October 22, 2009
Vol. 20, no. 295

Conciliar Circus

    As a child one loved going to the circus, but things have definitely changed from those innocent times to the reality that is today's conciliar circus where the insignificant carnival barker William Levada is hawking tickets for admission into the big tent to see what next trick the ringmaster Ratzinger can pull off. Like circuses of old there are many death-defying acts, but in this bizarre bazaar (cirque 1964) these acts can greatly threaten souls and are definitely dangerous to your spiritual health. That warning seems to be ignored by many who only want to be entertained with no accountability for what they are participating in. Why, they've even expanded the seating to make room for the Anglicans, but don't worry they can still be Anglicans in every way and cling to the heresies of Henry VIII while still being considered part of the big tent through such circus lingo as "subsisting in." Yeah the clowns are aplenty in this rogue circus and they specialize in faux pas and pratfalls and making spectacles out of themselves while igoring Who's really important, Who should be featured front and center without clowns, without balloons, or any other trappings other than the solemnity of candles and reverence for the True Presence of Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in their presence. Except He is not there and hasn't been since the sixties when, like Henry VIII, those men who thought they knew better than God, threw Him out and brought in an imposter as they have been trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat ever since in trying to convince Catholics that He's still here. No, this circus is not the dwelling place of our Sovereign King Jesus Christ. We hope Bishop Fellay will realize that before it's too late.

    Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all you others who call yourselves some other pc term for your gender that has no rhyme nor reason in the natural or supernatural realm, you are about to enter the big tent where you'll find a three ring circus that defies all imagination and common sense. Clowns galore and high wire tension with dangerous animals that have become ferocious. Yes, you are about to see the Saddest Shows on Earth.

    That could easily be the setting for what has become of the world over the last half century, last decade, or should we say half decade, or maybe the last year. A real circus of the bizarre. If it were for family viewing as circuses used to be, it might be entertaining and, after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, be considered the "Greatest Show on earth." But we have come to realize there is nothing entertaining when the devil is involved. In many ways, this circus could be compared to Dante's Inferno. There are many levels, layers, if you will, that are easily pealed away to show the unmitigating truth of the direction society is heading.

    This is the first in a short series on what's under the big-top. Today we'll focus on the main ring as far as Catholics are concerned for we resort to Our Lord's words in St. Matthew 10: 28, "And fear not them that kill the body, and cannot kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." Therefore, we will leave for the next time those who can kill the body which, thanks to the Obama administration, is doing all they can to accomplish this in their sinister way which we shall see when next we'll deal with that other ring a secular one - that so mirrors another circus freak who came to power in the 30's. So get your cotton candy, peanuts or popcorn now for the show is about to begin as the spotlight is on the center ring.

    The most recent announcement yesterday by William Levada on behalf of the Ringmaster of Rome that Anglicans can now be 'catholic' with no strings attached and no necessity to adhere to every tenet of the Church (why are we not surprised?) only indicates what Bishop Bernard Fellay can expect when he enters the lion cage on Monday in a private meeting with Fr. Joseph Ratzinger and his selected 'experts' on theology in a secured room within the Palace of the Holy Office (a term which has truly lost all semblance of credibility).You'll note that Levada is the former Protector of the Realm of Sodomy in San Francisco and when the courts started moving in to investigate the cover-ups and corruption (isn't corruption and San Francisco an oxymoron?) , Ratzinger swiftly appointed George Niederauer as Levada's successor (Levada and Niederauer are both LA Archdiocese Roger Mahony's bosom buddies (take that anyway you want) in crime and corruption) to Rome a la Bernard Law being called to Rome by Karol Wojtyla to be protected from like charges of cover-ups and corruption (isn't corruption and Boston an oxymoron?). Just as swiftly Ratzinger named Levada his successor as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (a misnomer if there ever was one considering the violations against the Faith that have occurred in that office which was once the Holy Office). There is nothing holy that goes on in Rome any more and we were told that would happen by many saints as well as the Blessed Mother herself in the Church-approved apparition at LaSalette when Our Lady foretold, "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist."

    Is it starting to compute yet? Are you connecting the dots to see her prophesy as a reality in our times? Have you read the Decrees of the Council of Trent? Have you read the infallible encyclicals of true Popes condemning as 'anathema sit' all that has been foisted on the gullible Catholic faithful over the past 50 years? Have you read the articles and documentation we have published on these pages over the last five years specifically? Have you read the beaucoup air-tight arguments and Catholic common sense of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on his Christ or chaos site? As we have said often, Tom provides all the proof you need and to ignore that means you are either purposely and stubbornly keeping your head in the sand or don't want to take the time to read the sage words he pens on the keys. If the former, shake your head and get it out of the sand before someone comes along with a machete. If the latter, you had better read Apocalypse 3: 15-16 and see if that fits your current miasma. One last thing on Tom, he writes for no monetary gain, only for the gain of souls. How many can you name who do that today? How many do you know who are willing to help him out financially and the rest of traditional scribes dedicated to conveying the infrangible Truths and Traditions of holy Mother Church with not one concession to the counterfeit church of conciliarism?

    In this past Sunday's gospel for the feast of St. Luke, we read what Christ says about those who are committed to evangelizing the work He has charged us to do. Did not Our Lord say "the laborer is worthy of his hire"? Why then the total apathy from the traditional camp, yes, even the sedevacantist ranks in supporting like-minded apostolates like Tom's, The DailyCatholic, and others worthy of being supported for the sake of saving souls? Maybe if we were Anglican we'd garner a lot more funds since they are known to be both quite wealthy and quite generous. We know sedevacantists, for the most part are not wealthy, but what ever happened to generosity?

    And yet, these sedevacantist apostolates are not Anglican and never will be because they are Roman Catholic to the core. That is why most can see the overture to the Anglicans as just another circus exhibition all for show by Ratzinger and his clowns in the curia. But, why should we be surprised? The announcement that Anglicans are now welcome in the 'catholic' church (read counterfeit church of conciliarism) is only following Angelo Roncalli and Giovanni Montini's invalid mandate to make Catholicism more appealing to Protestants by compromising everything, selling out. Ratzinger, in succession of Wojtyla, continues that sell out. Never mind that Christ said it cannot be done. Never mind that true Popes from Peter through Pope Pius XII said it cannot be done. Never mind that Pope Leo XIII stated in no uncertain terms in his infallible encyclical Apostolicae Curae that Anglican Orders were "absolutely null and utterly void." (article 36) and which is binding in perpetuity.

    "We decree that these letters and all things contained therein shall not be liable at any time to be impugned or objected to by reason of fault or any other defect whatsoever of subreption or obreption of our intention, but are and shall be always valid and in force and shall be inviolably observed both juridically and otherwise, by all of whatsoever degree and preeminence, declaring null and void anything which, in these matters, may happen to be contrariwise attempted, whether wittingly or unwittingly, by any person whatsoever, by whatsoever authority or pretext, all things to the contrary notwithstanding." (article 40)

    You'll note Leo's masterful use of words for Webster's defines "subreption" as "Canon Law. a concealment of the pertinent facts in a petition, as for dispensation or favor, that in certain cases nullifies the grant"; "the act of obtaining something, as an escheat, by concealing pertinent facts"; and "a fallacious representation or an inference from it." "Obreption" is similar as the definition says: "Canon Law. Fraud in obtaining or attempting to obtain something from an official. The etymology of subreption comes from the Latin subripere , to steal itself. The root of the word is derived from combining sub and rep which comes from rapere to seize, rape. Whoa! Now listen to the etymology of obreption, which comes from Latin ob and repere meaning to creep, from which the word reptile is derived; like in the original serpent in the Garden of Eden. Do you think that crafty viper stole something valuable, creeping up on Adam and Eve? Yeah, Leo truly knew the right words to use.

    And today that sinister snake continues to slither deeper into the catholic collective which Montini himself acknowledged was in the sanctuary. Was this an admission or a boast? Considering what has followed, we opt to believe it was the latter. That is because herein lies the crux of the problem for those ordained in the new rite instituted by Montini in 1968 make ordinations to the priesthood in the conciliar church and subsequently episcopal consecrations (not to be confused with Episcopal as in the Episcopal church, at least until they're incorporated into the Roman ring without full adherence to all Catholic truth) also "absolutely null and utterly void." Add to this Pope Pius XII's Sacramentum Ordinis and we can easily see how Holy Orders for Anglican or Conciliarst are "absolutely null and utterly void." Add also to this the New Order Mess concocted by Anabale Bugnini and his gang of Protestants which came to be known as Montini's Novus Ordo Missae which altered the Holy Mass, taking out the sacrificial, propitiatory eleaments of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and changing the words of the Consecration. Thus, by doing such, Montini and all who followed in his footsteps directly incurred the "wrath of Almighty God and the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul" as Pope St. Pius V decreed infallibly in Quo Primum and De defectibus Ergo, because of this defection from absolute and infallible decrees and the manifest abdication of the true powers of what a Vicar of Christ could do as set forth by the Vatican Council of the time of Pope Pius IX, the sad truth is that millions upon millions of Catholics have been ingesting mere wafers and wine for at least 40 years; not the true Body and Blood of Christ, absolutely necessary for salvation as Christ affirmed and asserted in the Gospel of St. John 6: 54-70.

    So then, should we be surprised? Consider the fact that the conciliar church is imploding for corruption does that. They need bodies and, yes, they need money for the coffers have been bled dry from cover-ups and sexual sins payouts. And the Anglicans and especially Episcopalians are loaded and have great influence in all facets of society. This is not a spiritual move by Ratzinger, but rather a political move to bolster the thinning ranks of the conciliarists. Granted, many Anglicans are more sincere than most conciliar clerics and diocesan tents, but no matter how sincere, if they do not commit to adhere to every Catholic truth they are no more Catholic than the Rabbi down the street or the Scientologists on campus. It's all for show, folks. That's what circuses are for. We also encourage you to see Father Anthony Cekada's essays on the invalidity of the sacraments with Absolutely Null and Utterly Void, Still Null and Still Void, Why the New Bishops are Not True Bishops, and New Bishops, Empty Tabernacles!

    Had this 'return' of the Anglicans (read members of the Church of England) happened back in the 1530's it would have made sense. Had the Pilgrimage of Grace of faithful Catholics not bought the lies that Henry VIII promised through his crafty serpent Thomas Cromwell and delivered by a doubtful, yet fearful Thomas Howard of Norfolk, whose great-grandfather John had fought for the Faith in standing for the beleaguered Catholic King Richard III at Bosworth, perhaps England would have been saved and Catholicism restored. but alas, that did not happen. Instead, we have this compromise which Ratzinger has engineered as another "hermeneutics of continuity in diversity" by stating that Anglicans could consider themselves theologically Catholic but continuing their own traditions established by apostate English monarchs such as using the Book of Common Prayer. Granted, Anglicans have proven to be more reverent than conciliarists in ceremonies and even possibly in sincerity, but we can never disregard what Pope Leo XIII decreed in Satis Cognitum when he said ex cathedra in article nine:

    "The Church, founded on these principles and mindful of her office, has done nothing with greater zeal and endeavour than she has displayed in guarding the integrity of the faith. Hence she regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of her children all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from her own. The Arians, the Montanists, the Novatians, the Quartodecimans, the Eutychians, did not certainly reject all Catholic doctrine: they abandoned only a certain portion of it. Still who does not know that they were declared heretics and banished from the bosom of the Church? In like manner were condemned all authors of heretical tenets who followed them in subsequent ages. "There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition" (Auctor Tract. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos)."

    Yet, the poison has infiltrated for so long that it has contaminated everything, destroying the logical thinking process of most Catholics today to believe that what Ratzinger has 'pulled off' is right and proper in working toward one church under one shepherd. What they fail to realize is that what the conciliarists are doing is not what Christ commanded, but rather what satan is seeking: a One World Order Church preaching universal salvation. That is the objective of Ratzinger and has been the same goal of his conciliar predecessors. One can just imagine in five years or so the same kind of announcement accepting Lutherans into the conciliar church. By then, mark our words, celibacy for conciliar 'priests' will be a thing of the past (though many conciliar 'bishops' already think that way now) as well as homosexual conciliar 'priests' being more prevalent than now and, of course, because the conciliar church has turned into an oligarch democracy, women 'priestesses.' That, of course, will pave the way for all other religions to somehow, someway be justified into being part of the 'Catholic' church from Hindu to Buddhism to New Age and all the evangelical shops that hang out their shingle claiming to have the way to salvation. And why not, they won't have to change. They can continue to operate as they do now, except there will be strength in numbers all under one tent.

    Ratzinger, in his hectic, heretical Hegelian head, really thinks this is the answer and he will use it to try to justify, in his twisted and warped way, how his "subsists in" (subsistet) works in Lumen Gentium and he will claim this is all done in the "light of tradition." We think not. We also can't believe he, who inserted that clause into the Vatican Two heretical document Lumen Gentium, would, after all these years, recuse himself and admit he was wrong. Not going to happen. He was the architect of "subsists in" replacing "is" and thereby, Montini's signature effectively began a new religion as Griff Ruby so magnificently and aptly explains in his eye-opening thesis Down the Yellow Brick Road to Apostasy: The Lumen Gentium Syndrome We urge Bishop Fellay to be on guard for this is exactly how Ratzinger thinks and he is trying with all his might to fit a square peg into a round hole. It can't be done, but he's going to try to do it come hell or high water. But beware of mad foxes stubbornly trying to do so. That's why he has coddled the SSPX, luring them in so cleverly with promises of making them a prelature just as the Anglicans will be as Opus Dei, the Fraternity of St. Peter, and countless other smaller, insignificant entities are and what the Society will become: insignificant and toothless if Fellay falls for the ruse and false promises. Evidence has shown that Fellay has already compromised by removing any valid criticism the Society had published on its various web sites over the years and by expelling orthodox priests who objected to the sell out. Has Fellay reached the point of no return? Next week will provide the answers and we encourage all to read the points Griff has provided in A Brief for the First Discussion that would help extricate Fellay and the SSPX from the trap they have fallen into. If he doesn't employ those arguments in the first discussion on Lumen Gentium with the conciliarists, then any chance of making inroads for the sake of restoring the Church will be brief and lost.

    It's as simple as that. If Fellay is honest, then he must remember the deceivers who were in charge of the throne in England in the 1530's and how they also made promises that, in effect, weakened the ranks of the Catholic crusade that had marched to York and were mounting a mass protest to march into London until they were promised that all would be forgiven and they would be able to keep the Catholic Faith as it had always been practiced. Once they bought the lie, they were pawns in Cromwell's plans to encourage Henry to order the bloody dissolution of the monasteries, the martyrdom of tens of thousands and thousands of Catholics, and the entrenchment of Protestantism into the liturgies and doctrines all contained in the Common Book of Prayer, authored by one Thomas Cranmer, urged on by Anne Bolynn, the courtesan who favored the Reformation and, with Cranmer and Cromwell's help, convinced Henry to buck the Church and start his own church, the Church of England; ergo the Anglican church.

    So also today, we have the same scenario except over the last fifty years it has been the unbloody dissolution of the monasteries in the sense that the true Presence of Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity no longer exists in the monasteries which have sold out to the New Order. In the martyrdom of countless millions behind the Iron Curtain thanks to the double cross by Roncalli and Montini just before Vatican II convened in selling out to Communism at the Pact of Metz; and the entrenchment of Protestantism into the liturgies and doctrines in the revamped catechism, canon law, missals and every other form of teaching Catholic truth by watering it down to become more palatable to Protestants. Well, they have succeeded. Now we'll see how the Anglicans react. Perhaps the conciliar church might even be too Protestant for them. It surely has to be too Protestant for Fellay. At least one would hope he'd see that. But then the promise of a cardinalate can be mighty tempting, blinding one to history and common sense, not to mention his duty to his flock. Will the sheep of the SSPX again be scattered?

    You can be sure of one thing and we've already seen it: how Fellay has had to jump through rings and hoops and even high wire acts to please the ringmaster at the expense of those who previously were pulling for him. These are indeed sad times when a true Successor of the Apostles has reduced himself to being comfortable in the conciliar circus.

Michael Cain, editor

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