October 11, 2009
volume 20, no. 284
Darkness rules the roost as Obama struts

Gary L. Morella

    Editor's Note:   The Last Catholic out of the Vatican, turn out the lights because the most recent praise of an antichrist truly signifies Our Lady's prophecy at La Salette that "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the antichrist" has been fulfilled. The Great Apostasy has been the portal for many antichrists to come forth. Just who the main one is can still be left to conjecture considering how much the world has been dumbed down to believe anything. Thanks to Vatican II, the current head in Vatican City is getting some stiff opposition from an arrogant man/beast who would be king of the world once he's dismantled the United States, which is only too evident. Ever since the early conciliar 'popes' began the sell-out practice of abdicating the Vicar of Christ's tri-regno responsibilities to souls by bowing to the UN as the answer for "social peace and justice", souls have been confused and this has only enabled the many antichrists to establish a foothold both in church and state. When will the world know the only peace possible that can come is through adherence to God's laws and submission to the only One Who can bring peace? That would be the only Light of the world: Jesus Christ. When will people learn? When it's too late?

    Are there any Catholics left in the Vatican? Evidence would seem to be to the contrary as shock shown at Vatican spokesman appreciating the farce of Obama peace prize. We're talking about a man who wars on innocents not only inside but also outside of their mothers wombs given his incredible non-support of Born Alive Infant Protection Acts!

    We're talking about a man whose warped idea of peace is disarming in the face of the enemy, thereby making the world a more dangerous place to live by orders-of-magnitude! We're talking about a man who shamelessly promotes the entirety of a culture-of-eternal-death under force of law!

    Once again apostates masquerading as Catholics in the Vatican do the unthinkable in praising an antichrist! It is folly to encourage nuclear disarmament in a world ruled by the prince of darkness! Pacifism has NEVER been Catholic teaching. It is a bald-faced lie to suggest that it has, is, or ever will be given that the devil prowls the world for the ruin of souls until the end of time!

    We are never going to have true peace in the world as long as the devil continues to work toward getting as many people to hell as he can. Our concupiscence (tendency toward sin) as a result of Original Sin due to The Fall will not go away until we meet our Maker in judgment with, hopefully, eternal salvation as our reward in the next life as a function of our actions in this life. That used to be a fundamental precept of our faith. That it is no longer because for many it has become an embarrassment is the root of the problem.

    Wars of chastisement result when men mock God! This could very well be our fate with what is about to come. So, to say as the liberal peaceniks do, “No more war, ever!” ignores that sometimes wars are used by God to wake us up as to what our main priorities should be, which is of no concern to them given what their “values” are. We have seen their values many times nationally – the promotion of hedonism at all costs to include our immortal souls. It is ironic that the very individuals decrying “no more war” are those most responsible for wars occurring around the world.

    God may be giving us another chance to get our priorities in order. But our chances are rapidly running out if we do not wake up because one day, the United States of America will no longer exist. It will be replaced by a regime as oppressive as were those under Hitler and Stalin. God will have finally withdrawn ALL of his protection for our country.

    We are living that reality today in what is rapidly becoming the USSA under the tyrant Obama! Such is the fate of nations who gleefully "legally" kill their young in the tradition of Herod, and promote sexual perversion as a civil right in an affirmative action sense!

    We either oppose Obama in the realization that he and his minions must be politically destroyed or our country will be! There are no other options as for too long we have mocked God Almighty and now we're feeling His wrath big time!

    The fact is that many in the Church, clergy and laity alike, no longer believe that the devil exists. If they did, their priorities would not be “peace and justice” in the here-and-now but rather eternal salvation in the here-after. Ultimately non-belief in the devil equates to non-belief in God. I seem to recall that the devil is mentioned quite often by Christ in the New Testament in relation to the serious consequences of unrepentant mortal sin, more so than by any other New Testament figure.

    The “cities of the plain” in the Bible would have been spared for the sake of “ten good men.” It is only through the infinite mercy of God that America to date has been similarly spared. However, the lessons of Genesis must not be forgotten because there are Angels ready to deal with America in the same manner as they did with Sodom and Gomorrah if America continues to mock God in the most barbarous of fashions. To whom much is given, much is expected in return!

    What's the Vatican's priority these days, the natural when it should be the supernatural? What's worse, natural or supernatural death? It's getting harder to figure out the answer looking at some of the latest press releases from Rome.

    If we are to believe the pacifists' radical reading of Sacred Scripture then if someone breaks into our homes, threatens our families with torture and death, we can do nothing because God does not allow it, which flies in the face of reason. And the God Who gave us faith also gave us reason. God being Omniscient, All-Good, and Perfect Truth cannot contradict Himself.

    But beyond this, the Fifth Commandment, first and foremost, applies to those who have an arrogant disregard of the rights of others to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness leading ultimately to supernatural happiness. We are charged with acting responsibly pertaining to these rights, as rights without duty are no rights at all. How, for example, can we rightfully lament the deaths of innocents due to wars while allowing the killing of innocents in the womb? I wonder how many of the peace zealots are pro-life? Or is their idea of peace the aforementioned promotion of hedonism at all costs, the UN variety, to include their immortal souls? Some peace that is! And please remember that this is the same UN that the Vatican spokesmen would have us somehow believe has the moral authority to preach to the world about what it can or cannot do.

    Would these same pacifist clergy have appeased Hitler, Stalin and Tojo? If so, if the world would have done nothing, the human misery today would be beyond comparison as the vast majority of the world will be living in assorted gulags with the remainder dying horrible tortured deaths.

    There is much to be said for strong deterrents. The fact that the world still exists today given the closeness with which it has almost experienced nuclear destruction speaks to that success.

    A judgment is made that the order of justice, to be established and maintained, may require the use of force or the threat of its use. This “threat of its use” has undeniably, since the advent of the atom bomb with its horrendous effects provided a deterrent to any country that would consider the use of such weapons of massive destruction in a first strike mode in the realization that such an attack would immediately invite its own destruction, which would eliminate not only the threat of potential enemies but also itself in the process, thereby making nuclear war nonsensical. What other explanation could there be for the prevention of such a holocaust given the lessons of history? When tyrannical totalitarian states have overwhelming force they are prone to use it to suit their nefarious ends. When those states fighting tyranny unilaterally disarm, they are inviting their own destruction and the world's.

    We live in an imperfect world because of the Fall and the onset of Original Sin. This is something that has been forgotten by those who propose a “world political society” such as Jacques Maritain did in Man and the State. Maritain, despite his protestations to the contrary, proposed a political utopia by nuancing the differences between the state and the body politic. He seemed to feel compelled to do this because of the evolution of weapons of destruction making, in his mind, their use always morally unacceptable. He lays the foundation for what he calls a sound political philosophy leading to a world government. He makes it clear, that he’s not referring to the state as a world government, but rather the body politic, which the state serves.

    "Let me emphasize once again that the political reality is not the State, but the body politic with its multifarious institutions, the multiple communities which it involves, and the moral community which grows out of it. The body politic is the people organized under just laws. The State is the particular agency which specializes in matters dealing with the common good of the body politic, it is therefore the topmost political agency, but the State is a part, not a whole, and its functions are merely instrumental: it is for the body politic and for the people that it sees to the public order, enforces laws, possesses power; and being a part in the service of the people, it must be controlled by the people."

    Maritain wants to transfer a misplaced absolute sovereignty of nation states that are incapable of living together peacefully to a world political body that would oversee these states to insure world stability. This would require a surrender of freedoms on the part of the states for a greater political order, the perfection of the body politic to a common good on a world level. He even goes so far as to propose a “supra-national advisory council” whose members, after surrendering their state allegiance, i.e., their citizenship, become world citizens beholding to no one and nothing other than the aforementioned perfection sought by him. For all his good intentions, Maritain’s argument is extremely flawed in that he’s forgotten a basic tenet of his faith, the spiritual battle for our souls until the end of time, which does not provide the guarantee that those whom Maritain would entrust membership to this elite world advisory panel would not turn from virtue to vice in the promotion of hedonism as a civil right. We’re witnessing this currently with the positions taken by the UN, and the European Union in regard to the promotion of the “culture-of-death” in all of its manifestations as a function of the contraceptive mentality of the age, i.e., abortion, homosexuality, and euthanasia, all of which are gleefully embraced by Comrade Obama.

    Pre-Obama, what we used to see was just the opposite of what Maritain intended. It was the sovereign nation state, namely, the United States of America, due to the recognition of the necessity of authentic freedom being rooted in the Gospel by a significant portion of its citizenry, that stood up to the evil of the father-of-lies whose agents populate world governing bodies. One could counter Maritain that it appears that it is the nation state that is still the place where a sense of human education, national history, and destiny finds its fulfillment – albeit a nation state that has not lost its moral compass. Sadly, this is no longer true as America under the dictator Obama couldn't care less about a moral compass. It formerly trashed same the day of Obama's inauguration as the biggest agent of the father-of-lies now masquerades as our president!

    We are in the battle for our eternal lives. That is the real war. We cannot fight that battle as referred to in Pope Leo XIII’s prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel if we're not here to fight it, letting the modern Neville Chamberlains tell us that doing nothing will allow for "peace in our time." History and the concupiscence due to Original Sin, which will exist to the end of time, prove otherwise. Do we honestly believe that our unilateral disarmament will make the world a Heaven on earth? If so, then our theology is flawed as that means that Original sin doesn't exist, and the devil does not prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls like a raging lion. Has history, in particular, has our faith taught us nothing?

    We are working and perfecting ourselves to the real Heaven that can only be attained by abiding by God's laws, not an illusionary natural "heaven on earth" that exists only in the minds of those who have forgotten the supernatural reasons for their creation, their final end. This is why we have to be ever vigilant putting on the armor of God to fight the spiritual battle and its natural manifestation, as all wars have been, raging around us. To be successful we must be a country under God deserving of His blessing, not His condemnation!

    Beware more of he who kills the soul than the body. The former has eternal consequences more horrible than anything that can happen in this life to include especially any and all forms of physical death. Evil came into the world as a result of the concupiscence due to Original Sin. Man caused that by disobeying God, not God. God has withdrawn His protection for our country because we've grievously sinned. If we don't become a country under God, instead of mocking Him by disobeying His laws, then what happened on September 11, 2001 will seem like nothing to what will happen. This is Biblical. How can a country that has sponsored the culture-of-death to the point of exporting it to the rest of the world expect anything else? Did we honestly think that Almighty God would allow Himself to be mocked indefinitely? If we persist in the manner that we have, leading to this tragedy, we're doomed. Thousands lost their lives in New York. Millions have lost their lives in what should have been their most secure haven, their mothers' wombs. And our country not only allowed that to happen but also encouraged and coerced the world to follow in lockstep. On Tuesday September 11, 2001, our country got a wakeup call! On the day of Obama's inauguration, it got its final warning from an angry God who said to us, "You want to live without Me, go ahead and try!"

    Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, in the 1983 Templeton Address, prophetically warns that men have forgotten God and such is the origin of modern wars and oppression.

    "The material laws alone do not explain our life or give it direction. The laws of physics and physiology will never reveal the indisputable manner in which the Creator constantly day in and day out, participates in the life of each one of us, unfailingly granting us the energy of existence. ... To the ill-considered hopes of the last two centuries, which have brought us to the brink of nuclear and non-nuclear death, we can propose only a determined guest for the warm hand of God, which we have so rashly and self-confidently spurned."

    Is the fact that on one coast thousands of people had their bodies killed, a physical manifestation of the spiritual warfare for our salvation, coupled with the other coast destroying our souls by erasing thousands of years of Judeo-Christian tradition via trashing the family in promoting homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle to the insane extreme of oxymoronic sodomite marriage as "proposed law" in California, "no big thing" to a God Whose mercy is meaningless without His justice? The gospel according to Obamunist liberal pundits answers, "Of course, it's no big thing. How can you be so stupid?" The Gospel according to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the One, True, Triune God existing from eternity, says our souls are at grave risk of eternal perdition in the fires of hell with the devil and his angels!

Gary L. Morella

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