch alerts all to stay tuned as they hold their nose while they journalistically peel away the onion in following the Italian and French media breaking accounts of acts that would embarrass Alexander VI. See the sources at Sodomite Underage Prostitution Ring has ties to Vatican

    • WOW! We congratulate Tradition In Action for not only admitting they were wrong, but producing all the evidence one would need to see that the CONciLIAR church is in apostasy and that its hierarchy have incurred automatic excommunication, (v.g., Codex Juris Canonici, can 2322 n. 1) thus putting them outside the Church including everyone inside the Vatican which would mean...wait for it...wait for it...the CHAIR IS VACANT. When will TIA admit the obvious? See What Are the Cases that Incur Automatic Excommunication?