September 2, 2009
Vol. 20, no. 245

Collateral Damage

    This year, when we commemorate the eighth anniversary of the tragic events of 9-11, a man with Communist and Nazi leanings and a penchant for favoring Islamism (as evident by the people he has appointed to hijack America)that very man who occupies the White House doesn't want to acknowledge what Americans have fought for for over 233 years. His actions manifest that he is more sympathetic to terrorists in not only weakening our country, but stripping us of protection and, most importantly, eliminating Christ from the face of the earth. By his actions he is an antichrist and we must speak out on that very fact, just as is the man in Rome who offends Our Lord so. While both greatly add to the burdens of Mary's Most Sorrowful Heart, She is saddened by our own apathy in the face of elimination of all we hold sacred. Will it take being thrown to the lions or herded into prison camps to wake up Americans and Catholics to what is really going on? Considering America's disregard for human life, especially the slaughter in the womb of over 50 million innocent souls; the disrespect given to Terri Schiavo in her horrible agony four and a half years ago; the almost unnoticed passing of a man who withstood the abuse of apathetic America as euthanasia gained a foothold, Terri's dad Robert Schindler, Sr.; and the mounting casualties in senseless wars while America decays from within, all can be traced back to Vatican Two and the loss of the True Faith by countless millions. Those are the kind of damages God will certainly not consider collateral.

    We had hoped to be able to resume daily publication in September. We express our regrets to those who were expecting that. However, due to the fact that, other than a monthly stipend that is sent, we have not been able to even raise $1,000. yet. Thus, it is not financially feasible to publish daily until we can afford to. It is a sad and sorry commentary on how apathetic the response has been, except for a few and and we thank those few from the bottom of our hearts for caring and sharing. They know who they are. But the rest of you reading this, and that includes those of you who log on regularly from over 110 countries throughout the world for we average a million and a half to two million hits a month, not so fast. We've had several who "promised" they'd send a donation and we haven't heard boo since. You know who you are, and those who have not even considered almsgiving, glomming on for a free ride without realizing your responsibility to help the crusade to convert souls to the True Faith, well, you know who you are as well. Will God approve of your stinginess? We don't know, and we fo realize these are tough times economically - oh, do we! - but even a widow's mite gains great merit as Jesus has affirmed.

    End of plea. It's been a long month, that seemed to even longer considering the travesty and sham that was the funeral celebration for the "Lion of the Senate" - the enemy of Christ and His little ones, Edward Moore Kennedy. Personally, I'm tickled he's gone; as a Catholic I mourn his soul, not the man, just his soul. Dr. Thomas Droleskey has several articles at Christ or chaos on this tragedy that was the youngest Kennedy and we strongly recommend you read those excellent pieces that truly portray this so-called "lion" which should be properly spelled "lyin'". Long ago Teddy apostasized from the Faith and yet few blinked. Maybe that's because everyone else was falling in step with an apostate who was merely following the apostate shepherds who should have been counseling and censoring Kennedy and the rest of the politically expedient pro-abortion politicians who dared call themselves "Catholic." There are several respected writers who could rightfully be called neo-traditionalists who have righteously called the American hierarchs on the carpet for this mockery and Bugnini burlesque, but they can't seem to connect that final dot: Who is it these so-called prelates answer to? That's right! The buck stops at the top no matter how many still buy into the fairy tale that "the 'pope' doesn't know." Yeah, if you think Ratzinger doesn't know, well, have I got land on Mars for you to invest in. Cash down! Any takers? Instead of scamming his fellow Jews, Bernie Madoff should have targeted conciliar catholics. He'd still be a free man because the Modernists are masters at covering up.

    That funeral circus that was televised nationally on the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist created quite a cruel irony. Here was a feast when we celebrated a man who never compromised, a man who spoke out for the poor, the unfortunate, those who had little voice. Quite a paradox considering those same "attributes" were liberally bestowed on the reputation of a radical liberal apostate. Oh, how different Kennedy is from the man who was not worthy to carry Our Lord's sandals by his own admission. Such humility was never apparent in the man from Massachusetts who had everything and what he didn't have, he manipulated, and I do mean manipulated in the worst sense of the word. Obama is in the White House today thanks to Ted Kennedy. Democrats have become demoncrats thanks to Ted Kennedy. Healthcare costs are spiraling higher thanks to Ted Kennedy because of the restrictions he has legislated to curtail free enterprise in his efforts to socialize medicine and everything else. I guess they hid his hammer and sickle tattoo under his sleeve. Over fifty million innocents in the womb never had a chance, thanks to the crusading leftist Ted Kennedy. And, oh yes, Mary Jo Kopechne never had a chance either. But Ted wouldn't know, at least that's what he told everyone ad nauseam about his 'blacking out' for nine to ten hours. How convenient! The man was pure scum. Yet he had a soul.

    Now, I had no intention of watching that farce at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Boston last Saturday morning, but circumstances beyond our control kept us from being able to get to the chapel for Holy Mass and to say with our fellow parishioners the Devotions to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Thus, after praying it at home, I tuned in to catch the United States Championship of the Little League and was blasted with endless Kennedy propaganda thanks to a rain delay in Williamsport, Pennsylvania where the games were played and televised nationally on ESPN and ABC. I waited out this disgusting facade until the game began three hours later. It was the difference of night and day going from the leftist mouthpieces posing as commentators who kept fumbling trying to one-up each other in praise of that scoundrel to the upbeat voices of Brent Musberger and Orel Hersheiser extolling the virtues of just being a kid and having good clean fun. How can you not cheer for those kids who don't get paid and show more enthusiasm than all the pros put together? How refreshing to see old fashioned virtues extolled through these tweens and a few teens who, almost to a person, made the sign of the cross at the plate, though they do need to work on not being so sloppy in honoring the Holy Trinity. Blame it on the Novus Ordo. Had to chuckle at how Chula Vista is suddenly getting so much publicity. Guess we had to move from Chula Vista back to San Diego in the Bay Park area for the team from Park View, not far from where we had lived, to begin an August to remember by going 21-3 and winning the World Championship over a team from Taiwan in impressive fashion. Now Chula Vista is truly on the map! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could put True Catholicism back on the map?!

    Enought about Little League and, sadly, back to the bush league way Kennedy was lionized by the very hyenas who laugh in God's face. It was sickening and sad. Who do they think they're kidding? Don't they realize God will not be mocked? Someday they will...someday, when it's too late. Oh, we can here the regrets "If only..."

    I couldn't help but compare the bookends that were the Kennedy brothers. I distinctively remember the Requiem Funeral Mass for John Fitzgerald Kennedy back in November 1963. I was in the Novitiate of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Alton, Illinois at that time and the ban on television, which was forbidden for novices, was lifted because of the national attention to his funeral. A magnificent Requiem in black vestments with all the proper lamentations that America could relate to back then. Flash forward some forty-six years later and you can see how far things have sunk with the insouciant, empty 'funeral celebration' in white vestments where man has already proclaimed the poor sap in the coffin as already looking down and smiling. How many times do we hear that garbage? Who really knows the ultimate destination of the guy or gal all glamored up in a macabre method in the casket of a shell that no longer breathes? Too often few acknowledge that they, as will we all, indeed return to dust as God affirms in Genesis 3: 19.

    The state of the body, we can almost know for sure. Decompose and decay. The state of the soul. Fact is, only God really knows. But it sure didn't help to have either the antichrist himself or a precursor to such speak from the pulpit. But then what did you expect? Did you really expect Benedict-Ratzinger to call a halt to celebrating TK as a "devout Catholic"? Puhlease. Did you really expect Sean O'Malley, head cheese of the Boston Archdiocese for the counterfeit church of conciliarism to enforce the Church's strict rules for funerals of those outside the Church? If so, I've got a deal for you on Martha's Vineyard for only $35,000.00 a week. Heck, that amount would keep The DailyCatholic going for two years or more!

    As sorry an atrocity as the whole funeral affair was, we can only do one thing: pray for the repose of his soul. While that might seem fruitless to many, we must remember Christ's edict in chapter 22 of St. Matthew's Gospel for the last Sunday of September this month, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets." To fulfill this command, we must love our neighbor no matter how wicked or immoral he or she may be. We have to hate the sin, never have to like the sinner, but we have to love the sinner. Believe it or not, that goes for Teddy, too, as well as Caligula, Luther, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Arafat, in fact everyone except Judas. The latter is the only one we know is in hell. That is why we must pray for the repose of every soul that passes from their mortal bodies, no matter how vile a life they led.

    What we know from what the Church teaches, we can often times have grave, grave doubts someone was saved. That's alright, but we cannot condemn someone to hell or state with assurance they're there. What we can pray for is that they at least made it to Purgatory. That would be quite a trick considering the way many of them lived and acted. But remember, the only Judge that counts is God. That is what Christ meant by "love thy neighbor as thyself." If we truly love God and want to go to Heaven, then we should have a passion for sharing that destination with everyone we meet. What do we care if they laugh in our face. All God asks is that we try. You'd be surprised at what He's doing behind the scenes.

    So with that said, let's leave Kennedy to God and not to the Democratic Congress which will use his death as a political tool to ramrod through the wretched Obamacare death screed. Here I thought Democrats were against the death penalty, but with his death panels, guess that only goes for singling out conservatives. Cyndi discusses this in her latest lesson from the University of Virtue lesson, with Stand Up and Be Counted! in reminding us of a true holy hero who laid out the path we should all take. Tom Droleskey, an expert in political science, also deals with the political climate as it affects Traditional Catholics, utilizing a unique Catholic perspective. I say that because Tom will call a spade a spade, just as the true, reliable Popes, which he always documents, have done. That's proof enough that whatever the modern Modernist church of conciliarism says, go the other way as fast as you can.

    You'll note the flag was lowered to half-mast and when you see Old Glory, think of both the many troops who have given their lives to preserve our freedom all over the world; think of the fifty million and counting souls who never had the chance to breathe fresh air, having been slaughtered in the womb, again, what should be the safest place in the world; and finally, think of another who passed on last week. You didn't hear much if anything in the lamestream media over his death, but that's the way of the State-run Pravda fourth estate in print and broadcast.

    I'm talking of Robert Schindler, Sr., father of Terri Schiavo. Yes, that Bob Schindler. He must have felt like a modern-day Job over the last five years with the struggles he underwent. Like Christ, he was derided and ridiculed by the children of the world; like Christ, he bore up under the intense scrutiny and sensationalism and an industry bent on destruction by taking something so personal as family love and turning it into a mockery of ethics and morality, deriding virtue and values.

    Bob knows now the only mistake he made was that he trusted an institution that had long before betrayed him. That would be the counterfeit church of conciliarism who empowered the very politicians who saw to the murder of his daughter by not standing as one and saying "No! It's murder!" But again, you know that. You know that the conciliar structure is a house of cards with paper tigers who are afraid of their own shadow and the only ones they rail against are true Catholics who will not compromise one iota.

    We can pray that Bob's widow Mary and their son Bobby, Jr. will understand that and realize they will continue to be duped and no progress made until they're able to flee the nasty, apostate Novus Ordo. Nevertheless, we extend our heartfelt prayers to the family in this time of sorrow and pray they are all given the grace to see the conciliar church for the false shaman it is, and return to the True Catholic Church of over 2000 years. Bob and Mary were both old enough to remember before Vatican II.

    We ask our readers to pray for the family for, indeed, these times must be the darkest for the Schindler family. In the aftermath of Bob's funeral, Bob's wife Mary knows only too well how to relate with another Mary - the Most Sorrowful Mother in the month dedicated to her Sorrowful Heart for the Blessed Virgin Mary lamented and mystically experienced what her divine Son went through. So also Mary Schindler, for a mother's heart will be broken many times, and God knows how many times her heart has been broken in holding up under the constant scrutiny of an uncaring press and legal system that condemned her innocent flesh and blood to death, and a Modernist church that did not show, in their verbal engineering terms - "solidarity" - in standing for the "unity of the community" and defending Terri's right to live.

    A twist of irony, the very ones calling for pulling the plug were the same ones who clamored for abortion and yet, were against the death penalty for the guilty. Such are the same who lionized Kennedy. The innocent? They were thrown to the lions. That is because the lamestream press (Scribes of our time) and proud politicians (Pharisees of our time) - marching in lockstep with the Obama Oligarchy intent on forging change we can never believe in (if we love God and our Faith) - all of those enemies of Christ consider our troops in harm's way to be, the helpless innocent unborn to be, as well as Terri to be, and now her dad to be, merely Collateral Damage.

Michael Cain, editor

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