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Diadems of the Decade from October 2007, Volume 18, no. 300

                France: Eldest Daughter of the Church, and the First to go Muslim

                Can England, Germany, Italy, and the US be far behind?

Three years ago we featured a gem of the past penned by one simply known as Doctrina who in 2002 first wrote the words that today are on everyone's mind as the Muslim hordes overrun Europe and threaten our own shores in the United States with the threat of erecting a mosque wherever the infidel has conquered. That would be the World Trade Center, demolished on September 11, 2001 by radical Islamists, who are no different than the ruthless Saracens of the time of the Crusades, the bloodthirsty Turks at Lepanto and in Austria or the plundering Moors in Spain - all out to destroy Christianity as laid out in the devious Koran. Doctrina lays out the statistics, causes and effects and asks why anyone would be surprised that they are merely carrying out the hateful vendetta subscribed by the apostate 'prophet' of the devil Mohammed in the seventh century, which gives even more credence that they would target the most Catholic countries in Spain and Austria and now France. Since this essay first ran, French legislation has outlawed burkas in public in an effort to curb the stealth stallions who have already left the barn. While many might advocate pigs' blood to thwart their efforts, it is really only the Most Precious Blood of Jesus which will halt the barbarians at the gates.


    We know it is said that France is the eldest daughter of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and so what happens to this spiritually poor country in the future can serve as a model for what will become of the entire Christian world. Prior to Vatican II, many holy saints had come out of France and several have been elevated to the level of Doctor of the Universal Church. At one time, few countries could rival France in terms of fervency for God and adherence to the true religion of Jesus Christ. In the last few decades however, this has all changed dramatically. The holy and sacred in France have for the most part been replaced with ugliness and sin. For example, currently France has probably the highest rate of premarital sex by age 20 of any country in the world: 72% or almost three quarters of the young population.

   When one considers that 33% of the youth in France are muslims, who singularly abstain from premarital sex, one can say that virtually all of the native French European youths have had premarital sex by age 20. This compares with the rate in the United States, which is relatively close at 68%; in black Africa it is 43%, and in Latin America 20%. The attitudes on marriage in France have changed drastically since the curtain fell on the Vatican II Council in 1965. For example, most 20-somethings, Catholic in name, would prefer a long-term sexual playfulness with their lover, abortion of unwanted infants when necessary, and subsequently, the convenience of childbearing sans marriage. Currently, more than 90% of French adults think it is morally acceptable to have a baby outside of marriage. By contrast, even in the immoral wasteland that is the US, the figure for persons believing in the moral acceptability of children out of wedlock is a relatively tame 50%. The number of unmarried couples in France has increased by 10 times since 1965. France's divorce rate has tripled since 1973, from 1 in 9 marriages then to 1 in 3 marriages presently. The result is a radically different society than that of a generation ago, which the French government has acknowledged by issuing new legislation that gives unprecedented legal rights and benefits to unmarried couples. Of committed Roman Catholics, two thirds tell French pollsters that they disapprove of the pope's attitudes on personal morality and sexuality, a 30% rise from seven years ago. The going philosophy among native French youth, according to these polls, is that: "We just don't care about your societal rules anymore."

   Concerning Roman Catholicism as an institution in France, observant Catholics (in French, Catholiques pratiquants) were 25% of the French population in 1950, and at that time they were well-entrenched and highly visible in French Society. These observant Catholics have dwindled to a remnant (3% percent in 1995 and perhaps 1% in 2002). Moreover, the substance of Catholic observance has been so modified since the close of the Vatican II Council, that to be fully observant today is equivalent to a lukewarm religiosity prior to 1965. Observant French Catholics once would invariably go to church on Sunday to attend services (in Latin), send their children to Catholic schools or Catholic youth organizations, vote for Catholic parties, and support Catholic unions. They insisted on strictly moral sexual behavior and were severely opposed to divorce. In 1950, the lovely French girls were almost all virgins when they married. The families they had would be two to three times larger than the national average. Almost none of that is found today: church-going is rare, and for those few who attend services, standing at the Consecration is not uncommon, Catholic schools hardly differ from secular ones, Catholic political parties or unions have been secularized, Catholic sexual mores are mostly nonexistent, large families are rare among native French Europeans, and the number of divorcées is accelerating rapidly. The decline of the French Catholic clergy is even more astounding: from 200,000 priests, monks, and nuns in the 1950s, many of them young, to less than 100,000 today, and most of these are over sixty-five and retired - many, probably the ones still living from the 1950's. To minister to the few remaining Catholics in France, the lack of native French clerics has been necessarily supplanted by missionary priests and nuns originating from Africa and Asia. French Catholic bishops have generously transferred the many unused Roman Catholic churches to the burgeoning muslim population for desacralization and conversion to islamic mosques. One bishop gave 13 of his churches, with associated parish facilities, to be converted to mosques as a gesture of goodwill and solidarity with the muslim immigrant. The majority of French-Catholic monasteries have now been remodeled after their Hindu or Buddhist equivalents; yoga and Oriental meditation are frequently fusioned with Christian prayer and other spiritual exercises at these institutions. Even the few committed French Catholics have increasingly sought inspiration from islam, jewish ritual, and protestant revivalism.

   Not surprisingly then, islam is perhaps the most thriving force in all of France, increasingly shaping its politics and culture. Interest in islam has become politically correct in France and indeed is almost mandatory - for many it is a delicious and lusciously sinful taste for the religiously exotic. Based on current estimates, over 50,000 native French Catholics have converted to islam during the course of a few short years. These include many native French European women, who greet the incoming muslim boys with open arms. Substantial numbers of cities and neighborhoods in France have turned into all-muslim territories. The birthrate for mohammedans is four times higher than that of non-muslims, and the proportion of muslim children, teenagers, and young adults in urban France is a staggering 33% or more. Unemployment in muslim immigrant communities is rife, with major riots frequently occurring near the large cities such as Paris and Lyons. In addition, riots have even taken place at the seaside or mountain resort areas where young muslims are placed for government-sponsored vacations. Although $3 billion or more per French fiscal year is earmarked for improvement of immigrant muslim neighborhoods, crime and unrest there continue to rise sharply. It is thought that conservative muslims see the ghetto violence as a way to benefit from immigrating to France without having to assimilate into French society. Some level of violence in these neighborhoods is prescribed by the muslim imams (religious clerics), having the advantage thereby of ensuring separation of the muslim community from the outside world. This violence in muslim communities can also be used as a bargaining tool with the French authorities, to obtain more de facto autonomy, so that muslim (sharia) law can be instituted in these communities on a mini-scale without interference from French government agencies. Many muslim immigrants are fundamentalists, with approximately three quarters of all muslims in France preferring to send their children to Islamic schools rather than to secular schools. The more liberal-minded muslim individuals in France are rarely outspoken because of the constant threat of swift and extreme punishment from islamic vigilantes in their neighborhoods. More than one thousand mosques currently serve the faithful in France, almost all of them built or organized during the past thirty years. Eight of them, including the Great Mosque in Paris, are "cathedral mosques," with a capacity to hold thousands of worshippers kneeling to allah five times daily.

   Not since fifteenth-century Spain has any Western European country had so substantial a muslim presence as does France. During the past several decades the sharp decline in the French nation-state has been offset by the growing power of muslim voters. In terms of the France nation-state, money issuance, border control, and much else has already been transferred from France to the European Union. What political power remains is rapidly being transferred to the islamic immigrant communities. Over half of mohammedans living in France today are French citizens who can vote, and eventually nearly all of them will become voting French citizens. As a result, there is little that the native French politicians can do to stem the growing political presence of islam in France although they give lip service to the contrary. The famous French movie starlet Bridget Bardot laments: "We have to submit against our will to this muslim overflow. From year to year, we see mosques flourish across France, while our Catholic church-bells fall silent because of a lack of priests and people." Bardot has also attacked the exhilarating new practice of the annual islamic sheep-slaughtering fest, celebrated in ritual splendour by more than two million muslim immigrants in faith-based communities throughout the country. Says Bardot: ``Tens of thousands of poor sheep have their throats cut with knife blades, while muslim children, splashed with blood, bathe happily in this magma of terror.''

   The French population is currently 59 million, of which 6-8 million (10-15%) are recent muslim immigrants. The influx of muslims into France began as a trickle in 1945, but accelerated with the implementation of Vatican II protocols and the new inculturation. The muslim population in France has grown as follows (see graph): 1945 (100,000), 1962 (400,000), 1973 (1 million), 1981 (2 million), 1995 (4 million), 2002 (7 million est.). The red trace of the graph shows the curve fit to this data - which suggests that the muslim population in France will likely reach 20 million by the year 2020. In contrast, the birthrate of native European French, at ~1.2 per couple, will result in a halving of its population in the coming decades. Therefore, sometime after the year 2020, at the current rate the muslim population will overtake the native French European population. At that point if not before, the politics and philosophy of France can be expected to change drastically. Sharia law will eventually be implemented as in other nations with a majority muslim population. Muslim immigrants have simply stated this as matter-of-fact. This means that all French women will be required to wear a veil and perhaps a full covering as in Saudi Arabia (burqa). French males and females will be fully circumcised. All churches will be converted to mosques. The holy sculptures and such things from the parish churches will be ground up to be used as paving stones. Premarital sex and adultery will be punishable by immediate execution. It will be the duty of the father or brother of a girl, if deflowered of her own volition outside of marriage, to kill her by stoning, strangling, chopping, or cutting. Girls will be given as wives at the age of 10-12 years old, before the arrival at puberty, and will be expected to have upwards of 10 children to fuel the world islamic cause. All Roman Catholic clerics will be executed, as during the French Revolution, by decapitation. However, instead of le guillotine, as was popular in the 1790's, the most popular mode to sever the heads of clerics in the 2020's will be the islamic curved sword, symbolizing the islamic religion and way of life. First to be executed will be cardinals and bishops, followed by priests, religious brothers, and nuns. All religions except islam will be outlawed, and adherents to other religions who do not immediately convert will be punished by mutilation and torture followed by death.

   My dear friends, the demographics of the rest of the world are not too far behind the French statistics. The projected world muslim population in 2000 was 1,902,095,000 (about 1 in 3 or 4 persons in the world is a muslim). In the years from 1989-1998, the islamic population increased by 142% overall in Europe and 257% in Australia. The muslim annual growth rate for 1994 -1995 was 6.4% whereas for Christianity during those same years it was 1.5%. During the last 50 years, the world population in terms of religious affiliation has increased by the following amounts: muslims 235%, Hindus 117%, Buddhists 63%, and Christians 47%.

   Considering the impact of all of these statistics, of real concern here is: What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD). Would He welcome the influx of muslims with open arms? Because if He would, we should too. I think it boils down to the two questions of:

    1. Is this acceleration of muslims to the West merely an opportunity to evangelize?


    2. Is there a real danger to our faith here?

    Jesus said, "If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better to enter life maimed than to go with both hands into the eternal fires, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Is religious pluralism a danger to our faith? Maybe not entirely if we receive the proper training; it gives us a chance to evangelize. We accept it, according to the constitutions of many of our lands, including both France and the United States. But is the installation of a muslim state a danger to our faith? Of course! We will very likely either be persecuted, at the very least, and most likely we will either be forced to renounce our faith, the True Faith, or die. And if we renounce it and embrace mohammedanism, we will die the second death as well as eventually the first.

    My dear readers, should we not prepare ahead? Is it not best to be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves? Should we not plan before time, to be watchful and prepare for the coming of the Lord? And what will the Lord say to us when He arrives, gloriously, if we allow our civilization, and our very faith, to be destroyed by purveyors of a false religion, which protestant Franklin Graham has called an "evil and sinful religion"? Are we not prepared to die for our faith? And if so, why do we fool ourselves by saying that it is quite ok for our countries to be overrun by muslims? A world that is not striving to achieve the elimination of sin sees no real progress. Rather, we regress when we wallow in sinfulness, and we regress when we allow our religion to be in danger of being destroyed. Yes, the gates of hell will not prevail, but let it not be on our watch that these hideous gates come close to prevailing!

   The Mother of God foretold to two seers, Melanie Calvat and Maximin Geraud, on September the 19th, 1846, on the holy mountain of La Salette, France, the sins and horrors and wicked things that would befall the people of the Roman Catholic religion. This prophesy has come to fulfillment now more than ever. France is sinking, and God is angry enough to double the damage by overrunning it with muslims! The crimes against Heaven have become so grievous that He has in mind to give us what we deserve; Our Lady can no longer hold back the arm of Her Son! She held it back for 150 years, but no more. There will be wars and famines in various places, all leading up to the Great War. The clashes with the muslims will be a spectacular prelude of what is to come in the Final Battle, that time when men will say to the mountains: "Fall on us!" and to the hills: "Cover us!"

    Many will die for the faith, and those that do will be spared. But those who run, or convert, or hide - it will not go well with them on the day that He returns, the great and terrible day! Instead of a battle of millions as in the "World Wars" of the 20th Century, it will be a battle of billions. Nearly 2 billion muslims have covered the earth, and they are angry and vengeful! They seek to reap destruction, and by God's holy hand they will, because the sins of the people of God are so great that they reach like a great stench to Heaven. All the tanks and bombs in the world will not stop those people, if they could bring a country almost to its knees on 9-11. And that is just the beginning.

    One cannot imagine the heinousness of the deeds in store for us, beginning in France, then the rest of Europe, then the United States and elsewhere. If a muslim does not slice the throats of a hundred Christians in a day he will be considered weak. If he does not rape a dozen Christian virgins in a few hours time his brother muslims will laugh at him. For sport they will make grown men weep, and for sinfulness they will humiliate whole families, having mother and daughters with them in the same bed after killing father and brothers. Of especial delight to these people will be the destruction of clergy and religious, to whom they will do unspeakable acts that cannot be mentioned and should not even be pondered. Pray it does not happen, dear friends, because if it does it reinforces the notion of what a wicked generation we live in, and how sinful we have become, and what great multitudes of people have been lost to the eternal torment, where the fires are not quenched, and the worm does not die.

    If we are saved at all it will begin with small acts of charity. This is why I introduced to you some charitable causes, though you mostly paid no attention to it. If one has no feeling for those with misfortune in their lives, those even we don't know, then we are no better than the Pharisee who passed by on the road and did not even look at the beaten man in need. Now the French are in many ways a great and loving people. I hire students from France each summer; they are well-mannered, intelligent, and hard-working. But beginning with the horrid time of the French Revolution, there has been a most lackadaisical attitude at best by many Frenchmen concerning the subject of religion (and by most of the rest of us as well, we are ashamed to say). The French Revolution instilled the spirit of liberty, equality, and fraternity in the French heart. But this spirit is not God's Spirit, rather it is the spirit of Masonry, which is none other than the Evil Spirit. God does not support fraternity with members of false religions who are trying to lead us astray and even to destroy our religion and us! God does not support equality in the sense that it is not right for one to think that he or she has their own equal-valued view of religion and morality which is as good as any other. God does not support the liberty of sexual and other immorality, nor the liberty for false religions to flourish, of which Saint Paul said - they are "synagogues of satan."

    The blood of all those priests and nuns and good people who died in the French Revolution forever left a black mark on French souls; it is something that the people must struggle with forever, down even to the 10th or 20th generation, if we are here so long. This does not mean that the French cannot be saved, quite the contrary, because God wants all to enter into His Kingdom and sit at His banquet table, but the destruction was so great and Heaven mourned so widely, not only at that time, but forever thereafter, because the spirit of the French Revolution has been instilled throughout the entire world. We must do reparation, as the Mother of God conveyed through the true Sister Lucia when she was a Dorothean nun. Because these sins have spread to all Mankind, and Mankind, all of us, are in a way responsible for them, that is, if we do nothing to stop them.

    There is little time left, the curtain draws closed, and we will be left without wedding clothes if we are not careful. We cannot seek to destroy our fellow man - Jesus rebuked the Sons of Thunder for thinking such. It is one thing not to destroy our fellow man, but quite another to willingly let our enemy destroy us without a fight. As with all things, in Christ and by Christ and for Christ, as Christ's representatives we must seek His glory in every thing we do, and that includes high on the list the conversion of the pagan peoples. At one time there were disciples of Saint Francis and Saint Ignatius who would willingly die for that honor. But to sit back passively and watch, and say "Let someone else do it, I have a family to worry about and more kids on the way", or to think that it doesn't really matter what transpires, is a sin of passivity that will most likely not be forgiven by God. To be active, Christian soldiers in battle, begins with a fervent desire to amend our ways; it is reinforced by real change in our lives, and it is sealed by strong and frequent prayer to the Almighty and our friends in Heaven. We can start with the Prayers of Fatima that were given to Sister Lucia, also the Memorare and other prayers to Our Lady, do all that we can, and thereafter go our way until the time of the end, whereupon we will arise to receive our allotted inheritance.

   In summary, we can state all of the above more succinctly. As mentioned in 1998:

    "Evil persons will be transported around the globe by magic, and the Moslems will destroy and overrun Europe and parts of the U.S. and the whole world. They will show collegiality and ecumenism by severing the heads of bishops and cardinals with their arced swords. As Amos tells us: 'The songs of the temple will be turned to wailing. Many, many bodies --- flung everywhere! Silence!' " - 4th Open Letter to Bishops

   And in 2000:

    "But if we choose not to excel in glory for Him, I can tell you that there will most certainly be nothing in store for us but blood and fire and billows of smoke! The whole Vatican will lie in rubble, from St. Peter's Basilica, to the Apostolic Palace, to the Sistine Chapel - all of it will be nothing but rubble! I saw it, and testify to it. The only thing left will be the cross from the statue of Christ Resurrected atop the façade of the Basilica. Someone will pull it out of a pile of rubble and preserve it somewhere." - The Vision of the Glory of God

   A precursor to this was the famous cross found in the rubble of the World Trade Center. But that was only a forerunner, a harbinger of what is to come if we continue along our present course of transgression. It would be a mighty victory for allah if the muslims could take down the whole Vatican. The only way to stop it is by an immediate reversal of course. We believe that the Church, and its people, must return to pre-Vatican II theology, liturgy, and thought. We think that all true Catholics would not mind this even if they are using the Conciliar practices presently. And concerning secular matters, Cardinal Biffi of Bologna expressed consternation about the open-borders immigration policy in Italy in 2000. He suggested that immigration to Italy be restricted to Catholics. Even the liberal Cardinal Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State, seconded this consternation. We must implore God about these things, and ask the same of those whom we expect to act.

   Now some persons may say concerning these matters, "Well, you are being intolerant." We can only respond by asking if the following statements are intolerant. Jesus tells us in St. John 2:15: "Get these out of here! How dare you turn My Father's house into a market!" [Or into a mosque, we might add]. John Baptiste mentions in St. Luke 3:7: "You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?" Jesus also states in St. Matthew 23:33-34: "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?" Now Jesus tells us: "Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist." If the Lord Himself, and the greatest born of women, are not afraid to call a spade a spade, what are we to think? Are they intolerant? The world would say so, but not us who have a vision of God's glory. And so dear friends, let us prayerfully consider what to do, and then act with impunity. In fact we have the freedom before God and man to protect and defend our holy religion by whatever means necessary. However, we do not have the freedom to sit by idly in tolerance while it is destroyed. I can tell you that no one wins Heaven by a lukewarm fuzzy feeling; rather Jesus will spit them out of His mouth.

   In nómine Patris, et Fílii, et Spíritus Sancti, Amen.

from October 2007, Volume 17, no. 293