November 9, 2009
Vol. 20, no. 313

Beware of the Serpent Behind the V

            A reptile can shed its skin, but it cannot shed its predatory nature, especially if it is venomous. Just peel away the surface and you'll see. Thankfully, there are a few brave ones who have. They are, for the most part, Traditional Catholics, and, with Rosary in hand, have formed the Resistance against the slimy 'Visitors' from the netherworld. In a manner of speaking, such is also the scenario of a fictitious account out of Hollywood that contains more truth than many realize. There is an eerie parallel to the very fact that, just over a year ago, America elected a man who totally mesmerized the masses. Without doing the proper security search, they bought the exotic basket and now they seem paralyzed in a trance, unable to do anything until it's too late. Others are beginning to truly see the wicked in the wicket and are now snapping out of their stupor and stepping back, trying to warn others that the fancy basket contains a deadly cobra, a Communist one at that.

    The Introit for today's Mass of the Double of the Second Class Feast of the Dedication of the Archbasilica of Our Savior, which is, of course the Lateran, begins "Terribilis est locus iste". Translated: "Terrible is this place." Of course, in this sense, the word "terrible" is in reference to awe-inspiring, majestic. However that same word has a different connotation today for when we say "terrible" we mean terrible as in tragic. Thus, looking at the situation in the world and our own country, we can truly say "terrible is this place" as a paradox to the original meaning from Genesis 28: 17. I think most would agree we are in a real conundrum.

    Speaking of such, we had used the analogy of a three-ring circus in our last editorial Conciliar Circus in describing the bizarre events and the cast of characters that have ascended from satan's house of mirrors to skewer the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church. Yet, a side show has swelled the big top and to continue to treat the secular ring in the same manner is nigh unto impossible considering there isn't a tent large enough to house the freak show that are the syncretic, sinister and sycophantic serpents that have slithered forth under cover of change and 'hope' into the snarky political jungles of corruption the world over. Just as the pythons are multiplying throughout Florida, giving the gators competition throughout the sunshine state, so also another kind of reptile is slithering roughshod over the soul of man.

    Where does one begin to warn the populace that there are deadly, poisonous reptiles everywhere waiting to strike. From Congress to military bases to jurist benches to ACORN storefronts to bias media to paid protesters trying to trump decent, committed citizens' free speech to SIEU Mafia tactics on orders from the oval office and the plethora of unqualified and unauthorized czars to the greed of lobbyists, there is just too much of a daily surge to keep up. The best advice? Step carefully and carry those Rosary beads, folks, it's crunch time and we're afraid there are going to be quite a few casualties before the real crunch time comes when the serpent of serpents gets his head crushed but good by Our Lady's heel. Until then, well, if it slithers, hisses, or has scales, watch out.

    Through our own failures to be watchful, we have allowed the snake pit to grow larger over the years where today the serpent and his slaves are baring their fangs in anticipation of silencing their prey...if we do not pray! The Saturday night massacre of the people's rights were trampled on by the wicked witch of the west, also known as the Democratic Speaker of the House and her curmudgeons in ramrodding the socialistic Health Care Reform bill through even though the vast majority of Americans are dead set against it. The will of the people means nothing to these corrupt politicians. What occurred near the stroke of midnight was, in many ways, much worse and more criminal than the senseless massacre at Fort Hood two days before that. But then, snakes are expected to be slimy. Yes, that analogy is the perfect description for we have as the perfect example Christ's no-nonsense very politically incorrect words in castigating the Scribes and Pharisees, "Ye serpents, generation of vipers, how will you escape the judgment of hell" (St. Matthew 23: 33). Yes, the creepy reptile is an excellent description of the devil and his minions at work today.

    For those who believe our country is better off than it was fifty years ago, or who think the Church is better today than five decades ago, then they might be interested in that proverbial swampland for sale or oceanfront property in Omaha, Nebraska because they also most probably believe the dollar is still strong and that Christ resides body and blood, soul and divinity in every conciliar tabernacle - if you can find the tabernacle or recognize it! All must realize by now that such thinking is a ridiculous reverie that only conveys the reality that those who do not stand for something, will fall for anything. It's been proven that satan has slithered into the sanctuary and has wrapped its coils around everything sacred, suffocating goodness, decency and integrity, not to mention Catholic truth, by bleeding countless sheep dry of any Catholicus sensus. Sin is rampant everywhere and those of virtue are being isolated.

    Amazing how art imitates life, if you want to call today's television fare "art." Interesting how films and television shows are regurgitated and updated, sacrificing quality, good script writing, and character development on the altar of CGI; all to wow and dumb down the masses. Sound familiar? An example of this is the buzz going around the internet right now about a "new" television series running on ABC on Tuesday evenings called "V", which is based on the mid eighties mini-series of the same name where alien 'Visitors' arrive on massive space ships throughout the major cities of the world, and, through indoctrination and deception, promise hope and world peace when, in truth, they are a reptilian race clothed in human skin beneath scaly iguanas, bent on destroying earthlings by developing an anti-virus in earth people that, when ingested by the 'Visitors', will save the lizard people at the mortal expense of earthlings. It's a warped version of Jack London's 'survival of the fittest' concept meets "Soylent Green" and, yet, today it hits home like it surely did not back in 1983.

    That is because so few remember history. So few remember the French Revolution. So few remember the Bolshevik Revolution. So few remember the ideology of Georg Hegel, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Ming, Idi Amin and the rest of that ilk. Why? Perhaps because we have dropped our guard, because the Church, having been usurped by ideologues of these very men listed, dropped its safeguards and abandoned watch at the Lighthouse of Truth. The beacon waned and many have crashed on the sharp rocks, battering hulls everywhere and causing holy hell. Most who fought for freedom against the Third Reich, Emperor Hirohito and Benito Mussilini have left us. We are several generations of survivors of the era of the Cold War. Appropriately named, since hearts have grown cold and icy as the 'me' generation evolved, demanding rights that were never theirs in the first place.

    Today, November 9th, is the twentieth anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall came down thanks to the valiant persistence of Ronald Reagan, who scared no one except Communists back when America was strong and conservative just two decades ago; whereas today Barack Hussein Obama is the Communists' ideal front man scaring every law-abiding citizen and decent Catholics, several of whom have been arrested for standing for God's Laws and the innocent unborn in this land where free speech should rule, especially on supposedly 'Catholic' campuses and in the halls of Congress. But no! When you have a Communist regime, a police state, those freedoms mean nothing. The leader of the demoncrats lures his prey in with mesmerizing words on the teleprompter without an ounce of sincerity dripping from his saccharine fangs.

    Oh, the parallels of peril with real life and the allegory of "V" are truly eerie for the liberal snake is growing stronger. You get the idea. Can you say Obama is the closest thing we've had to an antichrist since, oh, the list of despots above? Like the Pharisees, the exalted one, whom children are being taught to sing "pleasing in his sight", puts on the facade of caring, but beneath the veneer lurks a bitter beast bristling with venom.

    In the updated television series "V" the leader is an attractive Stepford Wife-type named Anna who masquerades as a friendly savior of all man's woes, smiling a lot and promising the moon, seducing the populace with promises of healing and hope where loyalty to Anna and the 'Visitors' takes on a devotion, if you will. Sound familiar? Anna takes great caution to avoid any criticism or negative vibes from skeptics, doing so by controlling the press to only show the leader and the 'Visitors' in a positive light. All the while she secretly employs gullible human recruits as hosts for her reptilian troops to assume their bodies and then silence the Resisters by isolating them through ridicule and, when that doesn't work, through intimidation and even worse. Sound familiar? The eclectic mix of Resisters include a skeptical conciliar 'priest''Fr.' Jack Landry who desires to delve deeper into why so many are devoted to the 'Visitors'. If only the story would include him delving deeper into discovering what happened at another V: Vatican II.

    Yes, that same scaly 'Visitor' who tormented Adam and Eve has returned with a vengeance over the last century as Pope Leo XIII foretold. Once the Prayer to St. Michael was eliminated, satan had carte blanche and moved right in, making himself most comfortable in the sanctuary as well as having slithered into every home, the latter via satan's own tabernacle: the television. The parallels of this new "V" series are eerie for both involve a devious reptile; one is very real, the other: a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction creation. When they merge, well, let's hope and pray that will somehow scare the bejeebers out of a hypnotic, apathetic public who don't realize that "hope and change" is demonic speak for slavery to the devil, thrusting mankind into the parallels of peril.

    Speaking of the parallels of peril, it might behoove all to study some background on one of the most poisonous of serpents spawned by lucifer. Consider this man's background:

  • He was born in one country, raised in another. He was not the only child of a father, who was born in another country and fathered several children with numerous women. The son became very close to his mother, since his father showed no interest in him. Yet, she died at an early age from cancer. Bitterness penetrated his heart and soul. Later in life, questions arose over his real name and his birth records were sketchy and no one was able to produce a legitimate, reliable birth certificate. Sound familiar?

  • He grew up practicing one faith, but converted to Christianity since it was widely accepted in his country. However, he practiced non-traditional beliefs and did not follow or acknowledge Christian principles except when under the scrutiny of the public. He attended a Catholic school during his childhood. Then, as a young adult, he worked and lived among lower-class people, disguising himself as someone who really cared about them. That, of course, was before he decided to get serious about his life and embarked on a new career with the help of radicals who had influenced him. Sound familiar?

  • He wrote a book about his struggles growing up. It was clear to those who read his memoirs that he had difficulties accepting his father who had abandoned him as a child. To compensate for his bitterness or to feed it, he became active in local politics in his 30's. Then, with help from wealthy, influential like-minded radicals, he literally burst on the scene as a candidate for national office in his 40's. Word soon got around via the propaganda machine that he had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything. Sound familiar?

  • He had a virtually non-existent resume with little work history, and no leadership experience in any field. Yet, as a powerful persuader, citizens were drawn to him as though he were a magnet and when people heard him they had goose bumps and a malleable press gushed with enthusiasm of how he sent chills up their legs. During his public appearances, which bolstered his ego, he drew incredibly large crowds waving signs and cheering. It fed his narcissism. Sound familiar?

  • Once he ventured into politics, coming seemingly from nowhere, he focused on his country's foreign policy and was very critical of the way his country handled its last war. At every opportunity, he bashed his country. Sound familiar?

  • In the midst of an economic crisis, he became the surprise candidate who came out of seemingly nowhere, emerging from outside the traditional path of politics. Despite this, he was able to gain widespread, popular support. What really launched his rise to national prominence were his views on the nation's economy. He pretended to have an airtight solution on how the citizens could do so much better and every poor person would be fed and housed for free. He offered hope and change. He had the kind of charisma that would charm those who felt they were entitled and he became their hero. Sound familiar?

  • He knew it and used his persuasive powers to manipulate them against the free market and capitalism. Thus he set about to alienate the people against the banks and corporations, manipulating the citizens to hate them, sowing envy in them to have antipathy towards certain groups. He had it all planned with class and race baiting, so cleverly concealed at first. He called his plan a "People's Campaign" which sounded so good to so many of the clueless. He knew that if he merely offered the people 'hope' and 'change' the people would go along with his agenda to change his country and the world. Sound familiar?

  • To accomplish this, he recruited a public relations firm to design a logo and post it everywhere - on banners, flyers, ads and armbands t-shirts and headbands. On his acceptance speech he chose to be surrounded by tall Greek columns to standing-room only stadia. He used every trick to make his speeches sound like they were so sincere, dedicated to the downtrodden, poor, ignorant and the 'persecuted minorities', preaching the mantra of 'spreading the wealth.' Though some suspected his true views, for the most part they were not widely known and he made a point to keep them unknown until he became the leader of his country. Sound familiar?

  • He had to tread carefully in guarding reality since anybody could easily have discovered what he really believed if they had just taken the time to read what he had written and if only they had examined those very people whom he associated with: Ideologues, radicals and socialists. Once in power, he was able to skirt the country's constitution and move these same like-minded and dangerous people into his inner circle with powers that no one could have envisioned in throwing the country into a miasma that jeopardized all its citizens like never before. Sound familiar?

  • His ultimate goal? To become the most powerful man in the world no matter how ruthless he could be at the expense of millions.

    Now the world knows the truth.

    This parallels with the scenario on celluloid HD where millions of clueless boob-tubers will be mesmerized by the story of "V". Short of the majority repenting of their sinful ways and penitentially flocking to the traditional chapels everywhere, we can at least hope and pray for a miracle of grace through the most powerful weapon available - the holy Rosary.

    Maybe, just maybe many will finally awake from their somnambulant lethargy and realize the parallel of "V's" allegorical fictitious sci-fi tale to what's really happening each and every day in present, real time; so much so that we are on overload with government trying to control everything we do by the simple ramrodding of laws that are unlawful. We can take solace, as they haul us away, to what St. Robert Bellarmine declared, "Unjust laws are, properly speaking, No laws!" But if they can dictate that 50 million and counting unborn innocents can be slaughtered in the womb without consequence to them (yet!), do you really think a few resisters are going to stop these incompetent snakes from gaining full control of everything you do? Not a chance in hell for that is the manifesto of Communism, Socialism, and Fascism which all lead to anarchy and ruin. The more things change, the more truths are suppressed. The 'Visitors' from another region are here. Despite appearances they are not friendly. Beneath their skin is the truth, reptilian scales that once bore heavenly wings. Beneath the veneer of our hearts lies the truth as well. God knows all. We must all judge men not by the color of their skin, but by the color of their ideology. By any hue Communism is evil as is Modernism. They go hand in hand towards destroying souls just as Fascism and Socialism do.

    Oh, and speaking of Fascism and Socialism, we're sure you know whom we were referring to above in providing the background and traits of a man many consider an antichrist, having sold his soul to the devil for obscene power and a man bitter and full of hate when his own citizens and the world discovered who he really was. Be careful for things are not always as they seem even though they may seem what you think. All must realize how history has a way of repeating itself unless we uncompromisingly stand for the truth no matter what, hold fast to the traditions we have learned, question with boldness, and be fearless in speaking out for Christ and His true Church. For you see the man described above was none other than Adolph Hitler.

    Oh, you didn't know? Now you do. It happened before with one despot that plunged the world into war and it's happening again right before our very eyes. Beware! We've got to grab and subdue the head of the snake until the Mother of God finally crushes his head with her heel as we know will happen from Genesis 3: 15. Right now the only way to hasten that glorious day is by using the most powerful weapon we all have in our arsenal: the holy Rosary (yes, it bears repeating) and put on the armor of God as St. Paul urges us in Ephesians 6: 11.

    A word to the wise is sufficient and a letter says it all for the letter 'V' is open at the top, but closed at the bottom. It is the inverted Alpha, a pyramidic symbol of the Holy Trinity. Of course, it makes sense for satan apes God and many consider the letter 'V' an occult sign of the devil. Note the pentagram and Masonic symbol. Therefore, take great care in not being trapped within the 'V' for you never know when the serpent will reveal itself - and it will, that you can be assured of. Remember, if it is not of God it will fall. Guaranteed. When the collapse does come, then it could be too late to get the point for the boundaries will dissolve and separate, and no gravity, only grace can keep souls from plunging into the depths of gehenna. Many falsely consider the 'V' a sign for victory. So does satan. The real sign for victory is the Cross. Remember that always and always beware of the serpent behind the V.

Michael Cain, editor

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Catholic PewPOINT
November 9, 2009,
Volume 20, no. 313