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Diadems of the Decade from Tuesday, October 17, 2000, vol 11, no. 203

                Why have we omitted the sins of omission?

      This column ran ten years ago in which Cyndi Cain, in her Symphony of Suffering column, cautioned all as to how we've let down our part of the bargain, so to speak, with the Communion of Saints. Society, over the last forty years or so, has become satan's pawn now more than ever. Cyndi illustrated how long gone are the days where roles were defined simply, as God defines the role of man and woman. Long gone are the days when "children were to be seen and not heard!" Today, it's the child that is always heard, and the parent is somehow, inexplicably found to be the one in trouble because how dare we deny our child anything!" She explained how our sins of omission have become the conscience of today, and that is to say a conscience, individual as well as collective, that is distorted by satan, who has provoked these sins of omission to run rampant. Abortion and homosexuality have become the norm because of our sin of omission. Hollywood and Madison Avenue control our kids because of our sin of omission. While songs about broken hearts permeate the airwaves, the Hearts we should be most concerned over are the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts because of our sins of omission.

My dear brother and sisters in Christ,

   In my last article I was inspired to write to you about our pursuit of the trivial things in life. Also, I have recently written about having Zeal for the Lord, rather than zeal for personal preferences, etc.

    Today, having pondered what the Holy Ghost is asking, I am prompted to write to regarding sin, and in particular sins of omission!

    First, let me state that all of us, myself included, are guilty, to some degree or another, at one moment of our lives at the very least, of having sinned by omission. Just what does the Holy Ghost tell us about these types of transgressions against the Law of God?

    Very clearly, in the simplest terms, sins of omission are most commonly those sins we commit when, knowing fully well the Law of God, which Our Lord brought to fulfillment with the New Covenant, we opt for the easy way out, or the path of least resistance.

    For example, how many of us have a relative who has fallen away from the Church, or even God Himself? How many of us, in order to have a "peaceful" relationship with relatives, never bring up the subject of God, and His ultimate importance in all of life, much less skirting the issue which the disenchanted relatives brings up…because he/she knows full well that we'll opt for peace at any cost? Who of us is not guilty of this, to some extent of another? In my own family, and in my extended family there are those who have rejected their faith, have chosen another faith, or who wish to argue God at any time, at any cost? Are we not obligated, before God, to stand up for the Truth, which is God, and for the awesome gift of Faith He has given to us? The early Christians were willing to give their very lives for God rather than take the easy road. These early Christians did not hesitate to defend the gift of Faith, to defend Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, even though it would have been much, much easier to "pretend" to kowtow to the Roman Emperors just to save their lives.

    How many of us have found ourselves strangled by the political correctness of today's society in the upbringing, disciplining, and education of our children? How many of us, stressed to the max in just paying the ever-increasing bills that result from our own willingness to pay exorbitant prices, have succumbed to the power of TV to baby-sit our children. Oh, we start off well enough when they are of a tender age. We opt for Nickelodeon, or other cartoon shows that are "harmless" when held up against the vulgarity that pervades the TV waves, and the movie screens. But that's where it starts, the sins of omission. We go from a program or two, to help out while we're trying to cook dinner, do the wash, etc., to a much worse attitude that allows our children to bully us into letting them watch unlimited, unsupervised television, as long as we don't have to put up with temper-tantrums, be they of a two-year old, or the time-worn phrase of teenagers: "But all my friends get to watch this/that program!" We're far, far too busy trying to make ends meet, to busy running kids to softball games, soccer games, cheerleader practice, piano recitals, or what have you, in addition to our own work schedules, and the daily chores that keep the family going.

    Are we not selling out family when we do not have the time to regulate what our children watch, how long they can watch TV, and just how much parental abuse we're going to take. Before you can bat an eye, the harmless cartoon show that a toddler watches, turns into a nasty bullying act that caves us in because suddenly the child is more "strong-willed" about being entertained instantly, than we are about standing up for Truth, for God, for our parental rights and privileges which are God-given through marriage. By our own transgressions which foment sins of omission, we suddenly find ourselves in the painful position of having the inmates run the asylum, and society feeds the power-hungry children of today, because in this turned-upside-down society, it is the children who are empowered, while the parent's role is to continue this empowerment, for everything today is geared for the "betterment" of the child, with no concern whatsoever for the parent. From TV shows, to commercials, the "kids" run the show, and woe betide any parent who gets in their way, for this, somehow, unsyllogistically, translates into "child abuse!"

    Oh, what has become of family values, of wholesome family time? Can we honestly expect our children to grow up as responsible adults, when the only time we have is for a mealtime that may or may not be nightly, but is often saved for one day a week? And what do we, as parents, do during that hoped-for meeting over a dinner table? The conversation is directed solely to the child. The child/children whine if we "step beyond the boundaries" they've set. By our sins of omission, our child/children cajole, bully, threaten us until they get what they want! By our sins of omission, we have permitted the child to have all they want, but will they settle for what they truly need?

    There are many other instances of sins of omission, and we are so bullied by the media, that we cave in to the demands of our children, and pretty soon we find ourselves bankrupt in our marriage, in our own needs….There isn't time for husband and wife to be just that…we're too busy running kids from one extra-curricular event to another, of spending what little time we have running to movies, to the mall, to the school, where parents are subjected to being treated much as kindergartners are, because we must, at all costs, give our children just "everything" that's available in today's society.

    Society, over the last forty years or so, has become satan's pawn now more than ever. Long gone are the days where roles were defined simply, as God defines the role of man and woman. Long gone are the days when "children were to be seen and not heard!" Today, it's the child that is always heard, and the parent is somehow, inexplicably found to be the one in trouble because how dare we deny our child anything!"

    Our sins of omission have become the conscience of today, and that is to say a conscience, individual as well as collective, that is distorted by satan, who has provoked these sins of omission to run rampant.

    Children must have access to the Internet at all costs. It's the wave of the future. It doesn't matter how much a computer costs, because the manufacturers have seen to it that a basic computer doesn't cost all that much relatively speaking. However, once the basic computer is purchased, the total comes out much, much higher, because there is always a need for an upgrade, always a need for newer, better software, etc. And dare we deny our child the very best that society has to offer?!

    By our sins of omission, we allow society to dictate, and it is society that raises children, not us, as parents, empowered by God with the right, the obligation to bring that child up to love and respect their parents, and by so doing, to love, honor, respect and serve God, and all lawful authority.

    There are other ways in which all of us, again to some extent, commit sins of omission. We do this by neglecting our God-given right to vote. So many are turned off of politics, (and who isn't tired of the same old non-defining speech and rhetoric), to those of us who do exercise are right to vote, but we vote for what is going to be best for the pocketbook, without one thought about what is right before God, and what He has a right to expect from us, who claim to belong to Him!

    Yes, by abusing the right to vote (either by not voting, or voting strictly for personal gain) we commit a sin, or sins, of omission. This is going to be very evident in the up-coming Presidential election. How many of us will vote straight "party" regardless of what "party" stands for? How many of us will vote the man into office who will offer the best tax-cuts, the best assurance that Social Security will be there for us? Will we vote for the one who promises cuts in the cost of prescription drugs, not to mention the cost of having any medical insurance at all? Will we vote, or not, for the person or party which we believe, misguidedly, will best help us to keep our home, our job, our savings account, our CD, our retirement funds? Will we even give a thought to electing the person to the job who will uphold God's Laws, putting God first before any man-made law? Will we even give a thought to genetic engineering, surrogate mothers, euthanasia, or abortion rights whereby a "woman has the right to choose"?

    If we vote for any reason other than to uphold God's laws to the best of our ability, we are committing a sin of omission, and one day we will have to stand before God and account for these sins of omission, because there won't be any society, any man-made law to stand up for our omission. There will only be God. Yes, God is all-merciful, but He is also all-just and you can't have one without the other.

    Our sins of omission may be, in fact, far worse than our actual sins. God forbid that we are in mortal sin. My dear brothers and sisters, if we are, in fact, in serious sin, than at all costs call up your local parish office (hoping someone will be able to get hold of a priest), make an appointment if necessary and go to Confession at once. Humbling, yes, but absolutely necessary. And for those venial sins to which we all fall prey, are they so insignificant that they no longer need confession? From what many pastors tell us these days, it would seem that the Sacrament of Confession, of Reconciliation, is only for mortal sin! Since when? Again, the sin of omission…

    We must take a long, hard, serious look at our soul, and we must through the grace of God, reawaken our consciences before the world is sold, lock, stock, and barrel, into hell! Is that not where we're already headed? Yes, it is! It's everywhere, but we don't want to think about that. Oh, no! It's too difficult to rock the boat of society's lack of morals and virtues. Again, we are taking the easy road, and we all know where that leads.

    By our sins of omission, however far they go back, or how recently they've begun, we have allowed satan to truly be the prince of the earth.

    Oh, you say you go to Church on Sunday! You send your children to Catechism classes; you give of your treasure to the local parish. But is that enough? Is that good enough! Is God asking more of us! I'm sure He is! And I say this in all humility, because I know in my own life that daily God keeps me on my toes. If I let down my guard for one instant, I permit satan to stride through my front door and wreak havoc within the family. Oh, the evil one slithers in through the phone, through the TV, through the CD's our kids listen to, through the videos we rent for them, or for ourselves, and through the movies we go to see. The Prince of Darkness has become the King of the World (and I'm not talking about Jack in the movie "Titanic"). We think of ourselves as "kings" of the world because we have "buying power". Shame on us! We've bought and sold ourselves, and therefore our children and our grandchildren right into satan's eager slimy hands.

    Do we commit a sin of omission, or commission when we go to see a movie that is filled with the "f" word, and has so much gratuitous sex and violence that it makes the Holocaust look like a walk in the park?

    We have definitely committed big sins of omission because only a few consciences are tweaked today by the rampant increase in abortion, in euthanasia, and by the approval of a global society of homosexuality!

    I looked it up, my dear brothers and sisters, and guess what? God's laws haven't changed to keep pace with our man-made laws. In fact, my dear brothers and sisters, if ever God's Laws applied, it must be to today. What was wrong in the Old Testament, and in Our Lord's own time, remains wrong today!

    By our sins of omission, as well as of commission, we have become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. We are playing "god" to the tune of the evil one's fife. Satan has lined the easy path to hell with the glimmer of money and goods that the money can buy.

    Instant gratification is what our kids scream for, and to stop the screaming, we give in! We rationalize our motives by the standards of our neighbor, and by those of society at large. We may read this or that editorial, which for an instant twinges our conscience about what is truly right and wrong, but it only lasts for as long as we've got our eyes focuses on the page. Once we're on our way to another workday, to another afternoon, evening, or morning of dragging our kids off to the "games" they play, we soon forget the words of wisdom (however rare they are) that some journalist might speak!

    We hear the demands of our children and give in, because we don't want to go against the grain of society. Are we going to be the only family on the block that censors what our kids watch, do and say? Are we going to be the only family on the block that isn't tuned into sound bytes from every direction? Are we going to censor what our kids do in their spare time?

    Who has spare time? The kids or us? No, we don't, my brothers and sisters, because every single moment of every single day belongs to the children!

    I don't know about you, but I am sickened by the plethora of commercials, which show figuratively the kid in the driver seat, and the adults in the back, nodding "yes" like a toy dog whose head keeps nodding up and down!

    We are puppets of satan, and we've become so because of our sins of omission as well as our actual sins!

    Where will it all stop? Well, there are two outcomes, my brothers and sisters. We can continue along the easy path of least resistance, and wind up in hell. Or, we can bite the bullet, reclaim our rightful authority as parents, as adults, and set the world on edge by doing the right thing, for the right reason…God!

    It's an awesome thing, my dear brothers and sisters, do see your soul as God sees it! It is most definitely Mercy, but it is also a dress rehearsal for His Infinite Justice. We have time to set things right, my dear relatives in the Mystical Body of Christ. We must not wait for the world to say it is okay to do this. We must not wait for our neighbors to say it's okay. We must not even wait for our individual parishes to say it's okay. In our hearts, if they are not yet dead, we know what is right and wrong….and we are obliged to do it at any and all costs.

    Remember, my brothers and sisters, we are being asked here by the Sanctifier to clean up our own act, before we clean up anyone else's. We are being asked here by Our Lord to do as He did…to judge the sin….never the sinner. And we are all sinners, without exception.

    The election is upon us. What will you do? Our kids our growing up in front of our eyes…some of you have very young children, others have teenagers, others grown children with grandchildren, and we must set them straight before we have to answer for them too, because it was our sin of omission that allowed them to go down the wrong path to begin with!

    That moment of "Warning" of "seeing our soul as God sees it" is coming. It may be tomorrow, it may not. But it is coming…and if we're going to survive it, if we're going to learn from it, then we have to, this very moment, take stock of our sins of omission, and seize the day to return our self, our family, and our neighborhood, and our country back to God Almighty!

    May the Infinite Peace, Joy, and Mercy of God by with all of you, and together through prayer, united in the Mystical Body of Christ, may we all renew a life commitment to Our Lord, through the Immaculate Heart of His Blessed Mother before it is too late.

I remain your very little sister in Christ,


from Tuesday, October 17, 2000, Volume 11, no. 203