This Holy Rosary/Fatima Edition will take us up to the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor and covers three celebrations of the Blessed Virgin Mary for this is Our Lady's time with the Double of the Second Class Feast of the Holy Rosary on October 7 and we encourage you to pray Mary's holy Psalter daily, all 15 decades if possible, and for encouragement, see the 15 Promises of the Holy Rosary to those who devoutly pray the Rosary. Following Rosary Sunday we arrive Wednesday at another Double of the Second Class Feast, this time honoring Theotokos - the Mother of God for her Divine Maternity on October 11 and finish the week with the observance of the 95th Anniversary of her final apparition at the Cova to the three young peasant children. Indeed, had we heeded her words, there is little doubt things would be much different today. The Church would be flourishing, vocations would be teeming for the errors of Russia - Communism, Modernism, Abortion and Sodomy would be minimal at the least and so many more souls would have been born - born to serve God and populate Heaven. But alas, such is not the case and we point to October 11 as the culprit for this year we commiserate the 50th Anniversary of the Commencement of the Second Vatican Council which the devil used to not only allow Russia's errors to spread, but spawned the Great Apostasy. In the second edition which will cover the third and fourth weeks of October, we will focus primarily on the bitter fruits from this bad tree, which is destined for the eternal fires.

          In this first edition, though Cyndi Cain has been suffering quite a bit with infirmities, she has managed to tap out a lesson from the University of Virtue for the first day of this month on the holy Bishop, the dauntless St. Remigius who was chiefly responsible for the conversion of France. Today the First Daughter of the Church is in shambles and Cyndi points out the possible fate of the holy Faith if the faithful do not realize what is at stake and rally to do their part and answer the call for all to pitch in as you'll see in A Reminder of St. Remigius' Remedy

          On the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels we provide the beautiful poetic prayer "Send Your Angel to Mass" and encourage you to read Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's inspiring article Put Your Guardian Angel to Work at All Times and on the following day on St. Therese of Lisieux with Holiness Unalloyed. We actually have a dose of Droleskey inspirational articles in this edition when Tom honors St. Francis of Assisi with From Riches to Lady Poverty to Eternal Treasures and weighs in with more fervor for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary with The Gates of Our Very Souls. Tom's not done as he provides food for thought with Theotokos - Θεοτόκος for the Divine Maternity of Mary and two articles for the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor with King of the Day and Queen of the Ages and on the 95th Anniversary of the last apparition at Fatima he files Our Lady Does Not Act on Her Own.

          In between in this two-week edition, we bring you several highlights such as in a review of all the Major Councils leading up to the abominable Vatican II in asking Do you really Know Church Teaching? and two papal decrees, one by Pope St. Pius V on the Holy Rosary Consueverunt Romani and Pope Pius XII's encyclical on dangerous opinions undermining the Faith Humani Generis. We can also see what he warned while still Secretary of State in a True vs. False Four other religious weigh in, one living Bishop Richard Williamson and three who have passed on, namely St. Bridget of Sweden on her feast day when we bring you chapters eight and nine of Book Four A Price to Pay, and Abbe Dom Prosper Gueranger who provides inspiring reflection on The Lasting Magnificence, Grace, and Power of the Holy Rosary, and the late Father James Wathen, author of The Great Sacrilege, who also penned food for thought in his article The Value of Traditional Priests. We provide Bishop Williamson's latest letter in our Miters that Matter feature on what if Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto were alive in the 70's and confronted with Montini's aberrations. What would he have done? His Excellency asks in his Eleison Comments Sarto, Siri?

         John Gregory makes his point how St. Francis would be furious over what has happened to his beloved Assisi and the holy Faith with the Assisi Tremors caused by the Ecumaniacs with Look to St. Francis for Answers. John also provides two Haydock Commentaries for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost and for the Feast of the Divine Maternity as well as mediative reflection on the Fifth Glorious Mystery of the Coronation for the Fifteenth and final Saturday of the 15 Saturday Rosary Crusade.

          We complete this edition on Saturday, October 13 - the 95th Anniversary of the final Apparition at Fatima when countless thousands witnessed the Miracle of the Sun in person. Our Lady imparted to the children the following prayers which we are all encouraged to pray daily and often:

    My God, I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee; and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust, and do not love Thee.

    (repeat the above 3 times then bow your head in reciting the following:)

        O Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in tabernacles throughout the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in unison with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

        O Most Holy Trinity, I addore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

        O my Jesus, it is for love of Thee, in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.

        During this month we remind you again of the need to observe the 40s Days of Prayer & Fasting leading to Election Dayfor, as we have said so often, the very soul of a nation is at stake. We should recall the Lord's promise to Solomon in 2 Paralipomenon 7: 14:

      "And My people, upon whom My Name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to Me, and seek out My face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land. My eyes also shall be open, and My ears attentive to the prayer of him that shall pray in this place."

       Also see what previous reliable Popes and Theologians of the Church say about voting at Truth or Consequences

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Christ is our Savior, and the priests of the Church are made rich in Him. The Church is blessed abundantly in and through Our Lord Jesus Christ. The story of the deliverance of the Jewish people from Assyrian bondage by ...More

There is a commemoration of Saint Remigius, who for seventy-four years was Bishop of Rheims, in France, converted and baptized King Clovis, and thus brought Christianity to the Franks. He was celebrated for his doctrine and for his miraculous powers, as well as for his holiness. His homilies have been lost, but four of his letters are extant, as well as ...More

That is exactly what St. Remigius did in converting the Franks. He did not apologize for the Faith, did not tolerate paganism nor other beliefs for he knew there was only one true Faith and he realized true charity was to convert as many souls as he could. He also was not afraid to ask the king, King Clovis to assist him financially for no man is an island and needs the funds to spread the holy Faith. Just as St. Remigius was grateful for the ruler of France's generosity, so also traditional organizations preaching the very same tenets held by St. Remigius need the generosity of their constituency to convert souls. Cyndi Cain returns to inform all that it is time to be accountable for there are too many who are weak-kneed souls programmed by social engineering to fear the politically correct and cower when someone dares to speak the truth, fearing no man, only God. Cyndi's lesson today is to rally souls to be the Clovises of our times and come to the aid of the lay apostolates of the present day where we all need to draw a line in the sand and not be afraid to step over it and proclaim, "I'm Catholic and proud of it, and I will do all I can to perpetuate the holy Faith." Only with your cooperation will the Faith be passed down to future generations. Either that or it can die as it is today in France where St. Remigius first planted the seeds a milennium and a half ago. It all comes down to whether you're willing to pitch in and help keep the Faith alive. A Reminder of St. Remigius' Remedy

In the prayer for the feast of St. Michael (September 29) we ask that the Holy Angels may fulfill the special office entrusted to them of watching faithfully over us upon earth. This feast included together with St. Michael the whole of the heavenly ...More

"Men Must Cease Offending God; He is Already Too Much Offended"
This is the theme of this year's Annual Fatima Conference to be held from Wednesday through Sunday, October 10-14 at Mount St. Michael's in Spokane where autumn is spectacular. For speakers, registration and more information, see the CMRI Flyer.

Not only today, but everyday we should celebrate our Guardian Angels for they are there to help us in everything we do. That includes when you can't physically get to Holy Mass, such as for those who cannot attend Holy Mass on a daily basis, or even on Sundays because quite possibly a Traditional Latin Mass is not in reasonable driving distance. You can always send your Angel to the Holy Sacrifice on your behalf in order to join the untold choirs of Angels adoring Christ come down upon the altar. Click on the graphic below if you would like to print it out and pass it around.

Print out Prayer to Send Your Angel to Mass

Mary Frances Teresa Martin was born of saintly parents at Alencon (Orne) on January 2, 1873. She was educated by the Benedictine Nuns at Lisieux. After her ninth year she tried to enter the Carmelites, and put her case before the Bishop of Bayeux and Pope Leo XIII, whom she visited. At the age of fifteen she was allowed to enter the Carmel at Lisieux (April 9, 1888). She died at the age of twenty-four. There was nothing extra-ordinary about her religious life; she was perfect in her simplicity, humility, charity, her love of God and her trust in Him. She offered herself as a victim to the "merciful love of the good God." She was just a little child in in the arms of Jesus. Her way of sanctity was a little way; Pius XI said: "We wish...More

His Excellency's September 29 Eleison Comments, #272 on what would Giuseppe Cardinal Sarto have done if he were to have been confronted by Montini's agenda of the wreckovation of the Faith in the 70's. He believes the namesake of the Society of St. Pius X would have responded - as all should today - by standing up to the man called 'Pope' Paul VI. Bishop Williamson offers as proof the no-nonsense solid doctrinal documents Pascendi dominici gregis and Lamentabili sane among others that soundly condemned the seething serpent coiling over the past six centuries and ready to slither in and strike. His Excellency points to those who placed their hopes in Cardinal Siri who, when push came to shove, did not shove back but went fleeing meekly into the night. Even Bishop Castro de Mayer came late to the rescue as Bishop Williamson reveals that Archbishop Lefebvre had few to support his clarion that what Vatican II had wrought was wrong and very, very dangerous. Rather than stepping softly and avoiding the vipers' nest, we need to alert all to their venom, so deadly to souls. We do so through our prayers, daily Rosaries, being informed, and courageously speaking out no matter the cost. Oh, His Excellency is so close to connecting that last dot! See Sarto, Siri?
    One who put all her faith in God and realized faith in man was a dead end, and who did not doubt even when told personally by Pope Leo XIII that she was not yet eligible to be a religious, was the saint known as the Little Flower. Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey weighs in with an inspiring article titled, Holiness Unalloyed

Saint Francis of Assisi, born in 1182, was the founder of the Order of Friars Minor. Chosen by God to be a living manifestation to the world of Christ's poor and suffering life on earth, he was early inspired with a burning love of poverty and humiliation. Divine desire burned in him so mightily as to kindle a like desire in other hearts. Many joined him, and were constituted by Pope Innocent III into a Religious Order. He lived at the ...More

John Gregory provides a contrast on the true St. Francis and the St. Francis the Vatican II church would like you to believe, the one where everyone loves everyone and live and let live. Not! While the apparatchiks of the counterfeit church of conciliarism whitewash the devastation that has visited the Church over the past fifty years, the evidence begs to shout the truth and all we need do is see the heresy spewed by Ratzinger and his predecessors and then read the real purpose behind the Seraphic Father's desire to convert the infidels and it had nothing to do with syncretism or ecumenism, but rather a necessity to convert to the Faith, the only Faith and St. Francis was willing to walk through the fire to win souls; something infidels would never do, nor would apostates. How do we know Modernist Rome is the apostate? We have St. Francis' own prophesies that confirm exactly what is being carried out today for we are indeed in that time foretold by Heaven and all the true prophets. John reminds us of what the holy Look to St. Francis for Answers

Christ is our Savior, and the priests of the Church are made rich in Him. The Church is blessed abundantly in and through Our Lord Jesus Christ. The story of the deliverance of the Jewish people from Assyrian bondage by ...More

Saint Placidus, together with Saint Maurus were committed to the care of St. Benedict, when both were very young. Their parents were friendly to the holy patriarch, who like them belonged to the nobility. St. Benedict had great love for these two early companions. On one occasion while drawing water from the lake of Subiaco, as St. Gregory relates, Placidus fell in and and the waves carried him far from the ...More

Though Father James F. Wathen passed away several years ago, his works live on in the articles he wrote, his sermons and the work below The Great Sacrilege. One of his articles that is so touching is the one he wrote on the treasure of true priests. Of all the men, kings, rulers, leaders throughout time and the world, only a consecrated, validly ordained priest can forgive sins, confect the Most Blessed Sacrament at Holy Mass, and be there for so many who rely not on the man per se, but on his God-given powers conferred upon him. For every true priest it is a humbling thought! For every lay person, it is something we should never forget and cherish the dwindling number of faithful priests - the lifeline of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. See The Value of Traditional Priests

No work has been more damning of the Vatican II Church than Fr. James F. Wathen's brilliant book, The Great Sacrilege. The DailyCatholic was given personal permission by Father to publish it on these pages eleven years ago shortly after 9-11 because he wanted to spread the truth of what he had published far and wide. To this day no one has refuted what he has written because no one can. Why? Because what he wrote is solid Catholic truth and he exposes the charlatans for their man-made concoction called the Novus Ordo Missae which has so desolated souls and deprived them of grace since the Blessed Sacrament cannot be confected in the "abomination of desolation" as Christ foretold in St. Matthew 24: 15 for what is celebrated in the vast majority of churches posing as Catholic today is basically The Great Sacrilege

Saint Bruno of Cologne, after brilliant studies at Paris, was made a canon of Rheims cathedral. Feeling himself called to a life of retirement and penance he betook himself with six companions to a solitude called the Chartreuse and there laid the foundations of the Carthusian order. In the end he left Chartreuse for a most desolate place where he passed the rest of his life in a cave. He died October 6, 1101. Confessor, ecclesiastical writer, and founder of the Carthusian Order. He was born at Cologne about the year ...More

John Gregory presents a reflection on the Fifth Glorious Mystery as he shares how Mary was honored with the highest title possible: Queen of Heaven and earth. What greater glory can there be for a lifetime of devotion and uncompromising fiat to the divine will than to be recognized for all time what the Blessed Mother accomplished in being crowned by her divine Son and heavenly Father with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, her divine Spouse. It is a lesson for us that indeed there is a light at the end of this worldly tunnel, a light from the Beatific Vision attainable only by adhering willingly and lovingly to the will of Almighty God for she is the Woman of the Apocalypse, with a crown of twelve stars. The Fifth Glorious Mystery: The Coronation

We urge you to click the Rosary banner below for the Fifteenth and final Saturday in the 15-week Rosary Crusade organized by Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P. to do our part for the salvation of souls by bringing souls to the true Catholic Faith and Sacraments, for the welfare of our country, and for our own special intentions as we all strive for holiness in our role as members of the Church Militant. With the Crusade completed, we now turn our attention to the on-going 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting. It's important to realize the intention for the Fifteenth Saturday of the Fifteen Week Rosary Crusade, which is Perseverance.

This year the feast of the Holy Rosary supersedes the 19th Sunday. Indeed it is truly "Rosary Sunday." October 7th is the anniversary of the glorious victory won in 1571 by the Christian forces over the Turkish fleet at Lepanto. This triumph of the Cross over the Crescent was universally attributed to the powerful intercession of the Mother of God, whom Pope St. Pius V fervently invoked with her Rosary in his hand, and to whom the prayers of all Christendom were addressed. Two years after this great favor had been obtained, Pope Gregory XIII instituted an annual feast of thanksgiving to be celebrated on the first Sunday of ...More

There is a commememoration of the 19th Sunday after Pentecost reminding us that all men are called to heavenly reward and happiness. This Sunday, called on account of its Gospel, Sunday of the marriage guests reminds us that all men are called to heavenly bliss, but few are chosen. The Jews have refused to take part in the feast.Therefore ...More

   The Feast of the the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an occasion to bring you inspiration from the venerated Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger for, sadly, too many are unaware of the tremendous power of the heavenly weapon bestowed on St. Dominic Gusman for the specific purpose of putting down heresies. Since that time the Rosary has proven to be the ultimate artillery to turn back the enemy from Lepanto to Viena to countless other examples, a few of which Abbe Gueranger treats in his short essay on the Feast of the Holy Rosary which still in his time was celebrated on the First Sunday of October, but in 1913 His Holiness Pope St. Pius X set the Double of the Second Class feast for October 7, the date of the victory at Lepanto and superseding the previous feast of Our Lady of Victory as established by His Holiness Pope St. Pius V. Gueranger shows how the Church in her wisdom has mapped out the liturgical year in such perfect fashion which he explained his his marvelous fifteen volume masterpiece The Liturgical Year in Volume 14, pages 295-300 which we bring you here in The Lasting Magnificence, Grace, and Power of the Holy Rosary.

To enhance each Sunday's Epistle and Gospel we present this special feature provided by John Gregory with the Haydock Commentary found at the bottom of each page of the Douay-Rheims Bible. We publish it here in conjunction with the Epistle and Gospel for the Sunday Mass, with the cogent comprehensive Catholic Commentary penned by Father George Leo Haydock. The Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost features the parable of the wedding feast in the Gospel of St. Matthew and Haydock is so rich in this in discerning this magnificent analogy that Christ imparted to the chief priests, scribes and Phariseesis regarding the great banquet that awaited them if they would only abide by the King's request and take seriously His invite. We can see how over the last 2000 years so many have rejected that invitation or accepted it under their conditions, not God's such as by coming dressed in garb not recognizable or trying to replace the spouse, the true holy Catholic Church with a facsimile who, in truth, is a harlot and not worthy of the feast. Though invited, the great majority do not respect the King or they would comply with His request and honor both Him and His Son, not to mention His spouse. Being Worthy of the King's Invite

Saint Bridget (or Birgitta) of Sweden was born in 1303 in Finista. From childhood, the Lord granted her special graces, visions and an extraordinary understanding of divine mysteries. At age seven, she had a vision of the crucified Jesus in all the suffering and sorrow of his Passion, which ...More

On this feast of St. Bridget of Sweden we are pleased to bring we combine Chapter Eight and Nine of St. Bridget's work from Book Four since the former is quite short and segues right into the latter. Both refer to Chapter Seven as the angel follows up with a further explanation to the bride about the meaning of the punishment of a man's soul judged by God; and also about the lessening of the punishment because he had spared his enemies before death, as well more insight to the judgment of God's justice against the above mentioned soul, and about the satisfaction to be made in this life for this soul while in Purgatory. God allows a man who was befriended and aided by the punished man to speak on his behalf after the angel described in detail the five ages or sentences the punished one must go through, the man details what reparations we can make to free him from the pains of Purgatory. These are powerful words that all should take to heart that while God is all merciful, He is also equally just and meets out just punishments that can be severe. All the more reason to heed His will while we have that free will here in this life. A Price to Pay

Saint John Leonardi was born in 1541 in the small Italian village of Diecimo just outside of Lucca in Tuscany as the Protestant revolution raged on. Though he had studied to be a pharmacist and was even practicing it, he had a higher calling and answered his vocation against the wishes of many, even in his own ...More

Also there is a commemoration of Saint Denis (Dionysius) and Companion Martyrs St. Rusticus and Eleutherius.

In a few days we introduce the second edition for October which will be a Commemoration of the Commiseration Edition on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Commencement of the wretched, tragic, abominable Second Vatican Council at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. In order to compare how devious that council was we provide the twenty Major Councils prior to V2 where you don't have to take our word for it, but see what the infallible, perennial Magisterium of the Church has decreed, which is diametrically opposite to what the Vatican Two agenda has been. Of course, the very first Council is recorded in the Acts of the Apostle in Sacred Scripture with the Council of Jerusalem (above left). The Councils we have researched and linked here are those that occurred after the death of St. John the Apostle, thus no new revelation can be revealed since all divine revelation was completed with the Book of the Apocalypse. Yet, the progressive schematas at Vatican II were filled with timebombs that they knew would foster rationalism, Hegelianism, and yes, not only heresy, but outright apostasy. It left things open to the imagination In other words, fertile ground for the devil to plow and oh has he! As we said, do not take our word for it, see what the Church has said with Major Councils of the Church

Saint Francis Borgia was born into nobility, raised as a young nobleman at the court of the King of Spain. He became a Duke when he was only thirty-three and lived a happy, peaceful life with his wife Eleanor and their eight children. But unlike so many other powerful nobles, Francis was a perfect Christian gentleman, a true man of God and his great joy was to ...More

"Men Must Cease Offending God; He is Already Too Much Offended"
The Annual Fatima Conference begins today If you're in the Spokane area you can still register. See the CMRI Flyer.

Tomorrow we introduce the second edition for October which will be a commiseration of the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the commencement of the Second Vatican Council at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The most holy of holies was invaded by the devil just as His Holiness Pope Pius XII had warned how false opinions and error could undermine the holy Faith for, indeed, St. Paul also warned in 2 Timothy 4: 3-4 that "there shall be a time when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables." Tragically, as we can see that is exactly what happened. Pius explainedd "why the Church demands that future priests be instructed in philosophy 'according to the method, doctrine, and principles of the Angelic Doctor,' since, as we well know from the experience of centuries, the method of Aquinas is singularly preeminent both for teaching students and for bringing truth to light; his doctrine is in harmony with divine revelation, and is most effective both for safeguarding the foundation of the faith, and for reaping, safely and usefully, the fruits of sound progress." We can see now why Ratzinger rejects Aquinas and makes him all the more dangerous. Thus as a prep for the many redux articles we will bring you in the second edition on the bitter fruits of Vatican II, we bring you the unadulterated words from a true Pope merely a dozen years before satan situated himself comfortably within the hallowed halls of the Vatican and eventually in the lukewarm, gullible sheeple who bought into the Great Apostasy out of blind obedience. Thus we present Humani Generis

All Catholics believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of God. This does not mean that she is not a creature of God, nor that God did not exist before she was created. It means that He Who was her Son was a Divine Person. In Christ there are two natures- the nature of God and the nature of man; but in Him there is only one Person, a Divine Person, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Hence all ...More

Though it is not a Sunday feast, considering it is a special feast of Our Lady today, John Gregory has provided the Haydock Commentary for the Double of the Second Class Feast of the Divine Maternity for October 11. In the commentary, Father George Leo Haydock provided the proof of Our Lord's humility in subjecting Himself to His Mother Mary and step-father St. Joseph. Being the daughter of the Father, the spouse of the Holy Ghost, Mary is the Mother of the Son, thus manifesting to all through holy Scripture that she is the Mother of God - Theotokos (Θεοτόκος)and therefore due all the honor of such a title with the attributes illustrated in today's epistle from Ecclesiastes. Christ set the example of how all children should treat their parents in being obedient and respectful to the lawful Authority God granted. If Jesus could be subject to His Mother and honor her thusly then and forever after with the heavenly edicts bestowed upon her from the Cross, then lifting her up into Heaven and crowning her as Queen of Heaven and earth. If God so honored Mary thusly, should we do less? Honoring Θεοτόκος (Theotokos)

The Mass for the Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost reminds us that all men are called to Heavenly reward and happiness. This Sunday, called on account of its Gospel, Sunday of the marriage guests reminds us that all men are called to heavenly bliss, but few are chosen. The Jews have refused to take part in the feast.Therefore the Apostles and the Church, filled with the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, have turned towards the Gentiles. But the beatific ...More

How appropriate that the 95th Anniversary of the final Fatima Apparition occurs this year on Saturday. The Mass of the Blessed Virgin shows us Mary as Mother of our Savior. She was ...More

There is a commemoration today of Saint Edward, called the Confessor, the last but one of the Anglo-Saxon kings of England. He reigned holily and happily for twenty-four years. On the throne he rivaled the saints by his untiring practice of austere virtue; his reign was one of almost unbroken peace; the country grew prosperous, ruined churches rose under his hand, the weak lived secure, and ...More

We are only five years shy of the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions. As we near that centennial, we are reminded all the more of the dismal failure to obey the Blessed Virgin Mary's request imparted to three innocent Portugal peasant children to alert the Church of the dangers ahead and how to stave off this disaster. Her Rosary was the chief answer and only a handful remain true to that today. In fact, the Rosary is the one link to conciliar Catholics that gives us hope they will be given the grace to truly see they are in a no-win situation in the conciliar church. Just as His Holiness Pope St. Pius V called upon the faithful to pray Mary's most powerful weapon to stop the infidel Turks from imposing Muslim Sharia Law by a victory over Don Juan of Austria's undersized Christian armada in the Bay of Lepanto, Heaven can work miracles. So also today with the Islamic threat so paramount, we again must turn to Our Lady and call upon all Heaven's forces by praying our Rosaries. We can see Our Lady's role and the power of the Rosary in St. Pius V's Apostolic Constitution Consueverunt Romani

Again we are publishing weekly editions during this month dedicated to Our Sorrowful Mother Mary and while we may not be publishing a daily issue, you can stay in touch each day with the DailyCatholic on Twitter as we'll keep you up to date with recent articles, opinions, links, inspiration, etc. and anything that breaks as we begin the countdown toward the end of 2012.

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