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Diadems of the Decade from the July issue, 2009, vol. 20, no. 180

                A Question no one has yet to Answer

      Last year the editor filed an editorial corresponding with the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul that ran throughout July, in which he lamented that most are sadly complacent, falling into that vial lukewarm category so castigated by the Lord in Apocalypse 3: 16. The devil is having a field day by creating diversions in diversity in both temporal and spiritual matters. Nowhere is this more evident than in the disunity he sows within the Traditional Catholic movement, pitting one against the other. When will we bury the hatchets and seek the common ground of Catholic Truth in our fight against those who oppose just that? When those who pine for the good ol' days, those who complain about the sacrilegious travesties in the New Order, those, such as TIA, who claim exclusivity in the Resistance movement, and dissident 'home-aloners' all realize that the nearest sedevacantist chapel is where they will all discover that the sacramental life of the Church is alive and well. And why not? The Church has provided as Christ promised and in these very chapels where there is not one iota of compromise with or recognition of the false church of Vatican II, there is

    We know from Scripture that Saint Peter and Saint Paul differed on a few things, the latter even calling the former out in Galatians 2: 11-12. Throughout the history of the Church saints have argued over several points, always open to the Holy Ghost. In every age there have been disagreements amidst Catholics. It is no different in these times. In fact, it has seemingly intensified.

    It truly boggles my mind the bitterness that is sullying e-mail inboxes lately, most coming from disgruntled 'home-aloners' who seem to wallow in the doomsday doldrums. Mind you, when we say 'home-aloners' we are not referring to those who, because of distance, cannot get to a true Mass and are encouraged to pray at home. No, we're talking about that breed who decide on their own authority that there is no true Mass anywhere any more and so decide the only church left on earth is right there in their own home. They set themselves up as pope, curia, pastor and psychiatrist. Don't dare try to change their minds with documentation of what holy Mother Church says for they will recoil, twist the words and take other sentences out of context, then strike like a crazed cobra.

    Lately, several have suddenly bared their fangs with vicious vitriolic venom, making accusation after accusation with not a shred of proof. It is as if they suddenly realized they were orphans and demanded other parents recognize them as if they were their first born; yet producing not a single document or certificate of verification. From the hinterlands of New Mexico and Minnesota they rail on as if they alone know the truth and take pride in keeping it to themselves while lambasting those who live as Catholics should by following all we were taught and practiced before the Great Apostasy. Since they clamor for attention, I won't name names here for one simple reason. Snakes are snakes. What is the benefit of giving them any visibility, let alone credibility?

    Yet one of them actually admitted in an e-mail that he was off to an assembly gathered for electing a pope. I kid you not, quote, unquote: off to "the Papal Restoration campaign." Mind you, a layman gathering with other laymen to elect yet another layman as a pope. Not a bishop in the bunch. The end result is that whomever they would elect would be no more a pope than Joseph Ratzinger or Michael Jackson or the chimp he once had. One wonders who gets custody of Wonderland? Perhaps the new lay pope.

    I think the lemur's name was "Bubbles" which makes sense since 'home-aloners' are forever blowing such, lathering themselves into a tizzy that they are the forgotten child. Well, they're forgotten for a reason.

    Truly, I don't know what is more bizarre: 'Home-aloners', Jackson's crazy behavior, or the media making the late pedophilia-oriented "king of pop" into a god after his death. Does the cult of Elvis come to mind? This 'man-boy' had problems, folks, and one can only pray for his immortal soul. It's more evidence that you can't take it with you.

    Raise your hand or honk if you're fed up with instant memorials where the deceased are deified before they're even in the ground. Honk if you don't want to see any more roadside candle vigils and teddy bears strewn in piles because it's what the deceased "would have wanted."

    We know what God would have wanted. That's all that matters. All the money and albums the so-called 'king of pop' sold, all the adulation he received, all the screams and fainting followers can't help him one iota now. It should be a lesson to us all to keep always in our minds first and foremost the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

    And it is the lack of this emphasis that has created such a glut of emotionality and complacency as to each's own salvation, let alone others. Conciliar Catholics, as long as they can claim ignorance before God that they don't know they are no longer Catholic by following the apostate counterfeit church of conciliarism, might get a pass. However, 'home-aloners' are, for the most part sedevacantists who seem to decide on their own that there are no valid bishops today. They sit as judge and jury in their mistaken belief that Archbishops Marcel Lefebvre and Pierre Martin Ngo-dinh-Thuc were not legitimate and therefore the bishops they consecrated in the very same episcopal consecration the Church had always followed, were suddenly no longer valid because their consecrators signed the documents of Vatican II. Well, duh. 99% of the bishops signed. But only a few had the courage to admit they were wrong.

    Kind of like St. Peter who repented. You'll recall Christ Himself warned Peter of the pitfalls ahead by calling the man He selected to become the first Pope "Satan" as in "Go after Me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto Me, because thou dost not relish the things that are of God, but the things that are of men." (St. Matthew 16:23) Mind you, this was shortly after the Lord had verified that Peter would be given the Keys of the Kingdom in St. Matthew 16: 18-19.

    We know, also, that several bishops, including the two in question above, repented and spoke out against what they signed, once they realized their error. If that makes them invalid as 'home-aloners' would have you believe, then one would arrive at the syllogism that repentance doesn't count, thus even Peter's repentance wouldn't be valid according to them. That we know is ridiculous. Yet, you can see how bizarre the 'home-aloners' stretch things. And, wouldn't you know it, they're even turning on each other. There are two certain brothers who claim they are true Benedictines and proclaim sedevacantism. They have no bishop and no priest has come forward to claim them. They are the ones who really started this hate idealogue many years ago. The 'home-aloners' seem to have been taking notes, recently going for the jugular. The only problem. They have no knife.

    Now comes the mighty self-appointed 'raja of enchantment' 'home-aloner' and his few disciples who lash out at those same two brothers who the vast majority of sedevacantists avoid like the plague. Yet to hear the vitriol spewed their way, one would almost feel sorry for the pair from upper New York. Another 'home-aloner' even filed legal action against another 'home-aloner', while also accusing the same of being responsible for the death of a security guard in the holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago. Mind you, both these 'home-aloners' are within a half-hour's drive of regular daily Masses at truly Catholic chapels. One of these orotund quidnuncs wrote "where are your cardinals?" in a deliberate slur, but we would counter "where are your bishops or priests for that matter?" At least sedevacantists have true bishops who can trace their succession to the Apostles.

    That's more than can be said for the 'home-aloners' and, for the most part, in the counterfeit church of conciliarism which has been registering an even greater temblor on the Bizzaro Richters scale as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey, Novus Ordo Watch, Traditio.com and Traditioninaction have documented. Why, one has to ask, has the bizarre behavior intensified so?

    Several reasons can be advanced. One, the pact satan made with God - and witnessed by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII - is coming to an end. The devil is desperate.

    Two, the longer the interminable interregnum drags on, the more crazies come out of the woodwork to claim they alone have knowledge of a person who knew a person who witnessed the purported admission of another person, namely Giuseppe Cardinal Siri, that he was elected pope instead of Angelo Roncalli. Of course that was over 50 years ago and with every passing year, the Siri theorists lose more credibility, especially when they have not provided one shred of proof except for hearsay.

    Three, desperate times call for desperate measures and, as we mentioned above, whether it is for their own fifteen minutes of fame or their own trumped up belief that they are a prophet for our times and will assault any and all who dare question them, they begin to interpret scriptures as they see them rather than how holy Mother Church has discerned Divine Revelation. They will do anything they can to force a square peg into a round hole and justify that it fits.

    Of course, they're no different than Bishop Bernard Fellay trying to justify the sell-out of the Society of St. Pius X sheep to the Modernist wolves. His calling for a 'rosary crusade' for the conversion of Russia is putting the cart before the horse because it takes a true Pope to consecrate Russia to the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart. The truth is that Fellay's facade is just a ruse to please his new boss in the Vatican. Rather, the true "Rosary Crusade" is the one introduced by Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P. which gets to the heart of it in storming Heaven in petition for the welfare of our country, for the return of souls to the one true Catholic faith, for the salvation of souls, and for our own petitions in harmony with the will of God. We encourage all to participate in this 15 Consecutive Saturday Rosary Crusade in devoting our rosaries, holy Masses and Holy Communions in union with Jesus and Mary for these intentions, focusing on a different mystery each week, all leading up to Rosary Sunday this year. This crusade, which is not trying to impress man with numbers, but rather is a concerted effort of expressing sincere hearts through all of our humble pleas in offering up reparation to God for our sins and the sins of others. This is a far cry from Fellay's 'crusade', which is intended to please and placate man. How could the SSPX have fallen so far, where the casualty numbers are mounting in defections and exile of those not willing to sell out?

    Perhaps that is upsetting the apple cart for 'home-aloners'. We don't know. However, all of the discord is the price of 'home-aloners' trying to maintain a sacramental life without the true sacraments. Why the 'home-aloners' are so vehement against the Lefebre and Thuc-line bishops is beyond credence. The positive news is that the sedevacantist ranks are swelling, soon to equal or surpass the Society in number of parishes and faithful Catholics. For a listing of where you can find the true, unadulterated Apostolic Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin, see Traditional Catholic Masses And yet, even though we are growing, the fact is that we are still left with a remnant, and no, we're not talking about the house organ out of St. Paul, Minnesota for the Motu Mess.

    There is the idiom, often spouted, that they're are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. In the Traditional movement it's too many Indians and not enough chiefs for there are few authentic Bishops and priests left and they are taxed greatly, spread thin because with every passing year more souls are waking up to the fact that Modernist Rome is not Catholic. Thus the demand for the true Mass grows. Yet there are only enough hours in a day, only enough miles to drive or fly, only enough Masses a true priest can say in a day. In summary, they can only do so much and what they are doing is heroic.

    Yet, 'home-aloners' campaign for souls to ignore these confessors. But home aloners are not alone in this. No, speaking of bizarre, our two recent open letters to Tradition in Action's Atila Sinke Guimar„es and Dr. Marian Therese Horvat in our editorial It's time to resist the "resist and recognize" camp to their face. and Griff Ruby's Thinking Inside the Church and Outside the Conciliar Box elicited no acknowledgment from them (even though we sent a heads-up to them before they were published) and prompted only a subversive slur with no specific response to our failsafe argument, that was capped once and for all last week by Griff in part three The Proof in his three-part treatise "Anatomy of a Papal Resignation". That slur came in a response to a letter posted June 16 by an A.R. of Ireland on the TIA website. If one were to blink, you'd have missed it. In the letter, A.R. wrote:

    I am a great admirer of TIA and its many useful articles. I too was shocked by the non-Christian prayer of the Pope. In your articles you alert us to the many terrible things going on and we need the information. Could you suggest to us ways of dealing theologically, aescetically [sic] and devotionally with the terrible scandals we see?

    Many would say: Shut up, go to this true Catholic chapel or join a sede-vacantist group! An easy solution, maybe. But many of us feel helpless: we pray, read, study [even eat slow homemade food] and we say the daily Family Rosary, but we still fume and complain and get depressed, so depressed (at least I do - maybe I am the only one).

    Can you give us some "uplift" or uplifting advice?

    Well, Atila's response, even though it was signed "TIA correspondence desk" could in no way uplift A.R. or anyone else, only confuse them more with the deception and lies that TIA has, sadly and uncharacteristically, resorted to. I quote it in full below in indents, with comments below each.

    In our opinion, the best way to deal with the crisis in the Church is to see it as a second passion of Our Lord, and try to keep Him company as much as we can with our prayers, meditations and actions.

    Note, he says "our opinion." That's it? Opinion. If that is not Protestant what is? Catholics do not go on opinion but on what holy Mother Church has always taught. He is right that this is the "second passion" of Christ for no one recognizes the Mystical Body of Christ today because He has been so disfigured. He is still the Head of the Church and always will be, no matter how He looks. But this pandering to an opinion by prescribing "prayers, meditations and actions" with no mention whatsoever of the sacraments screams Protestant thinking. Yet, in a clever way he tries to turn the tables with misdirection in the next paragraph when he resorts to associating sedevacantists to Protestants.

    You are absolutely right: Never take a sede-vacantist position. Their leaders consciously or unconsciously follow an agenda to take people outside of the Church, as the Protestants did in the 16th century.

    Wait a second. What is A.R. absolutely right about? About the so-called "pope" and his non-Christian prayer? About the terrible things going on in the counterfeit church of conciliarism? About the terrible scandals? No, Atila immediately names the number one enemy: Sedevacantists. Why has sedevacantism become the primary foe all of a sudden? When will Atila and Marian fess up or, will they, like Ratzinger and his ilk continue in their obstinacy? Instead they attack by claiming "their leaders consciously or unconsciously follow an agenda to take people outside of the Church" How, how, in God's name, Atila, can our "leaders" (read true bishops and true priests) take us outside the Church when they are providing the very sacraments that are not available inside an entity that is no longer Catholic? Who is really outside? Note, we asked that question several times and still have not received an answer. It's time to address what we have challenged you on, Atila, or are you afraid of what the syllogism will prove? He goes on.

    Instead of attacking the Progressivism that has infiltrated the Church, they use it as an ally to justify their own position. When the Pope goes to the Dome of the Rock, for example, they do not show concern for the suffering of the Church. They just say, "See, we are right in our stand of sede-vacantism."

    Okay, I'm confused. Evidently Atila has forgotten the hundreds of articles published by sedevacantists that attack Progressivism. Ah, or perhaps it's merely semantics and Atila doesn't want to call "progressivism" for what it really is: Modernism, the mother of all heresies. I would provide as exhibit A our articles published here on The DailyCatholic since its inception on November 1, 1997 (even if we weren't Traditional or sedevacantist until 2002, we still attacked progressivism with vigor. And Atila knows very well this editor went after progressivists, liberals, modernists, whatever you want to call the scoundrels, with gusto. I offer as exhibit B the countless essays by Dr. Droleskey at Christorchaos.com, the irrefutable treatises by Father Anthony Cekada, Bishop Donald Sanborn, Bishop Daniel Dolan and Bishop Mark Pivarunas. And, yes, Atila, all of these show great concern for the suffering of the Church. In fact, if you'll note the four above provide the sacraments. Can one provide greater concern and healing for the suffering than forgiving sins and confecting the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the infrangible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? That is something few in the conciliar church can still do. So, we don't need to isolate one incident to prove "we are right in our stand of sede-vacantism [sic]".

    It is also curious to notice that they challenge any Catholic leader who takes an effective stance of Resistance. The endless discussions they try to engage him in are not to change their own minds - which they never do - but to waste the time of the person who holds the right position. Their single practical goal seems to be to divert his attention away from the fight against Progressivism.

    Okay, please show us an example of your "effective stance of Resistance." We're waiting. Oh, none come to mind? The conciliar clowns are still in charge you say? Not much of an effective stance. How, pray tell is it a "waste of time" to try to help souls see the truth and flee the false church? Do you not realize that the most staunch members of the Resistance are those who make not one iota of concessions or credence to the Robber Barons who usurped our beloved Church? Where, also, pray tell, can you, Atila, or anyone else for that matter, show us even one example of the so-called "single practical goal" of seemingly working "to divert his attention away from the fight against Progressivism"? We're waiting. We never considered it a "waste of time" to convert souls to the true faith as Christ commanded in St. Mark 16: 15-16.

    Every day it appears more likely that both Progressivism and sede-vacantism may well be two arms on the same pair of pincers.

    Ah, the prestidigitation of comparing apples and oranges coming from the same tree. Sorry, but the comparison leaves such rationalizers red faced in lobster bisque. There is no rationale for such a statement, though Atila attempts to paint sedevacantists not only as Progressivists (a term few others use), but as Communists, no less.

    It is not superfluous to recall that famous phrase attributed to Lenin: "Let us make the anti-Communism before the real anti-Communism appears." We wonder if sede-vacantism is not something analogous produced by Progressivism to push people outside the Church and deviate them from the real anti-progressivist position, which is Resistance. Do not follow the easy and proud way of sede-vacantism.

    Right. We sedevacantists spend every evening reading the manifesto and catching up on Vladimir Lenin's work so we can conjure up an "anti-progressivist position" with the intention to "push people outside the Church." Puhlease. Where, pray tell, is there any evidence anywhere of such an outlandish claim? We're waiting. Sorry, Atila, but you sound like the Zionists, jealous that anyone else would claim they were persecuted during World War II. Oh, wait, did I just give the impression you were a Zionist? Sorry, I didn't mean that. We hope you didn't mean what you inferred about those who realize the conciliar 'popes' cannot possibly be Catholic, ergo are false popes, often referred to as antipopes. Some even call them by what St. John identified them as, "antichrists." But you would intimidate and intimate to A.R. in Ireland that sedevancantists' agenda is to "deviate them from the real-anti-progressivist position, which is Resistance." Okay, please again provide an example, you know, absolute proof of another of your desperate references to those who cling to all holy Mother Church has always taught and seek out the sacraments from a true priest who gives no concession to conciliarism or any other error of the modern church. We're waiting. Wait a second, isn't it true the Church is the Mystical Bride of Christ. Isn't it true She cannot err? Ah, maybe we're onto something there.

    Now you say not to follow the "easy and proud way of sede-vacantism [sic]". Pray tell, how is such a position "easy"? There is nothing easy in losing friends, Catholics we knelt with in the past who consider us looney for leaving the climes of the Novus Ordo, those who insisted the "pope" was trying to do the best he could but he was a victim and couldn't wield power or appoint good bishops, but he was trying, or those who said there was a power struggle going on and the "pope" was just biding his time and would get rid of the bad bishops. Just you wait and see, they'd tell us. We're still waiting. No, there's nothing "easy" about reaching the final syllogism of sedevacantism. But if one is true to their Faith, true to all Christ's true Vicars on earth decreed, then there is no other alternative. We remain in an interminable interregnum between the death of the last true Pope and the next one to be elected by a valid Conclave.

    We wish it were not so long. We wish we had a true Pope whom we could completely submit to and be obedient to in all things for every sedevacantist worth his or her salt believes fully in the Primacy of Peter. Yet, the reality of it all is that we do not have a true, legitimate Roman Pontiff who would have such authority from on high. And so, we follow St. Augustine's advice, that "wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, and right is right, even if no one is doing it." Well, what has been going on for 50 years is wrong. Is it "easy" to go against the grain? You tell us. As you know well, we have never gone by man's opinion of us. That is something you'll find with many sedevacantists. They care not one whit for what man thinks, only for what God thinks and commands. Oh, it's a lonely road as we have discovered, but it is also, as we know without a doubt (if that makes us proud in your eyes, so be it) that it is the only road to reaching Heaven for we ask, where else can you be assured of the true Sacraments? And if, as you claim, that sedevacantism is a "proud way" why then do so many sedevacantists work tirelessly in trying to share what they have for one purpose, and one purpose only, the salvation of souls?

    Pray your Rosary, analyze everything that happens in Holy Mother Church, follow her passion as you would if you were living in Jerusalem at the time of Christ, and trust the prophetic words of Our Lady at Fatima: "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph!"

    We laud you for promoting the Rosary, but again, how is analyzing everything that happens in Holy Mother Church" helping if one does not identify why it's happening and how? You, of all people, Atila, should know that because you have provided a compendium of just that in your Eli, Eli Lamma Sabbacthani series, but have reached that final page where all you need to do is connect that last dot. What prevents you from doing so? You have already published all the evident proof and intent, How can we have "true popes" when these very same rascals have gravely deviated from the faith more than just one iota as Pope Leo XIII warned in Satis cognitum and be encouraged? We cannot be because they are not true popes. How do you justify Lumen Gentium? You know you can't. For with that decree the conciliarists put themselves outside the true Church in forming a new, manmade church. That would mean if you are still working "inside" that very church you would be inside a church that would be, hmm, can you say "Protestant"?

    Now, you might have hit on something about following "her passion as you would if you were living in Jerusalem at the time of Christ" since He had few followers as Scriptures attest at Calvary. Only one of the twelve Apostles, St. Mary Magdalene and His holy Mother, along with several holy women at a distance, were there on Calvary. So also today, where the percentage of sedevacantists who practice the holy Faith as handed down from Peter through Pope Pius XII remain a remnant compared to those who abandoned Him, who feared to stand with Him at the Cross. Oh, there were the Apostles who resisted, yet still cowered when push came to shove. They needed proof in the upper room after Our Lord's Resurrection to fully believe. Not so sedevacantists who hold the Faith so vital and go on faith that what was right and proper for nearly 2000 years still is right and proper today despite the fact that the "church" you so stubbornly insist we must remain "inside" of is the antithesis of what Christ established. You yourself have admitted to me more than once that the conciliar popes are not true popes in the eyes of God, but are to the world. You'll remember I looked askance when you said it then, I still do today for if it is not pleasing to God, then how in His name can it be acceptable to man?

    We agree that we should trust in the prophecy of Fatima that "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph!" However, Our Lady gave many other prophecies such as at Quito in Ecuador which you, Marian, have published that tell of the Great Apostasy. Apostasy means "outside the Church." If we are in the Great Apostasy, and there is nothing to show contrary to that, then how can you still be inside something that is outside? Did not Our Lady also prophesize at La Salette that "Rome would lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist"? Put two and two together and you see it still is four. Was Mary right in one approved apparition, but wrong in another approved apparition? If so, it could not have been approved. All logic points to the fact that what has passed as the "Catholic Church" for the past 40 some years or more is not Catholic and, ergo, if not Catholic, cannot have a Catholic Pope. It's as simple as that. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that, just have the faith of a mustard seed, or, short of that, as we all are, that of a child in being obedient to the will of the Heavenly Father, His divine Son, and the Holy Ghost Who cannot and will not sanctify or sanction the unholy. Why then do you? This is truly the age of antithesis.

    This is the advice that we have to offer you.

    That was the advice you provided A.R. of Ireland?!? Gee, do you think A.R. is encouraged by such uplifting news? I mean why should the "many" A.R. is referring to give such advise as to seek out a true Catholic chapel or join a sedevacantist group (which, by the way, is redundant since true sedevacantists seek out the sacraments in true Catholic chapels), if they weren't on to something? But you've discouraged A.R. from trying to connect the dots by merely just praying the Rosary and meditating and taking action. How can they take action if there is no direction, no true priest to hear their confession, provide the sacraments? Do you really think they won't continue to "fume and complain and get depressed, so depressed"? What you have offered is a band-aid that will soon wear off, while leaving infected countless souls who will take your advice as gospel and impede their own progress to discovering the truth and finding the true sacraments.

    I have long respected Atila and Marian for their honesty and good will, but the letter to A.R. leaves me wondering. Are they willing to continue the witchhunt against sedevacantists at the expense of souls? Are they jealous that sedevacantists are also the Resistance? I really have no idea what their story is because they give no real reason, no documentation as to their reasoning against sedevacantists except "opinion."

    I do know what today's Collect for the First Class Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul says "O God, Who hast made holy this day with the martyrdom of Thine apostles Peter and Paul; grant that Thy Church may in all things follow the precepts of those from whom it first received the faith." It is these precepts followed that prompted Pope Saint Adrian II to decree, "The first requirement of salvation is to keep the standard of the True Faith." That has been the benchmark of Catholicism from Peter through Pope Pius XII. Sadly, which no one can deny with a straight face, it is no longer that way over the past 50 years. There are no standards for there is no valid standard bearer to enforce the standards. But in the sedevacantist chapels far and wide the standards are being maintained, the True Faith survives and thrives, every precept of those from whom it first received the faith are followed without compromise. Do those who rail so against sedevacantism really realize they are actually harming souls by advising them not to seek out the true sacraments just because it is their "opinion" that sedevacantism is wrong. And, if it is, as they say, wrong, then why, in God's holy Name, would holy Mother Church have instituted it? That is a question no one has yet to answer.

Michael Cain, editor

Michael Cain's Catholic PewPOINT
from July 2009, Volume 20, no. 180