March 19, 2008
vol 19, no. 79

Giving from the Heart and More

    Traditional Catholics can adopt the bunker-down-in-the-catacombs approach where few conversions will result as you hide your talents under a bushel basket, or you can use your time, talents and treasures to shout from the rooftops the infrangible truths of your Catholic Faith in convincing countless Catholics trapped in the counterfeit church of conciliarism that there is indeed freedom. Is that not every Traditional Catholic's goal? To save souls through "the conversion of sinners, and for the freedom and exaltation of our holy Mother the Church." But the fewer who give of their wealth, the fewer will know these truths and remain shackled to the false church, poor sinners who are all the poorer without grace because you didn't respond when the grace was available.
      "Almsgiving is one of Christ's commands, and this Lenten season is the time when we must practice this most worthy, blessed, and grace-filled outward sign of our piety if we truly believe in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. And yet, we have not received one cent from anyone except the few who always give. That's it! We are truly preaching to the choir and the choir has shrunk. Quite possibly because many cannot abide by all Christ asks. I am reminded of His words to Saint Peter and His disciples when the vast multitudes walked away and He basically, sadly said, "Will you also walk away?" We know Peter's response but do we live it? Do we truly believe it? If we don't live it, we don't believe it. What is the phrase? Oh yes, Lex orandi, lex credendi. It is not my poor words that count. It is not anything that those laboring within the True Vineyard of the Lord say or do. Those called to this active apostolate are Christ's chosen instruments by grace, for all of us are mere creatures, dust, and ashes. We have only a short time on this earth, this valley of tears, to prove our Love of Him through our fulfillment of all He Commanded. The laborer is worthy of his wages is he not?"

    We have entered Holy Week. Today is normally the Feast of Saint Joseph. However, as you know by now, it cannot be celebrated during this holiest of weeks. Therefore we get to celebrate his feast two days after Low Sunday on April 1st. As my husband Michael informed, "that's not an April Fool's joke either. Rather, for the first time anyone can remember there will be two Double of the First Class feasts of St. Joseph in April, both within a ten-day period with his transferred feast on April 1 and the Solemnity of St. Joseph on Wednesday, April 9, the first Wednesday in the Second Week of Easter." With those two joyous feasts on the horizon, we cannot glory yet in them until we have gone through the Passion and Death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With tomorrow comes the most sacred time of the Liturgical Year. Have we done all we had intended in praying, fasting, doing penance, mortification, and, yes, almsgiving?

    In our "enlightened" society, we have lost sight of the true meaning of the above Lenten practices, so "simplified" have they become due to modernist infiltration into holy Mother Church long before Vatican Council II erupted into the world. Now the modern conciliar monster is concocting new sins against political correctness to cover the severity of the perpetual sins they ignore.

    Therefore, through long hours of prayer, meditation, spiritual reading, and practice of virtue through prayer, and all that Lent means, it has been placed upon my heart to share with you what the Holy Ghost has placed within the intellect of my soul for these last few days of one of the earliest Lents ever.

    Let me begin by telling you that to truly practice penance, mortification of the flesh, to ceaselessly pray for enlightenment to see my soul as God sees it, and thus to amend my life and do penance, I assure you that I realize, with every passing day, my absolute nothingness. Therefore, my poor words are not my own, but come from the Holy Ghost, who alone bring to us Eternal Wisdom, the perfect Will of Almighty God.

    In prayer last week at our small chapel where we are privileged to have the True Presence of our Blessed Lord in the Holy Eucharist, as we prayed the rosary, the prayers to Our Mother of Perpetual Help and the Stations of the Cross, it was placed upon my heart (the heart of my soul) that the most offensive element of the Traditional Movement is the snares laid for us by God's enemy and ours. His tactic: Apathy, utter placidity in the face of pure evil, a strong tendency toward complacency, and torpidity in our precious Faith.

    Furthermore, I understood that even more than the unspeakable affront to the Most Blessed Trinity, the blasphemy committed against our Beloved Savior, His Most Holy Mother, and all the angels and saints of Heaven through the continued assaults of the conciliar monster, the in-fighting, bickering, disagreements, contentions, and finger-pointing within the Traditional communities offends Him so greatly, that His Most Sacred Heart is so offended as to bleed profusely. His Most Sacred Heart is the abode of all good, all grace. He, Our beloved Savior, desires that we, to whom He has given the grace to profess the One True Faith, outside of which there is no salvation, to cease this insane infighting, and seek Unity through our truly consecrated Bishops, our truly ordained priests, religious, and laity.

    That, which is God's Perfect Will for his little ones, cannot be accomplished as long as there remains disunity among the faithful in the Church Militant, for instead of facing the enemy, satan, staring this fallen creature in the face, and commanding him, in the Most Holy Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to depart, we remain divided, preferring to let but a handful of His servants combating this evil as best they can in word, writing, and other actions.

    This is far from what we should be doing, my dear friends. Only His Grace, given through the Most Holy Mass, and the Sacramental life of the True Church, can we, the laity, effect a transformation within our small, scattered, and disunited communities.

    That which divides us is from satan, pure and simple. All dissentions arise in the bowels of hell, whether they are disagreements, arguments, bickering, and so forth within our own family, our own parish, and within the entire of the Church Militant.

    Yes, we are small in number compared to the billion plus souls trapped not only in the conciliar monster, but the freedom which with the enemy has elevated every false pagan faith to be on an equal footing with the One True Faith given us by Christ Himself. We tend to see ourselves in our small communities and reflect that what else can we do but go to Mass, receive the sacraments, and pray.

    While we must and should do the above, there is so much more we can and should do, if only we would beg God to increase our faith, our hope, and our charity. We need to pour ourselves out as a willing libation for Love of Him, if we are to have any effect upon the moment of the glorious restoration of the One True Faith.

    I have heard more than several persons, priests, bishops, and laity, speak with longing for that piety which existed during the Middle Ages. I have heard them utter such zeal for the conversion of souls, that my heart melts with such love and longing for these conversions, that I find that in examining my own conscience, I see clearly how far short of the mark I fall. Yet, by His Grace, I am able to pick myself up, with renewed zeal that despite the absolute torpidity of today's society trapped in the Great Apostasy, my soul is filled with intense and joyful Hope.

    Ah, faith and hope and charity. These three, the greatest of which is Charity. Still, we fail to comprehend just how little we possess these sublime virtues, which our dear Lord is so willing to bestow upon us, despite our unworthiness, if only we make an effort through prayer and commitment.

    What has become of piety! I do not wish to sound as if I am judging the hearts and souls of anyone in the Traditional Movement, but it is apparent to the eye, to the ear, and to the mind, that this piety, an outward manifestation of the life of grace in our souls, is sadly in intensive care, on life-support, because we have forgotten how to be pious, and many are even fearful of exhibiting such piety anywhere except in the privacy of their homes.

    One of the most sublime means of renewing this piety within our souls comes through reading the Lives of the Saints, the authentic History of holy Mother Church, and, I highly and with all my heart, recommend Dom Prosper's The Liturgical Year as perhaps the most grace-filled means available to animate us, to light a fire within our souls to practice our Faith with openness and zeal, for Love of Our Lord and for Love of our neighbor as He commanded.

    Each day that passes as members of the True Church Militant remain complacent, torpid, placid, satisfied that they, at least, possess the True Faith within their small community, countless souls are being swept into the abyss by the conciliar monster, and the unjust laws passed, particularly in our nation, and throughout the world, enabling satan's lies to take center stage which we watch contentedly from the sidelines.

    Again, through long hours of prayer and spiritual reading, it has been placed within my soul that God is most unhappy with the mindset that goes something like this: The Great Apostasy reigns now, as Sacred Scripture foretold. The chastisements of Almighty God shall befall mankind, as punishment for the sins of its people, particularly the sins of the priests to whom so much has been given. We, the Church Militant of the One True Faith are, either consciously or unconsciously rending Christ's seamless garment, His Holy, Pure Spouse, the Mystical Body of Christ, or we are actively seeking a remedy for our traditional communities. Meanwhile, our true relatives in Heaven, all the saints, are weeping before the throne of our Blessed Lord and His Most Holy Mother, as they intercede for us, and await our prayers for their intercession.

    Good Saint Gabriel the Archangel is the patron saint against heresy. Do we seek his aid. What about the Archangel St. Michael? Do we invoke his aid. Of course, we must seek the intercession of our Blessed Mother, pray her rosary, and do all she has asked from her approved apparitions at Rue de Bac, LaSalette, Lourdes, and Fatima. Heaven has warned us repeatedly of the results of our lukewarmness to Heaven's plan for mankind. We have acted as so much soot and ashes that should form a garment that we wear as true penitents for our individual sins, which affect the entire Church. We must pray for our true bishops, priests, and religious. Moreover, we are bound by Christ's commands to do all we can and SHOULD to aid holy Mother Church is this truly unprecedented time when the waves of heresy, blasphemy, apostasy, schism, and so forth, undermine every one in the Traditional Movement.

    Christ's Most Sacred Heart is repeatedly offended by us when we fail to give our all. It was our Lord who pointed out the generous heart of the widow in the Gospel for the widow's mite when given from the heart means more to God than all the riches in the world. The ideal is that if everyone or most gave their widow's mite, there would be hardly any in need. The problem arises when only a few give their widow's mite. Then those mites don't add up to much and are soon swallowed up by rising costs created by greed in a society which cares not for God's Commandments or His true Church. The problem is compounded for those who have given of their widow's mites because their hopes for what the donation was intended has evaporated because not enough was raised to meet the goals set. It becomes a vicious circle that I'm sure most traditional non-profits are quite familiar with.

    If only Traditional Catholics were truly traditional enough...and Catholic truly care. I would pray that each would think about that. Is that not what Jesus asks? We are to give of ourselves to Him without reserve, without concern for our temporal welfare, and we are to have such faith that we seek only our true heavenly Home, putting aside, once and for all, all attachments to the things of the world, even to putting aside those who refuse to acknowledge the One True Faith despite our efforts to convince them otherwise. We must keep moving forward in Faith, Hope, and Charity.

    How can we expect any results from our meager efforts, when they remain just that: Meager? How many are there who possess sufficient means to support the labors of those who have been called by God Himself to labor in His vineyard. The apathy, the coldness of heart, the insufferable indifference of so many within the True Church is a slap in Christ's Most Holy and Precious Face, and is as if we were there at the time of His Most Sacred and Sorrowful Passion, among the incensed crowd, which spit upon Him, buffeted Him, who shouted blasphemies at Him, the spotless Lamb of God, and who jeered at Him as He was so cruelly treated before being scourged and condemned to die a criminal on the wood of the Holy Cross.

    One day, sooner than we can imagine, Christ's Most Sacred and Sorrowful Cross will appear in the sky for all to see. It shall be glorious, and He shall come again, but this time not as our Emmanuel, our Savior, but as Just Judge.

    Will He find anyone of faith when He returns? He, Our Lord and Savior, asked this question in Sacred Scripture, for He knew that this time of the Great Apostasy would come, and He grieved even then for the time when countless souls would succumb to the lie of His enemy and seek through every linguistic gymnastic exercise to seek to defend the indefensible.

    There is a news flash for those who have succumbed to satan's lie, uttered nearly every day in the conciliar church which is such an affront to Almighty God that we, who are still living, should weep ceaselessly for such affronts to the ever blessed, holy, and tranquil Trinity, while examining our individual consciences to discover just how much we contribute to these affronts by our torpidity and lack of piety.

    To reiterate: If anyone, be he laity, priest, bishop, ecclesiastical, or even the one who pretends to hold the Chair of Peter, deviates even one iota from the Sacred Deposit of Faith handed down from Christ to the Apostles, and defined dogmatically through the ages of holy Mother Church, codified and proclaimed infallibly at the Council of Trent, incurs automatic excommunication, and thus, those who pose as authority figures have absolutely NO authority. It matters not a jot, whit, or anything else if a person in perceived authority utters words, which sound 'catholic', for that person has zero authority, and is not a member of holy Mother Church.

    The false pontiff in Rome makes gestures to calm the Traditional Movement, and so many have recently surrendered to another clever trick of satan. The recent document, which is supposed to have 'liberated' the "Traditional Mass of John XXIII", is nothing more than a clever tactic from hell, a smoke-screen intended to do exactly what it did: Divide the Traditional Movement more than ever before. And it has.

    There are certain Traditionalists who bend over backwards to perform, through the most mind-boggling linguistic gymnastics, a defense of the false pontiff of the conciliar monster, and these poor souls actually believe that this man is the friend of Traditionalism. My friends, beware, this man's entire life has had but one goal: To destroy the One True Faith in favor of modernism. This man, despite a few 'Catholic' sounding phrases here and there, is NOT the friend of the One True Faith, nor is he surrounded by others who hold him captive and make him do the things he does. He is the supposed supreme authority of holy Mother Church. False: He is nothing more than a heretic, for whom we must pray and seek his conversion, while we staunchly deny his heretical actions and words, and defend the rights of the One True Faith.

    My dear friends, from his youth, Ratzinger was imbued with the concept of modernism, naturalism, and many other heresies, including Hegelianism which his liberal education poisoned him with. All of these had been soundly condemned by reliable, holy Pontiffs prior to Ratzinger even beginning his scanty studies for the priesthood. His autobiography alone tells the story of this man's misguided mindset, and his years of 'service' to joly Mother Church have been a consistent attempt to alter the unalterable Divine Truths of God, revealed to us through His Only-Begotten Son Jesus Christ.

    We know that prayer, penance, sacrifice, mortification, the practice of virtue, and the frequenting of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the worthy reception of the Sacraments are vital to the life of grace in our souls. Let us continue to do this, and do it with all our strength, even if we have no sensible consolations, whether it is a true penance for us to do these holy things?for greater is the merit when we walk by Faith alone, then seek sensible consolations.

    This must be for each of us a time of renewal of our Faith im such a way that we take unto ourselves the same piety which existed in the history of holy Mother Church from its inception through the Middle Ages. We would do well to read of this magnificent history of the Church, and the innumerable great Saints God rose up at these particular times to confront satan's clever tactics to destroy the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

    I believe with my whole heart and soul and mind that there are many people who have been blessed with extraordinary temporal wealth. They possess things that are beyond our imagination for many of us who are wearing the garment of Holy Poverty, and seeking to live as the early Christians lived - with such Faith that we are willing to give our life for Love of Him and for the salvation of countless souls.

    If we wish to see the restoration of our glorious Faith, the pearl of great price, the time is NOW. Not tomorrow, next week, next year, or whenever we feel like helping out. God has no time, nor does He have measures. God looks at our efforts.

    Our apostolate, along with that of Dr. Thomas Droleskey, Gerry Matatics, the truly consecrated bishops, priests, and religious, need your help! We have allowed our hearts to turn to stone. We simply no longer care what our priests are struggling to accomplish for Love of Christ as they remain faithful to their vocations. We are even cold-hearted toward ourselves in our own vocations - single or married.

    Almsgiving is one of Christ's commands, and this Lenten season is the time when we must practice this most worthy, blessed, and grace-filled outward sign of our piety if we truly believe in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. And yet, we have not received one cent from anyone except the few who always give. That's it! We are truly preaching to the choir and the choir has shrunk. Quite possibly because many cannot abide by all Christ asks. I am reminded of His words to Saint Peter and His disciples when the vast multitudes walked away and He basically, sadly said, "Will you also walk away?" We know Peter's response but do we live it? Do we truly believe it? If we don't live it, we don't believe it. What is the phrase? Oh yes, Lex orandi, lex credendi. It is not my poor words that count. It is not anything that those laboring within the True Vineyard of the Lord say or do. Those called to this active apostolate are Christ's chosen instruments by grace, for all of us are mere creatures, dust, and ashes. We have only a short time on this earth, this valley of tears, to prove our Love of Him through our fulfillment of all He Commanded. The laborer is worthy of his wages is he not?

    What wages do these few laborers receive from you, to whom they minister? You must ask yourself this question, and examine your life. There are mission communities just getting started, while others which have been established continue to stagnate for various reasons, the principle one being, as has been placed upon my soul to share with you is this: Cold-hearted people no longer desire to support those who preach the unadulterated Truth, which flows from Eternal Wisdom, which is Christ Himself.

    Our humble little parish in San Diego is not so little, but it cannot grow as Christ demands, unless we have support. We need a church, anything that will serve as a Church so that we may have the True Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Without a proper Church, how can we who are members of this parish hope to convert even one soul to the One True Faith. The Blessed Sacrament has been in one home in San Diego for thirty years this year. But the True Presence is in a home which is private, very small and falling apart. It is only accessible by calling ahead and hoping you can arrange a visit. The neighborhood has grown steadily more dangerous as gangs and other slackers roam the street. It's not a safe area, especially after dark. Yet here our Lord sits, trapped by the circumstances which curtails growth in the parish without a church or a safe building where all can have access morning, noon and night to spend time with Him in the Tabernacle.

    Without the generosity of generous benefactors, the beams will continue to rot way and the roof will sag more. My dear friends, the moment is now that we must give of ourselves in every way, without any fear that if we deprive ourselves of our treasure, God, Who's Providence for His children is so magnificent, that He will repay any sacrifice done for Love of Him a hundredfold, even a thousandfold. Those who give of their treasure will receive the same reward as St. Lazarus received: He deserved to be raised from the dead. His reward in Heaven shines with such brilliance that we would simply die of joy if God revealed the glory to which St. Lazarus and others throughout the centuries who imitated him, are enjoying for all eternity.

    Turn your eyes to Heaven; make Heaven ever present in your conscious mind, and let the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, be the summit, the pinnacle of all your words and deeds, and permeate all of your thoughts.

    Give until you have given all. Give not for any individual who you might find a natural attraction to in the person's ministry. All of us are mere instruments, but God can use our poor efforts infinitely.

    Our Lady of Fatima Parish in San Diego is in desperate need of obtaining a church. Without this, our parish shall not grow, and this depraved diocese will continue to drag countless souls to perdition, while many are comfortable in our small space. When you give of your earthly treasure, you instantly obtain such treasure in Heaven that your crown of glory shall shine so gloriously for all eternity that you must believe that He, Who created You, will reward you beyond any thing you could ask Him for in this life.

    Shall we continue to be small of mind, heart, and soul? Shall our individual traditional communities continue to be divided by ridiculous traps laid by satan to divide us. Are we not all members of the One True Faith, and should we not seek unity among ourselves. One way to animate our souls to fervor, which leads to the practice of all virtues, and thus to holiness and true sanctity, begins with giving. Christ told us what we must do if we believe in Him: Give everything you have to the poor and come, follow Me.

    I sometimes wonder just who we are following as we plod along day after day, week after week, content that a few join us in the practice of our Faith. Where is our piety, our zeal, our HOPE that through us as mere instruments, God shall gain the Victory, and the conciliar facade with its brick and mortar of heresy and blasphemy, lies, clever schemes to deceive, and so forth continue unabated, because we are unwilling to give of our time, our treasure, and even our very lives, falsely believing that we must await God's chastisements.

    In the remaining time of Lent, particularly as we approach Holy Week, let us ponder upon all Christ commanded, and let us begin this very moment to give unreservedly to those laboring for the salvation of souls.

    I beseech you with all my being, to help. So many need your help. Ministries that seek to spread the truth to the very ends of the earth are in dire straits because you have become cold-hearted and complacent with the little you have of the fullness of the One True Faith. Without your help financially, so many of these small traditional communities will disappear from the face of the earth. As Dom Prosper speaks in The Liturgical Year as the waves and flood of apostasy, heresy, blasphemy and schism batter the Barque of Peter, there will come that moment when the One True Faith shall have no place on earth to plant her roots for the salvation of mankind.

    When that awful moment comes when the One True Faith is eclipsed, because we have done nothing to prevent this fast-approaching time, then Christ shall lift up His One True Church, as He comes again in all His Glory and Majesty to Judge the living and the dead.

    How soon is this moment to come? From all that is happening both in society and in the conciliar monster, and the lack of what is happening in the Traditional Movement, it appears that the moment is so close that we cannot see it, for we are too tepid of Faith to lift up our eyes to Heaven and see the signs Christ gave to us in Sacred Scripture.

    My dear friends, this is indeed a plea straight from my soul. I beseech you to help. Help us here in San Diego to have the means to obtain a church, whereby we will have a full-time priest to bring us the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and that we, in this parish might, through God's Infinite Promises and Graces, believe He shall aid us in converting a diocese that was once dedicated to St. Didacus by the great missionary Father Junipero Serra. This area was once a shining torch of the Light of Christ to all, and the One True Faith was so established, as to deny entrance to heretics, apostates, etc. Now, the very heretics and apostates hold office, and their sins cry to Heaven for vengeance. Only with your help - your financial help - can we begin to do what Christ has asked of us, and has asked of all who labor for Love of Him.

    Yes, I am pleading for donations to every single person who is out there every day struggling to spread the truth of the Faith, and in doing so, have absolutely no support from the so-called faithful in the Church Militant. To whom shall we go if not to our brethren in the Church Militant to seek alms?

    If Our Lady of Fatima Parish is to become a beacon of intense Light to this particular diocese where the Franciscans labored to convert countless souls to the One True Faith, we need your financial help. Now, because you have not helped, the conciliar monster swallows souls with such voracious lies that so many are lost - priceless souls redeemed by the shedding of the very last drop of the Most Precious Blood of our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ, and through the unspeakable Sorrows of His Most Holy Mother. The Sacred and Immaculate Heart are offended so by the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference against Them while in the very footsteps of Fr. Serra these blasphemies and sins that cry to vengeance for Heaven continue unabated with the conciliar monster turning its ugly head as if not to see while condoning what its hideous 'bishops' do as necessary for diversity, tolerance and ecumenism for globalization of society. Never mind the soul, all hands on deck for the devil. That deck could never have anything to do with the true Barque of Peter.

    May those of you who read these words realize that they come not from me, but are inspired and placed within the heart of my soul and infused knowledge is given, not by any merit of my own, for I confess before the entire world that I am the most wretched, vile and unworthy of all God's creatures. It is Love of Him Who is the Son of God, my Lord, God, and Savior and my intense love of Him in the One True Faith that brings these words to you in this article on Almsgiving.

    We can begin to change the world, my friends, and we can do so before we reach the glorious Feast of Easter. This Holy Week let us present to our Risen Savior on Easter, the manifold sacrifices, penances, and mortifications we practiced during Lent. Through our unreserved Almsgiving, let us show Him through our actions our Love and our belief in His Promises, and our total confidence in His Providence to provide for our temporal needs. He, Who is Charity, will never allow one of his little ones who have given of all his treasure to go unrewarded in Heaven, and His Providence will grant you the necessities of life, for you have placed Him First, your neighbor Second, and yourself Third. That is the path of perfection. Please, give all that you can, and then give even more, for without your aid, all who labor in the True Vineyard shall pass away, and the moment of God's terrible wrath shall befall mankind, and then He shall return to judge the living and the dead. Don't give all to just one ministry. Divide it up so all traditional apostolates can benefit and continue their calling by God. Your first duty is to the traditional parish and priest who takes care of your soul and provides the True Sacraments. If all gave from their heart our traditional parishes would be thriving and there would be so many more parishes and true priests. So many hearts would be converted and sincere Novus Ordo presbyters, realizing they've been deceived and had not truly received the Sacrament of Holy Orders, would give their all to be re-ordained with the True Sacrament and, carefully scrutinized and instructed by our orthodox, truly dedicated Traditional Bishops, they could replenish the Vineyard.

    However, the ideal, the reality is that each parish will plug along barely able to cover expenses and even fewer yet realizing that these catacomb chapels is where ALL Catholics should be. That is why our apostolate,,,,,, Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, and several other uncompromising Traditional sites need your help. Not one of those listed receives a salary. They all do it as a labor of love for our Lord and His Blessed Mother, for the sake of saving souls. Every one of the principals of the above sites is qualified in experience or education to make a six figure salary in the secular world, but they have freely given of their time, talent and treasure to uphold the Sacred Deposit of the Faith, sacrificing all for God. Is this not what Jesus asks of all of us? Why is it so few truly hear Him and respond?

    Those who give of their treasure shall know, then, that He shall cover all their sins with the cloak of charity, attire them in the garment of Holy Poverty, and present them to His Heavenly Father as his beloved, whom He invites to partake of His Heavenly Banquet for all eternity.

    My friends, what else could Heaven say to us in these times? As the poorest of all His children, I am shaken to the core of my being as I realize my own innumerable sins, failings, faults, and imperfections. Still, I know what He has asked of us not only through our ministry of The Daily Catholic, but also the many things He has asked of us in addition. One of those is to obtain a church for Our Lady of Fatima Parish in San Diego, and I believe with all my heart that someone has the means to accomplish this.

    Almsgiving can amend a multitude of sins when given with a sincere and contrite heart, and when one has the means to share their treasure and does not, that can compound a multitude of sins. Think about that because one day you are rich, the next day dead. Your riches are useless in the grave, even more of a hindrance at Judgment time as our Lord reminds us in the parable of the eye of the needle. Isn't it time to thread some donations our way if you really are concerned about tallying up points for Heaven?

    Because we have not been able to raise the necessary funds to really get SANCTUS up and running where we could be instrumental in helping get an elevator for Mount St. Michael's in Spokane, or secure property for a church in San Diego for Our Lady of Fatima. Furthermore, because of logistics we have not been able to purchase a new high-powered computer but merely fund (not cheaply I might add) an upgrade and additional boost in RAM and MEMORY on the old computer which is, through its agonizingly slow response time, dying a slow death. How much longer The Daily Catholic stays on line is up to you. I know the laptop we had died a few weeks ago and I'm typing this at 3 a.m. so I can get on the computer since Mike needs it during the day. We only have one computer and that is "living" on borrowed time thanks to sprinkling holy water on it daily. Because of our circumstances, this will therefore be my last article for some time, or until we have the funds to afford two computers so we can continue this ministry without having to use bandaids, Scotchtape and Duct tape, which we literally have on the exterior shell of Mike's 1995 PC.

    May the Holy Ghost enlighten you, inspire you, animate your charity, and may you give generously to all who labor, and in particular, I beseech you to assist Our Lady of Fatima Parish so that, through God's grace, this one parish might become the beacon for this diocese to begin the cleansing and a return to true Catholicism, just as I pray for each community throughout the world who seek to fulfill all that Christ commanded, that their own communities may no longer remain small because those people who attend are small in virtue, faith, hope, and charity. Charity and Almsgiving go together. We all have a duty to give. Won't you give, please? I've included the easy-to-donate button below via PayPal to enable you to be able to give from your heart. It's what we give above and beyond that 'duty' that God judges. Did I mention that it is not our successes He measures, but our efforts. Won't you please make the effort before it's too late?

    May you reap the blessings of this penitential season on the Solemnity of the Risen Lord when you can truly say to Him, "I gave it my best effort, dear Lord."


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