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   In these last days before the election, a naturalist system that only empowers the devil's agenda, we recommend below two very powerful sermons by His Excellency Bishop Daniel Dolan; one from this past Sunday,Contempt and the Crown the other from five years ago, True and False Marriage. These should hit home with every Traditional Catholic and hopefully those conciliar "Catholics" still lurking out there who check us out nearly every day but remain silent in their response, opting to believe the lie even though they have no answers. Those are the heart of what the Obama campaign is counting on - "Clueless Catholics" to forge the Marxist People's Republic of the United States. One thing is sure, our country is not united to or with God. That's all that matters. Not the economy, energy, education or social programs, but the life of souls for that is what is at stake. There are several prayer campaigns for novenas, etc. going around, but the best one we can endorse is the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success
October 30, 2008 (oct2008.htm)

       As these pages load, we invite you to say as many Hail Mary's as necessary. You can click on the Rosary button to the left as well to see the Rosary Prayers in English, Latin and Spanish. We pray you will be imbued by the truths of the authentic Catholic Faith we provide here and yearn to learn more of the infrangible truths of the One and only Church founded by Jesus Christ.

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Michael Cain, editor,
SANCTUS/The DailyCatholic

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      • The bitter 'fruits' of recognizing and condoning what many have dubbed 'fruits' from Traditio on what California can look forward to and weep if Proposition 8 is defeated for satan reigns supreme in Massachusetts thanks to the conciliar sell-out to the homosexual collective that has perverted everything it touches. We all know what Christ said about bad fruit and why it is destined for the fire.
      • To Keep Us Perpetually Agitated by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how the devil deters us from prayer, keeps us from employing the most powerful weapon we have. It's not about guns, but about Rosaries. Are we usig them? That's the only answer to the madness that abounds over the upcoming election. There is only one answer as Pope Pius XI stated in Quam Primas, "But if the faithful were generally to understand that it behooves them ever to fight courageously under the banner of Christ their King, then, fired with apostolic zeal, they would strive to win over to their Lord those hearts that are bitter and estranged from Him, and would valiantly defend His rights."
      • News that Pope Pius XII never officially approved the changes of Holy Week (1956) from Traditio. A stunning revelation that His Holiness, in his dying years, never officially approved any of the changes perpetrated by Bugnini all behind Pius' back. A trick the conciliars have since perfected with the Novus Ordo, then "altar girls" and coming soon "lectoresses" as Ratzinger reveals who he really is. Can "priestesses" be far behind. The SSPX is falling behind in trying to justify use of the 1962 Missal as the parishioners are restless. The truth will set you free.
      • Step by Step by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how those who seek to elect have forgotten what 'Electoral' means for "Christendom was not established at the ballot box. It won't be restored at the ballot box, which is, as I have come to recognize, the devil's tool by which naturalism is advanced more and more with each passing election year."
      • Making the Same Tragic Mistakes Again and Again by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on the fallacy that it is a sin not to vote. Part of the great lie to garner votes for Marxists and Naturalists.
      • I Will Reign In Spite of All Who Oppose Me by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on why no matter who wins the election they will not be successful in the end because they oppose Christ and His holy will. Stand by Christ the King, not the naturalists ranging from Marxist to Freemason.
      • Wake Up, America, Your King is Beckoning by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on why we cannot subscribe to heresy and, in case some do not realize it, religious liberty is heresy. How can God bless America when we can't respect His laws? A sober reminder to ponder on the Feast of Christ our Sovereign King.
      • Have a Happy by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how even though Halloween is just around the corner, the scariest thing is the syncretism expressed daily by the monster in sheep's clothing who has enabled all the aberrations that call upon Baal, rather than the one true God.
      • A Really Invisible Hand by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how Allen Greenspan tries to spin the stuff that he is stunned at the economic collapse when, in truth, he had a heavy hand in all the unraveling due to greed and power.
      • Lost in the Trees Without A King to Lead Them by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how "those who search for merely 'natural' solutions to the problems of man search in vain" and why a true Catholic must prioritize what is really important and not be led to the slaughter by political rhetoric.
      • Has Bishop Fellay lost heart? from Traditio on the mood and reactions of thae SSPX head who seems to be going through the motions, waiting to be swallowed up by the conciliar collective if he does not rouse the lukewarm for several are abandoning the Society of St. Pius X and the seminaries are becoming barren. Not a good sign of the future of the SSPX. Want a boost, your Excellency? Follow the Nine. They were right and it has been proven over and over, you were wrong. Admit it and help make the traditional movement stronger.
      • Fearing Not to Offend God by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how Benedict/Ratzinger, in waffling over the conciliar status of Pope Pius XII, is more than willing to cater to Zionists while slapping Christ in His face. Proof that the antipope has no clue of what St. Paul asserted in Galatians 1: 10, "For do I now persuade men or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be the servant of Christ" and the Hegelian henchman surely isn't. Proof of that is is the two verses that preface verse 10. Something about "Let him be anathema."
      • The City of Man is "Built on Sand" from Patricius Anthony on how the current economic collapse, so manipulated by the world's central banking system, is nothing compared to the collapse of the faith and the tragic loss of souls in the billions. And it all lies with the man who was in on the ground floor well over 40 years ago: Joseph Ratzinger.
      • It's Still Absolute Insanity by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on a follow-up on the political frenzy running amock in every party with no sensible syllogism that naturalism is never the answer. It only creates more problems no matter who we vote for, unless they recognize the Social Reign of Christ and His Authority through the Catholic City He established as the common good for all, the only salvific answer to our problems.
      • Apostasy Has Consequences by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on what the Great Apostasy has produced: a clueless conciliar collective that is about to elect an Hegelian Marxist as President and have no base for recourse in future years for the generations have been indoctrinated to believe a lie as St. Paul warned in 2 Thessalonians. We have seen the "operation of error" now in full force within conciliar structures that has enabled a man like Obama to arise on the scene in much the same manner as Lenin and Hitler did. Be forewarned. A must read.
      • The main reason for the national debt and recession: ABORTION from Stephen Ertelt, LifeNews on how the lost Gross Domestic Product of close to 70 TRILLION DOLLARS is directly attributable to abortion, abortifacients and contraception. In other words, folks, we've created our own hideous monster in the U.S. and deserve whatever punishment God will send to wake Americans up...even if that includes a Socialistic Marxist president.
      • Ratzinger: the "New Bugnini" from Traditio on the latest change in the abomination of desolation Novus Ordo as more novelties are introduced in throw-it-up-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks haphazard Hegelian fashion that should prove to all that any assimilation to Catholic worship has completely vanished in the counterfeit church of conciliarism.
      • Willfully Trapped by Apostasy by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how various conciliar "spokespersons" are subordinating the faith in favor of political expediency - as twisted as the Marxist candidate Obama's is, no less, seemingly unmindful of the grave damage they are doing to souls, beginning with their own.
      • "That" Church Will Always Exist by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how obvious syncretism has snuffed out any possible embers of Catholicism in that body better known as the counterfeit church of conciliarism as Tom illustrates in the arrogance of the conciliar "bishops" revising history and misrepresenting tradition.
      • Fallacies Galore by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how McCain's meltdown in the last debate was more same ol' same ol'. Instead of really taking the bull by the horns of the dilemma and calling abortion what it is: murder, McCain said "no litmus test" for Supreme Court judges. Well, Thee Supreme Judge has a litmus test. Tom points out that neither candidate holds the answers, only Christ through His true Church (hint: it hasn't been in Rome for, oh, say 50 years!) This race is indeed about color: yellow, as in afraid and ashamed of standing uncompromisingly for God's little ones from conception on.
      • The Petticoat Synod from Traditio on how Ratzinger has caved to the feminist movement in not only admitting 25 women to the Synod in Rome, but allowed them to march and demand "ordination" of presbyterresses. Pray tell make them ministers so more can see how unCatholic the VulgArians are.
      • The last word on the "Last Rites" of the counterfeit church of conciliarism from Traditio on the conciliar congregation of divine worship (as opposed to true Catholic worship) admitting that it not only has no association with the holy Sacrament of Extreme Unction but isn't even effective as a "blessing of the sick."
      • Desiring to Stay Ignorant by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how the "Catholic collective" refuses to recognize the Judeo-Masonic system that is diametrically opposed to Catholic truth. It is too bad Tom is not moderating the last debate instead of Bob Schiefer. Tom would not be so gentle nor would he hold back the truth.
      • Now it can be told: VulgArians have tampered with Sacred Scripture from Traditio on a French conciliar "cardinal" making waves after the Synod in Rome (or was that Sin-odd considering those who participated) to put back what was omitted by the antipope Paul VI.
      • More Scourgings for Our Lord From the One World Church by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on the aberrations and anathema going on why McCain is stumbling so and how the devil empowers Obama, all because there can be no good and lasting fruits from a system that rejects the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ.
      • Such Are The Joys of Pluralism by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on why McCain is stumbling so and how the devil empowers Obama, all because there can be no good and lasting fruits from a system that rejects the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ.
      • The Work of Columbus by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how the importance of what this great explorer planted - the seeds of the Faith in the New World.
      • Socialism, Straight From Your "Pro-Life" Conservative by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on how much America has been Sovietized and that there is only one answer to recovery and that is to embrace the true and only Faith and Christ, uncompromisingly, as our King.
      • Ratzinger and his band of Judases throw Pius XII under the bus with their silence from Traditio on the silent consent by the conciLIARS of allowing a rabbi to bash Pius in the last true Pope's "backyard." It's as if BeneRatz set it up as a bargain with the Zionists despite the agenda of sneaking two antipope/antichrists into the faux beatification process with Pius XII. It's best to keep Pius XII out of the fray of the flailing apostates for Modern Rome has no authority to speak on anything!
      • There Can Be No Doubt by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey on events this week leading up to the Anniversary of the Death of Pope Pius XII how there can be no doubt Ratzinger and the rest have become blatant enemies of Christ.
      • The Nine vs. Lefebvre: We Resist You To The Face by Fr. Anthony Cekada on setting the record straight on the true story of the bitter court battle between the nine who refused to compromise their faith in standing against the mechanizations of the Socity of St. Pius X.

October 2008 (oct2008.htm)

Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit

by Bishop Daniel Dolan

The Fifth Glorious Mystery
John Gregory

All Saint's Day Rosary and Devotion

by Bishop Daniel Dolan

courtesy of
Traditional Catholic

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Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Most sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the human race, look down upon us humbly prostrate before Thine altar. We are Thine, and Thine we wish to be; but, to be more surely united with Thee, behold each one of us freely consecrates himself today to Thy most Sacred Heart.

    Many indeed have never known Thee; many too, despising Thy precepts, have rejected Thee. Have mercy on them all, most merciful Jesus, and draw them to Thy sacred Heart. Be Thou King, O Lord, not only of the faithful who have never forsaken Thee, but also of the prodigal children who have abandoned Thee; grant that they may quickly return to Thy Father's house lest they die of wretchedness and hunger.

    Be Thou King of those who are deceived by erroneous opinions, or whom discord keeps aloof, and call them back to the harbor of truth and unity of faith, so that there may be but one flock and one Shepherd.

    Be Thou King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry or of Islamism, and refuse not to draw them into the light and kingdom of God. Turn Thine eyes of mercy towards the children of the race, once Thy chosen people: of old they called down upon themselves the Blood of the Savior; may it now descend upon them a laver of redemption and of life.

    Grant, O Lord, to Thy Church assurance of freedom and immunity from harm; give peace and order to all nations, and make the earth resound from pole to pole with one cry: "Praise be to the divine Heart that wrought our salvation; to it be glory and honor for ever." Amen.

Famed cartoonist Walt Kelly's words, voiced through his quirky character Pogo back in 1971, have truly become prophetic when we look in the mirror. Now what do we do?

Editor Michael Cain provides a sober commentary on how America has reached it's final crossroad. Where this country goes from here is either by falling on our knees in repentance and reparation, donning sackcloth and ashes as God's chosen people did in Old Testament times, or suffer the consequences of this sinful generation that has gone far, far further than even Sodom and Gomorrah had for that was at least confined to city limits, if you will, whereas what has happened in the United States has permeated every home. We have a choice. But what do you do when even those choices hold no answers? You look to the Answer, the only Answer to all our woes and trust in Jesus for everything. If we do not, we will deserve the chastisement that will grow worse, much worse under an Obama dictatorship. The similarities of Obama to godless, ruthless revolutionaries and dictators of the past is all too real to dismiss. Yet so many mesmerized citizens are following this pied-piper right towards the abyss, smiling all the way. Oh, when will they wake up? When it's too late? When will they realize there is only One Who can lead us out of this "Valley of Death"? Cain syllogizes our only sure choice in his editorial A Vote for Christ is the True Catholic Antidote

Miracles and wonders come in many ways. Is it any wonder then that one man, with no outer influence but what he knew in his heart, was open to God's will to help fulfill a request made 91 years ago at Fatima and to save souls in Russia despite Communist suppression and Conciliar oppression?

As a follow-up to the blessed landmark event that took place on the altar of Mt. St. Michael's Monday morning when the first native of Moscow was ordained for the first time in at least 50 years, we share with you the joyous and wondrous part of Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's article from Tuesday on the aberrations, anathema and apostasy going on in Rome at the "Bishops'" Synod at St. Paul's-Outside-the-Walls with his piece More Scourgings for Our Lord From the One World Church. Buried in that excellent article was the beautiful account of Fr. Alexander Kryssov and we wanted to emphasise that part in a special piece excerpted from that article. In addition, we've endeavored to place the excellent photos of Fr. Kryssov's First Mass, courtesy of Tom Gilbrough of Saint Joseph's Graphics & Photography. Therefore you can see those pics at Ordination & First Mass of Fr. Kryssov. We think when you read Tom's words and Fr. Kryssov's own account you will see how God works in mysterious and wondrous ways and how, if Our Lady's request ninety-one years ago at Fatima cannot come from the top since we have not had a true Pope since Pope Pius XII, then let it begin at ground zero in the shadow of the Kremlin and work up from there for the first step has been taken in Planting the Seeds for the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart

This is the sad state we have fallen into today, how Russia's errors have spread to where we not only have adopted the communist manifesto, but lowered our standards even further to make it possible. The result: the coming chaos we have been warned about so often.

  On the occasion of the 91st Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's final Church-approved apparition, editor Michael Cain points out that those who have not been paying attention to the signs, those who do not know the Scriptures, those who have ignored Our Lady's Message at Fatima - an extension of her message at Pillar, Guadalupe, Quito, Rue du Bac and LaSalette, those who have bought into the canard that the counterfeit church of conciliarism is Catholic and believe a "pertinacious heretic" could ever be a valid pope, and those who place their hope in man, specifically that the upcoming election will make any difference as to the fate of the Socialist and Marxist People's Republic of the United States, well,those people might be surprised at the illegal government takeover of banks, the crash on Wall Street, the greed and fraud being exposed, the obscene taxation without representation, and the "sudden" gains the enemy of the soul has made in legislating and exalting the most perverted sins and the killing of over 50 million of God's precious children in the womb. But to those who have had their lamps lit, who have been loyal to Mary's request for the daily Rosary, penance and reparation, who make no concession to the false church and the antichrists who rule in Rome and Washington, D.C. and so many other places, they realize God can stay His hand just so long. There are consequences for our actions and now it is time to pay the piper, so to speak. But before we have our pockets emptied, do not forget that we must first render to God the things that are God's and then, only then, should we look to Caesar's needs. Cain explains why Rewarding Failure Never Works.

On the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, the Most Reverend Mark Pivarunas, CMRI ordained Father Bernard Welp, CMRI and Father Alexander Kryssov to the holy Priesthood. Fr. Bernard, who celebrated his First Mass on the feast of the Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fr. Kryssov said his First Mass on the feast of St. Edward the Confessor, which also was the 91st anniversary of the final apparition at Fatima. If the conversion of Russia can't come from the top due to not having a true pope, then let it begin at the grass roots level at ground zero of Communism in the shadow of the Kremlin when Fr. Kryssov returns home to begin the process of converting Russia one soul at a time. After all, in the end Mary's Immaculate Heart will triumph. For photos provided by Tom Gilbrough, see Ordination and First Mass

Over 50 years ago Pius XII foresaw the terrible times ahead and feared for his flocks. He even remarked that the devil was near for at times he could smell sulphur when walking through the hallowed halls of the Vatican. Many scholars have chronicled and documented how satan got in and why. The question is: Considering all this, why give any credence to the devil and his minions who now occupy Modern Rome?

  This past Thursday marked the 50th anniversary of the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII. Editor Michael Cain notes how things are only getting worse. While you just know the conciliar conmen will try to spin that Pius was the forerunner of Vatican II and that is what he would have wanted, Cain will not hesitate in calling that a lie. He emphasizes that it is well past time for those who are so afraid of the term "Sedevacantism" to admit there is no other alternative. Fifty years of this nonsense that heretics can be Roman Pontiffs has passed all credulity with the manifest, formal and blatant heresies exhibited by the conciliar posers-as-popes that there is no more sublime but rather entirely ridiculous with the current Hegelian haggard hampering souls everywhere. Enough is enough! Cain calls out those who stubbornly persist in recognizing Ratzinger as a valid Pope when long ago he apostasized from the Faith. The evidence of such are in the very documentations presented by literary luminaries such as Atila Guimaraes, Dr. Marian Horvat and John Vennari who still can't seem to see the trees through the forest. Holy Mother Church has already passed judgment on the conciliar antipopes as Cain shows and concludes that to place even one iota of hope in even one man within the conciliar collective is futile and fruitless! There is only one solution to this fifty-year malaise. It is the only hope to prevent having to commemorate the 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and centennial of This Interminable Interregnum.

Who are you to believe? Those who appoint themselves as self-proclaimed "experts" or authentic Church-authorized experts in the person of Fathers, Doctors, Saints and Popes? If you're honest, it's a no brainer. If you're not honest, you go mining for useful-sounding quotes. It is the epitome of the Art of Scholastic Dishonesty.

Griff Ruby continues his mega-part comprehensive series "The Art of Scholastic Dishonesty" in exposing not only the heresy of Feeneyism, but also the intended deliberate dishonest deception of this of one of this heresy's greatest defenders, one Peter Dimond, half of the combination known as the Dimond brothers. We've all seen the hilarious exercise of bobbing for apples, ironically in water. However, what Griff has decided to do is not funny, but very necessary in order to refute the heresy of Feeneyism that Baptism by water is the only way to salvation. Thus he goes bobbing for verified examples of Baptism of Blood by first splashing around the depths of the Treatise to uncover the disguised examples that the Dimonds have omitted or fabricated what might have occurred without their ever being there. Then Griff gets to the core by producing the shining precedent the Church has sunk her teeth into from earliest times in providing example after example of canonized saints who never had the chance to be baptized by water, yet they are official saints in Heaven. If the good fruit of what the Church says doesn't sink the Feeneyite heresy, then we can only hope the latter will dry up, so dehydrated by the arid audacity of stubborness and pride to dare deny Catholic truth. Griff lays out the irrefutable evidence for Baptism of Blood in his ninth installment, Bobbing for BOB

    We at the Daily Catholic believe that copyrighting material is counterproductive to the purpose of saving souls and, therefore, in order to expand our reach so that we may decrease while Christ increases, we freely give permission to all to copy and disseminate any written material contained on these pages from 2002 onward, provided nothing is taken out of context and the URL and sources are credited for the sake of accuracy and for the sake of restoring all things in Christ. So as not to confuse or deceive the faithful in any way, nothing before 2002 may be used without written permission from the editor.    For pertinent questions on this, contact the Director

The following 15 promises (the same number of Mysteries) were given by the Blessed Mother of God to Saint Dominic and Blessed Alan in the twelfth century. To every person who devoutly prays the Rosary, Our Lady promises:

  • Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall receive signal graces.

  • I promise my special protection and the greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary.

  • The Rosary shall be powerful armor against hell. It will destroy vice, decrease sin and defeat heresies.

  • It will cause virtue and good works to flourish. It will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God. It will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the world and its vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means.

  • The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall not perish.

  • Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying himself to the consideration of its sacred mysteries, shall never be conquered by misfortune. God will not chastise him in His justice. He shall not perish by an unprovided death. If he be just, he shall remain in the grace of God and become worthy of eternal life.

  • Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without the sacraments of the Church.

  • Those who are faithful to recite the Rosary shall have, during their life and at their death, the light of God and the plentitude of His graces. At the moment of death, they shall participate in the merits of the saints in paradise.

  • I shall deliver from Purgatory those who have been devoted to the Rosary.

  • The faithful children of the Rosary shall merit a high degree of glory in Heaven.

  • You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.

  • All those who propagate the holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities.

  • I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary shall have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and at the hour of death.

  • All who recite the Rosary are my sons and brothers of my only Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Devotion of my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.
  • EyeOpeners (eyeopenr.htm)