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Diadems of the Decade from April 11, 2006, vol 17, no. 88

                Was John Paul II a "Saint"?

      This article ran on the feast of the holy Doctor of the Church Pope St. Leo the Great, April 11 four years ago by Timothy Duff. At that time the buzz was going on about canonizing Karol Wojtyla in a railroad fashion where the necessary devil's advocate need not apply. Tim showed that any consideration was as much an aberration than giving credence that Judas was only being obedient to what Christ wanted him to do as the gnostics wrote in the infamous Gospel of Judas. Either way both Judas and John Paul II were guilty of betrayal. It was an insult then and it still is today to every person who professes to be Catholic to even think of the possibility of Karol Wojtyla even being considered for one second as holy and worthy of even the slightest consideration of canonization. Only to those who embrace the Church of Darkness does such insanity make sense, for it is satan's will to destroy what God established once and for all.

    "Because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold" (Matthew 24:12).

    The lovers of the "world of this darkness" (Ephesians 6:12) are about to declare John Paul II a "saint". I hear there is no "devil's advocate" any more. This is especially appropriate in his case, because he himself was the devil's advocate.

    Of this man it could well be said: For which of his evil works do you canonize him? (cf. John 10:32)

    Nevertheless, you who are now reading this article perhaps agree that John Paul II was a "saint".

    Allow me, then, to call attention to a simple, undeniable fact of history.

    John Paul II knew about the horrendous clergy sex abuse scandal among those in his organization (which the blind call the "Catholic Church"). He knew that children had been psychologically, emotionally, and sexually abused in the most horrible manner by those over whom he had direct and unquestioned authority.

    What do you think of a man in his position who, knowing what he knew, refused to do his obvious duty and punish in the most severe way not only the abusers themselves, but also those bishops who, knowing what was going on, usually did nothing or, at most, moved the man in question to another parish so he could abuse more children? Is such a man, who tolerates child abuse in his organization, a "saint"? Silence implies consent, and consenting to mortal sin renders one guilty of the same sin.

    But it goes far, far beyond merely tolerating such putrid monsters of iniquity within his ranks. In one famous case, "cardinal" Law of Boston was proven to have knowledge of the abuses going on and yet did nothing. How did our "saint" react? He rewarded him by giving him a plush retirement position in Rome!

    There you have it. A "saint" who not only tolerates child-abusers, even those who sodomized innocent children, but rewards one under him who likewise tolerated it!

    These men are so wicked they were even prophesied in Holy Scriptures: "They abused the young men indecently: and the children fell under the wood." (Jeremias 5:13)

Church of Darkness

    Now do you understand why the demonic leaders of the Church of Darkness (as the Blessed Virgin Mary dubbed it) want to canonize their hero? Now do you understand why these same cesspools of iniquity (Our Lady of LaSallette) do nothing more than pay hush money to those abused, their only goal being to preserve their own status?

    Now do you understand why the leaders of this Church of Antichrist oppose the death penalty? Because they are most worthy of it!

    A few hundred years ago, when the Catholic Church exercised in public its God-given authority to pronounce ecclesiastical sentence against such Luciferian moral degenerates, the secular state followed up and did its God-given duty by putting the monsters to death.

    But no more. The church that calls itself "Catholic", and is recognized as such by the world, tolerates and rewards such miscreants, and the secular state, with its demonic press, hail its leader, a veritable son of iniquity, as a "saint".

    (Moreover, how anyone could recognize as Vicar of Christ such a putrid mass of corruption is totally beyond me. But note here, I am not saying that he was not Catholic because he was wicked, but rather, he was wicked because he was not Catholic.)

Grieve for the Victims

    I will close by trying to express, in my own poor terms, what utter pain and compassion I feel for these poor child victims. It has pleased God to give me a heart of flesh to grieve for them, to desire to comfort and console them, to help them gain eternal happiness. Anyone who would not grieve for these victims must have a heart of stone.

    Will Christ say to us on Judgment Day, "I looked for one that would grieve together with Me, but there was none"? (Psalm 68:21)

    Where is basic compassion and feeling, let alone charity? I take it to be an apocalyptic indication of the end times that the solemn prophecy of Christ is being fulfilled in front of our eyes regarding this horrendous clergy sex abuse scandal:

    "Because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold." (Matthew 24:12)

    I plead and beg of all who read this: Reject the satanic child abusers and their supposed "saint"! Return to your senses and to the crucified Catholic Church that grieves for these victims. Stop supporting her enemies who, seeing the Church upon the cross, are heaping the worst insults and casting upon Her the most vile filth!

    The day the false prophet of the Antichrist, John Paul II, is declared a "saint" may well be the day that seals the final approach of the Three Days of Darkness which will end this cataclysmic epoch of history.


Tim Duff

from Tuesday, April 11, 2006, Volume 18, no. 88