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July 3, 2009
vol 20, no. 184

Shame on You, TIA

"By their fruits you shall know them"
(St. Matthew 7: 16)

Patricia Beck

    We publish here a letter originally sent to Tradition in Action regarding their slur of sedevacantists (June 16) and which the editor of The DailyCatholic took to task in his editorial of June 29, "A Question No One Has Yet to Answer." We discovered from the writer of the following letter that it had been sent to TIA well before our editorial was released and yet, despite TIA's claim that they print opposing views in their "What People Are Commenting" section, they show a tendency to assimilate with the mainstream media in being most selective of what they posit as opposition, effectively silencing any stable, reasonable responses such as Patricia Beck's and, when posting opposing views, use extreme examples which, by such association, castigates the entire group of sedevacantists. It's a clever trick of biased and, yes, dishonest journalism. Patricia's letter illustrates that she, like thousands of Traditional Catholics, is not the "progressive, proud, protestant" TIA depicted sedevacantists as being, but rather a solid, sincere Catholic who follows all holy Mother Church has taught and strives for holiness by attending Masses that are totally free of conciliar corruption. She wonders why, with all Atila and Marian have written confirming this corruption, why they remain so stubborn and vindictive against those who follow the precepts of the Vatican Council (the only legitimate Council also known as Vatican I) reinforcing the fact that, as the Mystical Bride of Christ, She cannot teach error. Why, one wonders, did not TIA publish her letter? Could it be because they have no answer but to admit she's right?

    I had to respond to your response to A.R., from Ireland, regarding the question he asked you about the non-Christian prayer of the Pope. You see this present crisis as the second passion of Our Lord. You say NEVER take a sedevacantist position. I would like to ask you a few questions.

    There are many people who go under the "overcoat" of sedevacantism, and some are very extreme. Some are such extremists that you wonder what they really represent, and to place all people under a "heading" of these kinds of sedevacantists, lumping all together as bad or wacky, is totally erroneous.

    I am a mother, wife, and grandmother who is "pushing" 70 years old. I received my sacraments according to Holy Mother Church's sacraments prior to Vatican II, even marrying in the old rite. I have had to battle the hierarchy, starting with our first child's First Holy Communion back in the 1970's. I was told by the bishop of Syracuse, NY, when I protested the proposed dancing around the altar by the First Communicants, that he wanted to put people like me on a train and ship us out of town. Nice shepherd, eh?

    We finally resorted to my husband's uncle, a priest who was ordained in 1930 at the North American College in Rome, to do our second daughter's First Communion in our home, with other children participating. It was beautiful and the children were invested in the Brown Scapular as well. We were greatly troubled by what was growing in momentum - lack of faith. Our children attended the Catholic School in DeWitt, NY, and received very little that could be called religious instruction. We supplemented their religious education ourselves, with the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism and we even took them to Catholics United for the Faith catechism classes after Sunday Masses. Nothing got better, it just kept accelerating into "Protestantism".

    We moved away from Syracuse, NY, and a dear friend of ours, an elderly Discalced Carmelite Nun, told us that Our Lady was sending us to a safer place for our immortal souls. We continued to attend the Novus Ordo services that became "assemblies" with the priest being afraid to control the people, who requested to be co-consecrators with the priest!

    Twenty years of "going along to get along" came to an end when we found the Indult Mass at the Cathedral in our state after a pilgrimage to Italy, and we went there until we found out that the "hosts" were consecrated at the N.O. Mass. The rector of the Cathedral, when I asked if we could be allowed the 5 First Saturdays (no more/no less), to fulfill the request of the Mother of God, he told me that he had a file on "you Traditionalists".

    We went on a Latin Mass Pilgrimage to Rome and other holy places in Italy in 1996 and 1997, and realized that what we were receiving in the N.O. was false. We had general absolutions, homosexual "priests" and "Cumbaya" meetings at our regular "masses"! Our Lady had to have guided us on that first pilgrimage, because we went to Padre Pio's monasteries, Miracle at Lanciano, Mont St. Michael, Fossanova where St. Thomas Aquinas died, Monte Casino, and many other places. It was life-changing, and Our Lady was directing us to a better place to be - and that was our first introduction to the Indult Mass, where we went for many years, not realizing that the "Vatican" was giving us "crumbs" to keep us quiet, when we should have been given true living Bread - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, True King!

    There was an elderly priest who was given a celebret to say the Indult Mass at the Cathedral, on occasion at first, who told us, that when he heard confessions in the Cathedral confessional prior to the Indult Mass, when he was permitted to say that Indult, he glanced at the absolution formula that was taped to the priest's side of the privacy screen, and that it was an invalidly worded formula! So - what did that do to all the confessions we had made?? We then asked the elderly priest if we could go to the 1962 Latin Mass in his private chapel in his home, and he agreed; so for 4 years, we attended a valid Mass with validly consecrated hosts, and we had valid absolutions for our confessions.

    After a few years, it was no longer possible to go to the private chapel for Masses, and we were told that the CMRI was coming to a local town near us and saying the Tridentine Mass, not the Indult. We had been warned by the fellow-indultarians to stay away from them because they were "sedevacantists" and we would become schismatic.

    We decided to try going to one of the Masses, and let me tell you -- they never spoke of anything but the gospel and gave such catechism lessons for sermons that were overwhelmingly wonderful. We were re-learning our Faith - after all those years of auto-destruction!

    We have been attending the CMRI Mass for the past three years, and our Faith has blossomed. As more people begin to hear about that Mass, they come!! The CMRI priests are not arrogant and to say they show no concern for the suffering Church is the biggest insult and lie you can pose on your website! How dare you disparage these holy, valid priests!

    Have you ever been to one of their Masses?

    Have you ever heard them preach a sermon?

    Do you listen to hearsay, such as was blasted in our ears by our local Indultarians?

    We have been receiving the true unadulterated sacraments, and I could go on and on and relate all the special favors we all have been granted by their presence! The number of people who regained their health after receiving Extreme Unction has been astonishing! Some have died, but they died in the arms of Holy Mother Church! We have had converts to the Faith, and many large young families (8, 10 & 11 children!) who home school have found our Mass.

    We do not have to go through the "badminton" games like the people who go to the diocesan "Motu" do - their Masses are cancelled, eliminated, etc. Our Lady has given us such inspired priests who teach us what Christ taught. I am an educated woman, and my husband is an educated man, and we have doctors and professionals who come to our Masses. We have been inspired to be good Catholics - charitable and honorable.

    For you to malign and disparage sedevacantists puts you in the category that you have tried to place them. Again, shame on you!

    My husband had two uncles who were priests - God rest their souls. They were overwhelmed with the changes in the Church, and helped us with learning what was truth and what was not. The Devastated Vineyard continues to rot, yet Christ and the Holy Ghost will not leave us orphans. He said He would be with us until the end of the world, and this is the truth!! Open your foolish eyes, and look at what is happening.

    You do nothing to help yourself to see the truth. You would prefer to put a blindfold over your eyes and lament and suffer! There is nothing wrong with suffering, but there is something wrong with closing your eyes to what is truly happening all around you. As Soldiers of Christ, through the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are members of Our lady's Army, and we are doing something against Progressivism - we are upholding the true Teachings of Holy Mother Church - Bride of Christ, unspotted Spouse! We march under the banner of the Sacred Heart, of Christ the King, and soldiers in Our Lady's Army!! We would die to defend our faith.

    Calling us names will not cause us to stumble. We owe honor and glory to God.

    I had to laugh at the arrogance of your comments when you said sedevacantists "waste" the time of those who hold the "right position"! How do you know your "side" has the right position? I would like to ask you the question - It has been taught from the very beginning of the Church that the Church (and Peter as direct representative of the Church on Earth from Apostolic succession) cannot teach false doctrine, or doctrine that is the oppositve of the Deposit of the Faith as was left by Jesus Christ and then by his appointed Apostles. Vatican Council One taught that the Pope must be followed in all that he teaches, even the ordinary teaching magisterium, and not just Ex Cathedra statements. No one was permitted to pick and choose which things they thought sounded correct - that is Protestantism! Supermarket Catholics, I think they are called.

    I have heard arguments from people such as: if you follow the sedevacantists, you are admitting the indefectibility of the Church because the Church will always have a pope. Pardon me, but if you follow a person who preaches and teaches false doctrines and heresies, such as those you point out on your website as true deviations from the faith and teachings of Holy Mother Church, then you will have to admit the Church has defected in Her perennial teachings, correct? How can you say otherwise? You must remember that God is in charge of the Church, and we do not follow a person who holds office as a "personality" - that is papolotry - but we believe in the papacy. It has been foretold that in the end times, Christ will choose a good pope to lead the Church away from the antichrist. Christ can do anything.

    When you say that the single practical goal of the sedevacantist is to divert attention away from the fight against Progressivism, I am curious as to how you came to that conclusion? What the priests of the CMRI, and other sedevacantist priests, are doing is to educate the Catholics in the Roman Catholic true faith - that which has been stripped of doctrine and dogmas since Vatican II. We listen to CMRI sermons that are so incredibly good, that you should be ashamed to even hint at what you have written as a definitive answer to this person in Ireland. Shame on you!

    What you have done to people is given them no hope. It is a known fact that Our Lady was given the mission by God to defeat the devil - Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph! What has that got to do with saying that an imposter, a usurper who preaches a doctrine other than that which was preached by Jesus Christ and His Apostles, can possibly be heading a Church that is the Bride of Christ? Do you agree that Vatican I outlined Papal Infallibility? Do you agree that the Catholic Church follows the teachings and preachings of the Pope in all matters? Do you agree that St. Paul said that even if an angel were to preach to you something other than what Christ taught, that you should run from that apostate ("let him be anathema")?

    Now that we have the CMRI for our preachers, those holy priests, whose bishop can validly claim Apostolic succession, we know that these Marian priests have been sent by Our Blessed Mother to guide us in the end times, and these times are becoming more and more obvious, and rapidly approaching. By the way, I have most of Atila Sinke Guimaires' books, and I enjoy Marian Horvat's writings, and we pray that they see the truth of what has happened. Even the prophesies of Mother Marianna foretell of these times! God never leaves us orphans, without help to save our eternal souls. When God closes a door, he opens a window, and that is what we found!!

    You should try and explain to people why you take no action or give UPLIFTING ADVICE, as this A.R. from Ireland asked you to do! What can you offer them? That is why over 10,000 priests have left the Church since Vatican II, and why convents are closing and have no vocations. By their fruits you will know them. We have grown, and grown. We are not rebels, we have May Crownings, we say litanies after Mass, we pray for the conversion of sinners, etc. "By their fruits you will know them." Amen.

Patricia Beck

REALITY CHECK Friday, July 3, 2009, Volume 20, no. 184