Monday, February 14, 2011
    vol 22, no. 45

    God is waiting for our Valentine

      The holy martyr St. Valentine did not cower in the shadows or shy away from persecution for he knew he had Christ with him. Therefore he feared nothing. Because of this he was able to bring comfort and unity to his flock, unifying many in matrimony to assure the holy Faith would continue. Today the true shepherds seem hesitant, afraid to put their hearts into unifying the traditional movement, and in so doing, they are not only losing souls but also wasting precious time as they dilly-dally over petty things that divide us instead of shining the light on what unites us and allowing that to garner the most weight for the welfare of the salvation of souls. The longer they stay in the shadows, the more the darkness engulfs the world. They have the light. We need to give them the spark. God expects us to emerge victorious. We cannot be if we do not have courageous shepherds leading the charge.

    My dear friends,

        I know it has been a long time since last I communicated with you. In fact, nearly six months ago at the end of July with There is work to be done. Half a year later that fact is ever more evident, painfully so as I see the shadows deepening, the light of the sun and the Son barely reaching the edge of a vast forest.

        Perhaps not unlike a forest near Rome from which a priest named Valentinus came forth not because he wanted to remain safe and hidden, but because souls needed him. Though there is not much of factual substance about this holy martyr, there is the fact that he sought to bring the sacraments to Christians who were denied the graces under the cruel reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius. The legend relays that he was captured by the Roman Legions after being caught bestowing the Sacrament of Matrimony upon young Christian couples to help sustain them against the terrible persecution and to assure these Christians would continue the holy faith by repopulating the earth. As we can see, the blood of the martyrs was indeed the seed of Christianity.

        However, Christianity today is greatly threatened, again not unlike the terrorism of pagan Rome against believers. Today's threat is both Modernist Rome, as Michael calls the modern church from Vatican II, and the radical threat of Islam which is intent on wiping out not only the Jews of Israel, but all Christians. It is their screed and if anyone doubts that, look what just happened in Egypt and will serve as the first domino to fall in the Mid East that will eventually result in a very, very dangerous Caliphate.

        Spurred on by emotion and hatred, they swarmed into Cairo and they will continue to swarm in Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan in joining the likes of Iran. Poor little Israel. Poor Europe for being lukewarm, for being politically correct to the absurd in allowing Muslim familes to flow into their countries unchecked and overwhelm the systems. It happened in the old world, it can happen in the new world as well.

        I say that because Christians are taught to turn the other cheek, and the enemies of Christ have captitalized on this. But it is not just that. No, those turning the other cheek are doing so not because of Christian love, but rather out of fear of being ridiculed by the progressive left which is doing all in its power to transform America and the faith into something unrecognizable through a clever and devious planned insurrection that began well before Vatican II. Do we not realize that what happened to the Church because of Vatican II is playing out all over again in how they have infiltrated our country, our government, our schools, our communities and, yes, our churches? They have hid in the shadows all these years, plotting and conniving until the time was ripe for them to slither forth, powered by lucifer himself.

        Rather than confronting them boldly with Christ's undeniable truths, most have slinked into the shadows, hiding timidly and passively waiting for someone to do something. And they continue to wait...and wait.

        Within those very shadows, which every day increase in width, breadth, and height, stand many of us, who by God's merciful grace alone, are numbered among those to Whom He, the Creator of all, has brought to us the closest thing to Heaven on Earth in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Seven Sacraments. In short, He has given us His All, and in return by His actual and sanctifying graces, would draw us back out into the sunlight.

        Unfortunately, as the conciliar structure appears to grow daily in numbers, as well as manifest heresies, many Traditional Catholics prefer to remain cowering in the shadows. The danger of remaining within the shadows is that one day we shall find that we are so deep within them that the sun can no longer touch us. We've grown cold, lazy, indifferent, and totally dependent upon Almighty God to provide a miraculous event which will restore holy Mother Church to her full splendor.

        I have been reading the prophecies given to St. Bridget of Sweden, and am prompted to write, not because I am wise or holy, or anything of that manner. I, like anyone else, struggle to maintain my one true Faith, and to live my faith daily. I seek to bring the One True Faith to the multitudes who are so deceived by the conciliar structure, as well as the Protestant faiths which, according to the false Novus Ordo church, are on an equal footing as the true Catholic Faith.

        Most recently, I read with sorrow, that the Vatican machine is preparing to 'beatify' Karol Wojtyla, who in his charismatic manner, endeared himself to man, but not to God. This is not uncharitable on my part to point this out, for charity speaks the Truth, in order that Pure Truth may be heard by every eager ear. The continued demolishing of the One True Faith that took place during his false pontificate will now appear to those deceived, as confirmation that the Novus Ordo is the True Faith, and all that oppose it, all that came before Vatican Council II, was false. By beatifying John Paul II, the Novus Ordo beatifies itself, for God cannot nor will He ever confer such a blessing on such heresy, for He alone is Pure Truth.

        Following this anticipated wretched 'beatification' of the man known to the world as John Paul II, the way is already paved to beatify all anti-popes from the time of Pope Pius XII's death until the present usurper Benedict XVI. To make the situation worse, the Traditional Anglican Church of England has just received word that they will be admitted into the Novus Ordo circus, under special guidelines that include, but are not limited to, their bishops being reduced to priests, for no bishop can be married, and allowing their married priests to remain married, while adhering to the precepts of the Novus Ordo establishment.

        And the shadows deepen, for once the Novus Ordo 'beatifies' itself, the duty of every true Catholic becomes much more difficult; that is, to convert those deceived by the Great Apostasy. And among us, who by grace and mercy alone, not through any merit of our own, have been given the True Faith and the duty to evangelize, draw further back into the shadows of heresy, apostasy, schism, and every evil, where the devil waits to devour even the elect.

        I have been praying and pondering deeply for many months about the deepening shadows that are of the evil one, and seeking to understand, as God would so ordain for me to comprehend, why the Traditional Movement, for lack of a better term, seems to hug those shadows as if they are a protective shield against the ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing.

        Each one of us has seen or heard, or sensed that not all is well within the Traditional Movement. We know it in our own souls, when we have failed to fulfill our duty to evangelize. We have witnessed the lack of spiritual support from traditional priests, and consecrated bishops who have charge over their flocks, how ever many that may be, but who do not want to come together as one in order to establish the visible True Church.

        Why such cowardice in the face of blatant evil? Why do we, who have been given such a marvelous grace as to have either found the True Faith after surviving many years in the Novus Ordo structure, or who have been blessed to have never known the Novus Ordo.

        Why the lack of spiritual support from both properly ordained priests and truly consecrated bishops? I do not pretend in any way to be a theologian, or anyone of even the slightest importance before man, knowing that if I have anything to give, it has come from God, not me.

        I confess that this lack of spiritual support from priests and bishops to evangelize to the whole world has left me more than slightly confused. Are we to hide in the shadows awaiting a miracle from Almighty God that will restore holy Mother Church in all her glory?

        Christ did not hide. He did not tell His apostles and disciples to hide. He sent His Apostles out into the world, bidding them to preach His Gospel to the ends of the earth, and that those who would believe and be baptized would be saved, and those who refused to believe and who would not be baptized would be condemned.

        Christ meant those words to be taken at face value. He meant exactly what He said, for He can neither deceive nor be deceived. St. Valentine wasn't afraid nor were any of the other members of the glorious Church Triumphant.

        If we know that the Holy Ghost is not to be found in the Novus Ordo structure, nor in any other protestant church, or "ism" in the world, why are we so hesitant to speak out, to truly stand up for our Faith? To not fear martyrdom if it would come to that? Believe me, that is not far-fetched for it is coming. For example, as mentioned earlier, since many of us do hide in the shadows along with our true bishops and priests, the practioners of Islam are intent upon infiltrating every nation and country, usurping all Christian values and morals, and supplanting these with those of the false prophet, the apostate Mohammed. Nations now struggle to try to incorporate tolerance for these Muslim, whose sole purpose is to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth.

        The Koran, (which can be spelled in a number of ways) is not a "religion" of love, mercy, forgiveness, etc. Mohammed did not die and rise from the dead. Yet his followers, to this day, believe that they in their jihadist mindset, will give honor and glory to a false prophet, and in reward, be taken to Heaven where they will enjoy 72 virgins and rivers of honey.

        To those who have been given the grace to know, love and serve Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, we see the total falsehood of such promises, and the worldly delights promised by Mohammed. I have noted over these months that while the True Faith, Christianity, and Our Lord's Most Holy Name is blasphemed from every media outlet, not one of these outlets dare defame Mohammed's name, lest they become the next victim of a jihadist bomber.

        I have asked myself innumerable times why it is that those who profess the One True Faith take their cue from their priests and bishops, and slink along in half-light/half-shadow lest the Novus Ordo structure take note of them, and condemn them as being heretics and apostates.

        I join my husband in his call for action with his recent editorial State of the Soul Address and ask, with him: What, my dear friends, are we afraid of? Did not Christ Himself say that if we possess Him, and hold dear the One True Faith, we have nothing to fear, especially from those who can harm the body, but not the soul? Christ warned us to be ever vigilant against those who could harm both body and soul. Well, the Novus Ordo structure, in all its many parts, is precisely that beast that can and does harm both body and soul. It may appear to the uneducated person that it is a shining city upon the hill, but we know it is but a mirage that will one day disappear into the trash heap of history.

        The important thing, I believe with my whole being, is that we are active in seeing the day approach when the Novus Ordo shall be swept from the face of the earth, taking with it all the other false religions, and all who would rather serve man rather than the One True God.

        Are our senses directed to our heavenly goal? Or, are they focused upon those hiding in shadows, where lies temporal pleasures, the glittering jewels of a temporal world that one day shall cease to exist.

        I beseech every one of us to do something to spread the seeds of the One True Faith throughout the world. Be as St. Valentine and show no fear. What better Valentine gift can we give to our Lord and our Lady?

        Not every one of us can leave all behind and embrace the religious life, nor even the priesthood. Nonetheless, we are not without help from Heaven, guidance from the Holy Ghost, even if our priests and bishops fail to provide such guidance.

        At the beginning of this month we celebrated the Feast of the Purification of Mary, a feast most important to all of us, for we must first seek to purify our own souls, to awaken our own consciousness, and seek to know our Faith in order to keep our Faith. Once that is our priority, we can then seek to bring about evangelization within our own family, our own town, our own community. We can become ripples upon a vast ocean that is the Novus Ordo and its tolerance of every other false "ism". Ripples upon that vast ocean may appear to our fallible minds as being insignificant. We must remember that with man obtaining the eradication of false religions is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

        We need to pray and to fast. We need to do penance. We are less than a week away from Septuagesima Sunday and the penitential time that this year will extend well into April. Devote yourselves to prayer and self-sacrifice. Tone your consciences to be acute to those things that you can purge so that you will be stronger, swifter and We need to take back the churches and within them to provide, for all the world to see, the one True faith expressed in the "Mysterium Fidei" in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We must do all within our means to do this, and we cannot wait for our priests and bishops to "get their act together".

        Souls are being lost every day because those who have the grace to profess the One True Faith have not spoken out, have not sought the conversion of even a single soul. Our priests and bishops must come together as one, in a synod wherein they lay aside their theological differences on matters that only a Pope can decide. They must, for the sake of countless souls, including their own, establish by their unity the visible True Faith, the True Church, through which comes salvation.

        We must by our prayers, penance, sacrifices, and mortifications, find the means to force our bishops to come together. We must encourage such a meeting, and speak out when these individual bishops refuse to come together, for whatever feeble reason they give us. There can be no feeble reason why such a unity is impossible among the true bishops we have today. There can be no valid reason why such a meeting cannot take place. The laity shall be the ones who must force this issue, whether our priests and bishops like it or not. Hopefully, Mario Derksen's extensive research and documentation will put to rest any doubts about the majority of our Traditional bishops who can trace their succession to Bishop Thuc.

        With that accomplished, there can be no more excuses to stay away from them by opposing bishops or the home-aloners who have become, in a sense, their own individual popes by their declaration that none of the true bishops have the jurisdiction to administer the sacraments.

        Are we to be afraid of the monster Novus Ordo false bishops in every diocese who can do what to us? Excommunicate us from a false religion? Bad-mouth us and call us heretics or apostates? Let the Novus Ordo leaders take their best shot at us. In fact, take them up on their charge. Make them prove it, and in the process, you can prove in a more public forum, how Catholic truth condemns Vatican II. Be not afraid. They may preach against us, they may even tell their countless lemmings that remain in the pews of the Novus Ordo lodges to avoid us like the plague.

        It matters not. They may have the money, the churches, the billion souls they have deceived, but we, but God's grace, have the True faith as St. Athanasius reminded the faithful so many centuries ago during the Arian crisis, which pales in comparison to the terrible, tragic heresy of Modernism that has infiltrated every sanctuary today.

        I humbly ask all of us, in the time before we begin Lent some weeks from now, to take this time to prepare ourselves with spiritual armor to fight the good fight, to run the good race, and to force, if we must, our priests and bishops to do the same. If we set the example for evangelization, what excuse then can our priests and bishops offer against us?

        We must not be afraid. We must trust in God, in Christ's promises, and keep our eyes, and all of our senses, upon Him. And for all of us during this time of preparation, let us read the Prophecies given to St. Bridget. From these approved prophecies, we will gain knowledge and strength to slay the enemy of God, and although it may not happen in our own lifetime, we will have done everything we can to evangelize to the whole world. And that is all God asks. To try. If we do, then you know He will do the rest.

        Will you join with Michael and me in taking this time to prepare for battle, and then commence our valiant effort to energize our priests and bishops, and to fight the good fight, for the salvation of our own souls, and those of others?

        Please let me know if you will sign up for this crusade by writing to me, so that we can announce on The DailyCatholic that our numbers are growing daily as the crusade gains momentum, and with God it will sweep through the entire world and shake the evil from its seemingly secure nest within the shadows.

        We are not shadow dwellers. No, we stand in the Light which is God. Shine as He so deigns for you.

        May God bless and keep all of you. Yours in Jesus and Mary.


    University of Virtue
    Monday, February 14, 2011
    Volume 22, no. 45