Diadems of the Decade from March 1, 2003, vol 14, no. 5

                If These Men are Actual Shepherds, Pity the Poor Sheep!

                  We have learned to realize that the Democratic Party is not going to change, but for the bishops to be in lockstep with them is unforgiveable. The fact that the bishops are gunshy to the truths of Holy Mother Church, refuse to speak in absolutes, and mete out the just punishments that would not only save thousands of the innocent unborn, but millions of souls, should be enough to raise the outrage of all Catholics...if, that is, they are still truly Catholic! By following the insanity of bishops cited here, one has to realize they are not Catholic, but anathema!

    In view of the fact that the Doctrine of the Catholic Church honors the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death and God did not put an asterisk after 5th Commandment to exempt unborn children, then why do most bishops and most priests consider the lives of unborn children to be not as worthy as born children.

   You say, you do not believe it. You say that bishops treat all human life the same, regardless whether in, or out of the womb. I will prove that bishops do NOT consider an unborn child to be the equivalent of a born child, that they {not all} in their liberal thinking have succumbed to satan’s desires.

   But first, I think that all would agree that the most grievous sin, is the breaking of the Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill.” After all a human life has been expunged from the face of the earth. It is because of the actions of many bishops that the rate of Catholic women having their unborn child killed is higher than the Evangelicals and the rate of Catholics voting for pro-abort candidates is also higher than the Evangelicals.

   In the election of 2000, 47% of Catholics voted for George W. Bush and 49% voted for Al Gore, who is not only a pro-abort, but even condones killing children while they are being born -- the gruesome and excruciating painful partial-birth infanticide. Maybe, we should thank God for Evangelical ministers, since they are doing a better job than Catholic bishops when it comes to saving the lives of God's precious unborn children.

   I will present six cases in which bishops/cardinals could have taken great strides to end the killing of unborn children in the United States, but instead they chose to put a smile on the face of satan.

Case One

   North Dakota Catholic ordinaries Bishop Paul A. Zipfel (Bismarck) and Bishop Samuel J. Aquila (Fargo) have flatly refused to endorse a bill criminalizing abortion now pending in the North Dakota House of Representatives.

   A “preborn child” is defined in the bill as “a human being from the moment of fertilization until the moment of birth.” “A person is guilty of a class AA felony if the person intentionally destroys or terminates the life of a preborn child.”

   Christopher Dodson, Executive Director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference, stated that the bill was unacceptable to the Bishops because it holds culpable the woman who intentionally procures an abortion. He further indicated that even were the proposed legislation to grant the mother legal immunity for killing her own child, it still would not pass muster with the Catholic Bishops of North Dakota because it lacked “a realistic possibility of withstanding constitutional scrutiny.”

   I cannot believe that a bishop would not place the law of God above the law of the land. Who cares if it can't withstand constitutional scrutiny. The main thing to do is to TRY. If the women had her BORN child killed, would the bishops still not want the women to be culpable? Of course they would.

   It is apparent that the North Dakota bishops do NOT consider an unborn child to be equivalent to a born child or adult. May God have mercy on their souls. What a terrible message this is to Catholics throughout the country. It absolutely shocked me when I first read it.

Case Two

   All we hear from the Catholic hierarchy is that the Catholic Church cannot take sides on political issues. They cannot favor candidates, yet the pastor of St. Sabina’s in Chicago, Rev. Michael Pfleger invited presidential hopeful, Rev. Al Sharpton to use the pulpit to trumpet his political views. Sharpton is a pro-abort and took the opportunity to blast President Bush.

   Chicago Catholics were outraged and asked Cardinal Francis George, OMI to prevent the appearance, but George would not. He said it was too late. How could it be too late? It is never too late. It wasn't that George was asked the day of the appearance.

   It was freezing. With temperatures in the teens, and wind gusts of 20 to 30 miles an hour coming off Lake Michigan while Catholics recited the Rosary, and a series of prayers and meditations on the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Protesters held signs with pictures of Jesus and babies, some with captions like, "choose the gift of life, " all to no avail. Father Pfleger and Cardinal George would not budge.

   Roman Catholic Canon Law clearly stipulates that the homily during a Catholic Mass must be preached by a Bishop, Priest, or Deacon. Laymen, especially laymen who aren't Catholic, are precluded from giving a homily. Since, Fr. Feiger and Cardinal George are willing to mock Canon Law and do not fear losing their tax status by inviting a speaker who is a pro-abort and running for the presidency of the United States, then why do they fear telling the flock to vote for candidates who are pro-life -- even mentioning specific names.

   Could it be that 90% of pro-life candidates are in the Republican party and the Catholic bishops have an affinity with the “Party of Death,” better known by the public as the Democratic party?

   This is yet another example where the bishops do not consider the unborn to be the equivalent of born children. They have bought into the liberal mindset. Had Sharpton condoned the killing of BORN children, Cardinal George would have kicked him out.

Cases Three and Four

   If someone in power had a great influence in decision making, say a governor, or a United States Senator and endorsed, promoted and voted for and signed bills that would kill thousands of BORN children and adults very year, would a bishop allow that person to use a Catholic Church to honor his/her accomplishments. You know the answer to that is a resounding NO. But, they will allow it if it's unborn children, who are killed.

   An interfaith service was held for the newly elected governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, a Catholic, at St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral in Lansing, Michigan. She embraces the proposition that women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, if they so choose. This is not only in direct contradiction to the Catholic Doctrine, but it mocks the will of God, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

   Cardinal Adam Maida, could have prevented Granholm, who is an enabler of child killing, from appearing, but he did NOT. Worse yet, he was the main speaker.

   About the same time, Archbishop James Patrick Keleher of Kansas allowed Catholic pro-abort Governor-Elect of the sunflower state, Kathleen Sabelius to desecrate another Catholic Church in the same manner. Both of these Catholic women say they are personally opposed to abortion but support a woman's right to choose.[to kill her unborn child. They both publicly repudiate Church teaching and insists that abortion advocacy is consistent with Catholicism.

   Well, it is not. They are heretics and they still receive the sacraments and the bishops don't care and since they both publicly repudiate Church teaching, the bishops, instead of allowing these two ambassadors of satan to trumpet the tenets of the prince of darkness in a Catholic Church, they should have publicly excommunicated them.

   You just know there will be 'Catholic' women who are going to have their unborn child killed just from the fact that these women were given the blessing of the bishops, by allowing them to celebrate their victories in a Catholic Church. When bishops allow the Church to be used by people, who condone evil, then those same bishops ALSO condone that same evil. To condone the killing of human beings is a MORTAL sin.

   Again, I ask, would the bishops have allowed these two women to use a Catholic Church if they condoned the killing of BORN children? You know they would NOT. The bishops would have refused them permission. Another example where bishops do not consider unborn children to be equivalent of born children.

   For Granholm and Sabelius to say that they opposed to abortions, but supports a women's right to have her unborn child killed, is the same as saying I am opposed to women killing their husbands, but I support their right to choose to kill them. Unless of course, bishops do not consider the life of an unborn child to be on par with born children, or adults.

   Pro-choice and pro-abortion are the same. The end result of both is the same -- DEATH -- to a living human being.

Case Five

   Bill Richardson, a Catholic and new Governor of New Mexico had an ecumenical prayer service at St Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe New Mexico, on January 1st (Inaguaration day). Richardson is also a pro-abort. He won over a pro-life Catholic, John Sanchez, so as a reward, this propagator of child killing gets to have a prayer service in a Catholic Church.

   Santa Fe Archbishop Michael Sheehan said, "We don't endorse candidates. We don't tell people how to vote. But we do encourage them to look at the issues," Sheehan added. "And there's a long tradition of Catholic social teaching." "We get badgered from both sides. Some people say we are not speaking out strongly enough about the evil of abortion... some people say we are too strong on it."

   It is plain to see that Archbishop Sheehan has his priorities all screwed up. There is no such thing as speaking out too strongly about saving the lives of human beings. Why is he worried about speaking out too strongly? If he really wanted to help to end the killings, he would not have allowed Richardson to use a Catholic Church for his victory celebration. His mere presence in a Catholic Church, being a pro-abort, sends a message, that it is OK to be pro-abortion -- the Archbishop doesn’t care.

   A reporter asked Sheehan, "Would it be a sin for a Catholic to vote for a candidate that was pro-abortion?" Sheehan said, "I would say no, you have to look at all the issues."

   Can you believe that answer? He does not think it's a sin if you condone and propagate an evil act. There are NO OTHER issues to look at. When you vote for someone who is an enabler of the killing of human beings, you the voter are a party to the American Holocaust. Surely this is not hard to understand -- let alone a bishop.

Case Six

   Governor Gray Davis of California has promoted and signed into law a bill that if Roe Vs Wade is ever reversed, the killing of unborn children would still be legal in California. He also promoted and signed four other pro-abortion bills, as well as pro-homosexual bills.

   Davis is a 'supposed Catholic' and says he is PROUD that he for a woman's right to have her unborn child killed and will NOT change his view on this. Sounds like something that satan would say -- does it not?

   He won reelection over Bill Simon, who is pro-life and also a Catholic. 62% of Catholics voted for Davis and only 38% for Simon, whereas the Protestant vote was almost just the reverse. If Catholics did not vote, Simon would now be governor of California.

   Cardinal Roger Mahony and the bishops in California did little to get Simon elected. In fact they went out of their way to make sure he wasn't elected. They knew very well that Davis signed many pro-abortion bills. As a matter of fact, the "Respect for Life office" was conveniently closed in the Los Angeles Archdiocese for TWO weeks prior the last election. Of all times to be closed.

   Davis still receives Holy Communion even after Bishop William Weigand of Sacramento told him he should not, because he does not adhere to the Doctrine of the Catholic Church. In essence Gray told Bishop Weigand to go fly a kite and publicly stated that he will continue to receive Holy Communion as long as he wanted to. When you sign the death warrants, you are NO DIFFERENT from those who do the actually killing. This should not be hard to understand, should it?

   Bishop Weigand instead of asking Davis to stop receiving Holy Communion, should have excommunicated him publicly. I remember when I an altar boy, the priest would not let my fellow altar boy receive Holy Communion because as the boy opened his mouth, the priest apparently saw some food. In those days you could not eat or drink anything at all the entire morning prior to Mass.

   Am I to now understand that you can receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ with a mortal sin on your soul? I know that since Vatican ll, my Church has become liberal, but this is just too much.

   Why even have confession, if anyone can receive Holy Communion? So. Gov. Davis is in a state of Grace, is he? Yeah right. It is an insult to our Savior. Why do bishops allow this to happen?

   Gov. Davis MUST be PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED. If he still attends Mass, he should be REFUSED Holy Communion.

   Bishops have within their power to stop the killing of unborn children. It is very simple, all they have to do is the following:

    1) Publicly excommunicate all pro-choice [to kill unborn children] politicians, because they dissent from Catholic teaching, but more importantly, they mock the will of God. They are heretics. In essence, they sign the death warrants.

       What a powerful message this would send. It would make the Church strong again and bring many Catholics back to the pews, because right now they are so disenchanted with the Catholic hierarchy that they are losing their sense of right and wrong.

    2) Desist from the pitiful homilies at Mass concerning abortions. They should be more frequent and more in the “fire and brimstone” tone and cut out the word abortion and start telling the truth -- the “killing of unborn children.” Sure, satan loves that word “abortion,” but does the Catholic clergy have to please the prince of darkness.

       If the Catholic clergy were truly inclined to end the American Holocaust, they would say as often as possible -- “to kill an unborn child is the same as killing a born child, or you or me. We are all made in the image of God at conception. This is not just based on religion but is also a scientific fact. We now have DNA for the ultimate proof.

   “And if you vote for someone, who is pro-choice to kill and unborn child, that makes you a party to evil. Your vote helps to promote and propagate the killing of 1.4 million of God's precious children every year. For this, you will have to answer to God.

   “So, I would urge you to learn the issues before you vote., but I will tell you that ALL the other issues lumped together are not as important as saving the lives 4,000 unborn children who are killed EVERY DAY, by what is known as an abortion

   “If you don't know if the candidates are pro-life, or pro-death, there is literature in the back of the church.”

   If the above two suggestions are followed, the THE KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN WOULD SOON BE HISTORY. The pro-abort Catholic politicians in the heavily Catholic populated states in the Northeast will NOT be reelected -- NY,PA, MA, NJ, DE, CT. These Catholic states overwhelming voted for pro-abort Al Gore and for pro-abort candidates in general. This is disgraceful. Where are the bishops?

   If the Catholic clergy had the “guts” of the Evangelical ministers such as Jerry Falwell and practically all black ministers, they would actually give the names, on the pulpit, of the candidates who are pro-life and tell the congregation to vote for them.

   With over 60 million Catholics in the USA, 40 million of voting age, we will get rid of the killing of God's precious children when the bishops are ready and right now, they are NOT ready and for this they WILL answer to God.

   One would think that with all the scandal the Church has had to endure the past year, the Catholic hierarchy would have learned their lesson and for ONCE would have come out fighting and put the will of God first and start saving the lives of unborn children.

   Bishops use the EXCUSE why they are not more forthcoming during election times to tell the flock who to vote for, is their fear losing their tax status. What a lousy reason to allow 1.4 million children to die every year. Also, have they forgotten, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his soul?”

   Besides, they will NOT endanger the tax status of the Catholic church. Clinton and Gore actually went to black churches to get their vote and their money. Black preachers actually give the names of the candidates, who their congregation should vote for.

   The Evangelical, Reverend Jerry Falwell said that a person of the cloth can actually give the name of the person to vote for while on the puulpit as long as you say -- that is “my” opinion. He said he does this all the time. Priests are individuals too and have a right to express their views.

   The Catholic Church will NEVER lose its tax status, because if it did, practically every black church in the country would lose theirs and you know that will NEVER happen.

   So please, bishops, do not use that EXCUSE again. I have always said that we will end the killing of God's precious unborn children in the United States when the bishops want to. So far they do NOT want to and for that may God have mercy on their souls, because they also are a party to the American Holocaust. Of this I have absolutely no doubt.

   The 13 Catholic pro-abort senators are also heretics, because they disagree with the Doctrine of the Catholic Church. Their “Party of Death” comes first and God second and still they are not publicly excommunicated and still they receive Holy Communion. Most of them had a Catholic education, so how did their minds get so twisted? The following should answer that.

   The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA compared results of a survey administered to college freshmen in 1997 with a survey given to these same students as graduating seniors in 2001. The results? Students attending Catholic colleges are more likely to increase in support for legalized abortion and same-sex marriages than students attending private four-year colleges.

   What's happening here? Parents used to worry that Catholic colleges would be no better for their children than regular four-year colleges. Now it seems that some Catholic schools might actually be worse!

   Certainly this isn't the case at all Catholic schools. There are a few pockets of orthodoxy out there but they are fading fast as well in trying to maintain a strong Catholic identity. It is truly sad that parents do not have the assurance that they would not have to fear if their child attended a Catholic college. The fact is you can count on one had those who offer a quality Catholic education. That in itself is unsettling. But the bishops don't seem to care. In fact, they're afraid of rattling the sabers of higher learning for they shrink from Ex Corde Ecclesia by washing their hands in true Pontius Pilate fashion.

   Then more recently, we learned that some Catholic colleges were providing links to Planned Parenthood, the leading killers of unborn children in the world, from their Web sites. Most of the links have been taken down now but only as a result of pressure from outraged laity.

   Where are the bishops? Why did they allow satan to permeate Catholic institutions of higher learning?

   Is it any wonder that there are over 70 Catholic politician in Washington who are pro-choice [to kill unborn children]? Thirteen of them senators, of which eight even voted to NOT ban partial-birth infanticides; 90% are in the "Party of Death" -- the Democratic party. Most of the so-called Catholic politicians went to Catholic schools and universities.

   Recently the Cardinal Newman Society reported that 42 U.S. Catholic Colleges are scheduled this year to present the vulgar play "The Vagina Monologues," which includes an approved reminiscence about a lesbian seduction of a 16-year-old girl.

   How could bishops allow a pornographic play to be performed at a Catholic College and 42 no less? Saint Mary's College in South Bend Indiana paid for four students to attend a pro-choice [to kill unborn children] conference that was designed to encourage youth to save abortion rights.

   Bishops also allowed 10 pro-abort speakers at the last Catholic college commencements. Couldn't they find a decent speaker who was pro-life?

   Last week John Paul II sent Cardinal Etchevarry to Iraq, to talk to Saddam Hussein. I guess, to try to prevent a war and save lives, especially children. More lives would have been saved, if only the Pope would have sent an emissary to talk to the Catholic pro-abort senators and all nations who kill unborn children and even to the headquarters of Planned Parenthood.

   These visits would also have made the headlines and would have done a heck-of-a-lot more good than sending an emissary to Iraq. By the way, the Cardinal actually shook the hand of a man who killed thousands of his own people and members of his own family. Isn't that akin to shaking the hand of the devil? But then that is expected in this politically-correct post-conciliar church of today. Heavens, we wouldn't want to offend the offenders. We must be tolerant of those who are so intolerant of the unborn innocents.

   Why is it that the Catholic Church can get involved in politics in this manner in order to save lives, but shy from politics when it comes to saving the lives of 1.4 million of God's precious UNBORN children every year?

   I have outlined above, how the American Holocaust can be stopped, but it requires the help of my Church. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH CAN END THE KILLING OF UNBORN CHILDREN, IF ONLY THE BISHOPS HAD A MIND TO.

   It was St. Athanasius - "Apostle of Tradition" who said "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops." The Blessed Mother in La Salette, France said that the Church of Rome, would lose its Faith.

   It appears that it is up to the laity to stop the killing of unborn children. This can be done by phoning and writing to the bishops and let them know that you are dissatisfied with their efforts to save the lives of our youngest children. That you want to hear more from the pulpit and not sugarcoat these killings with the word, “abortion,” or we respect the sanctity of human life.

   Tell them, they will NOT lose their tax status and why they will not, which I think they already know, but it wouldn't hurt that they know you know. Tell the bishops, their fear of having less money, is the cause of thousands of children being killed every day. Somehow, I do not think that God accepts this kind of an excuse.

   So that it makes the headlines, tell your bishop to publicly excommunicate all pro-choice [to kill unborn children] politicians. And if they don't, consider these weak shepherds as mere phonies who have already excommunicated themselves (latae sententiae) for their lukewarmness. We have God's Own word on that from the Book of the Apocalypse, 3: 16

    "Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I wil begin to vomit thee out of My mouth."

Frank Joseph, M.D.

from March 1, 2003, Volume 14, no. 5