DIADEMS OF THE DECADE - GUEST COLUMN - Gary Morella (013003gm.htm)

Diadems of the Decade from January 30, 2003, vol 14, no. 18

                The Dangers of Syncretism and Indifferentism

    This was the first guest column we carried by Gary L. Morella who has continued to contribute throughout the decade. Gary has been one of the foremost watchdogs in preserving the truths and traditions of Holy Mother Church and he is one of the first who coined the phrase of displeasure against altering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." In this first piece, he warned how once a compromise of the faith was breached even one iota, it headed down that slippery slope toward syncretism and schism, apostasy and apathy. It's proved true and no amount of rationalizing or nauseating tolerance talk and "unity in diversity" can ever amount to a hill of beans with God or with those who consider themselves true Catholics.

    The Faithful are called to reflect on the entirety of the Church’s moral teaching, with the goal of recalling fundamental truths of Catholic doctrine that are presently being distorted or denied. It is no longer a matter of occasional dissent but rather a systematic calling into question of traditional ethical presuppositions. This dissent is fostered by the current multicultural climate marching to a global utopia that has as its goal "one world government" with the aid of a "one world religion" needed to mollify the masses. Cornelia R. Ferreira describes this "emerging one-world church" in the January 1999 issue of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review (HPR). For its success it must detach human freedom from its essential and constitutive relationship to truth. Thus, the traditional natural law doctrine and the universality and immutability of its precepts are categorically rejected. They are unacceptable to those who affirm the "sacredness" of the earth and the equality of "sacred" texts from all religions to include paganism. This divorcing of freedom from truth results in a "new age" mentality that becomes the "god of the new world order" and defines its church. It results in support for the rights of all religions to believe and teach their own creation stories and calls for all religions to be accepted as true. We should have "unity and diversity", they say, and ponder, "What are we going to do with the people ... who are willing to die for their faith?" We are told that such united religions "would give the appearance of syncretism and would water down our need to evangelize ... it would force authentic religions to be on equal footing with spurious religions." Who defines what is "authentic" and what is "spurious" is not clear in this confused juxtaposition of religions, a "spiritual, I’m OK, you’re OK", where there is little or no concern, for example, that being "OK" means accepting homosexuality as a "gift from God", and baby killing is a "choice."

    This is the inherent danger in signing "stop proselytizing" declarations. We are conceding the field to the confusion spawned by the devil. Just what are we signing on to? Proselytizing means conversion. Are we saying that we will no longer attempt to make the world see the truths of the faith, to convert the world? Is that what Christ called us to do in the New Testament? If so, please identify the references therein. What kind of skewed ecumenism is that? My understanding has always been the Catholic Church was standing in contradiction, not accommodation to the world. I have seen much the same in RCIA program presentations when, in the course of sponsoring an individual who was converting to the Faith, I was disturbed by what I saw as no definitive reason being presented to him in the course of that program of why he should become a Catholic and not a member of the Assembly of God. Point of fact, I saw no primary and consistent emphasis on the truth that God Almighty was always truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Catholic Church, and only in the Catholic Church. But what can you expect when dissident bishops, prior to retirement, are allowed to gut our beautiful Cathedrals of worship, turning them into grotesque caricatures of themselves, absent of kneelers, bearing no resemblance whatsoever to Houses of God, but rather to civic meeting halls, equally adept at hosting any form of secular entertainment as well as the Mass. Maybe the reason for this is that, sadly, because of the many liturgical abuses since Vatican II, the new Mass has become nothing more than entertainment with "Father Bob, the joker", the featured act, and God Almighty in the Blessed Sacrament, THE cornerstone central truth of the Faith, that which distinguishes Catholicism from all other religions, relegated to a back closet.

    This psychobabble of "unity and diversity" and "authentic religions" begs the question how can a syncretic occult one-world church come from God? In this context the Gamaliel approach to united religions (Acts 5:38-39) "Leave these people alone ... if it comes from man, it will fail, if it comes from God it cannot be stopped," as advocated by some hopefully well-intentioned clerics, guarantees the loss of souls as how many "authentic" religions are there? God Himself founded only Catholicism. But that's the rub, isn't it? The syncretic movement uses peace as bait with a world tired of warfare eagerly ready to follow anyone who promises peace. The hidden agenda, however, is to unite people under one religion so that they will peacefully accept world government. The united religions represent the obliteration of all religions in the same manner that the world government represents the obliteration of nation states. Catholicism, as such, is the real target as in its orthodox sense it is the last bastion of truth leading to authentic freedom. Catholicism would hopefully be destroyed – peacefully, by indifferentism.

    The seeds for the demise of Catholicism are being sown by the dissenters introduction of "co-magisteria" equal to that of the Church which tell the Faithful that intervention in matters of morality is only necessary to exhort consciences and to propose values in the light of which each individual will independently make his or her decisions and life choices as a function of unlimited freedom for the totally unencumbered autonomous self. The irony is that this supposed "peace of the soul" analogous to the aforementioned goal of "world peace" comes at a very high cost - the complete compromising of the Faith at the behest of a new age of pseudo-Solomons who tell us that the baby CAN be cut in half. This compromising takes many forms, a few of which are: "common ground", "perversity masking as diversity", and "multiculturalism" which foments racism under the contradictory banner of "unity and diversity". In short, the west didn't win the cold war; they forfeited it by allowing Marxist socialism to slowly infest its governing structures. The evidence for this is the polarization of society into ethnic conclaves via indoctrination as opposed to education in our system of higher education - this contrived constant strife being an excuse for more government intrusion in our lives at all levels including the coercing of people of faith into supporting activities that are denounced, held in anathema, by their faith.

    Thus, what becomes the price of this peace where freedom is divorced from truth, where everything can be compromised? The biggest war of all is being lost - the salvation of souls for eternity. The Church's mission is not to generate peace but to obtain the eternal salvation of all men through baptism into the Faith. This is true, as opposed to false ecumenism, where the emphasis is on turning non-Catholics into Catholics, not vice-versa. The Church should not join meetings of world religions on the theme of peace because the Church should not transform herself into a sort of political peace movement, in which the achievement of everlasting world peace would become her reason for existing. Church leaders have received no mandate for this from Jesus.

    The Catholic Church, by the will of Christ her founder, is THE teacher of truth. Her charge is to announce and teach authentically that Truth which is Christ. She helps Christians in the formation of their consciences through the Magisterium. The Church, when she pronounces on moral questions, in no way undermines the freedom of conscience of Christians because that freedom is never freedom from the truth but always and only freedom in the truth. Also, the Magisterium doesn't bring to the Christian conscience truths that are extraneous to it but rather the light of truths that it ought to possess.

    We know that the gates of Hell will never prevail against the Church. That is God's promise. We do not know if certain nation states will be able to sustain the Faith, however. Paul, John, and Mary were witnesses to Ephesus. There is no Catholicism there now. The future of Catholicism in America currently looks bleak as evidenced by Catholics being primarily responsible for despots like the Clintons occupying the White House. Will this country see the promised "springtime" of the Church? Presently, the answer is not clear. What is clear is that an absolute requirement for an affirmative answer is that our seminaries be citadels of orthodoxy. What is sorely needed is for Catholics to become renewed in their Faith, to rediscover the roots of their Faith in the sacred tradition of the Church. In short, Catholics must take the time to educate themselves regarding the Faith in order to pass it on to their children. If they do not, and the present apathy continues, then the destruction of the Church on a piecemeal basis, parish by parish, diocese by diocese, will continue unabated due to an indifferentism which will lead many off the cliff into a "new world order" abyss with only a remnant remaining. It is put up or shut up time for Catholics worldwide. I might also add that Catholics need the support of their Church to stand up for the Perfect Truth that is Jesus Christ, support that has not been forthcoming for many who find themselves a voice crying out in the wilderness.

    All of the documents coming from Rome to include, in particular, those from the current pontificate are worthless if they are treated as "dead on arrival" by the world’s bishops. Sadly, that has often been the modus operandi of many national conferences of bishops to include the NCCB (now the USCCB) who appear to be more concerned with cutting the baby in half (issuing the very flawed Always Our Children and the ignorance of Ex Corde Ecclesiae) than in witnessing to Perfect Truth.

    In this era of apologies we must never forget that the only apology that the world ultimately wants, moreover, demands of Holy Mother Church is that she apologize for her claim to be the "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church", the True Church founded by Jesus Christ upon the Rock that is Peter. She must apologize for, and renounce the Nicene Creed that she professes at every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. With that apology the Catholic Church will have been removed as the last bastion of truth in a world with no concept of responsibility, accountability, i.e., sin, a world gone mad with a "green light" for everyone to be comfortable with their vices portrayed as virtues, a spiritually anarchistic world where civilization as we know it will cease to exist and history condemned to repeat itself.

Gary L. Morella

GUEST COLUMN - Gary L. Morella
from January 30, 2003
Volume 13, no. 18