September 17, 2008
vol 19, no. 261

To Dream the Impossible Dream

The dark path of the lonely, but only road can be brightened by Courage...

    to fight the unbeatable foe,
    to bear with unbearable sorrow,
    to run where the brave dare not go.

    To right the unrightable wrong,
    To love pure and chaste from afar,
    To try when your arms are too weary,
    To reach the unreachable star.

    This is our quest,
    To follow that star
    No matter how hopeless,
    No matter how far.

    To fight for the right
    Without question or pause,
    To be willing to march
    Into hell for a heavenly cause.

    And we know if we'll only be true
    To this glorious quest
    That our hearts will be peaceful and calm
    when we're laid to our rest.

    And the world will be better for this,
    that one Man, scorned and covered with scars,
    still strove with His last ounce of courage.
    To reach the unreachable star.

    Just as the laity forced the election of a Pope after so much delay by the electorate, and just as Saint Catherine effected events to return the Papacy to Eternal Rome, why should not we, the laity in these days, urge with urgency our trusted and true episcopal shepherds - the Traditional Bishops to unite, putting aside differences that divide and for the sake of souls everywhere, come together in a universal Synod of true Bishops for the purpose of working toward selecting a true Successor of Peter? While many may think this is impossible, a pipe dream if you will, how else will Christ's true Church ever right itself? There is no way one can ever count on anyone of true authority to ever bring this about within the conciliar structure. Therefore, short of divine intervention, it won't happen. Unless we recognize that perhaps that very divine intervention is to be God's instruments to prompt the Bishops to action. That is what the Saint of Siena did. Why cannot we in our time? Is that really so impossible?
      "So, my dear friends, I humbly ask why our true shepherds in authentic purple cloth do not take the next logical, absolutely necessary step to come together in a Synod? They possess the authority by virtue of their valid ordination and subsequent epicopal consecrations by legitimate Successors of the Apostles to take this step. They do not need to wait until there is a valid successor to St. Peter. There will not be a true successor to St. Peter unless our Traditional Bishops, with their priests, come together in a formal Synod. The authority to do this is already infallibly decreed, and authorization for such available in a number of Papal documents."

    After many months of prayer and reflection, of spiritual reading, and suffering, I was inspired to write this open letter to all Traditional Roman Catholics, which is a moniker I really do not like, for we are truly Roman Catholics, while the vast majority who use this term, are actually Conciliar Catholics of the Novus Ordo Missae. Confused? Join the vast majority of true Catholics who adhere to all that Holy Mother Church taught, defined as infallibly true, from St. Peter to Pope Pius XII.

    Holy Mother Church represents the visible Church on earth, that part of the Mystical Body of Christ called, appropriately, the Church Militant and headed by Christ’s visible head on earth, the Holy Father — the Pope.

    Throughout the centuries, the Holy Ghost inspired the true successors of St. Peter, to define infallibly, the doctrines, dogmas, teachings, and traditions, which were set in stone by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and through His hand-picked Apostles. These infallibly defined Papal documents still stand to this very moment, and will stand until the end of all time. The ONLY difference today, in the Church Militant— the visible Church on earth — is that we do not have a living successor to St. Peter.

    My question then comes down to one word: Why?

    It will be 50 years in a few weeks that we have not. Why do we not have a legitimately elected successor to Pope Pius XII? Why such a long interregnum? Why don’t our truly consecrated bishops in the true Church do what they have the power to do? Why do our traditional bishops continue to remain in their selected “territories”, sending out missionaries to bring the true faith, the true sacraments, to scattered “parishes” here and there throughout the world? Why do the traditional bishops who operate seminaries to train true priests for ordination, who raise up congregations of brothers and nuns, go no further than what we have today? What is it that we have today? Separated groups of true Roman Catholics, who do not know one another, do not mingle with one another, do not pray together, do not have an opportunity to get to know their parish priest, because, in truth, they only have a priest to say Holy Mass every now and then on a Sunday.

    And of the Saint I offer in this lesson, Saint Catherine of Siena, we can readily see that there were many who considered her efforts useless in trying to reunite eternal Rome and the Pope, at that time Pope Gregory XI in Avignon. Though I can in no way assimilate myself as having the same mission in these times as she was called upon to accomplish in her time of the long Avignon Exile, I think not to say anything, to cower from the responsibility of speaking out on what should be done, would be a great disservice to Christ and His Church.

    And if we think those times were not applicable to our time, please consider Dom Prosper's words:

    "O God used thee as his instrument, O humble virgin, for bringing back the Roman Pontiff to his See. Thou was stronger than the powers of this earth, which would fain have prolonged an absence disastrous to the Church. The relics of Peter in the Vatican, of Paul on the Ostian Way, of Lawrence and Sebastian, of Cecily and Agnes, exulted in their glorious tombs when Gregory entered with triumph into the Holy City. It was through thee, O Catharine, that a ruinous captivity of seventy years' duration was brought on that day to a close, and that Rome recovered her glory and her life." (The Liturgical Year, Vol. 8, page 390).

    Seventy-years in exile. We have been in those straits for fifty years. This is truly a unique time, a time, properly called, of Epikiea in which the Church supplies Ecclesia supplicet in continuing the True Faith despite the fact that the vast majority don't recognize the monstrous dragon hunkered down in the Holy City for who he and what he represents really is. Consider Gueranger's words he entreated during his own time in the earlier part of the nineteenth century when Napoleon threatened and imprisoned the Holy See following the devastating French Revolution:

    "In these our days, hell has changed its plan of destruction! men have deprived its Pontiff - King of the city which was chosen by Peter as the See where the Vicar of Christ should reign to the end of the world. Is this design of God, this design which was so dear to thee, O Catharine ! - is it now to be frustrated? Oh! beseech Him to end this sacrilege speedily. Come to our aid ! - and though thy divine Spouse, in His just anger, permits us to suffer these humiliations, pray at least they may be shortened.

        "Pray, too, for unhappy Italy, which was so dear to thee, and which is so justly proud of its Saint of Siena. Impiety and heresy are now permitted to run wild through the land; the name of thy Spouse is blasphemed; the people are taught to love error, and to hate what they had hitherto venerated; the Church is insulted and robbed; faith has long since been weakened, but now its very existence is imperilled. Interced for thy unfortunate country, dear Saint ! oh ! surely, it is time to come to her assistance, and rescue her from the hands of her enemies. The whole Church hopes that thou mayest effect the deliverance of this her illustrious province : delay not, but calm the storm which seems to threaten a universal wreck !" (The Liturgical Year, Vol. 8, page 391).

    One would surely think such words were written just last week regarding society today and the sad state of an ecclesial catastrophe. But Dom Prosper wrote that in the early to middle part of the 1800's. Just as in St. Catherine's time, so also in Gueranger's time God rose up men like Pope Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII and then Pope St. Pius X. So also will He in our time. We must have the courage, perseverance and trust that St. Catherine exhibited, the hope and faith she manifested, and the charity to carry it out.

    Let us dwell for a moment on that. Charity. What is greater charity than desiring salvation for our fellow man? As these times grow darker, more perverse and persecution intensifies, more are going to be called upon to stand up for their faith, yes, to even die for Christ. Where are these martyrs to come from? Where are they to gain the sacramental grace to sustain them on the road to martyrdom? We know they cannot garner such in the Novus Ordo Missae or as the conciliar cons call it, the "Ordinary" rite vs. the "Extraordinary" rite; the latter posing as the Traditional Latin Mass but rendered invalid by virtue of the celebrant more often than not being a valid, consecrated priest. With every year that passes, so do those ordained before 1968, making it less likely for anyone even attending those hybrid masses to receive any grace. Just as the homosexual collective, as Mrs. Randy Engel, magnificent author of The Rite of Sodomy, so aptly calls the movement, has as its eventual goal the extinction of man since procreation would be few and far between as each generation passes, so also the conciliar collective will continue to decrease for no one seeks conversion passively or actively any more. It continues to take its toll as the numbers have borne out. Is it not then, the greatest charity to inform and instruct souls of the truth? And to implore our Bishops to bring us together for God's common good, not man's?

    With that in mind, and knowing without a shadow of doubt that the imposters who call themselves 'bishops' and posture as such in the conciliar church of the dragon on the hill are not true bishops, we need, more desperately than most Traditional Catholics realize, for our traditional Bishops - those who make no concessions to conciliarism and will never compromise the true Faith - to undertake the task of preparing a Synod, of uniting all traditional Catholics by understanding the power and authority needed for such an action has already been given them from God, through true successors of St. Peter in infallible documents. Everything that is needed to organize the institutional Church Militant is already in writing, already in place. All our Bishops need to do is organize themselves in unity, in order to bring all Traditional Catholics under the guidance and authority of a Supreme Pontiff. It matters not a wit whether these Bishops meet in Rome, or in some small town anywhere in the world. A Synod, a Council, a Conclave need not take place in the Vatican, or even the Sistine Chapel. It can be held anywhere that our Bishops choose. And the Conclave does not depend upon the conciliar monster electing a true successor, because that is impossible. Only from the True Faith and the Bishops that uphold it, can a true successor of St. Peter be elected, and from him can come the decrees needed to set each Bishop over a diocese, organize the churches into true parishes, to teach, to govern, and to "feed My sheep."

    We need this institutional structure, for we must have a true successor of St. Peter in order to establish order. However, the Bishops have the authority right now to establish dioceses, parishes, and working together, to teach the True Faith to all who will listen and believe, and from them will come vocations to the priesthood and to religious life. We do NOT have to wait any longer, hoping God will work a miracle. No, I think God is waiting for our Traditional Bishops to do something pro-active! Then the miracles will come! Gather in a Synod. Establish dioceses. Meet in a Council if necessary. Definitely meet together in a Conclave to elect a sovereign pontiff to be the visible head of the Church Militant. Let him challenge the Goliath on the hill. It worked for David. And it will work for a Pope chosen by true succesors of the Apostles for he will have the protection of the Holy Ghost. Not so with Ratzinger or his ilk. Anyone still want to lay odds against who God would be behind and help?

    Why do our traditional bishops not move forward to call a Synod, in which we, the laity, would see our Bishops and priests meet in unity, or, to obtain unity within the traditional movement. Is this out of line? Does it fly in the face of any canonical decree or law?

    To the best of my limited knowledge, and relying more specifically on the inspiration of the Holy Ghost who places knowledge on my poor little soul, I venture to declare that our Bishops and our priests have not taken this next step to protect and expand the One True Faith throughout the whole world, for the simple reason that they think they cannot do such a thing without being given the authority by the Holy Father.

    Well, the past Holy Fathers have given them all the authority they need. Christ has given these true Bishops the authority to teach, to govern, to do all that they need to do to "feed My sheep", as Christ commanded. Down through the centuries nearly every Pontiff has declared infallibly that which Christ commanded, that which the Holy Ghost inspired, and nothing whatsoever that was contrary to Christ’s commands, or contrary to that which the Apostles passed on to their converts could possibly be declared infallibly.

    We have the Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law, which is still the ONLY code by which our lives as true Catholics can be regulated, judged, and by which our true shepherds are strengthened in the authority they received from God at the time of their elevation to the rank of Bishop! There isn’t anything new that needs to be written in order for our episcopal shepherds to take action. It’s already been done for them.

    Now, many of the traditional people use the phrase “sedavacantism is a theological opinion” I do understand this phrase. However, I do not believe it is correct to say that it is a "theological opinion." I believe that the past Sovereign Pontiffs who taught infallibly on the topic of heresy, be it material or manifest, and the effects of said heresy on the faithful, and on clerics, be they priests, all the way to the Pope, was necessary for the time in which it was declared, and also stands solid today, when we are faced with the Great Apostasy.

    Are our Bishops afraid of one another? Are they afraid of the conciliar structure, which I perceive as the dragon of Sacred Scripture on the Hill? Are they afraid of upsetting the countless Novus Ordo Catholics, or even being censored by the hierarchy of this dragon on the hill headed by Father Ratzinger, who goes by the name of Benedict XVI. If they are afraid, my next question comes down to one word: Why?

    I firmly believe that what was once referred to as a “theological opinion” regarding the question of sedavacantism has become, after the death of Pope Pius XII, a theological and canonical justifiably infallibly defined law!

    I place before all who read this humble article this proposition: Sedavacantism is not a mere theological ‘opinion’, but has already been infallibly defined (read Pope Paul IV Papal Bull Cum Ex Apostatus Officio. All documents issued infallibly by any Pope cannot be undone, changed, or altered in the slightest degree by any succeeding Pontiff. What God declares infallibly through His true Vicar stands until the end of time. Period. End of discussion.

    So, my dear friends, I humbly ask why our true shepherds in authentic purple cloth do not take the next logical, absolutely necessary step to come together in a Synod? They possess the authority by virtue of their valid ordination and subsequent epicopal consecrations by legitimate Successors of the Apostles to take this step. They do not need to wait until there is a valid successor to St. Peter. There will not be a true successor to St. Peter unless our Traditional Bishops, with their priests, come together in a formal Synod. The authority to do this is already infallibly decreed, and authorization for such available in a number of Papal documents.

    Once our Traditional Bishops come together in unity within a Synod, they then have the God-given authority, already infallibly established, to gather together in a Conclave, and to elect from among their number that person who, in their prayerful discernment and guidance of the Holy Ghost, is the one called to become the true successor of St. Peter, the successor of Pope Pius XII. If not, will we have to wait another 50 years? Failure to act could signal such and how many will be left in the next generations to stand against all that satan will hurtle at the few still practicing their faith?

    Since Pius XII passed away on October 9, 1958, and the controversial conclave of that same year gave a heretic to the Chair of Peter in Angelo Cardinal Roncalli — aka John XXIII, the infallibly defined opinion of sedavacantism became, overnight, an infallible rule, a law that binds the entire universal Church.

    What does it matter that the beast of scripture has eclipsed the Vatican, and runs the entire institutional conciliar church, which mocks the One True Faith? Let those who will not listen, will not believe the Truth, which flows from the very Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, have the buildings, have all the churches in the round, etc. Let them have the multi-million dollars that flow into their coffers to continue spreading heresy, and covering up their sex scandals as they destroy doctrine with their concessions to the world, the flesh and the devil.

    We have returned to the time of the first Christians, my dear friends. Yes, we live in catacombs, although we have chosen to call them “missions”, since a true priest comes on Sunday, sometimes more often, from one of the several Traditional groups of priests.

    While it is true that all past Synods, even Councils were held with the permission of the Holy Father, we have the exact opposite today due to the Great Apostasy, with the dragon of Sacred Scripture daring any of us, especially our True Bishops, to take the True Faith to all the world, not by sending out a handful of priests, but by using their authority which was given them at their consecration, and which has been infallibly defined by numerous councils and past Pontiffs.

    Let the dragon try to swallow the traditional movement. Let those who threaten excommunication, who challenge us in our practice and love for the One True Faith, take their best shot. I, for one, do not believe that our beloved Savior will allow the evil one’s false church to wipe us off the face of the earth. No, I have read Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year — every single word in every single one of the fifteen volumes. I recall in the Lives of the Saints, numerous examples of a single person taking on the infidels. One that comes to mind was a King and he and his small group of warriors went out to meet a veritable horde of Infidels. The Infidels saw, to their utter shock and amazement, angels preparing the King for battle. The angels were placing upon him both spiritual and material armor. Upon seeing this, the pagan hoards laid down their weapons, and their leader went before the King, who had not even drawn a single weapon, and knelt at his feet in surrender. Our Lord will not do less for us who believe in the One True Faith in this time of the Great Apostasy.

    I do not pretend to be a canon lawyer, or for that matter, anyone of importance, or knowledge. I am just a humble little child who loves Jesus so much that I’m ready to give my life for the True Faith, and therefore I beg our True Bishops to put aside whatever minor differences they may have, and meet to create the unity in the Traditional Movement that will help everyone. There are seminaries struggling to exist, as well as religious congregations. There are mission parishes struggling to hold onto a small place where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass can be said when a true priest arrives. There are chapels that have been greatly damaged by the hurricanes. Unity would allow our Bishops to better utilize the priests that have been truly ordained. The religious can better spread out in order to teach the True Faith to everyone - from the youngest to the oldest, and from this group would come many vocations to the One True Faith. In giving more visibility to the True Faith it would also act as a catalyst to attract those who have hitherto hesitated to face the fact that what passes as 'Catholic' today, thanks to Vatican II, is not Catholic. I would hope that anyone who values the salvation of their soul would sit up and take notice.

    Let's face it, we are back where the world stood when Christ ascended into Heaven, and had given the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to St. Peter, and ordered all His Apostles to go into the whole world and teach them all that Christ had commanded. We are back in the time of the early Christians who lived in the catacombs, and many died for the faith. The government of the early Church was done by the Sovereign Pontiff, but many of the Bishops also took their authority to teach and to govern very seriously. Think of St. Athanasius and the Arian heresy, and you have the climate of today. Let the Novus Ordo fools have the money and the churches. They won't last. But the True Faith will for we have our Lord's promise on that.

    We can start over. We can rebuild holy Mother Church, and we can be certain of Christ’s promises that the gates of Hell shall never prevail. Therefore, the power and authority to convene already has been given to our Bishops. The authority to gather in Conclave has been granted to them. It has all been infallibly decreed. No other authority is needed. It’s a matter of taking the next step…and the sooner that step is taken, my friends, the sooner we can expect a flood of graces to descend upon us, and upon all who are being deceived by the false church.

    I beg all of you to pray for this, that our Traditional Bishops will meet, unite, and gather in Conclave to elect a successor of St. Peter. By God’s grace, this can be done, and it can be done with our prayers, our sacrifices, and our total confidence in God’s Providence for His sheep. Are we His little sheep? Then what are we afraid of? Why do we hide within our little “mission” parishes, and why do we not beg our Bishops to unite for the sake of all the sheep being lost in the conciliar structure?

    The Bishops have the authority to establish Marriage Tribunals, and to appoint one or more priests as authentic exorcists. We have to drive the devil out, and we have to provide for all the souls who are headed for the abyss, and so many are because they are in messy divorces, living in sin with a new wife or husband, or Heaven forbid, in a same-sex union. These grave matters must be addressed NOW, before those who have these sins on their souls perish for all eternity.

    Please, dear Bishops, you have the authority to teach, to govern, to guide, to rule, to organize and unite. Only you, dear Bishops of the Traditional Movement, can fulfill Christ’s command to "feed My sheep!" We are hungry, and we thank you for feeding us to the best of your ability. But we pray, dear Bishops, that you will realize how much stronger, how much more effective you can be if you gather in a Synod to bring about a unity, an organization to the visible Roman Catholic Church, and then to move towards holding a Conclave to properly elect a true successor to St. Peter. Christ’s Sacred Heart and Mary's Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart bleed because we are not doing all we can and should for the One True Faith. If we, the laity, are ready to lay down our lives for you, our Shepherds, and for the One True Faith out of pure love for Our Lord, can you do less?

    Pray, sacrifice, mortify your senses, and live a fully Catholic life. Anything less is unworthy of us who, by God’s grace and mercy only, have been saved from the roaring mouth of the dragon of the false church of satan. Let us support those who are seeking to evangelize the One True Faith and who have, by their calling, given up absolutely everything in life, and are totally dependent upon your good will, your charity to support us in our labors. We cannot continue to labor without you, my dear friends. No, the Traditional Movement will come to a grinding halt, if we do not write to our Bishops and urge them to meet in a Synod and a Conclave. Help us, please! Without your donations, large and small, for every traditional group be they clergy or laity, we shall all perish, and the entire Traditional Movement will grind to an awful halt for we did not do ALL that we could and should for love of Christ.

    Prayer, mortification, penance, sacrifice — these are our tools, our weapons against the huge dragon of Scripture that has eclipsed the True Church. Are we willing to believe that God will defend us in battle, or are we that afraid of this dragon, which Our Blessed Mother will crush with her heel? We know she will. So then why do we still cower or offer excuses that "it can't be done...not yet"? If not now, when? I ask again, are we going to have to wait another 50 years? Or longer?

    Rally the troops! Pray, and support those who are laboring in the vineyard in your generosity, for God will reward you a hundred-fold for all that you give to His little ones, and He will not suffer you to be deprived of your own living, for He has not called you to evangelize to the world. I will be praying for everyone, and ask that you pray for my beloved husband Michael, our family, and for me. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you and may Blessed Mary keep all of you in her Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.


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    September 17, 2008
    Volume 19, no. 261