September 28, 2008
vol 19, no. 272

The only bailout that will work.

The Rosary is the Answer

    Why is it that the only time most turn to God is in times of crisis to bail them out? After 9/11 many churches were full but that tailed off as people emerged safe and grew fat and sassy again just as the Jews of old veered from the God of Abraham. But such greed and avarice has its price and we're about to pay for it. We can't blame God, we got ourselves into this pickle. How do we extract ourselves from this mess? By turning back to Him and really meaning it this time. In milliseconds our fortunes can change for the better, not temporally but definitely spiritually for God doesn't need to call together a congress, doesn't need to test the pulse of the people. He has no ulterior motives or anything to hide. He is God. Oh, he has a few lobbyists in Heaven vying for His attention, chief among them the Most Blessed Virgin Mary whose requests always take priority because, well, she's the Mother of God. That is why the Rosary is such a powerful weapon, why she asks us to pray it daily, why an entire month is dedicated to her holy psalter. I dare say, had more been vigilant to this we wouldn't be in the predicament we're in today.

    On Monday, September 29 we celebrate the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, a holy example whom my dear parents thought enough of to name their first son after this chief of archangels. If we ever needed this heavenly general it is now. We must call upon him to "defend us in battle, be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls."

    That is the terrible tragedy that confronts us today: the ruin of souls. Many thinks its the economy, others the high price of gas, others usury by banks and loan offiers, others runaway medical costs. Too few place as priority the Sanctity of Life and any chance it had of gaining legs with the Saddleback talking points forum and subsequent euphoria over the choice of a pro-life candidate for vice-president in the governor of Alaska Mrs. Sarah Palin who, sadly is as misguided as so many other Americans for, despite her supposedly religious zeal, she is a fallen-away Catholic, a product of the Vatican II fallout; something that has visited practically every family who once called themselves Catholic. Oh, the confusion and misdirection of the chief architech and arch-rival of good St. Michael.

    But when the stakes are as high as they are, that's when ol lucifer digs in to play for keeps. There are no rules with the devil. And what is at stake is America's soul. Though the campaign for the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting is largely being promoted by Evangelicals, how can a remembrance that we are dependant upon God be a bad thing? After all, did you expect the counterfeit church of conciliarism to even consider such a thing? At least give the proactive Protestants kudos for taking the initiative even if it is a mask to wake people up to vote against Barack Hussein Obama, a known Marxist/Hegelian disciple, a community organizer intent on carrying out his socialist agenda. Even with his youth he has plenty of skeletons in his closet which he has shared with the likes of radicals Saul Alinsky, Bill Myers, "Rev" Wright and "Father" Phlegger. Not to mention Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Must be a big closet. Conversely, on the other side of the aisle you have a genuine war hero in John Sidney McCain who, despite his credentials, possesses all the charisma of Bob Dole. To spice things up he's added a Sarahndippity to the program. The spin is that "no, I'm not a Muslim, or at least not publicly, yet" Democratic nominee is stronger on economics while the Republican former POW is heads and tails superior in foreign relations. The sad thing is that none place an emphasis on Sanctity of Life issues.

    Satan loves to distract and he's having a field day with the current crisis taking all attention away from Sanctity of Life issues, including the pivotal Proposition 8 for saving traditional marriage in California. It's the last line before the dykes break and the dikes take over as sodomy, according to many in the golden bear state, should be a "constitutional right." Did not Mrs. Randy Engel in her excellent whistle-blower tome The Rite of Sodomy foresee this? In 2002 California voters overwhelmingly voted against homosexual 'marriage' (talk about an oxymoron), but by one vote the radical Supreme Court on the left coast passed an unlawful law that should still appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. But this all flies under the radar, especially so with all the distractions of Wall St. and the recent hurricanes. The most important issue of the Sanctity of Life has so sadly been lost in the confusion and the latest crisis where a compromise bailout (can you say "sellout" that makes the "Traders' Truce" between Plantagenet King Edward IV of England and the Spider King Louis of France child's play compared to this recent atrocity in expediting the One World Order) is muddying up the real issue that had impetus for a few weeks but has been overshadowed with the Wall Street Scandal. And yes, it is a scandal for the blame lies not solely with the scapegoat whipping boy President George W. Bush but also with everyone connected with these companies who luxuriate in usury and then you can add the usual suspects such as Congress, Lobbyists, the Courts, and American greed. Our Lord's parable should penetrate hearts everywhere in which the man who's debt was reduced by the master, did not do the same for those who owed him. In a perfect capitalist world if you fail, you take responsibilitiy and pick up the pieces and learn from your mistakes and then begin to rebound. Isn't that the American way?

    But is the American way the Catholic way? Ah, there's the rub. While Americans believe religious liberty is a creed and compromise, tolerance and diversity are necessary articles of such, Catholics can never compromise or tolerate anything that goes against Catholic truth. The foundations of our country are built upon the principles of the humanistic French Revolution, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Tolerance", the acronym LEFT. That says it all. The foundations of our faith are built on the Rock of Peter, insured by a Trinitarian Firm, if you will, that can never go under, has a guaranteed dividend of eternal life. But all Catholics must play by the rules. Greed is never in the Catholic lexicon. Sharing with our neighbor is, but only because of our love for God, not for humanistic or exploitive purposes. And love must be at the heart of every action we take.

    That love necessitates using every ounce of our strength to share the truths of our faith with everyone and seek their conversion for that is the only way they can get to Heaven. That fact alone proves the falsity of the conciliar church, newchurch, the Vatican II church - call it what you want, but don't call it Catholic for it is not! And yet, contrary to the majority public opinion that has been consistently spewed from Rome over the last 40 years in congratulating and encouraging practically every religion but the true unadulterated faith established by Christ, one cannot be saved outside the Church. There are exceptions of course, as Griff Ruby has been bringing you over the past several months and will continue in conveying Catholic truth. One thing all Catholics should be in concert with and that is that one cannot be saved through a non-Catholic sect or religion. Period! That will garner you quite a few enemies. You'll be labeled a bigot, accused of hate crimes. How dare you judge! You dare because you do not answer to man, but to the Supreme Judge and He has already laid out what we are to judge and not judge. We are to always judge a man's words and deeds; we are never to judge a man's heart.

    But the vast, vast majority are wearing their hearts on their sleeves, so to speak. Emotion and feelings trump common sense and that we are to toil by the sweat of our brow all the days of our lives. Work? That's a dirty word to most who have been weaned in the dumbing-down process of believing instant gratification is an inalienable right. That is one of the causes of the sloth and waste in this country. The effects are not only what we are facing today with the economy heading south in the fast lane (just as has been prophesied), but that millions that might have made the difference, men who would have been truly committed Catholic priests to bring the true Sacraments to millions of more souls, women who would have dedicated their lives to teaching and nourishing the youth with unadulterated Catholic truth as pious nuns with steel-backed spines to discipline with love new generations in molding good Catholic leaders for tomorrow who would uphold Catholic principles in all things and not leave their faith at the door, whether they would be a loyal husband, wife, businessman, doctor, lawyer, salesman, journalist, entrepreneur, politician, priest, nun, teacher, bishop, cardinal, or a true pope. But sadly the causes have rendered what might have been void for those spoken of, nearly 50 million souls, now languish in Limbo for they have been aborted.

    Folks, the problems we face today would be minimal had Roe vs. Wade not passed. Many, including Pat Buchanan claim that a McCain presidency is "our only hope to overturn Roe v. Wade" and perhaps they are right in as much he has "said" he would appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court which would most likely tip the scales, and God knows how badly the radical judges need to be weeded out, almost as urgent as weeding out (can you say exterminating pests) the overwhelming malaise of miters infesting souls, beginning at the top. But then much of this wouldn't have seen the light of day had not the Church been eclipsed by wolves in sheeps' clothing who stole in without the blessing and guidance of the Holy Ghost. Without that assurance, with God withdrawing His graces, what else should we expect but the chaos we have today?

    In less than two weeks we will commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the death of the last true Vicar of Christ His Holiness Pope Pius XII. Fifty years ago the family unit was intact, the few faggots that existed were an oddity to be scorned. Divorce or an extramarital affair was rightfully a shocking scandal to be abhorred. Children were taught manners, dressed appropriately and their roles and boundaries were laid out in no uncertain terms; respect for elders was mandated. Of course, for the most part elders deserved that respect then, did not demand it. Parochial schools were packed. Practically every parish had no less than two priests, often more. Nuns were aplenty and tough, but fair and necessary in reinforcing what their parents had rightly instilled in their children in bringing them up Catholic. The Legion of Decency carried clout where Hollywood blinked and, for the most part, abided by the strict standards established. Yes, there was anti-Catholicism then, but there was also a muted respect because Catholics were known as hard workers, fiercely loyal to their faith who rarely compromised. Maybe that is why Al Smith had such a difficult time getting elected. Quite a contrast to the early "pontificate" of Angelo Cardinal Roncalli when a known philanderer was influential in introducing in action a new kind of Catholicism into the mix, all part of the overall manifesto of aggiornamento

    Ah, yes, it all comes down to the real culprit behind the Wall Street Collapse, the socialistic bailout, the move toward a One World Order evolving into a One World Religion, the rise of the homosexual collective, the saturation of immorality, greed, lies and theft at every level of society, the transformation of public schools into leftist indoctrination camps, the "anything goes" mentality of the media, advertising, and entertainment industries where the envelope has been pushed so far that it's been ripped to shreds and left to future generations to pick up the pieces...if, indeed, there will be enough faithful husbands and wives to procreate considering the abominable unlawful legislation from the benches that gives sodomy carte-blanche and villainizes virtue. Yes the real culprit of contraception, Roe vs. Wade, the Clinton era, RU-486, 9-11 and all the other calamities over the last 40 years including the loss of countless souls, the erection of pagan temples in place of consecrated cathedrals and basilicas, the rape of soul and body of our youth, the closing of venerable churches and parishes that at one time were the lifeblood of family life, the desertion by so many religious of their vows and responsibilities, the loss of trust and faith, aye, even for some the loss of hope is so evident in light of all that has happened over the last fifty years. That culprit is none other than the Second Vatican Council which ushered in the events foretold in Sacred Scripture: The Great Apostasy.

    This new 'Enlightened Age' to many of high-tech, scientific and humanistic persuasions will pass into oblivion for a new 'Dark Age' has cast its unshakable shadow. Few have truly perceived the source of this phantom in the darkness that has enveloped the globe. Few have seen beyond gadgetry. Few have realized the agenda of genetic crossbreeding and cloning for even fewer understand the puppetmaster pulling the strings of those promoting choice. They cannot wipe the scales of conformity from their eyes. In their ineptitude and familiar zone they have few defenses for the monsters in their midst.

    What it all boils down to is how long the devil has been lurking, waiting. To millions upon millions and for so many centuries, the holy Catholic Church - the one beacon of hope - stood above the swirling sewer of modernism, extending her beam universally, offering refuge to the wanderer, to the lost. But as satan penetrated deeper, the lightkeeper, vigilant through the centuries, began to lose focus. The rays became dimmer as the storm grew stronger during the reigns of Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII and St. Pius X but through strong leadership, the shores were kept safe as the clouds amassed above. In recent times, maintenance of the lighthouse had been neglected by two world wars and other crises that demanded the attention of Popes Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII. True, cracks were appearing in the walls and this once impenetrable fortress built upon the Rock began showing stress signs. Perhaps had any of the three Popes during this time taken Our Lady's words at Fatima seriously, Russia would have been consecrated to Mary's Immaculate Heart and the Soviet Union's errors would not have spread. But they did not. Thus Russia's errors not only spread but were adapted by fifth columnists who infiltrated the Church and her seminaries and schools. With the death of the last authentic Keeper of the Keys, the stable gate buckled, the seams became a sieve. The structure wavered as apostate waves lashed against her foundation. Countless abandoned souls have abandoned the Rock.

    And yet, though crippled and caring, proud and poor, indigenous and infinite, the true Church will not - cannot fall. Leaning perilously to port, she is wavering on the edge of the precipice. Rome has already been deluged and submerged in syncretism. Satan is doing his darndest to push further as the heresies increase and grow even bolder in their rejection of the truths and traditions of holy Mother Church. With the devil's help Benedict-Ratzinger and his hand-picked cronies continue to try to topple the mighty fortress of faith which was formed through the blood of the martyrs over the millenniums.

    With this scenario, what then is the answer to all our ills? In times past we could look to the Church for moral guidance and hope. No more. Except for those who have found the true Sacraments in the catacombs where there are true priests, most overseen by true successors of the Apostles and as the years pass, the only place you'll find true Bishops, the rest do not have the substance of the True Presence and that is why the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting can be a good thing because it brings God into the equation in a civilization that is fast becoming godless. Just as the Almighty allowed the Jews to be taken into exile, to suffer plagues and curses when they veered far from Him, so also today we need to realize why this is happening and why now. This is not the ordaining will of God, but rather His permitting will for the devil is in the details and satan is both the architect of Vatican II and the one manipulating things today for he is the master of misdirection which is so evident presently the way he has taken the focus away from the paramount Sanctity of Life issues by bogging all down with more mundane issues. The problem is so few recognize it because he knows what buttons to push as he pushes Congress to pass the Bailout that will shackle up further and wall us in while Wall Street's demise will only be delayed. It's inevitable and the only bailout we should be concerned about and approve is the one where all Americans repent and don sackcloth and ashes in sincere prayer and penance to show they are truly sorry for offending Him and get in the habit of saying the Rosary. It's easy and can be habit forming. You can see more about it at The Holy Rosary.

    To paraphrase a famous cereal commercial from yesteryear. "Try it, you'll like it." Yes, you will for the inherent rewards available in grace and being a part of a growing group garnering bouqets for Heaven in reparation for our sins that has, to this point stayed the hand of the Just Judge. Yes, 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting is a good idea, but it's not novel. Catholics have always called it by another name: Lent. But since Vatican II that holy season has been so watered down and sacrifice and suffering downplayed so much that it's lost most of its meaning; so much so that it takes Protestants to promote what Lent is all about even if they may be calling for it six months later. Hey, better late than never. Right? Besides, prayer and fasting is a key part of the key that can begin to extract us from this mess which we've all helped make and lead us toward turning back to God, allowing Him to impart graces that just might effect many conversions to the true faith in these desperate times. Let's face facts, folks. That's the only bailout that will work!

Michael Cain, editor

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    September 28, 2008
    vol 19, no. 272
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