May 15, 2009
vol 20, no. 135

Truth is stranger than fiction
    With every passing day we are heading closer to George Orwell's "1984" and "Animal Farm" and Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson's "Lord of the World" because Modernists now rule in striving to form a One World Religion. It is inevitable that Catholicism, as the world knows it, will be relegated to just "one of the boys" as will America in a One World Order where our country will become North America incorporating Canada and Mexico into one nifty NAFTA nest utilizing a new currency called the Amero that will equate with the Euro. Society as we know it is a thing of the past. We have earned this exile and punishment because of our sins, because we did not stand with Christ but gave way to the angry mob. Why? Because we did not take the time to fully know our Faith!

    On this Ides of May we return with an editorial after several months of silence while so many events have taken place that only prove our point without a shadow of a doubt. This column could be called 'odds and ends' because what is happening in the world today is not only odd, but also leading to an end - the endtimes! A cataclysmic catastrophe on the countdown clock. Why do we say that? Because Jesus Christ said it in St. Matthew 24 and because His Immaculate Mother Mary has been dispatched over the past few centuries to warn us. And what have we done about it? Ah, there's the rub.

    History is defined as causes and effects. The Blessed Mother illustrated this in her messages 92 years ago at Fatima when she exhorted all to pray the Rosary, to make reparation and do penance in adhering to what her divine Son handed down. She clearly warned that if we did not comply with God's holy Will, Russia's errors would spread. And boy have they!

    Why Russia in 1917? Because the Bolshevik Revolution was in full force and most had no clue what Heaven knew. The seeds of this revolution were sown when lucifer first said "non serviam" and took more vicious form when dissention reared its ugly head first with "Crucify Him!" then Arianism, then Islamism, then Protestantism, then Communism, then Modernism, and again all playing into Communism just as the devil desires.

    This morning I tuned into the Rick Roberts' Show, a nationally syndicated right-wing host headquartered here in San Diego to hear Dr. Alan Keyes speak about his agenda at Notre Dame in protesting Resident Barack Hussein Obama's appearance and reception of an honorary degree. Talk about an oxymoron. "Honorary?" There is nothing honorary about Obama nor is there anything honorary, surely not Catholic about Notre Dame today. Indeed, it will forever be known as Notre Shame Unidiversity and no, that's not a typo.

    The hypocrisy of the mainstream media, aka Pravda West, is astounding. They trump the fact we have a "black president" but the best man didn't win. No, I'm surely not talking about John McCain because the only significant difference between the Democratic candidate and the Republican was that the latter is white. I'm referring to Dr. Keyes, who ran unsuccessfully in the presidential primaries several times. Each time he wasn't even given the time of day by the liberal wags controlling the airwaves and printing presses. So much for the ruse of fairness and equality in ballyhooing color and race. It has nothing to do with race, but ideology.

    If anything, Keyes should abandon the Republican Party for it has abandoned him and everyone else. This was evident when it threw him in at the last moment to oppose the upstart Chicago community organizer making waves in the senatorial election in Illinois. Alan didn't even have a running start. Underfinanced and virtually ignored by George W. Bush and his administration, Keyes was left to swing, another victim in the long trail of blood and money left behind by the Obama posse, aka Chicago Political Machine.

    One of the problems why Keyes has not been successful in his bids for office is because, in truth, he is not a politician. He is a statesman. Politicians play both sides, take bribes under the table, speak with forked tongue and have principles as solid as a wet Kleenex. Statesmen, true statesmen, like Keyes, live the principles of their Principal: Jesus Christ as King of all. You see, the problem, even though Keyes touts the Constitution which is also flawed because it is not based on Catholic truth but on a syncretic screed, is that democracy and monarchy cannot coexist. Another problem is that Keyes still counts on the conciliar church to right the wrongs and that will never happen.

    If Arizona State University didn't see fit to award an honorary degree to Obama this past Wednesday night because he hadn't achieved the honor, what, in God's name, is Notre Dame thinking? Why would they? Ah, one thing Keyes did not bring up this morning is that, despite the uproar from alumni and benefactors who have promised to withhold up to 14 million in donations and counting, (you know, no doctrine, no dollars!) Notre Dame or should we say Notre Shame will not withdraw its invitation to Obama because the Board of Trustees are beholden to Barack, several of the Board are colleagues of Hussein in the corrupt Chicago political machine. It's payback, folks, at the expense of Catholic truth. In addition, the compromised president of the Unidiversity of Notre Shame [sic and sick] 'Fr.' John Jenkins is on the Board of Directors of the Millennium Promise Project which funds contraceptives and promotes abortion.

    Keyes and Randall Terry and Judie Brown of ALL and a vast majority are looking to the conciliar 'bishops' to stop this scandal that Notre Shame has created, but therein again lies the rub for were these charlatans in episcopal robes truly Catholic and committed, they would long ago have condemned not only Obama for his murderous pro-abort record, but excommunicated every last politician who was in any way complicit in promoting the killing of innocent children in the womb. That is murder; over 50 million have been slaughtered in what should be the safest place in the world - the mother's womb.

    Roe vs. Wade would never have gotten off the ground had true Bishops been vigilant in protecting their flocks. We know that didn't happen because they weren't true. Speaking of true, in third world countries the killing of the young is called infanticide. The conciliar bishops are all guilty of that and America has blood on its hands, having slaughtered more than all the casualties of war since the beginning of time! Canon Law has long commanded the excommunication of anyone promoting abortion by omission or commission and it is a fact that they have excommunicated themselves (latae sententiae) by their actions. Ergo, corrupt politicians like Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, to name but a few, and the rest who call themselves 'Catholic' are no longer Catholic, but apostates as are the 'bishops' who have done nothing. The latter are neither hot nor cold, but rather lukewarm and destined, as the Book of Apocalypse 3: 16 asserts, to be vomited out of the Lord's mouth. St. Paul also addresses this in Galatians 1: 8-10 about anathema and those seeking to please man rather than God are not servants of Christ. But then if Homeland Gestapo head Janet Napolitano and her storm trooping cohorts have their way, the bible will soon become irrelevant. Truly, we are nearing the endtimes as Christ forewarned in St. Matthew, chapter 24.

    Why, you might ask are the conciliar 'bishops' so lukewarm? Ah, there again is another rub. A dangerous and very serious rub and the very core of the problems we have today. It began with the greatest revolution in the history of mankind. It was the Second Vatican Council. It is documented that Karl Marx et alii, including Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin all realized that the only obstacle to world domination was the Church. Therefore they needed to infiltrate and take over, and that they have, so sadly, accomplished.

    They used a man sympathetic to Communism in Angelo Roncalli who had been censored by Pope Pius XII, a fierce opponent of Communism. But, in the coup that followed in the Conclave of 1958, Roncalli became John XXIII and opened wide the doors to man and the world with his manifesto, cleverly disguised as "Aggiornamento." All those the Church had censored and censured, all who had been exiled were welcomed back with open arms and these foxes put in charge of the henhouses, not only in the Vatican but in the chanceries and dioceses, and eventually down to the parish levels where families were affected.

    As a matter of review, how many are aware that in the Pact of Metz outside of Paris just before the commencement of the Vatican II Council in 1962, John XXIII authorized a deal with Nikodim of the Soviets that the Church would no longer oppose Communism? It's true. With that pact, 18 million 'dissenters' behind the Iron Curtain were slaughtered, three times the number of the Holocaust. The press and Abe Foxman's corrupt Anti-Defamation League never mentions that! They don't dare. It wasn't brought up at Yad Vashim in Jerusalem this week. What was brought up will be addressed shortly after we have finished with the sophistry out of South Bend.

    While Operation Rescue founder Terry has been at the forefront of the fruitless crusade to convince the 'bishops' to get tough on abortion, the fact he's secured over seventy signatures of these ordinaries is mere window dressing, a case of too little too late. Were they true shepherds of Christ, they would have long ago put an end to the infanticide and they could have. By influencing the populace with disciplinary clout, they would have sent a clear message that no pro-abort politician could ever be elected to any office! Believe me it would have worked because it did in the past. Remember the influence she wielded with the Legion of Decency? Hollywood was kept in check. Yet, that was when the Church was Catholic. Oh, she still is, but she is not the same entity as the counterfeit church of conciliarism. No, she is the one that has been relegated to the catacombs, clinging to the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church with no compromises with the world. A rare find, we know, but alive and kicking in traditional chapels everywhere where the Latin Mass of Tradition - the Apostolic Mass of All Ages is celebrated.

    That, dear friends, is the ONLY place you'll find truth, the only place you'll find the true Sacraments, unsullied and full of graces. Nowhere else! Period! Alan Keyes and others will learn this eventually, but think of the time he's wasted putting trust in a fraud institution that daily grows further from Catholic truth. We will be praying with him and the others in spirit against Obama and for Obama and his ilk for they are all children of God and we must express Christian love out of love for God. We will be praying that American 'Catholics' will realize they are stuck in a dead-end cul-de-sac and get out of that quagmire as soon as possible. Come back to the true Faith and realize man's way is not God's way. We have learned from experience that it does no good for the hens to plead to the foxes for it only alerts the appetites of the carniverous cads to feather their own dens, so sated are their agendas to destroy while doing anything they can to preserve their own prestige before man. Perhaps Keyes and many others will realize this and accept the grace to see and flee the counterfeit institution when they are thrown into jail along with many of us Traditional Catholics when that day comes that Obama's Peter-principle Napoleon from Arizona Napolitano has her way in targeting the "new terrorists" and trying to silence them. Yes, prison may await many of us, but what a wonderful opportunity to witness to the Truth, of following in the footsteps of St. Paul to convert souls.

    Ah, converting souls? That is something foreign to one Benedict XVI as it has been for his conciliar predecessors. There is so much more we can say on this, but suffice it to say that this is but the tip of the iceberg for Roncalli and the man who followed him as Paul VI, that very same Giovanni Montini who practiced and secretly encouraged the perversion of homosexuality, allowed not only a relaxation of all the disciplines of the Church, but also let Liberation Theology foment, allowing it to spread without keeping it in check. Those were the seeds of revolution in South America and why several clerics ended up as leaders in the rebellion and why today most of South America is Communist. Atila Sinke Guimaraes and Toby Westerman have documented much of this at What happened in our southern hemisphere, is now happening in our northern hemisphere and the Modernist Church is playing right into the Marxists' hands. And why not, for Karol Wojtyla was a Communist spy in Poland as were many of his cohorts of the cloth. Wojtyla was the man who became John Paul II, loved by the world, but a traitor to the Church founded by Christ. Proof of all this is documented. It is not a crackpot conspiracy but a fact that becomes more and more evident each and every day.

    Wojtyla's successor, Joseph Ratzinger was one of the architects of Vatican II and was the man in charge under JP2 during the sex scandal in the 90's when he oversaw the destruction of the priesthood in the seminaries by allowing, and encouraging, at the detriment of straight seminarians, a tremendous influx of homosexuals. Ratzinger is , of course, today Benedict XVI, the very same one who this week finished his ballyhooed Mideast Apology Apostasy Tour. I strongly recommend reading Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's essay today Keep Focused on Root Causes

    We call it the "Apology Apostasy Tour" for a reason. Did we say apostasy? Ah, yes. That was made abundantly clear just in case the "resist and recognizers" still have their proverbial heads in the sand. In true Hegelianspeak ol' Ratz spoke out of both sides of his mouth by saying he has deep respect for the Islam faith (manifest heresy that makes him an undeniable apostate) and blatantly observed Muslim prayer rules in the Dome of the Rock, recognizing a false religion and even to removing his red shoes in a syncretic scandal and sacrilege. Oh, but he wasn't done. Oh, no. He then scurried over to the Jewish side of town, bowing to the Wailing Wall while kowtowing to the Jews, who outed him as the comfort zone Nazi he was in going along to get along while many in his own area resisted the Gestapo tactics in the early 40's, despite the dumb denials of the idiot wrapped in a moron Lombardi. That buffoon, who serves as the 'Vatican spokesman', is so out of touch with reality that it's tragic but hilarious to see how inept those are who Ratzinger has picked. Ah, yes. Ratzinger apologized for what the Church did or didn't do, which he had no right to do for it was not the "church" but those within the Church. Remember when ol JP2 pulled the same apology act in Lent in the 90's trying to blame the Crusades and Inquisition on the Church. What gall, what chutzpah. And speaking of chutzpah, Benedict had the audacity to announce that Catholics will no longer attempt to convert Jews and that it is perfectly fine for them to continue to wait for their Messiah (another heresy that denies the First Commandment and that Christ was the Son of God!) Had enough yet, folks? Well, get this. He then angers the Jews by sympathizing with the Palestinians. Talk about juggling for political expediency. But all can see through his transparency and when Benedict wants to talk, they'll gladly sit down because they know he'll fold. He's no poker player, just a shrewd apostate. Before heading back to Rome, he met with with Jerusalem chief Rabbi Yona Metzger for a photo shoot where the latter announced that they should create a ONE WORLD RELIGION! Ratzinger was all smiles! It's in the news, folks! It's manifested to the whole world. It's pure sophistry! It's pure syncretism! It's pure blasphemy! It's utter Apostasy! The Church has decreed infallibly that if anyone, be he lay, cleric or even the sovereign pontiff be a manifest heretic they are excommunicated. Pope Paul IV made that crystal clear in Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio

    Excommunication means one is no longer Catholic, but an apostate. A pope must be a Catholic. Ergo, Ratzinger cannot be pope! But again, that's just the tip of the iceberg because we have not had a true pope since Pope Pius XII and that is why the Jews malign this good man so viciously. Remember what Canon Law has long ruled about self excommunication? Well John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have all excommunicated themselves (latae sententiae) and abdicated the Throne of Peter. They are all antipopes.

    The Church protects herself with such an infallible Papal Bull as Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio" with the wording "whatever has been decreed, whoever has been appointed, are all null and void." So also, the Constitution of the United States should also serve as a safeguard for preserving the integrity of the country. We say that because there is a corollary to what is going on today in America. As much as the left would like the question of Obama's citizenship to go away, the consequences are that if it can be proven that he was not an American citizen at birth, the Constitution makes his presidency null and void and all his appointments and laws, etc. are also null and void. (Oh, we can only hope that is true!) So also in the Church, all appointments, decrees, councils, etc. since 1958 are null and void. This means, and this is also documented, that 90% of the Catholic hierarchy today are frauds. They are not validly ordained priests, not validly consecrated bishops. In fact, Ratzinger, though a priest, is not a true bishop. But that's another story.

    The fact is that we are being thrust into the midst of the scenario of George Orwell's "1984", not to mention "Animal Farm" and are about to live the prophetic circumstances of "Lord of the World" in which Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson chronicles life when the Church is compromised and Socialism becomes the order of the day. All hail the new leader. All hail Obama! What happened in the Church in the sixties was the beginning of the end; what is happening in America today is going to be the end of all we hold near and dear. You might call it, even for the just, just reward for turning away from God. Truth is being suppressed in a topsy-turvy world where evil is good and virtue is considered evil and must be shunned, persecuted and prosecuted. Truly, We are living in an era when truth is stranger than fiction.

Michael Cain, editor

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