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Thursday, April 18, 2013
Volume 24, number 108

Satan's Ten Commandments to the Homosexual Lobby

Paul Kokoski

    With same-sex 'marriage' before the Supreme Court as well as DOMA, we need to realize the homosexual lobby will not sit idly by and let the judges take away what they have fought for. Thus, just as Moses returned from the Burning Bush with a set list of Ten Commands for man to live his life in the rightful order of things, so also, in typical fashion by the devil who apes God, Harvey Milk and his ilk return from the darkest grave to inspire what the LGBT community demands by their list of Ten Commands that mock God's Natural Order in order to establish the unnatural, perverted world of sodomy. Don't they realize such a course has consequences? Do they really think Abraham was a fictitious character and that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah never happened? If they were honest with themselves, they'd admit it. But their entire case is built on lies for their author is the father of lies as they will discover when they meet their real Maker. Oh are they in for a surprise!

    The Bible tells us that Satan has the ability to "appear as an angel of light". Nowhere is this more evident than in the radical attempt to promote homosexuality in society today as something good.

    For the purpose of deceiving Mankind and destroying souls, Satan has thus given the homosexual lobby the following Ten commandments.

    1) Thou shalt make sure no one judges thy morals if thou art strange nor put God before thee.
      Never lose sight of the fact that God is your ultimate enemy. Attack God and all religion as something oppressive, hypocritical and evil. This is easily done by taking biblical quotes out of context to suit your own purpose and meaning. At the same time avoid all talk of the murderous regimes of atheists like Hitler and Stalin. Wherever possible, work diligently behind the scenes to drag your religious opponent into court whenever his moral values even begin to clash with yours. Test and try every court until you find a judge who is your friend. Especially work on religious adoption agencies and church ministers who lecture on the evils of homosexuality and same-sex marriage in their sermons. Where this is not possible infiltrate the priesthood so as to corrupt religion from within.

    2) Thou shalt not be a "homophobe" nor use the name of God to remind thee of thy sins.

      Fight to deny those who oppose homosexual acts their right to freedom of speech. Always see your sexual opponent (anyone who rejects homosexual acts) as the enemy. Project what they see as your sexual disorder onto them by repetitiously calling them "homophobes." Do not be afraid to accuse those who defend traditional marriage and the Natural Law by bringing God into the equation as intolerant and out of touch. If accused, pettyfog the accusation by accusing back. Stay on the offense where they must stay on the defense.

    3) Remember to keep the gay agenda always before the media and in others' face.

      At the same time enforce your own right to free speech on others by copiously using the liberal media and other outlets to label your opponents every unsavory thing from "bigot" to "idiot" and establish the term "homophope" to denigrate and dismiss all those against the gay agenda. Use the words "equality" and "hate" often and unrelentingly as if only you - the homosexual - understand their meaning. If anyone objects, accuse them of discrimination. Keep in mind that politicians and judges are your friends. Many of them are openly practicing homosexuals and the rest, swayed by power and the almighty dollar, will do anything for your vote. Remember, too, that in today's politically correct and morally relativistic society there is no objective moral order and that it often takes only one civil judge to side in your favor for you to achieve your ends.

    4) Honor thy right to same-sex 'marriage' by any means necessary and by equating with other causes.

      Use the "race card" unceasingly against your enemy by equating homosexual behavior (which can change) with a person's color (which, by one's will alone, cannot change). Most people don't seem to realize the stark difference, so keep them in the dark. Don't remind them that there can be no procreation in homosexual unions for obvious reasons. Do all you can to denigrate anyone who brings up the fact you cannot populate Heaven, let alone get there if you continue on the sodomite path. Isolate and ridicule. Deny, deny, deny.

    5) Thou shalt not kill thy agenda to force all to accept thy LBGT lifestyle as normal.

      Get involved in the political process to further the LBGT lifestyle agenda. Intimidate and ridicule those who don't agree. Get support from the LBGT to rally voters, align with the unions and play the victim card as often as you can in order to pass legislation that will tip the scales in favor of making the homosexual lifestyle not only acceptable but envied. If necessary, align with progressive groups that run the gamut from Planned Parenthood, ACORN and well-oiled Unions with muscle to Marxism and Liberation Theology eveb to such other far-left entities as the Black Panthers, the Muslim Brotherhood or other radical groups. Play up collective salvation. Remember, strength in numbers even though the number of homosexuals are greatly exaggerated, but support the LGBT Lobby enthusiastically and generously and no one will ever know it's Satan's scam until it's too late. It will be law. Forget the Natural and Supernatural Law. It's time for anarchy until we get our way.

    6) Thou shalt commit adultery and every other sin thou wishes.

      Dismiss as silly and unviable any attempt to show that the "Pill", which was introduced to separate and tear asunder the act of sex from the gift of life, has led to the disintegration of the family. Lobby to push the envelope further by infiltrating Hollywood, entertainment and news networks, education, politics and churches to enhance licentiousness as natural for man. Spread the excuse, "After all, we're only human!" Once that is accepted and society desensitized, obscenities will not be so obscene for gradual chipping away at morality will dull consciences and, with that accomplished, it will be easier to isolate and ridicule those few who are without sin. For the rest it would be hypocritical for those who would protest to accuse, thus effectively silencing opposition. Count on the boiled frog syndrome to cook up whatever you want to push.

    7) Thou shalt not steal thy thunder by reminding others of God's law.

      Build yourself up in the eyes of the indifferent masses - who are mere sheep - by claiming to be a modern person of tolerance and peace - one who is accepting of all. The people will believe you because in today's materialistic word people are focused primarily on themselves and their own gain. They have little or no concern for what others do as long as it does not effect them. Promote prophylactics and other means of contraception for the latter has nothing to do with homosexuality, but it can distract enough to hide the truth. Ridicule and undermine the intelligence of your more worthy opponents by resorting to ambiguity and sarcasm. Never resist a chance to claim that they are living in the "Dark Ages." Then, do all you can to claim the Bible is fiction and strive to get any references of scripture ruled merely subjective with no legal argument in courts of law.

    8) Thou shalt not allow the truth to surface but keep them guessing by distraction.

      Act and speak as if homosexuals have a corner on the truth and that they alone - not their opponents - can demand of society what is right and wrong. Use every form of deceit imaginable including the use of straw man arguments and false scientific studies - anything that will appeal to the simpleton. Lie, deceive, put on a false front. Pretend you are a friend. Talk of peace and brotherhood. Make pledges of co-operation and mutual assistance. In short, destroy your opponent with a kiss; then rape his conscience.

    9) Thou shalt covet whatever thou wants including taking away thy neighbor's rights.

      Confuse the distinction between "hating the sin" and "loving the sinner". This is an absolute must since everyone - especially parents - know the time-honored value of discipline and "tough love". This can be effectively achieved by introducing special "anti-bullying" laws into schools that aim at protecting homosexuals from the enemy. If you find that someone suspects your true motives and resists on the grounds that homosexuals should not be given special status in this regard or that such laws are merely an attempt to normalize homosexuality in society, use both the "equality" and the "separation of church and state" card against them.

    10) Thou shalt covet the collective as a means for forging thy lifestyle on others.

      Assure everyone that no religion will be made to suffer from society's acceptance of homosexuality. Speak always and often of equality and co-existence. Claim, as a sham, snare, and illusion, that tradition marriage and homosexual marriage can live side-by-side in complete harmony. Redefine through devious verbal engineering such joyful and well-established words and symbols like "marriage", "spouse", "gay" and "rainbow" and attach them to homosexual acts in order to give sin an innocent, natural and pleasing appeal.

    This then, dear readers, in effect, is the homosexual lobby manifesto that is sweeping the world. Yes indeed folks, Satan is among us and daring us to oppose him! Are we going to allow this perverted agenda to eclipse morality and Catholic truth or will we stand and defend what is right and proper no matter the cost? Pray on that before the preying predators get any more powerful.

    If you doubt all of the above, listen to what proud and blatant lesbian journalist Massha Gessen admitted just recently: "It's a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it's a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. ...(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there - because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don't think it should exist."

    They are getting bolder and unapologetic as to their true intent. If we stand up and expose these lies that foster this unnatural sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, do you really think God will not equip us with all that's necessary to conquer? If you doubt, then how strong is your faith, your trust in God? Do not be steamrolled or duped. Sodomy was a sin from the time man was created and nothing has changed except the devil's determination to deceive for he is indeed desperate. Though we know he will never win the war, please don't let him win this battle.

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Volume 24, number 108