Michael Cain
August Editorial 2013

    Editor Michael Cain relates a correction he made at the request of an Air Force official to right the record. In doing so he noted we are living in a time when honor means little, one's word means nothing, and man lives according to what other men think with little regard for what their Almighty Creator thinks. The official agreed. How dense, how dumbed down have the masses become when they can't decipher St. Augustine's truth that wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it and right is right even if no one is doing it? Cain endeavors to explain this moral morass and why we will remain there on the menu of boiled frog if we do not leap from the stove of denial and connect the dots that lead to the truth of what is really going on. He reminds us of what is truly "Stolen Honor" and for...

    Recently I received an email from an Air Force official asking that I make a correction on our Requiescat in Pace section where we list our dearly departed Traditional Catholics and, on occasion, others who have died. I had listed a fellow parishioner as thus:

    "A parishioner of Our Lady of Fatima parish in San Diego, he passed away peacefully just a few months shy of turning 84 on July 6, 2010. He was well prepared having just received Extreme Unction. He was a World War II vet, having served in the Army Air Corps before it was the Air Force. He served 47 active years as an Officer."

    The USAF official was upset that I had listed my fellow parishioner as a "Major General" when, in truth, he was 'merely' an enlisted man. We didn't know this since everyone referred to him as "General Joe". Nevertheless, I made the correction as we do whenever anything published here on the DailyCatholic would be wrong. Note, over the 24 years of publishing I can count on one hand the number of times I have had to make a correction. But when warranted, I definitely will make things right. Thus, in this case, I did so.

    The official originally wrote, "He changed his retired E-8 (enlisted Senior Master Sergeant) to O-8 on his retirement ID. This made him a retired Major General. He pretended to be a retired officer for the status and benefits for many years before he was caught. He pretended to be a general officer for the benefits and status. This was wrong." Yes, it was and I corrected it. What struck me is that the official called it "stolen honor."

    With that moniker prevalent in the news in our times with Iraq and Afghanistan, I can understand their sensitivity. Yes, the gentleman who died will have to answer to God for whatever transgressions he may have committed, and yet, as I wrote back to the official, "The important thing is that he received the true Last Rites and received God's forgiveness. Whatever sins he needed to make reparation for would be done in Purgatory and that is what is much more important than reputation, that one is expedited into Heaven. Therefore, please pray for the repose of his soul for that is all that matters for all of us. Life is fleeting, eternity is forever."

    It got me to thinking about that term "stolen honor" and I responded to the official thus:

    'Me thinks thou dost protest too much. Considering his time in service and what he gave to his country and the low pay afforded non-coms vs. coms who, for the most part are less qualified than lifers, if you will, I would not classify it as "stolen honor" since he served his country honorably for 47 years. Deceitful, yes, and for that he has to answer to God as do every other politician and acting fraud-in-chief who never served one day in boot camp, let alone the front lines. Joe served in WWII and Korea. How many others can say that? Rather than accusing him, why not give him plaudits for his loyalty and service. Considering the ideals he fought for are being completely eroded today by current military wusses who forget their oath to defend the country and Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies. They just had a coup in Egypt. What's needed is one in Washington to rid our nation of the treasonous demon in the White House and those in Congress who steal us blind.

        As an Air Force vet myself of the Vietnam era as an Information Officer, I've seen the causes and effects that have diminished our once great country and turned it into U WUSS of A or USSA or the American Caliphate. I remember when I served my country of the vow I took to uphold the Constitution and defend my country against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. I was against the war after truly studying and seeing how futile and fruitless it was and why it was being fought. But I stayed in until my tour of duty was up. Then I got out. Too many buddies were killed for nothing. That is what you would truly call "stolen honor". The incompetent yes men Obama has put in place as his commanding generals to go along with his devious plan to transform America into a Communist country while allowing Sharia Law to slither into our courts, now that is "stolen honor".

        What the NSA and IRS have done and continuing to do is truly "stolen honor." What the chief law officer of the land as head of the "Justice" department is turn a blind eye to true crimes and go after law-abiding citizens along politically correct progressive lines that punish the just and reward the guilty and do-nothing Peter Principle puppets in D.C. and Sacramento. That is without a doubt "STOLEN HONOR".

        Spending over 100 million for a short trip to the native continent where he was born is "stolen honor" while the POTUS covers-up what really happened in Benghazi and with Fast and Furious. Aiding and abetting the enemy is treason of the highest order. And you tell me who ordered the stand-down. No one in jeopardy is ever left stranded. That is a proud military code of honor. I pray they investigate what really happened to Seal Team Six in that mysterious ambush of their helicopter in Afghanistan. I still believe it was to silence them for they knew too much. Look at the trail Obama has left, oh, that's right, he's ordered everything redacted. Speaking of trails, look at the Clintons and their involvement with crime.

        So don't rage on about Joe, rage on Obama and the corrupt politicians and czars he's put in place to do what Hitler and Stalin never could: bring down the USA. And the lamestream media is complicit in all of this. They should be held in contempt as accomplices in treason.

        Probably the greatest evidence of "stolen honor" is the fact that nearly 100 million babies have been slaughtered in the womb over the past 40 years since the abominable Roe vs. Wade allowed the Highest Court in the land to legalize murder of the most innocent. They made Herod look like a school boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. That in God's eyes is truly "STOLEN HONOR" for it, along with sodomy, cries to Heaven for vengeance. We have lost all sense of decency and morality. And God will have His justice. Count on it.

        So please, do not rag on Joe for just trying to survive in a country that treated him as just a number and didn't have the intelligence or savvy to catch him. He has to answer to God, not you or the so-called righteous ones who are quick to throw stones. You are being a Javert to Joe's Jean Valjean considering the comparison of stealing bread (0-8 vs. E-8) and the obsessed French policeman hunting down prisoner 24601. Time to go after the real culprits and let the deceased rest in peace. Requiescat in pace.'

    The USAF official replied in a respectful manner, agreeing with my assessments.

        'All gave some, some gave all.

        I agree that the most important thing for him was that he received the true Last Rites and God's forgiveness. I am not Catholic even though my mother and two sisters were, but I understand the reason.

        I have known of people who 99% of their life who have done the right thing at the right time for the right reason living their life morally and righteously. But, too often they are known for the less than 1% of the wrong thing they did.

        Life is not fair, it is often difficult and we mess up. That is why we have redemption through our Lord & Savior. We make mistakes then we, if we are honorable or of good character, repent and try to correct our errors.

        Stolen Honor can be as little as claiming an award which you never were eligible for or claiming to be something you were not.

        He served his country as an enlisted man in the USAF and as a civilian working for the USAF for 47 years. That record will not change, that honor is his because he earned it the right way for the right reason.

        Too many in this Country are ignorant and react to emotion and not logic. They do not know or have faith in the Constitution of the United States of America. Nor do they know the USA mission statement as written in the Declaration of Independence that starts with WE THE PEOPLE.

        More inhumanity to man, over the last century, has been done in the name of socialism than any other cause. The NAZIs were the National Socialist Workers Party. The old Soviet Union was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Too many have forgotten the killing fields, ethnic cleansing and social programs of socialists under the guise of different names.

        We are taught in the bible there was a War in Heaven where a third of the host was kicked out, denied mortality. Two plans were given leading to the divide. One that all would be saved (collective salvation) and the glory would be to the son of the morning star. The other plan was God’s plan, we would have to live by faith and make a choice to accept or reject a savior (individual salvation). The Glory would be to God. The first plan was rejected and Satan with his followers were kicked out of Heaven. All on this earth today accepted God’s plan before they came to earth. Not all will be saved, many will reject Christ’s offer of redemption.

        For the first time in the history of our Country, we have a President who espouses Collective Salvation and denying that Jesus the Christ is the only path toward Salvation. He believes in that first plan, as noted above, that all will first need be saved collectively before any individual salvation.

        For the first time in our history social justice is replacing equal justice. For the first time in our history the majority of the citizens no longer have read nor understand what our Country is all about. For the first time, the media, congress and many in the courts and our educators have rejected what our Country has stood for. Now it is; Ask what your country can do for you, ask not what you can do. Eat, drink and be merry – accept the bribe of slavery to the State.

        That is not stolen honor. It is evil, a new dark age coming, the loss of real freedom, an age of socialist godless slavery to the state.'

    I must say he was right on and so charitable in his words that you would think a Catholic had written it, though he admits he is not Catholic. Perhaps what his mother or sisters taught him will someday, in God's time and through His graces, bring him to the true Faith. We must be patient and not bruise the fruit but let it ripen to be picked when God so chooses.

    I started to think some more about stolen honor and the words Pope St. Pius V said, "All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics." Wow, think about that. He's right. It's all about causes and effect. Look back to the Protestant Revolution. Had the Catholics of the 15th Century and early 16th Century been alert, they would have spoken out when the bad true popes of their time, specifically the Borgia pope Alexander VI veered from the moral course and petitioned their priests and bishops to caution the pope and his entourage of scandal. We all know what Christ says about scandal. We also know what the Book of Apocalypse says about the lukewarm in Apocalypse 3: 15-16. Regurgitating someone is the epitome of disgust and rejection. Don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't want to be in that situation.

    Let's move on across the channel to England and see if things might have turned out differently had Catholics carried out their Pilgrimage of Grace and marched into London. We shall never know for they chickened out by believing the lies for Henry was in denial. Oh, there's an acronym for that: Don't EvenNoticeIAmLying.

    Of course, that state of denial exists to this day, especially in our time in all facets of life in church and state; and especially with the media who have given us the tabernacle of satan to go with cell phones and iPads when the populace are not transfixed in front of their giant sized flat screens being indoctrinated to desensitivation so they can be programmed for the New World Order.

    Look at both the American and French Revolutions. Like dominoes one follows the other. Had England remained Catholic there is little doubt there would have been 1776, but rather an extension of the faith. Think about that. A USA that is predominantly Catholic in every way! Now look at the reality and weep. Imagine several in France felt the same way in the aftermath of the Bastille. Then we have the Bolshevik Revolution and then the Nazis. Oh, yes, the Nazis. Had Catholics in Germany not been lukewarm and fearful, do you think Adolf Hitler would ever have come to power? As much as it hurts, we must lay blame on Popes Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pope Pius XII for not truly heeding and alerting the faithful to the urgent message of Fatima after it had been officially approved. Our Lady had warned what would happen, but few really responded and we have the effects of that today for Russia's errors have indeed spread everywhere.

    Anyone who has read Aa-1025 by Marie Carre or heard the testimony of Bella Dodd and Manning Johnson before the House on un-American Activities in the early 1950's would realize that the Church was infiltrated with nearly 1,200 men who were ordained with the specific purpose of destroying the Church from within. One look at what went down in Rio the end of July and the barren, bitter fruits of the past 50 years and you'll see how thorough this plan has worked. The Trojan Horse of "liberation theology", a pet project of the Jesuits - yea, ol' Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio alias unFrancis, a layman to boot considering he was ordained in the new invalid rite of Paul the Sick, who therefore isn't even a priest, let alone 'bishop' or 'pope', was an ideal student of Marxism which he is now trying to force-feed it to the world.

    But you would never believe that. Why? Because so dumbed down and indoctrinated have the masses become that emotion overtakes common sense and faith as was witnessed in the free-for-all 'love fest' for man, not God. Thanks to Vatican Two and all the bitter, rotten fruits that have proven it is a bad tree, yea, an evil tree that is destined for the infernal fire just as our Lord identified in St. Matthew 7: 15-21. It all was so evident on the hedonistic Copacabana Beach where three million professed their loyalty to a man who could very well either be the antichrist or the precursor to the final antichrist.

    Strong words, yes, but those who eschew lukewarm must speak thusly and not be afraid of having to recant something just because it may not be politically correct or insensitive to some ears. There is only One Who we need to please and be accountable to and that is God Almighty. Jesus said as much when He said in both St. Matthew 10: 37-40

    " He that loveth father or mother more than Me, is not worthy of Me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than Me, is not worthy of Me. And he that taketh not up his cross, and followeth Me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for Me, shall find it. [40] He that receiveth you, receiveth Me: and he that receiveth Me, receiveth Him that sent Me."

    Matthew's fellow Apostle St. Luke recorded an even more stern warning from Our Lord in chapter 14: 26-27:

    "If any man come to Me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple. And whosoever doth not carry his cross and come after Me, cannot be My disciple."

    You'll note the word "hate" above does not mean what the term is taken for today, for the law of Christ does not allow us to hate even our enmies," as Haydock Commentary notes. Rather the word "hate" here means that for the welfare of our soul we must be "willing to renounce, and part with every thing, how near or dear soever it may be to us, that would keep us from following Christ." Hate seems to be the watchword today whether it is the infidel Islamist ranting on against Christians as they slaughter them mercilessly in the Mideast, Indonesia, Philippines and Africa as well as so many other places, or the race-baiters doing all they can to drum up hate for what else would they do if they had no hate-mongers to stir up. The Southern Poverty Law Center, along with the "Reverends" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and that ilk along with the Westboro Baptist group, who though they may be right, go about it the wrong way, are all excellent examples of the extremists who feed on hate.

    Jesus says to love our neighbor, love our enemy, do good to those who hate you. Not an easy task for anyone. At least He didn't say we have to like them! By love He means to want them to share Heaven and therefore we have a duty to do all in our power to convert them for their own salvation. That, of course, cannot be done by someone who is lukewarm for going out as Christ commands is not easy and takes courage. More importantly it takes something few have or ask for these days: GRACE!

    We keep wondering why so few truly see that our beloved Church, the only faith Christ instituted on earth to replace the Old Covenant, has been in eclipse since the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII. What will wake them, especially those who belong to the "Recognize-and-Resist" camp who criticize these men posing as 'popes' calling them every name possible, but they cannot bring themselves to admit they're not true popes. Why? They say because the theological opinion of sedevacantism in "untenable". Huh? What's untenable is to think these humanists who have deconstructed the holy Faith slowly but surely and aren't even Catholic could possibly have any authority whatsoever.

    Have the R&Rs had braincramp and forgotten all that went before 1960?

    It would seem so.

    Yet, they liberally quote decrees of the past but can't seem to connect that last dot. Some say it's because they are afraid of losing their base or support they've built up. We know that fear. Ask Fr. Michael Oswalt, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, Mario Derksen,Griff Ruby and countless others to numerous to list, many who have informed us they have reached the same theological opinion conclusion and realize how the fear dissipates with grace. Once they were open to that grace, something or someone spurred them to connect that last dot and once they did, it was so crystal clear.

    We know, we were there. Why are we now tried and true sedevacantists? Simple: we received the grace to see. For us it began at Lourdes. For others, like Fr. Oswalt it began with reading one of Griff's columns on our site as well as reading Tom Droleskey's articles. Who knows where or when it happens. We receive testimonies from readers who were open to the grace and intellectually honest enough to do the research themselves and leave denial behind. The key is one must be open to the grace and, if one is, then it will happen, but only in God's time, not ours. It's as simple as that.

    But if one is lukewarm, there is no fertile soil for the soul for grace to reside and grow. The devil is the chief architect of the lukewarm and that is truly "stolen honor". For he was the first thief. He is responsible for a third of the fallen angels who blithely and blindly followed him and were cast out of Heaven. That should be a warning to those who blithely and blindly follow a certain Argentinian who gladhands folks and kisses babies while preaching humanism with a few 'Catholic' points sprinkled in to assuage his critics who think he doesn't know doctrine and throw off his fiercest critics - Traditional Catholics who know very well who he isn't: a True Pope.

    In all love and charity as St. Paul entreats us to use when he says in 2 Timothy 4: 2 and 5, "Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine...But be thou vigilant, labor in all things, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill thy ministry. Be sober." Keeping this in mind and knowing that the time the Apostle of the Gentiles spoke of in verses 3-4 is now here when "they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables", I say to our fellow Traditonal Catholics who have not connected all the dots that to remain in that state of denial is being a willing victim of "stolen honor". You may keep your status quo, but what about when you stand before the eternal Judge. How will you account for your stewardship that, when you had the opportunity to save souls, to steal them from satan's clutches, you blinked? That, folks, is what God could consider true stolen honor.

Michael Cain, editor, The DailyCatholic

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