Easter Edition 2012

If You Want to Avoid Hell, Make Sure You're Really Catholic

    Ever wonder why Catholics have been "jumping ship" since Vatican II? Curious as to why world confidence in the Catholic Church is evaporating? Do you realize, first that they're not Catholic and secondly these "big wigs" in the Modernist Vatican are lying through their teeth to their "flock" with teachings that are contrary to what Jesus taught. All the while over these past fifty years plus multi-millions of Catholics watch mountains of destructive misinformation pile up faster than at any point in Catholic history! Below Bill Metallo of Our Lady of La Salette Shrine provides a wake-up call to all Catholics that they are facing right now the single most spiritual crisis of their lifetime. Are you still asleep? Time to wake up before it's too late since...

Dear fellow Catholics (and all others),

    Ignore this sober warning and you will most likely kiss HEAVEN GOOD-BYE and end up in HELL.

    On the other hand, if you HEED these warnings and ACT on the teachings that Our Lord Jesus taught and has always perpetuated by His One True Church, The True Catholic Church - you will insulate your salvation.

    Look, it's no secret that the New Church (Vatican II Church) is counter-teaching many things Jesus taught almost 2,000 years ago. Those counter-teachings are contradictory to the perpetual teaching of the True Catholic Church established by Our Lord Jesus Himself. In other words - Vatican II is partaking in HERESY. Worse yet, they are snuffing out the salvation of millions of Catholics.

    Despite what these Vatican heretics try to tell and sell you concerning ecumenism, the undeniable truth is that God did not intend to bring together 33,000 churches teaching 33,000 DIFFERENT teachings contrary to what He has taugh. It's ludicrous to think so. The truth is - the Vatican II Church has completely LOST CONTROL of Catholic Faith by their heretical actions, false and erroneous teachings, and the abandonment of the Chair of Peter with their delusionary election of "Popes".

    And far worse than that, these Vatican II anti-popes are oblivious to what this means for you and me - namely, that a nightmarish wave of loss of faith is set to demolish our salvation - if we believe their heretical teachings.


    I will not go into detail regarding the End Time. Much has already been said about it. The Book of Apocalypse substantiates it's near coming. I will however, say this - EVERY PROPHESY PREDICTED HAS COME TRUE. This leaves the final one—The End Time Prophesy. Can anyone doubt that this prophesy will not come true also? The Lord gave us Prophesy to WARN us and to be PREPARED for the End Times. But Satan whispers doubt in our ear: Oh! they've been saying the end of time for thousands of years. Why does he issue this doubt? Simply because he DOES NOT want us to be prepared. He wants to take us UN-PREPARED!

    The Prophesies made by Our Lady at La Salette that were to take place at that time (1846), have accurately been fulfilled. The Prophesies She made for the present time, are now taking place..."ROME WILL LOSE THE FAITH AND BECOME THE SEAT OF THE ANTI-CHRIST...THE CHURCH WILL BE IN ECLIPSE." This is what was told by the Virgin Mary at La Salette on September 19, 1846. One would have to be blind not to see this now happening. The Prophesies She made for the future, without doubt, will come to pass - just as Her other Prophesies have. She warns us just as we were warned in Matthew 24:24-25 "For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, INSOMUCH AS TO DECEIVE (if possible) EVEN THE ELECT. Behold I have told it to you, beforehand." Do you not see this parallel with the Vatican II bunch?

    Our real concern here at the Shrine of Our Lady of La is the salvation of all of God's children because the fire of Hell is not a pretty picture. Before I tell you of the horrors of Hell, let's look back at the "other side of the story" that no one in the Vatican II Church is talking about.

    First off, we know that those "fuzzy" Vatican II teachings of ecumenism simply do not and will not work, because, it puts the true religion on par with false religions. As said earlier, God did not, nor was it his intention to establish thousands upon thousands of different so-called Christian denominations teaching whatever suits their fancy. What He established was "One True Church" which is the Catholic Church (not the Vatican II Church). It is a fact of History, Scripture and Tradition that Our Lord Jesus founded His Universal Church (the Catholic Church) upon Peter. And this truth has been held since the earliest times in the Catholic Church:

    Matthew 16:17-18: "And I say to thee: That thou are Peter: and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of Heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in Heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in Heaven."

    Our Lord made St. Peter the first Pope, entrusted to him His entire flock, and gave him supreme authority in the Universal Church of Christ. But Vatican II has done away with that teaching that God gave. They joined with the Protestants. THEY TOO ARE PROTESTANTS -- not Catholics.

    Have you noticed that when Protestant televangelists quote Matthew 16:17-18 they start that quote with: "upon this rock" and deliberately eliminate "That thou are PETER"? Why do you think that is so? Well, for obvious reasons they eliminate Peter because, if they were to add those words they would be acknowledging Peter was indeed the FIRST POPE. Now how would that fit into the Protestant scheme of denouncing the Papacy? Protestantism would no longer exist. Against what then would they be able to protest?

    If you are a Catholic following VATICAN II teachings, you need to become a Traditional Catholic (a Traditional Catholic is one that follows what the Church has always taught). If you're not a Catholic, you need to become a Traditional Catholic as soon as possible, since there is NO SALVATION outside the one Church established by Christ; it is the Devil's attempt to establish a counterfeit of the true Church.

    Neither does God condone ANY of the worlds other religions. Did He not make it clear on many occasions in Scripture? Example of only one:

    "...Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under Heaven given to men by which we must be saved." (Acts 4:12).

    The ecumenism deviously devised by the Vatican II Church abolished many teachings established by Christ Himself - not just the false teaching that man can be saved in any religion. The list of radical changes goes on and on. Those who adhere to the counterfeit Vatican II Church teachings, or any religion other than God's One True Church, surely will be taking the bullet train to Hell.


    Hell yes there's a hell! While some might be shocked by using such a demonstrative epithet, they'll be more shocked when they realize the reality of that statement. Some doubt there is a Hell. But just because one doesn't believe hell exists does not mean they won't go there! Is there fire in hell? Anti-Pope John Paul II shockingly said: "There's no fire in hell." Well, doubt it not for there is fire - and it burns HOT! Let's hope to God that by some miraculous last second conversion that he didn't find that out first hand!

    Perhaps you don't think about hell often - maybe not at all. However, the horrid description of Hell I will foretell, may, I hope for the sake of your soul, get you to think about it. And you should because it's one of the last four things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell.

    Most of us are aware that the "new" teachings coming from Modern Rome and its Vatican II teachings do not like to give sermons on hell. A Monsignor once said to Father Marcel Nault, "Marcel, don't preach hell. People don't like that. You scare them." Well, fright may be a good thing because hell does indeed exist and we might go there if we're not careful.

    Consider this: The fire of hell is all-extensive and tortures the whole body and the whole soul. A damned person lies in hell forever in the same spot that was assigned by divine justice, without being able to move, like a prisioner in stocks.

    The fire in which he/she is totally enveloped, as a fish in a tank, burns around them, on the left, the right, above and below. Their head, their breast, their shoulders, their arms, their hands and their feet are all penetrated with fire, so that they completely resemble a glowing hot piece of iron which has just been withdrawn from an oven. The roof beneath which the damned persons dwell is fire; the food they take is fire; the drink they taste is fire; the air they breath is fire; whatever they see and touch is all fire...

    But this fire is not merely outside them; it also passes within the condemmed person. It penetrates their brain, teeth, tongues, throat, liver, lungs, bowels, belly, heart, veins, nerves, bones and even the marrow and blood. Now how powerfully does this fire burn? It burns so powerfully, that according to ascetical masters (those astute who establish exacting standards of accuracy in intellectual processes), if a mere spark of it fell on a millstone, it would reduce it in a moment to powder. If it fell on a ball of bronze, it would melt it in an instant as if it were wax. If it landed on a frozen lake, it would make it boil in an instant. Recall your worst pain here on earth. That pain you suffered is a mere touch of pain compared to the pain of hell.

    Yet the most terrible thing about hell is the duration. The condemned person loses God and loses Him for all eternity. This, of course, is the worst suffering in hell. Now what is eternity? Up to now there has never been any angel who has been able to comprehend what eternity is. Compare hell as described above to the teaching from Vatican II Rome where John Paul II ludicrously said, "There is no fire in hell."

    Our Lady has shown a vision of hell to the children at Fatima. Many saints have been taken to hell for visits by angels. They collectively describe those horrors - and even worse than what I described above. Yet there are those persons (inspired or possessed by the devil) who would lead souls to believe that hell does not exist. And some, including certain Catholic priests (plural, as of many) and many Protestants preach that - God is love, God is mercy and you will see His infinate mercy at the end of the world, delivering souls from hell.

    True, God is love and God is mercy. But, He is also just. "He shall judge the people in Justice." Psalms 9: 8. God does not condemn anyone to hell; those who go to hell condemn themselves by mortal sin. It is also true that God WILL NOT deliver souls from hell. The Holy Bible is quite explicit in teaching of the eternity of hell - "The torments of the damned shall last forever and ever" (Apocalypse 14:11, 19:3, 20:10). Matthew 25:41: "Depart from Me, accursed ones, into EVERLASTING fire, prepared for the devil and his angels." Isaiah 66:24 "Their worm shall not die, and their fire shall not be quenched." And Mark 9:43, and Apocalypse 14:11, 19:3, 20:10 all state likewise. Does that sound like a free pass out of hell? God's words will not be mocked: "Heaven and Earth shall pass, but MY words shall not pass" (Matthew 24:35).

    Don't fall victim to the Vatican II hoax and the duping orchestrated by Protestants. Believe instead the many references Jesus made in Scripture referencing hell that outnumber the references He made of Heaven not what heretical priests and misinformed Protestants preach or what John Paul II said or what Benedict XVI says in the incessant heretical nonsense that seems to permeate every pore of his Hegelian body.

    Why were the many references of hell made by Jesus? Obviously to keep us from going there. He came as man in charity to save our souls. His Army of Saints reflect upon that charity. Here's the way one of His Great Saints, St Jean Baptiste Vianney put it: "The greatest act of charity towards your neighbor is to save souls." That also is our purpose here at the Shrine.

    And the Vatican II Church or Conciliar Church is in great, great need of charity.

    So, where next will the Vatican II Church lower itself? They've already committed a massacre of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Can the Vatican II Church stoop lower than it already has?

    Under Vatican II, we see the conciliar "popes" praying with false religions. They preach to non-Catholics, telling them that their religion is good and praiseworthy. John Paul II prayed with false religions in Assisi and kissed the Koran. Benedict XVI prayed with Jews for the coming of their messiah and prayed with the Moslems in the Blue Mosque facing Mecca. They no longer teach that non-Catholics must convert to be saved. They turned their back on Jesus by relocating the Tabernacle out of the church while placing emphasis on the people by facing them. They replaced the altars with Protestant tables, abolished the communion rails. Removed statues of the Blessed Virgin, St Michael and the Saints and eliminated just about everything Sacred to Our Lord Jesus. What Next? How about a statue of Lucifer? Why not? Has he not accomplished what he set out to do via the Vatican II Church?

    The removal of images of Saints, especially the greatest of all Saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a true slap in the face to Our Lord Jesus Whom dearly loves His Mother. Removing the Blessed Virgin puts the Vatican II Church in the same category as TV Evangelist, Pat Robertson. Back on his 4-26-2011 TV "show" heretic Pat reduced the Virgin Mary to a Nobody. He claimed that Our Lord did not respond to the request of His Mother at the wedding of Cana for the wine, the response was from His Heavenly Father. He said, the Virgin Mary can not intercede with Jesus for our prayers. This, of course, is standard talk among Protestants. But how is that so much different from the Vatican II Church? What is the message to be given to those Protestants when statues and images of Our Lord's Mother are removed?

    The false Vatican II Church and the heretic Pat need to heed what both the holy Doctors of the Church St. Bernard and St. Bonaventure who say: "She (Mother Mary) is so full of love that no one who asks for her intercession is rejected, no matter how sinful he may be."

    Remember, putting a cassock on an invalid "Catholic" cleric doesn't make him a priest, let alone a true Catholic anymore than putting on a Superman costume makes one Superman. No doubt, in some disillusioned minds, seeing Catholic garb on these Catholic imitators they would assume that he was indeed Catholic. After all, they have Catholic garb on, so they must be Catholic, right? But what about the six Protestant ministers, in collusion with anti-pope Paul VI during Vatican Council II that played a huge part in developing the Novus Ordo Mass? Paul VI publicly thanked them for their assistance in re-editing in a new manner liturgical texts. Jean Guitton (an intimate friend of Paul VI) wrote:

    "The intention of Pope Paul VI with regard to what is commonly called the Mass, was to reform the Catholic Liturgy in such a way that it should almost coincide with Protestant liturgy. There was with Pope Paul VI an ecumenical intention to remove, or, at least correct, or at least to relax, what was too Catholic in the traditional sense in the Mass and, I repeat, to get the Catholic Mass closer to the Calvinist mass." Latin Mass Magazine, Christian Order, 1994.

    Its about time Novus Ordo Catholics wake up and stop believing this utter delusion. What's separating them from the True Church is more than just a copied cassock, it's the copying of Protestantism. So, I close this letter to Catholics by asking you to truly examine your conscience and to be honest in asking yourself: ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE CATHOLIC?

    The faith is deteriorating because of Vatican II. France, once the jewel in the eye of Our Lord, now has Church attendance of only about 2% of its population, Italy only about 6%. Many Catholics in the United States are leaving the Church for other religions or not attending at all. Dioceses are closing churches all over the United States. More than one billion dollars has been paid for victims of pedophilia committed by homosexual priests, and the worse part, most of these priests have been allowed to remain in their "spiritual" capacity by the highest Church authority. New stories of Vatican II corruption emerge almost every day. So many Vatican II clergy are entangled in controversy that it's hard to keep up with it all. Its almost as if there’s a drought of morality. These days almost everything Catholic is cursed.

    What's the solution for the Vatican II Catholic? For starters...Get away from the Novus Ordo Mass and return to God's True Mass, the Latin Tridentine Mass (not the Diocesan Indult or Motu Mass). Pray the Rosary daily. Wear the Brown Scapular. And pray, as Our Lord would surely want, for the conversion of those Vatican II clergy that are not in His True Church, for the conversion of all Catholics back to being truly Catholic!

Bill R. Metallo

          We are pleased to include Bill Metallo in our stable of traditional Catholic writers. Bill's focus is solely on the Prophesies of Our Lady of La Salette and how, if only we had been vigilant, we would have realized the destruction already underway in the mid-nineteenth century. The Blessed Virgin warned us and yet we did not listen. Now we reap what we have sown. This series by Bill R. Metallo, President of The Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, is meant to wake the masses to warn of this coming catastrophe prophesized by Our Lady at La Salette; to bring Vatican II Catholics back into the fold of the true Catholic Church; and to reveal the truth to Protestants and all false religions that NO ONE existing outside the one, holy and apostolic Catholic Church can have a share in eternal life.

Easter Edition 2012