Monday, October 1, 2012
    vol 23, no. 275

    A Reminder of St. Remigius' Remedy

        That is exactly what St. Remigius did in converting the Franks. He did not apologize for the Faith, did not tolerate paganism nor other beliefs for he knew there was only one true Faith and he realized true charity was to convert as many souls as he could. He also was not afraid to ask the king, King Clovis to assist him financially for no man is an island and needs the funds to spread the holy Faith. Just as St. Remigius was grateful for the ruler of France's generosity, so also traditional organizations preaching the very same tenets held by St. Remigius need the generosity of their constituency to convert souls. It is time to be accountable for there are too many who are weak-kneed souls programmed by social engineering to fear the politically correct and cower when someone dares to speak the truth, fearing no man, only God. Cyndi's lesson today is to rally souls to be the Clovises of our times and come to the aid of the lay apostolates of the present day where we all need to draw a line in the sand and not be afraid to step over it and proclaim, "I'm Catholic and proud of it, and I will do all I can to perpetuate the holy Faith." Only with your cooperation will the Faith be passed down to future generations. Either that or it can die as it is today in France where St. Remigius first planted the seeds a milennium and a half ago. It all comes down to whether you're willing to pitch in and help keep the Faith alive.

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

        The first day of the month of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the feast of the holy bishop and confessor Saint Remigius who is known as the "Apostle of the Franks" for he converted King Clovis, helping France to become the First Daughter of the Church. Today, she seems like a shell of herself and the recent announcement that French law is about to be passed by the end of this month that would eliminate the terms "mother" and "father" because to use such parental terms is offensive to homosexuals would seem to be the straw that broke the camel's back, in a manner of speaking considering how the Catholic Faith and conversions to the true Faith have dwindled to practically nil. These are all part and parcel of the bitter fruits of Vatican Two and in the next edition Michael will feature articles in commiseration of the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of that wretched council.

        Is it not interesting that the Rosary was imparted to St. Dominic to combat the Albigensian heresy that was rampant in, where else: France, Toulouse to be exact. Is it not interesting that in the 19th Century Our Lady appeared not once but three times in approved apparitions at Rue du Bac, La Salette, and Lourdes. Heaven knew something that man was either too stubborn or too dense or too lazy to acknowledge: Satan was out to deceive and destroy. Since the conversion of the Franks by St. Remigius, God has raised up great French saints to perpetuate the holy Faith, but ever since Vatican Two the beloved First Daughter has been in rebellion where today it is overrun by the crescent influence of Islam which is striving to establish Shariah Law there in its maddening and violent quest to establish a global Caliphate. Oh, where are the saints to stop this atrocity against Jesus Christ and His one True Church? Yes, poor St. Remigius must be rolling over in his grave, figuratively of course, over the course his beloved land has taken and the malaise into which she has sunk.

        Back in 500 A.D. Bishop Remigius did not have riches to fund his crusade for conversions as Bishop of Reims. No, it was only through his prayers and the generosity of King Clovis, who generously supported the saint's apostolate that he was able to spread the holy Faith. So also today, apostolates who have the same purpose as St. Remigius cannot bring the message to the unbaptized and souls that are not in the state of Sanctifying Grace without the financial backing of the "King Clovises" of today - our readers.

        While it has been a good length of time since last I wrote to you, there have been significant reasons why I have not.

        First, it has become increasingly difficult for Michael and I to keep this publication DailyCatholic on line for a week, or a month, much less daily. To do so means upgrades to computers, software that protects from all viruses and hackers - something St. Remigius and every saint up till these times never had to deal with - and the amount of time it takes Michael to provide each issue to you with totally competent articles that are in line with all that Holy Mother Church has taught since her foundation.

        The world has spiraled down so quickly that it seems (at times) that I cannot pray long enough and hard enough, and there is no way any of us can suffer in reparation and expiation for our own sins and the sins of the world, to bring down God's healing graces and blessings on our own nation, and the world. To listen to the news is hopeless and trying to find a source that is truly fair and balanced is enough to drive any one of us to despair, even to a justifiable anger. And we should be angry because being Christian has become the villain, and Islam is the victor in the bigger picture. That is why it's important to share the video Michael has posted on the dangers of Islam on the News & Information Port page.

        This current immoral administration is playing with souls, while it does not, as a whole, have a soul. We have elected officials who lie and don't care that they have. We are treated by this administration as small children who have not yet reached the age of reason. How insulting. Unfortunately, for them, we have passed that age, and we will have our voices heard in November, come the general election. We, my dear brothers and sisters, are otherwise held hostage by a tolerant world that forbids us to proclaim Christ our Savior and Sovereign King, Mary our Immaculate Queen, and to proclaim out patriotism as well. We are constantly told that we must not show in any word our deed our faith in Christ, or in our country.

        Well, this is the biggest election most of use will ever vote in, and we must vote, and do so for the right candidate who is pro-life. To elect anyone else for any other reason is a mortal sin if we have reached the age of wisdom. It does not matter what stripe the current administration wishes to paint itself as. It matters what we, as citizens of the United States of America, think and do, for ourselves and for the world. I remind you about Michael's editorial, Truth or Consequences on what the Church teaches on how we should vote.

        My justifiable anger often spills over into anything I might write, which is one reason I've prolonged writing to you. I cannot afford to have this anger spill over into my every day life. Why? Because if I let it spill over, it will taint everything, and I will lose, however slightly or largely it might be, any sense of faith, hope, and charity.

        Have you been as shocked as I over the lack of outrage that a planned terrorist attack took place on our Consulate in Libya, killing four citizens of these United States, for no other reason that the place where they were born and to which they owed allegiance. And where is our allegiance toward those who died? In a bushel of lies put forth by the administration and the drive-by media? Shame on us for believing the lies that are intended to soothe, intended to compel us to stop thinking as rational human beings, and have a government do that for us. I will die before the government tells me how to think, when to think, and what to think about. It cannot force me to belittle my utmost faith in Christ, and it cannot tell me that I must tolerate a cult named Islam, that has but one purpose on this earth-to wipe the rest of us off the planet. Will you remain silent? Will you buy into these lies that are done with such slippery tongues it is tantamount to an Oscar for the best performance in a drama by a ensemble of characters.

        Where is faith? Where is trust and hope? And where is true charity? Are we going to let the government lull us to sleep while it takes over our lives? Will we rise from this forced sleep, and awake on the day after the general election, knowing that the persons we have voted for have won, and by this win, we have stopped our nation from sliding straight into hell.

        The economy, the financial market, the housing market, the food market, every market that I can think of has tanked, and in the four years of this administration it has only gotten worse, never better. Senior citizens are considered a liability by the health care act that is going into effect as I write. But these same senior citizens are the very last generation that can remember this once great nation that has fought and died for the very freedoms our founding fathers put into the Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution. We have a Bill of Rights, that apparently means nothing to politicians or judges.

        That leaves us with this knowledge: If we do nothing, Islam wins. All the fruits of what St. Remigius and the holy ones who came after him accomplished will be lost on this and future generations. Who will be left to pass the true Faith on? If we ask for God's help to elect the right people and truly dedicate these 40 days leading to the election in an honest effort to fast and pray as we do during Lent, He will grant us the grace and the knowledge we need. And in that vein, God will keep this apostolate on line for as long as He needs it to be there. But it takes sacrifice on our part - and on our dear readers. Therefore, it follows that if each person or household that comes to this publication DailyCatholic for inspiration, information, or for the knowledge needed to know the Faith in order to keep the Faith...if each person sent just one dollar a month toward this apostolate, we would not only be okay, I dare say we'd never have to ask again since this publication has averaged around 80,000 readers a month with a million and three quarter hits each month. Even if a fourth of our readers contributed something, we'd be able to not only expand, but hire someone to take over the daily duties.

        Andy Williams just passed away. He represents the last of the wholesome singers of a bygone era. I think I melted into the heavenly Father's arms everytime he sang "Ave Maria", or "Little Altar Boy" or "Village of St. Bernadette." His calibre of talent, gentleness and joy will be sorely missed. As will so many of our traditional Catholics - both lay and clergy who will soon pass from this mortal earth. What then? Who will remember the Faith of our fathers? That is why the knowledge and zeal of the senior citizens who cling to the truths and traditions of the Church they were weaned on is so vital in perpetuating the holy Faith with no compromises to the counterfeit church formed at Vatican Two.

        Having devoted full time to this DailyCatholic apostolate on the web for 18 years now and 23 overall, both Michael and I are getting older and less able to do things that previously came naturally and much faster. As most know I suffer from severe fibromyalgia and a disintegrating spine. But I'm not spineless and am writing this on a day when the pain is bearable. Michael, despite his denial, is slowing down and I am concerned about his stamina and eyesight since he's been diagnosed with symptoms of macular degeneration, most likely caused by so many years at the computer day and night in striving to bring the truth to the four corners of the world through this publication, which has filed nearly 100,000 pages over the years and are still accessible in archives. Just from my observance he has slowed down considerably. The hours he has worked in what he has always called a "labor of love" have been cut way back due to the fact his sciatica and eyesight prevent him from sitting very long at the computer or reading, let alone writing. Yet he has labored on like a good disciple working in the Lord's vineyard for souls.

        We are coming to a time of transition for in order to continue providing this publication to the entire world we needd cooperating apostles, so to speak, and by helping you are also apostles who are taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Yes, we have to be apostles now, for the knowledge of the Gospels, of the True Faith, have been wiped from the earth, and people are suffering in body, mind, and above all else, in their souls. Think of how many souls are dependent upon our vote in November, and then think how badly these souls need to know the One True Faith that Christ established. Do not be foolish and think that Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama will solve our problems and save us from chastisement that our country has brought upon itself through the legalization of abortion and homosexuality. No, we cannot escape chastisement, but we can escape hell if we put our trust in Jesus Christ and the Church He founded upon the Rock of Peter. Only He can save us. It is time to remember what Our Lord says, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's"

        Caesar has already overstepped his bounds and it's time to render our attention to God and beseech His help not only for our country and the rest of the world steeped in chaos, but that Catholics will respond to organizations like ours who are dedicated to perpetuating the infrangible truths of our holy Faith against the obstacles presented by the Great Apostasy we are presently confronted with as St. Paul foretold in 2 Thessalonians 2: 3-11 and 2 Timothy 4: 2-5 as well as the Gospel of St. Matthew 24: 15 with the "abomination of desolation"

        Are we for Christ? If we do nothing, then we are against Him. You cannot deceive God. You will either stand for Him, and die for Him, or you will deny Him so that your body may live. In all charity, we, Michael and I, ask you to help financially in a time that is clearly not financially secure for anyone. We have never asked for ourselves. Only for the ministry we have worked at for all these years. I ask you again, from the depths of my soul that seeks to pray for each of you every single day, to help. You can do so by clicking here. If we do not receive donations, even if that donation is only one dollar, we cannot continue to provide this publication DailyCatholic with the vital facts of the Faith and information you need to know. It will be forced to become only a reference site, and that says to me that somewhere along the line, we have all failed to pray for the graces necessary in this time of the Great Apostasy. Each one of us must make a full accounting to God for what we did, or did not do, in the time we had in our mortal bodies. Personally, I would prefer that in my private, personal judgment, God would look upon my soul and see therein that I have worked with my whole being for love of Him and the One True Faith. So many souls go to hell because there is no one to pray for them, to enlighten them...and in a tolerant society, a global denial of Christ as Savior, these souls slide right into the devil's open mouth because we are too afraid to speak out, to stand up, to do the right thing for the right reason.

        As I mentioned earlier, we are in a transition where in the near future it may be necessary to either shut down this publication or somehow leave it up as a mere reference site, OR hire a dedicated soul to carry on the work Michael has labored on in producing so many fruits over the years in conveying the truths and traditions of unadulterated Catholicism without ever having to issue a retraction. In order to do continue this excellence we need to be able to pay someone a fair-market salary and right now there is no way this non-profit can even afford to pay its current bills. That's how low our coffers are despite the fact tens of thousands come to these pages every week for peace of mind and reinforcement to continue the fight for upholding the true Faith when the entity calling itself "Catholic" is selling out souls in favor of "tolerance with and for all religions." If that's not a slap in Christ's face I don't know what is! In order to carry out the plan above and keep this publication going as well as adding more things to stay abreast of the latest technologies and reach more souls, we need to raise $75,000. Yes, I know, that seems impossible, "but with God all things are possible" as Christ affirms in St. Matthew 19: 26

        So is this a pipedream, Cyndi? No, it is a heartfelt prayer that our readers will show charity and contribute to the cause. I am entreating every reader, not just those who have been so faithful over the years, but now find themselves strapped because of the economy. As Michael writes in each edition, "Whatever you would have contributed toward bloated political campaigns or thrown away in the conciliar collection plates that only goes to covering up the sins of its presbyters and false primates while destroying all semblence of Catholicism, why not earmark it for SANCTUS/DailyCatholic? After all, shouldn't we all take St. Paul's strong counsel in 2 Thessalonians 2: 14 to heart and 'stand firm, and hold the traditions which you have learned'?" What should be more important to all is not one's temporal welfare, but spiritual welfare. That is what we have strived to provide to save souls, but we can't do it alone! So grab those rosaries and pray that God will provide for souls in this time of the Great Apostasy and pray for discernment on what you can do to help Him.

        I remind you, just as I'm sure St. Remigius reminded King Clovis and those in his treasury: We need your help, desperately for our coffers are truly dwindling and we need to pay the piper for Caesar will not wait. Therefore, I sincerely ask: Please help us with a tax deductible donation to the DailyCatholic. Michael and I will be so happy to receive any financial gift you can make, for when it is all added up, I am confident it will be the right amount that we need to keep going. It has happened before many times. It can happen again. I have trust in you, our readers, that you will not let us down nor fail God's call to help His workers in the vineyard. May Almighty God bless you and open your heart to help.


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    Volume 23, no. 275