Octave Day of Corpus Christi
June 18, 2009
vol 20, no. 169

Our Treasured Turf of Freedom

    With our country turning toward Marxism faster than you can say 'Groucho', it's time to get involved now or forever rue having any peace of mind, body, or even the soul. For that is what is at stake. Through a fast-growing grassroots movement, called the Honor In Office Act, we can turn a stifled garden into goodness for and by the people by weeding out dishonest politicians and special interest groups whose shell games, sneak attacks and hidden agendas have slithered through and become law, many times unjust ones at that, without our knowledge. This is tyranny, and we have but one last-gap effort to save our checks and balance system which is tilting so badly to the left right now. They are OUR representatives. They WORK FOR US. It's time we have some clout to hold them to account in returning decency and God to the equation.

    In case you hadn't noticed, we are losing a friend who goes by the name of Freedom. With every passing day the stanchions of the state are being usurped by the termites of terror, an enemy within whose mask is manifested by the incompetence and misdirection at the Federal level.

    We lost another friend last week. This was a real person in the flesh. We didn't know her as well as we would have liked. She had close ties to San Diego but spent most of her later years in Spokane at Mt. St. Michael's. Few realized she suffered for 30 years with cancer. To talk with her, to see her in action, you would never know it. Perhaps that was because she was secure in her faith, secure in her freedom to do God's holy Will.

    Flo DeEsso passed away peacefully on the transferred feast of the Queenship of Mary last Monday. Her Requiem was held last Friday at the Mount and she was laid to rest in the fertile soil of a plot at the Mount's cemetery, tended to so lovingly by Tom Drahman for so many years.

    And speaking of tending so lovingly to something, Flo was the Michelangelo of the beautiful, majestic Grotto that graces the grounds overlooking the city of Spokane. Anyone who saw this masterpiece would attest that the roses she harvested rival any you have ever seen. Constantly you'd see her car parked above on the road, unmistakable with the OB seagull decal on the back window. It was unoccupied for she spent much of her time down at the Grotto, literally on her knees, praying and digging in the garden, eradicating every weed that could sprout near her precious roses. It was an array of bouquets for Our Lady that defied description, other then to say that she used her God-given gift of a green thumb to perfection.

    It brings up an interesting question. What are we doing with our God-given gifts? Like Flo, we all have something special we can contribute for the good of mankind, for the welfare of souls. Maybe we need to dig a little and find what that gift is, how we can best apply it for God's purpose.

    Like the rose, every person begins as a tiny seed, then a small sprout, growing in stature and beauty, unique and different from everyone else. There is no need to wish to be someone else. No need to envy others. God has provided in each of us a bud that blossoms in His time as He so wills. Yes we have our thorns, it's part of our fallen human nature. Yet, we have a beauty inside and out reflected in the gentle, fragile petals that compose the countenance of one rose, different from all others. Many colors, still a rose. So also man can be many colors, still a soul.

    And souls are our business, as it were. That is the mission of The DailyCatholic. Has been from the beginning. That is why the rose is an excellent example. As beautiful as it can be, it doesn't last. It wilts just as our bodies do. No matter how much we try to artificially sustain life, the process takes its course. Always has, always will. The timeline of a rose is quite short. So also our time on this earth. What we do with that time will dictate whether we bloom forever in the radiant effulgence of the Beatific Vision or be tossed into the eternal fire.

    Thus, as Catholics understand, the goal for each and everyone of us is salvation of the soul. This is attained by remaining in a state of Sanctifying Grace, only possible through the true Sacraments of the Church as designed and deigned by God. On this earth, one of our temporal goals in union with the Divine Will, is to work toward establishing the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ in which all leaders willingly submit to Him as the Second Person of the Triune Divinity and rule according to the Divine precepts He passed down. That is the ideal we should all strive toward.

    However, there is also the reality of what we have. Just as Rome was not built in a day, so also, barring a phenomenal miracle from Heaven, conversion to the true Faith will not happen over night. Rather, it's one person at a time, or as we like to say, one soul at a time.

    As bad as things get in our own country, and they are getting mighty bad, mighty fast, if we are a citizen of a country we must be loyal to that country in all things moral and right. Therefore, even though we realize the purest form of government is a Monarchy with Christ as our Sovereign King, we must work within the system afforded us. In such cooperation we must also be concerned then with temporal things as they apply to what God intended.

    The United States is a republic, the next best form of government after a sovereign Monarchy under a wise and holy ruler. Such a system as a republic in a perfect world, as it were, would work quite well as it relatively had until the early 1900's. Surprise, what was infiltrating our political system was also infesting the Church. The devil's been busy as Pope Leo XIII warned.

    Despite the fact that the Constitution of the United States is really based on religious indifference, the Laodician Church, so to speak, of which the Lord warned what He would do to the lukewarm in Apocalypse 3: 16, we must work with what we have. That is to say, we cannot subscribe to the heresy of Americanism, but still we should strive to apply our Christian principles to the political system as best we can.

    With that in mind, we are reminded of Christ's charge in the Gospels of St. Matthew 22: 21, St. Mark 12: 17 and St. Luke 20: 25, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's: and to God the things that are God's."

    The government of His time was a pagan one, and yet the Son of God counseled cooperation. Therefore, how can we cooperate?

    That is a loaded question in these times, especially over the last six months with the velocity of the Trojan Horse that is Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero in dismantling our beloved land with such smooth, salaciously unsagacious prestidigitation. Like fatted and sotted Greeks we have opened wide the gates and given him free reign to pillage and plunder our Bill of Rights, our coffers.

    It seems not to matter to the liberal mainstream media if what is being done at breakneck speed is illegal, unethical and, yes, treasonous. If there is no one in the forest to record the tree falling, it won't be audible or visible. That is what the propaganda wags are counting on with their deliberate deception and cover-up. They are no longer objective journalists but subjective panderers and patronizers, licking the feet of their master even while their own liberties are jeopardized. Sadly these lemmings are so driven by their idealistic agenda that they can't see the forest through the trees.

    The say from tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow, but it is ACORN which is poisoning the roots of the sturdy trees, causing them to wither and die, many falling with a thud. When those trees fall, many in the fourth estate may not even feel it nor the environmental whackos under them who were undoubtedly hugging the arbor at timber time.

    As for the rest, does the boiled frog syndrome come to mind? What happened in the Church over four decades ago is exactly what is happening to America today. Heresy comes in all flavors, religious and secular. And the minister of menace from Kenya is a true apostate. We've seen this happen before. Great civilizations crumbled because they caved to the perverse lifestyle that we see pushed on us today. Do your research. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Did civilization learn? Evidently not.

    Babylon met its match through corruption. The great Grecian Empire was rendered impotent by licentiousness and perversion. Was the lesson learned? We need only to look at the Roman Empire to see its fall was caused by sloth and the lugubrious loss of morals that begot shameless sodomy. The magnificent Mayan Empire in the New World was laid low by a loss of decency and justice.

    And today, we can see the symptoms so clearly as history repeats itself. Rome had its Nero and Caligula, America has Obama.

    So, outside of prayer, what is the answer?

    It would seem the best course is to begin at the local level and rally the troops to hold our local politicians and state representatives to task. Make it more difficult for them to get away with what they have been getting away with for far too long.

    Short of locking them all up, what course can we take?

    The Tea Parties are a way of bringing home our disatisfaction, expressing outrage over the corruption in our three branches while blowing off some steam in a peaceable manner.

    Here in California, where we are this close to bankruptcy thanks to runaway spending and union demands, the far left manifesto of Sacramento being foisted on the faithful citizenry is to force sin on our children by preaching the glories of homosexuality. It prompts every decent Golden Stater to rally behind movements that will reinforce Christian family values. There are many laudable organizations that have weighed in, but only one that has proposed legislation that would hold our representatives accountable as well as separating the wheat from the chaff.

    In the thrashing of the weeds, there is a grassroots movement organized by Jerrol LeBaron that offers the best solution possible and which is doable in mowing the legal lawn.

    It is called the Honor in Office Act and it cuts through the clutter to lay out a landscaped plan that will return integrity and honesty to the political system. It is a vehicle for honest legislators to do their job as they were entrusted to do. All this Act asks is that those we elect do their job by reading and knowing what they are voting on. Is that asking too much?

    This grassroots movement if enacted will drastically cut down on frivolous and dangerous bills being passed. By forcing every legislator to read the entireity of what they are voting on, it will shorten measures and bills, because after all if they have to read it, they're going to cut to the quick as fast as they can.

    And cutting to the quick is what the Honor in Office Act will do. It will eliminate most special interest groups and cut costs sufficiently. Frivolous and dangerous laws will have a much harder time seeing the light of day because common sense will rule the roost. Special interest lobbyists will be curtailed because the citizenry is watching. Backrooms will be barred. This will enable those we elect as representatives to represent us as they should. They work for us. That is the crux of the bi-partisan Honor in Office Act. Be responsible or be removed.

    You've heard of Weed-B-Gone? Well, it is time to apply "Gang Green" and weed out dishonest, corrupt politicians.

    No, that does not have anything to do with gangrene, though the trauma of what is happening could cause such if we do not take the proper measures of precaution. And, no "Gang Green" has nothing to do with the eco-maniacal way the pie-in-the-sky idealistic liberals are pushing America towards socialism (or any other ism, you insert here), with hybrid-this and wind-powered that, all forced on us by the marionette czars and their puppets of the stand-for-less campaigns that weaken the backbone of our resolve by relying on those who epitomize the Peter Principle.

    Rather, when I say "Gang Green," I refer to the fact that we gang up together on saving our hard earned dollars and not stand for being taxed if we have no representation.

    By "Gang Green" I refer to the healthy and verdant sedge, as in powering up the pasture of this grassroots movement to return to California, and eventually America as a whole, the honor and honesty necessary in carrying out our God-given duty to uphold "the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as the sine quo non of every citizen from the womb to the tomb.

    Honesty and honor are virtues bestowed on us by the good God above and to this point our leaders have gravely betrayed us. Just as the chosen people of the Old Testament veered from the divine Will and paid for it dearly, so also today, we, as a nation, have veered from the Divine design.

    We have done it to ourselves. Now, how do we extract ourselves from the morass and malaise of the mercenaries we have become in our maddening mania for instant gratification? It is not through bailouts and handouts. Freedom was never won by the slaves. For them, yes, but never by them. Motivation is the means and that means now!

    It is not capitalism which is the culprit, but an iconoclastic greed and envy of what capitalism has produced and the reaction of the slackers to think they are so entitled when they have not been willing to put their shoulder to the plough.

    Yet today's politicians expect to feed from the trough, fattening their pusillanimous pork bellies on the gristle of lobbyists and quid pro quo's that the voters never see, but which drains the coffers. By their careless carelessness, they have infected and polluted others, poisoning and pillorying politics, properties, parlors, pulpits, priories, parsonages, patrimonies, packing plants, physicians, productions, Plymouths, palimonies, and any partridges still in the pear tree.

    By so doing such, the politicians paralyze the people into a state of pandiculation, putridly pouting why they should be proponents of the Potemkin village of pampered proletariat and peculate from those who depend on those who are the paladins of peccadilloes.

    This entire cabal is a volte-face to what America should be, what she stands for. Fiduciary fungus has slithered into her veins through the malfeasance of the talismen of taboos and created a plethora of pertinacious pandemonium, pestiferous in its legerdemain.

    To the querelous there is no quotient to the qualitative. We must stop it in its tracks. Now! We must raise the Navy Jack "Don't tread on me!" and shove it in front of the offenders' faces to let them know we've had enough. We need to tell them they've offended us for the last time. The saddest part is if they've offended God for the last time, they're in big trouble. He will not be mocked.

    What we need on the political scene are several Jefferson Smiths from that 1939 Oscar winning Frank Capra classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington to restore sanity to the Senates and Houses, not only in California, but every state and especially Washington D.C. Jimmy Stewart may be gone, but his no-nonsense innocence and spirit live on. Jerrol's concept of the Honor in Office Act can nourish that attitude and prune the bushes for the right caliber of candidates who emulate the ideals and beliefs we once held so sacred.

    We need to restore the checks and balances that have been thrown off kilter, weighed down by partisan politics and polemics that leave a pungent path toward chaos. The Honor in Office Act will restore sensibility and sanity to the system.

    We can neither sustain nor permit a laissez-faire approach as the gullible sink into the gloaming with the darkness fast engulfing common sense and survival. Their schadenfreude is the sentiment that comprises the sediment of the paranoid. We must shovel over the sepulchres of socialism before they forever haunt our offspring.

    How? How do we metastasize this cancerous tumor that is growing out of control, threatening to choke the very foundation of freedom?

    Dig to the grassroots and there Jerrol has found the prescription for the cure. Use the anti-venom called "Gang Green" to resuscitate the healthy tissues of America's heart and soul. Keep watering the grass roots until the body is strong enough, refreshed and ripe enough to seek out those who are not only honorable and honest, but have been tried in the fire. Then, having our favorite sons ready, rise up and as one, bellow forth from sea to shining sea the mantra of Howard Beale. "I'm mad as hell, and I won't take it any longer!"

    Remember, righteous anger can be right when it's aimed at those who offend God and for a right cause. After all, we only have so many cheeks to turn, before we retaliate for a cause blessed by God for this is truly something for Caesar that we must render to Caesar to prevent too many Caesars from fabricating a forum through philandering, usury and falacious posturing.

    "Gang Green" will return honor and honesty to the hues of the red, white and blue. We are Americans first. We are not citizens of the world or the New World Order. Restore America first. It begins with putting integrity and honor back into politics. It takes each one of us to do our part. Will you be accountable in holding our elected officials accountable?

    Some fifty years ago, while learning to type on an old Underwood, I repeatedly hammered down on those spindly keys the time honored phrase that now we must all put into action: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

    What better way than getting involved in this grassroots movement where we can all help? What better way to pool our God-given gifts and work together through HonorInOffice.org to weed out the garden of noxious and invasive political plants that choke out decency and transparency? Isn't it time to bring back integrity and honor to politics?

    That's what the Honor in Office Act can do.

    You can be part of this by digging into the soil of solutions and encouraging others to join you in getting down and dirty for working to put clean politicians in office. It won't be easy, the invading perennials won't go gently into the night. We need to pull them out by the roots. We can take heart in remembering what Flo DeEsso accomplished for so many years in crafting such a beautiful array of roses for the grotto, all for the honor and glory of God as a gift to Our Lady of Lourdes.

    With all the thorns out there, by applying "Gang Green" we can nourish those special 'roses', and preserve them for office so that they might radiate their God-given gifts for the good of mankind in returning integrity and honesty to the political system. If done with good will, many hearts will begin to blossom, and souls will radiate the beauty of God's creation from sea to shining sea.

    I encourage you to check out Honor In Office and see how, during our time on this fleeting earth, we can all help manicure our treasured turf of freedom.

Michael Cain, editor

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