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Diadems of the Decade from December 2003, vol 14, no. 40

                Finishing with Fatima

How much the Newchurch hates Fatima

    "They hate Fatima, they hate Fatima so badly, they want to wipe it from their memories. Now they need to finish with the last reminder, the physical reminder, the actual church built there in honor of Our Lady. They would love to flatten it, no doubt, and make it a parking lot, but this they could never justify before the world's Novus Ordo Catholics, even in all their "nuanced interreligious contexts," so they are simply going to transform it into a site where all the religions of the world can come and worship, where the Catholic religion, the only true religion, is made equal to all the foul and filthy heresies, lies, and other garbage that the devil and man have made up. Catholicism is going to be simply 'one among many,' 'one among them all,' and the significance of Fatima will have been totally revamped."

    Little did Pope Benedict XV know that what occurred during his pontificate would reveal itself to be the most important supernatural event of the 20th century. In truth, the Mother of God deigned to come down from her Heavenly Throne to warn mankind about the impending evils, both natural and supernatural, that would start to take place in the 20th century, and-even more importantly-to tell us what remedies are available to avert or at least shorten the grave catastrophes about to come over the world.

    I dare say that Fatima is the most important apparition in the history of the Church. To authenticate it, God worked a miracle unlike any other: the miracle of the sun! On October 13, 1917, no less than 70,000 people, believers and unbelievers alike, were gathered on a field, the Cova da Iria, to which they had been asked to come, to witness a pre-announced miracle. Never before in the history of the Church had a miracle been announced beforehand giving the precise place and time. In the book The Devil's Final Battle (p. vi), you will see the copy of a photograph taken of some of the people while they were looking at the skies witnessing the miracle. What was the miracle? Let me quote to you the report of a journalist of a Masonic (!) newspaper of Lisbon, reproduced in The Devil's Final Battle, pp. 8-9:

        From the road, where the carriages were crowded together and where hundreds of persons had stayed for want of sufficient courage to advance across the muddy ground, we saw the huge crowd turn towards the sun which appeared at its zenith, clear of the clouds. It resembled a disc of silver, and it was possible to stare at it without the least discomfort. It did not burn the eyes. It did not blind. We would say that it produced an eclipse. Then a tremendous cry rang out, and the crowd nearest us were heard to shout: "Miracle! Miracle! ... Marvel! ... Marvel!" Before the dazzled eyes of the people, whose attitude transported us to biblical times, and who, dumbfounded, heads uncovered, contemplated the blue of the sky, the sun trembled, it made strange and abrupt movements, outside of all cosmic laws, "the sun danced", according to the typical expression of the peasants ...

    As we can see here, this journalist was an eye-witness, and, writing for a Satanic newspaper, he was obviously not biased in favor of the apparition. You can read more details and eye-witness accounts right here: Chapter One.

    Another amazing fact is that the 70,000 people, on whom heavy rain had been pouring, were completely dry all of a sudden (hardly something anyone can claim was merely an "illusion").

    My point is, given this miracle of the sun, we can infer that God was telling the world: "Listen up, something really crucial is being said here. This apparition is of immense importance!" A clearer divine sanction of an apparition than the miracle of the sun can hardly be imagined. Surely, if God works such an incredible miracle and gathers some 70,000 witnesses, then this has significance beyond "private revelation" and contains something even more significant than "you must do penance." This apparition at Fatima was addressed to the whole Church, and the Catholic Church has judged it worthy of belief. It must indeed be of absolutely stunning significance; otherwise, God would surely not work such a miracle. This is simply common-sense.

    Now, we know that in 2000, the Novus Ordo Establishment published what they claim is the Third Secret of Fatima, hidden for so long despite Our Lady's request that it be revealed by 1960 the latest because then it would become clearer, but which we know is in fact not the Third Secret, though I personally believe it is essentially related to the Third Secret.

    Now, Ratzinger's Congregation for the Destruction of the Faith issued a "commentary" on this false Third Secret, and it is really stunning. We don't need to recount in any detail here what it says; it suffices to summarize what we're being asked to believe by it:

    We're being asked to believe that God sent His Most Holy Mother from her Heavenly Throne, and authenticated by a pre-announced unprecedented miracle to an unprecedented amount of witnesses, in order to announce that a Pope in 1981 would survive an assassination attempt!

    Pause now and think about this.

    The preposterousness of such a claim exceeds the absurd, and I think anyone with a brain should be offended by this, for they are obviously insulting our intelligence.

    Throughout the 2,000 year history of the Church, how many Popes have been murdered or died under suspicious circumstances? And yet, God did not see it fit or necessary to send an angel or a saint or His Holy Mother to announce it (and why should He?). And now we're being asked to believe that God did this in order to announced a failed assassination attempt? Just how stupid do they think we are?

    Ah, so it's once again all about John Paul II! If Ratzinger's team had been a bit more intelligent, they would have said that the text they published as the Third Secret refers to John Paul I, who did die and was certainly murdered. For those of you who don't remember, the text the Vatican published as the Third Secret speaks about a "bishop dressed in white" who is shot to death - to death, mind you, not almost to death! (John Paul II was shot in St. Peter's Square in 1981 but did not die.)

    Now, I am not going to get into all the discrepancies between what the Vatican published as the Third Secret and Ratzinger's commentary, for that would take up too much space. Then there is ample material that demonstrates that what Sr. Lucy wrote down in the 1940's as the Third Secret cannot in fact be what the Vatican claims it is. All this information is very well collected in The Devil's Final Battle, a book every Catholic should read. But this is not what I want to get into now. Instead, I want to focus on the New Vatican's hatred of Fatima and their history of trying to oppress the truth that Our Lady handed down to the children in 1917, a truth so important and precious that God saw fit to authenticate it by the unprecedented miracle of the sun.

Here's a brief outline:

  • 1960-John XXIII refuses to reveal the Third Secret
  • 1962-John XXIII decries "prophets of doom" at opening of Vatican II
  • 1963-78-Paul VI refuses to reveal the 3rd Secret [Sept. 1978 - John Paul I never got the chance to read it]
  • Since 1978-John Paul II has refused to reveal the True Third Secret
  • Since 1989-Vatican persecutes Fr. Nicholas Gruner and his Fatima Apostolate
  • 2000-John Paul II published text he falsely puts forth as the Third Secret
  • 2003-UN-Vatican-sponsored conference announces plans to build an 'interfaith shrine' (read pagan temple) near the basilica of Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal

    What we see here is a systematic series of attempts to silence the Fatima message. At first, John XXIII simply says he will not reveal the Third Secret, giving "this does not concern my pontificate" as the reason why (if the Vatican's 2000 release were the True Third Secret, then John XXIII simply could not have known that it does not concern "his pontificate"). Secondly, John XXIII mocks Fatima, La Salette, the Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich, and any other apparition and visionary who predicted evil times ahead, in the opening speech of Vatican II, calling them "prophets of doom" with which he felt he had to "disagree." His optimism about the future was either totally nave or downright nefarious.

    What I find especially despicable about this is that John XXIII never said he did not believe in Fatima. If he had said this, then at least he would have been consistent. But to (tacitly) acknowledge its authenticity and then say you disagree, wow, that is the height of impudence! In fact, it is blasphemous, because it makes God a liar. "Gee, God sent the Blessed Virgin to announce horrendous punishment for the world if people don't convert, and I believe this announcement is authentic, but I disagree!" One is left speechless in the face of such blasphemous presumption!

    Of course, the Third Secret remained faithfully guarded when Paul VI came on the scene. By keeping it under lock and key, I suppose the Vatican authorities hoped it would simply be forgotten eventually. Meanwhile, there would be "lip service" paid to Fatima, and so you have Paul VI's visit to Fatima in 1967, for instance. Fatima is still kept in memory, but the Third Secret is ignored to oblivion.

    In 1989, the persecution of Fr. Nicholas Gruner began. His Fatima Apostolate had simply proved a danger to the Novus Ordo suppression of the Third Secret and the fact that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that Our Lady had asked for had still not been accomplished.

    It is 2003 now and, Deo gratias, the Fatima Apostolate is still alive and well, despite all sorts of attempts to intimidate Fr. Gruner and get him to forsake his apostolate, the last strong voice that keeps reminding the world that Fatima is not a thing of the past.

    I am speculating that the modernists in the Vatican realized that something needed to be done about the Third Secret of Fatima. They had tried to ignore it since 1960, but people still knew that it had not been revealed, and as Father Gruner's resistance showed, these people were not going away any time soon. So what to do? Reveal a fake Third Secret! That was the solution. This way, if done properly, you could convince the world that you were finally revealing the Third Secret, and the issue would thus be put to rest once and for all! What better idea than this?

    So there came 2000, and the Vatican claimed to be revealing the Third Secret. And sure enough, before you knew it, the Neo-Catholics had already accepted it and touted it as authentic without really looking at the facts. The facts are that the contents of this fake secret are so at odds with what we know about the True Third Secret that it could not possibly have been the authentic text.

    On the other hand, the "interpretation" of the disclosed text that Ratzinger passed off was so at odds with the text itself that it could not have been entirely contrived, either. So I personally think that the text is authentic inasmuch as it is the accurate description of a vision that Sr. Lucy received, a vision the explanation of which is the actual Third Secret. So, in my view, Rome did not reveal the Third Secret but rather a description of the vision to which the Third Secret is the explanation. That is what I believe.

    The disclosure of the fake secret instead of the Third Secret was very effective. I think it convinced almost everyone-almost. There is still one stubborn little group that refuses to be led around the nose by the Vatican modernists: Fr. Gruner's Fatima Center!

    Indeed, whereas the Blue Army and other Novus Ordo organs have swallowed the fake secret hook, line, and sinker, the Fatima Center is still not relenting. Too bad for the Novus Ordo troops besieging Rome!

    But the Novus Ordo suppression of the true meaning of Fatima, the Third Secret, and the necessary consecration of Russia does not end here. A few weeks ago, I came upon that now famous article in the Portugal News online that plans were being made to build in Fatima an interreligious temple to which all religions would be invited and in which every religion could offer sacrifice and worship to its idols and devils! It will be a literal placing of Catholicism besides the other religions.

    The article was so incredible, and the quotes of the "Catholic" clergy attending the conference dealing with this so frank and blunt, that I wondered for quite a while whether this was perhaps a huge hoax, maybe some Portuguese version of the American Onion hoax news site.

    After examining the site I was pretty confident that the story was true. I got absolute certitude when John Vennari notified me that he had actually been present at the conference to report on this abomination! The event, his report and pictures of which Vennari posted at Fatima to Become Interfaith Shrine? An Account From One Who Was There, was curiously entitled "The Present of Man -- The Future of God." That's right - the future of God! My modernism detector started ringing so badly that it needed new batteries!

    Ah, yes, man's on the scene now, so now we need to look if God still fits in the picture, or if we have to "rethink" Him in the future. Oh, and in case some rigid traditionalist gives you a hard time, tell him you're just "reflecting" . reflecting on the "dynamism" of "contemporary spirituality" in a "diverse and rich setting" and "nuanced interreligious contexts." Oh yeah, whole lotta reflectin' going on there these days, no doubt. I just wish they were reflecting on the dogma of hell. Oops, did I say the forbidden four-letter word? These apostates are reflecting their way right into hell.

    So, now, more than 3 years after the disclosure of the false text passed off as the Third Secret, the Novus Ordo Establishment still cannot leave Fatima alone. Fr. Gruner is still operating his Fatima Apostolate, despite all attempts to shut him down (short of an "excommunication" or "interdict"), and, heck, there's still that physical reminder at Fatima itself, the Basilica. So, now that's got to go. But since they can't destroy it without giving it all away, they will place a wicked abomination right beside it.

    They hate Fatima, they hate Fatima so badly, they want to wipe it from their memories. Now they need to finish with the last reminder, the physical reminder, the actual church built there in honor of Our Lady. They would love to flatten it, no doubt, and make it a parking lot, but this they could never justify before the world's Novus Ordo Catholics, even in all their "nuanced interreligious contexts," so they are simply going to transform it into a site where all the religions of the world can come and worship, where the Catholic religion, the only true religion, is made equal to all the foul and filthy heresies, lies, and other garbage that the devil and man have made up. Catholicism is going to be simply "one among many," "one among them all," and the significance of Fatima will have been totally revamped.

    Like they did in eventually tearing down the sacred altars after Vatican II by erecting tables in the same manner 1 Machabees affirms in Chapter 1, verse 62: "they sacrificed upon the altar of the idol that was over against the altar of God", so also they will surely want to make the current basilica into their planned diabolical pancake shrine. For awhile at least they'll most probably simply put this wicked abomination BESIDES the basilica before trying to tear it down completely.

    See, this is typical modernism with all its shrewdness: you can't simply flatten the basilica or ignore Fatima from now on. It will still stick in people's memories. Instead, you have to use Fatima and CHANGE ITS MEANING. This way you can always appeal to Fatima again, and you will not have to deal with the truth about it. This is what they did to the Third Secret. Now they can say they have revealed it. The same thing about mission and evangelization. They couldn't simply scratch that at Vatican II, so they changed the meaning---they made it into "dialogue"! The modernists retain the traditional terminology and change the meaning. That's what makes them so perverse and dangerous. They can speak about the Holy Eucharist, about the papacy, about evangelization, about Sacred Scripture---and MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS! This is the shrewdest way to introduce a new religion! The new generations will get the new meanings, for they won't know the old definitions. The older generations will think they're still talking about the same thing as it used to mean. Voila! The Perfect Storm!

    But even though they might try to eventually demolish the actual basilica there, they will never be able to tear down the last True Catholic Remnant. For this remnant has the Heavenly protection of God Almighty, of his Holy Mother, of St. Michael the Archangel, the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the saints of God.

    To this God, One and Triune, and only to Him, be all the glory and honor for ever and ever. Amen!

Mario Derksen

Mario Derksen
from December 2003, Volume 14, no. 40