September 3, 2009
vol 20, no. 246

              Stand and Be Counted

We have in the holy Pope Saint Pius X all the motivation needed to mobilize and man the ramparts, defending our holy Faith and all we believe as Americans by going on the offense. We need to hear what God wants of us and then have no fear when we shout from the rooftops the infrangible Truths of our Faith and the established goals of the American Constitution. If enough of us stand up and shout out with a sincere heart, then we know God will hear us. In doing so, so will the enemy to either repent or to suffer the consequences. St. Pius warned us of these very times because of the "heresy of heresies" building such a strong bunker right in our midst, both in the Church and in the world. Now those errors have infiltrated every facet of our society and it's time to fight back. Let us resolve to collectively seek out the faith of a mustard seed and then go forth letting the truth ring out from sea to shining sea.

      "Oh, one ounce of faith the size of a mustard seed would flood duped presbyters in the conciliar church with the realization they've been going down the wrong road. Think of the repercussions and implosion of the conciliar structure and the return to tradition of so many! Pipedream? Perhaps, but if one has faith that nothing is impossible with God, then it becomes a prayer, a heartfelt prayer. So also that kind of faith can evict all of the corrupt elected officials out of office, and back to their particular homes. Faith the size of a mustard seed would change this horrible world back into a righteous society where the welfare of both body and soul was expressed in union with God's Will and the restoration of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. Was it not St. Pius' motto, Instaure Omnia in Christo? To Restore All Things in Christ! That is what we must do morning, noon, and night."

My fellow Catholics,

    This article calls upon our Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of all saints, His Holiness Pope Saint Pius X and every saint in Heaven, canonized or not to help us marshal the forces necessary to save the Faith, save our country.

    We have reached the month when we commemorate Our Sorrowful Mother. Over the past months leading up to this pivotal month, as I've tried to assimilate what is happening to our country, as well as in the Traditional Movement, I have spent more time in prayer, than in watching televised news, or listening to the radio. God, in His Infinite Mercy, often tells me in my heart, the heart of my soul, what I need to pay attention to, and what in particular He would have me pray, sacrifice, and act upon.

    I call upon every single Catholic to decide here and now, whether or not they truly have Faith, or if they are, in truth, fatalistic. I have come to the realization that many of us have a sense of fatalism that we've become so accustomed to that to change our view is to unsettle our comfort zones.

    My fellow Catholics, we MUST stop this fatalistic approach to both the restoration of the One True Faith-Holy Mother Church-and to the dramatic changes taking place in our government, starting with all elected officials.

    Whether or not you have heard the debates over the proposed Health Care Reform that Barack Obama wants to shove down our throats, it is time for all of us to take a firm stand. If we remain fatalistic about the future of our Church and government, then we definitely deserve whatever unfolds in the coming months and years.

    I, for one, have no intention of remaining silent in the face of this atrocious, evil Health Care Reform Bill, which shouts of eugenics although that word is not used. Shouts of abortion on demand and euthanasia for those no longer useful. Oh, how clever the devil is…and how slick are the devil's minions in this battle over our health-both of body and soul.

    Become informed of what is transpiring in Washington, and what our elected people are doing to our nation, to our everyday lives. After our obligation to God and the holy Faith He has blessed us with, we have that obligation as a citizen of the United States. God gave us a brain, He has given us the Truth, and He expects us to use our brains to see that elected officials are proposing legislation that is right and true, not deceitful and openly evil.

    The Health Care Reform that Congress has yet to vote upon is the most evil thing this nation has faced since its inception, and unless we stand up and are heard all the way to Washington, we will have a nation that has fallen to such depths of depravity that we'll make Hitler's Germany look like a Sunday stroll.

    Oh, the wording is clever, because it's makers are clever, spinning nice scenarios meant to misdirect our attention from the REAL meaning of the legaleeze of the Bill. Oh, the horror! We should be ashamed of ourselves for even having let things in our nation fall to the depths they've reached already. What has happened to that American spirit that won World War II? What has become of those who are old enough to know that our fathers, or grandfathers, fought in that War, and placed their lives in jeopardy to stop the tyranny, the absolute depravity of Hitler's Germany. You say 'No, that will never happen here in America.' How wrong you are, and how fatalistic you've become if you think, for one second, that the Obama Administration, and the progressive members of the House and Senate, are trying to overhaul the health system, so that everyone is given the care they deserve.

    Please! Spare me the rhetoric that this man in the White House is a patriot, or our Congress and Senate are righteous lawmakers working for their constituents. These people, including Obama, all should be tried for thievery and treason! These elected officials have abandoned the Constitution, they have shredded the Bill of Rights, and have led us merrily down the path to a total oligarchy, not democracy as the founding fathers intended. If you don't believe me, read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and even the Declaration of Independence. Read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address if you want to know what this nation is supposed to stand for and against.

    But most of all, they have spit on God! Doing all in their power to eliminate Him from the equation by playing gods themselves. We all know God will not be mocked. How many times have we said, it's not "global warming" but a very, very serious "GLOBAL WARNING"?

    I write this for the Feast of Pope Saint Pius X, who was canonized on May 29, 1954 and his feast first officially celebrated on my sixth birthday. I wasn't aware of the significance of that Pope then, even though the church I belonged to would soon became St. Pius X Church. However it was awareness that spurred this holy Sovereign Pontiff to do what he did for his universal flock for he was aware of where the world was heading, worse, where the Church was heading. That is why he provided the invaluable decrees Lamentabili Sane and Pascendi Domenici Gregis and followed that up with what most would think was a failsafe measure to assure the mother of all heresies Modernism didn't infiltrate any further, by mandating every priest take the solemn Oath Against Modernism. He, a holy pope, did all he could to warn us. Now a century later, we can see that even that could not stem the tide of evil which has grown worse with every passing year, month, day, hour, minute, second.

    What, then, are we going to do about this warning? Sit back and say, well, what can one person do against the system? That's what a fatalist would do. That is why Vatican II was able to hijack the true Church, to force true Catholicism into the catacombs. Few realized this, so clever were satan's minions. We know we had no idea until we were given the grace to truly see. And that's what it takes: the gift of grace. God grants it when it is His time to do so. Why some are given this grace at one time, while another is not, can only be attributed to one's openness and God's purpose. That is probably a mystery none of us will truly comprehend until we stand before Him at our Particular Judgment.

    So what are Traditional Catholics to do in seeking to convert others? Good question considering there aren't enough priests and churches to accommodate these potential converts. As if things aren't bad enough within our ranks as far as having true priests, many, including bishops, are bickering among themselves. Oh, satan must love that! Isn't it time to stop! To unite and to take the bull by the horns and ram back?

    I know you're probably saying, "that doesn't sound like Cyndi. As Christians, aren't we supposed to turn the other cheek?" True, but not to the extent that we play right into the enemy's hands. We must love with a passion for Christ that we want everyone to share in salvation. However, we must also be realistic that they cannot unless they heed all holy Church has decreed. Remember that dogma? "Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus." Outside the Church there is no salvation. Dogmas don't,can't change, evolve, or ever be altered one iota.

    St. Pius X knew this and refused to compromise. The same cannot be said of John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II or Benedict XVI. In fact, it was because only a handful stood in resistance that conciliarism was able to blanket the Catholic Church. The very same tactics are being employed today in the United States with our government. America of 233 years is fast passing from our midst unless we learn from what happened in our beloved Church and do something, and do it now!

    A person of Faith would stand up and fight back with righteous anger, especially over the Health Care Bill being foisted on gullible American citizens. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, this is a matter of America's very existence. Her soul is on life support, the body is already decaying. And speaking of both, if, God forbid, this terrible Bill is passed and signed by Obama into law, you will realize, too late, that you, your loved ones, your friends, your acquaintances, etc., may just be selected by the government to be euthanized because they are not able to meet the requirements of a productive citizen as defined by some Health Czar in Washington. Oh, it will happen this way. If we don't stand up and be men and women of great Faith, then we are all fatalists by definition, and will have to answer to God for our inaction, our slovenly lived faith.

    In this bill, from the hands of its makers, are contained wording that means a selective process by which the Federal Government can and will determine who lives and who dies, and that a baby in the womb is just as much at risk, as a grown human being. Yes, the government will determine that a pregnant woman has no right to deliver a baby who, in the opinion of radical progressives appointed by Obama with no intention of good but rather to create crises to control! Do you realize these so-called czars could determine who lives and who dies? With that reality hitting home, those who are expendable will continue to be the youngest and the oldest. More senior citizens will quietly be dispatched, more mothers will be forced to terminate a pregnancy. It happened in Germany, it's happening today right before our eyes. Wake up before it's too late.

    If that doesn't scare you, realize there is wording in the preliminary bill that expresses very clearly that those who are disabled, the very young, and the elderly, may not receive medical services, since they are not productive citizens, but are, rather, a drain on the national economy. Concentration camps? Oh, yes, my friends, your very homes will become a concentration camp. How? Well, you'll be tracked if you have the Internet, or a cell phone or car with a GPS system. You'll find that anyone who does not tell the Federal Government that any particular person-say a member of your family-is handicapped by illness or accident, will be arrested. Thus, what was once a perfectly normal way of life suddenly turns into a Gestapo nightmare. Don't think it can't happen to America. It has already happened, and this Health Care Reform that Obama and his Oligarghy is thrusting down our throats, is just one more stroke of the sword that slashes our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Flag.

    While we must be concerned over all of this and do all to protect our bodies, rarely is heard anything for the soul. Did St. Pius X worry about physical protection as much as spiritual protection? No, the welfare of the soul is paramount for Our Lord Himself affirmed this when He said, Fear not them that kill the body, and cannot kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell" (St. Matthew 10: 28). Taking a cue from the preceding verse of 10: 27 to shout it from the rooftops, we must not be silent any longer. Calling upon every saint in Heaven, with the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, we must have enough Faith to be righteously angered and speak out against the overthrow of all that our forefathers fought to preserve. We have to right these evils, and in doing so, we must fight to make this Nation the first to stand for the only Truth, the Eternal Truth, Which is God, and the One True Faith.

    This nation is consecrated to Our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception. Do you think that if we have enough Faith She will not come to our aid. Do you think that, perhaps, like any mother who worries for the welfare of her children, that Our Blessed Mother might not be tapping her feet because we have not asked, have not begged for help from Heaven, and have even decided that there isn't anything we can do but let this evil play itself out, and wait for God to work a miracle! That's fatalism, my fellow Catholics, not Faith.

    What if Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto had not heard the voice of God in calling him to dedicate his life as a priest? What if he had not accepted the cardinalate from His Holiness Pope Leo XIII? What if the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph had not vetoed the consensus nomination of Cardinal Rampolla? Perhaps the Church would have been infiltrated much sooner, quite possibly to an even more devastating degree, but I can't quite imagine it getting any worse than it is today. The point is that God raised Cardinal Sarto up to become the holy Pontiff he became and He can do it again, but we need to have faith He will.

    Oh, one ounce of faith the size of a mustard seed would flood duped presbyters in the conciliar church with the realization they've been going down the wrong road. Think of the repercussions and implosion of the conciliar structure and the return to tradition of so many! Pipedream? Perhaps, but if one has faith that nothing is impossible with God, then it becomes a prayer, a heartfelt prayer. So also that kind of faith can evict all of the corrupt elected officials out of office, and back to their particular homes. Faith the size of a mustard seed would change this horrible world back into a righteous society where the welfare of both body and soul was expressed in union with God's Will and the restoration of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. Was it not St. Pius' motto, Instaure Omnia in Christo? To Restore All Things in Christ! That is what we must do morning, noon, and night.

    We are human beings and frail when it comes to spiritual health. We need to get our souls in order. Maybe it's a bit too much to ask each one of us to individually have Faith the size of a mustard seed. So, I ask: What about everyone in the Traditional Catholic Faith to have enough Faith that collectively we could approach the Faith the size of a mustard seed?

    Isn't it past time for us to be concerned citizens. If not, our disabled children, parents, grandparents, and babies in the womb are ripe for elimination through the demonic agenda being carried out in Washington D.C. and elsewhere. Can you say "Eugenics" or "Infanticide" or "Genocide" Oh, those particular words will never appear in any Bill the Congress passes, but they don't have to use those words because we've had decades of slick verbal engineering. Nothing that is written or spoken in this day and age means what it says. It is only a means for someone to wield unholy power over the people.

    Because I am disabled, I do not care if I am selected for elimination. However, while I still breathe, I will not allow this evil to proceed without any defense, for I much prefer to go down fighting for Truth and the destruction of evil. Our older son Kevin is disabled. He fell on black ice one winter night in a parking lot in Missouri. Five months later, he started having grand mal seizures. It wasn't until a year later that a CAT scan showed that he'd suffered damage to his brain, a fracture of the bone that allowed the gray matter to seep out of his brain into the white space. He will always be on medication to prevent grand mal seizures, while he suffers smaller seizures every day. In addition, due to that same fall, he damaged the bundle of nerves in his left shoulder. Therefore, any movement of his left arm and shoulder render him into such pain that he has to bite his lips not to scream in pain. This disorder called Brachial plexus neuritis has no cure. It can only be helped by physical therapy and pain medication. If our son does not use his left arm because it causes him such extreme pain, the muscles will atrophy, become gangrenous, and he will lose his arm. Do you think, for one second, that the Health Czar will allow our son to live, since he cannot hold down a job? No, our son, your son or daughter, or mother and father, some relative, will be told they have the right to choose how they want to die, and the authorities of a dark regime will be waiting with a syringe of medication to eradicate these unproductive citizens from the face of the earth.

    Perhaps several of us will be rounded up and imprisoned somewhere. What an opportunity! Yes, opportunity to help save souls. Desperate times call for desperate measures and those who are desperate might realize their only salvation is repenting and becoming true Catholics. Think about the benefits for them and for you if you answer God's call to evangelize the Faith. Saving one soul could save your soul. It's true.

    But there is an idiom used in wars and sports, the best way to defend is through a strong offense. So let's line up and go on offense. It's time to get angry, righteously angry. Keep that righteous anger alive by keeping yourself informed about the plans Obama has for this nation, and the progressive Congress who work in lock step with him. Cry TREASON and mean it! If we shout it from the rooftops, and we do so in FAITH, we can change the world, we can stop evil from progressing across the face of this planet. Stop worrying about Climate Change, and start focusing your energy on what is really being planned in Washington.

    Let them call you a "mob"! Let them slur you with taunts of "astroturf" or "swastika bearers." Consider the sources and take it from there. We could, as a nation rise up and quash this assault on reason and right. But before we do, we must all resolve that this is happening only because we have forgotten God, allowed man to influence and, ergo, open the door wide for the prince of the world. John XXIII did that fifty years ago and we can see where that has gotten us. It is time to repent and to reinforce and restore the Oath Against Modernism. Though the vast majority of us are not priests, there is nothing wrong with everyone of us taking this Oath and sharing it with others.

    Remember, an Oath is a vow before God. Those who betray that Oath will have hell to pay. Would you rather keep that Oath or, literally, have hell to pay?

    FAITH is the answer, not fatalism. Stop living in a stupor that says, "Oh, well, what can I do?" You can and must do much, for if you fail to stand up and be counted, you just might be that one person that prevents the entire flock of the Traditional Catholic Faith from having FAITH the size of a mustard seed. The time will come, my fellow Catholics, when God will judge us for what we did to thwart evil and restore Holy Mother Church to her rightful place in society. He will not ask if we were successful in our efforts. He will, however, ask if we tried.

    Let us try, before our vulnerable citizens become victims of a viciously cruel, evil Health Care Reform bill. I, for one, will not go quietly into this night. I will be heard here on earth and in Heaven. Will you raise your voices? Let us shout to Heaven, and call upon all the saints to assist us in this fight. Believe me, if we act together, as one, we will succeed, and perhaps Our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart will triumph sooner rather than later. The Fifteen Week Rosary Crusade, initiated by His Excellency Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P. to be observed from the Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help on June 27 through this coming October 3, the eve of Rosary Sunday with the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary to follow that week, is not just an exercise for a few, but a call to every Traditional Catholic to observe through sacrifice, prayer and petition for our country and for conversion of souls to the True Faith. That's one way to strive toward that "faith of a mustard seed."

    It's a beginning, but much more is needed beginning with your "yes" and total commitment to God to do all in your part to fight evil in any form, to uphold the Oath Against Modernism as well as our Constitution and Bill of Rights in defending America against any enemy foreign or domestic. For the most part, we know who the foreign enemies are. What we need to know for the sake of America's very existence is who are the domestic enemies. They are many and they are in power right now. But it's only too late if you think it is.

    Have Faith and bring it to the frontline. Who knows, this whole crisis could wake up innumerable conciliar Catholics to just what is going on not only in America but in the Church. Sharing with them the Oath Against Modernism is a wake-up call. What have we got to lose?

    Please think about your actions, or lack thereof, and then through prayer, determine what you must do to stop evil from taking this nation over the brink of the abyss. God is listening. So are all the saints in Heaven. I wonder what they hear? Only God knows, but He will act only when He sees FAITH the size of a mustard seed.


University of Virtue Thursday, September 3, 2009, Volume 20, no. 246