Ash Wednesday
February 6, 2008
vol 19, no. 37

The Necessary Martha and Mary Balance Needs the Fulcrum of Lazarus

    St. Martha's exterior works could not fully fulfill God's will without St. Mary Magdalene's interior life; likewise the latter would not have been able to devote herself to contemplative ways without the necessary aid of St. Martha's active ministry. So also this balance is necessary today in the traditional community. When it comes to the vineyard of the Lord, all work and no pray translates to dwindling hermitages and diminishing converts, not to mention a breeding ground for satan's agenda. Likewise, all pray and no work in the vineyard will produce a few fervent souls but a mountain of problems for the rest who are not ministered to because there are so few laboring for the Lord, so few also who have not responded to His call to help those Marthas of today. Where are the Lazaruses of today?

      Many of you still have a home, a family, an income that provides the necessities of life. You have clothing to wear, a warm home in winter, vehicles to help you to fulfill your duties and responsibilities in life, and many of you have been given great earthly treasure by Almighty God. And what good is this treasure which Christ has seen fit to grant you in this earthly sojourn, which ends with our mortal remains becoming dust and ashes, if you do not seek to use your treasure for the greater glory of Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. There is no other reason that Christ gave you treasure on earth, except to use it to assist those who, being stripped of every earthly possession, even friendship, and also spiritual consolations as they willingly endure the dark night of the soul, continue to do what Christ has commanded of them: To evangelize the One True Faith to the entire earth, without compromising one iota of the Faith Christ gave us, the gift of the priceless pearl.

    “Remember man, thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return.” Thus are we reminded on Ash Wednesday of our mortality. A most sobering thought, particularly during this time of the Great Apostasy, when we are surrounded by the siren call of satan and his minions, who would have us believe that we are gods, that we, who are mere dust, are equal to, or in some people’s deceived minds, above our Creator.

    The penitential season of Lent is to be a sobering time for us spiritually, and temporally. It is a time that holy Mother Church so wisely, and lovingly, sets aside for those who are members of the One True Faith, to recall, daily, what their Faith calls them to become, and the means by which we, who are but dust, may become that which our Creator calls each one of us to be: SAINTS.

    Yes, all of us, without exception are called to be saints, and our journey here on this sorrowful earth, this valley of tears, is our testing ground, our boot camp if you will, to prove our love of Jesus Christ.

    Every canonized Saint prior to Vatican Council II, and the untold number of saints who are not canonized, reached Heaven, our true home, where we will see God face to face in the Beatific Vision for all eternity, arrived at this ultimate goal through the practice of virtue. Specifically, the virtue of charity.

    Christ, in His public ministry, gave mankind two great commandments, which contain the entire Law — all that Christ commanded of those who, believing in Him and the One True Faith He established by Divine mandate, must practice, if we are to be saints.

    Christ said: “Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself for Love of God." Let us examine more closely the second of these two great commandments, for in this love of neighbor, we are disoriented today, due to the diabolical influence of Vatican Council II, with it false naturalistic, modernistic, universal salvation heresy.

    These two great commandments encompass the virtue of Charity. To love God with all whole heart, mind, strength, and soul, requires the virtue of charity to be not merely alive, but a flame that enkindles our soul. However, it is not enough to love Him. He commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We forget that in this command of Christ, He is saying to us: “I want you to love your neighbor as I love them, and see in them Myself, for I created them, and I gave my life on the cross that they might believe, and be with me for all eternity.’ How do we respond?

    Loving our neighbor does not mean being nice to our next door neighbor, or the individual people we meet in our daily life, be they a store clerk, our co-workers, our landlord, the teller where we bank, the person who turns on the gas pump as the local station and takes our hard-earned money. Christ’s second great commandment means that we must love everyone in the entire world, not with sentimentality, not with a false emotion of the human nature. Christ’s command is meant to lift us out of our finite emotions, and to raise our souls to a supernatural level, where, through His grace, we understand that our consummate duty is to love our neighbor — those in our family, our relatives, friends, benefactors, and, yes, our enemies, with His Love. This means that we must love all with a supernatural charity that desires the salvation of every single soul.

    We must have within our souls, minds, and hearts, a burning desire for the conversion of every single soul who is not within the embrace of the One True Faith. We practice this seraphic charity, which embodies the Second Great Commandment, through prayer. Yes, we must pray for the conversion of every soul, whether they are in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, some other protestant denomination, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, snake worshippers, of the countless false cults which satan began and planned long before Martin Luther bolted from the One True Faith, rending Christ's seamless garment (Holy Mother Church) into countless rips during the beginning of the Protestant Reformation (Revolution).

    We must do more than pray. We must also practice sacrifice, mortification of our flesh, denouncing the world and all it contains, detaching ourselves from mere temporal things, be they persons or the “things” the world offers. We must subdue our emotions and passions, which lead us into sin, and seek, with God’s grace, to amend our lives in such a manner, that our entire being is centered upon Christ and the One True Faith, daily weeding out our temptations, our shortcomings, our faults, failings, and imperfections. Moreover, all of this is possible through the practice of the virtue of Charity. Not by relying upon a few who have food-banks for feeding the poor, not by relying upon a few who house the homeless, the abused, the battered, and the poorest of the poor.

    So many of these organizations seem to our finite minds to be good and worthy causes. However, are they really good before the Throne of Almighty God? While there may be an amount of merit in a few of such organizations, most displease the Most Blessed Trinity, for they do not seek the conversion of the souls they minister to, but rather, attend only to the mortal body, which is but dust and ashes. Only the very few who minister to souls, with the uncompromising charity of caring for both body and soul, are pleasing to God, and blessed by Him in their work. If any social agency reaches out to the “little ones” of Christ’s sheepfold, it must be not only to practice the Corporal Works of Mercy, but also the Spiritual Works as well.

    Do we have that charity which seeks the conversion of every single soul who is not a member of the One True Church. Do we consider, even for a second, how few there are who are laboring in Christ’s True Vineyard, pouring themselves out as a libation, for they seek not only to help in temporal matters, but above all else, they seek to bring each soul into the bosom of holy Mother Church? We must have a strong Faith to recognize that until the soul embraces the One True Faith, outside of which there is no salvation, we are not practicing true Charity if all we seek is to put a band-aid on their temporal needs.

    Christ said in Sacred Scripture to His Apostles, that the poor we would always have with us, but that we would not always have His physical presence walking among us, as He did during His earthly life. He was telling His Apostles that those who were blessed by the heavenly Father to see Christ, to hear Him teach, to be touched by His Blessed Hands which healed countless people of both temporal infirmities, but more importantly their souls that they might believe, who saw Him, who followed Him, learned from Him, and believed through the grace flowing from His very Being, were to keep their eyes upon Him always, before they went to attend the poor.

    Without Christ, laboring in a vineyard is work, but it is not for God’s greater honor and glory. It is a false charity that looks very good on the surface, but underneath, is worthless, for those who run such social services have not the slightest intent to convert one soul to the One True Faith. Many of these services seek to convert souls to their false protestant cult, and many souls are thus captivated by the seemingly “good” work of these false ministers of pagan religions, and thus the soul is trapped in a false faith, a cult, that preaches heresy to these priceless souls for whom Christ gave the last drop of His Most Precious Blood on Calvary.

    In our complex society, we can simplify things by looking at the two great saints in the New Testament, two who had very different vocations, yet both of whom were called by Christ to labor in His vineyard. There is only one true vineyard in which we must labor, and that vineyard is to seek the conversion of all souls to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith Christ founded upon St. Peter, His Rock. Any other ‘vineyard’ is a false one, and the work within it will bear no fruit pleasing to Almighty God, and will merit nothing before Him when one’s particular judgment takes place.

    As Christ spoke of the Two Great Commandments, we can learn from them that there are two vocations, which contain the fullness of both commands. Look at the sisters of St. Lazarus. We have Saint Martha, and Saint Mary Magdalene (the latter much maligned by such insidiously evil books and movies as “The DaVinci Code,” and others who mock Christ and His Saints).

    We see clearly in Sacred Scripture that there is the active apostolate, and the contemplative, hidden apostolate. St. Martha was called by Christ to the active apostolate, and her sister, St. Mary Magdalene, the contemplative, hidden vocation. Holy Mother Church, in her glorious history, has, from the beginning of Christianity (and please do not confuse the word ‘christianity’ with any protestant denomination) given first place to the vocation of St. Mary Magdalene, who imitated as she grew in grace, virtue, and holiness, the Blessed Mother.

    Holy Mother Church, guided and guarded by the Holy Ghost, poured out great graces in order that those called to the active apostolate of laboring in Christ’s vineyard for the conversion and salvation of all souls, could fulfill their own glorious vocation through the prayers, sacrifices, penances, mortifications, and hidden sufferings of those who, also by grace, were called to the contemplative, hidden life. The latter are all ‘victim souls’, who willingly give their lives to Christ, being crucified with Him, thus offering their very lives, every breath of their body, every beat of their heart, every suffering of body, mind, and soul, to Him, in order to obtain from Him the graces necessary for those who are laboring in the vineyard in an active apostolate.

    Thus, our complex society can be simplified into the Two Great Commandments, and the two great vocations Christ established, with St. Martha and St. Mary Magdalene being among the first examples for our knowledge and edification. Holy Mother Church’s Divine mandate cannot be accomplished unless there are the willing ‘hidden’ souls immersed in prayer and self-denial, sufferings and sacrifice, mortification and penance, all for Love of Jesus Christ through His Most Sacred and Sorrowful Passion, that those laboring for the conversion and salvation of countless souls, might have the necessary graces to accomplish their mission in life.

    Now that we are in the Lenten Season, we must take a few minutes, or more, to examine our life. Many are not called to the active apostolate of laboring in Christ’s True Vineyard. Rather, they are called by His grace to the hidden life in religion, as cloistered nuns and monks, brothers, even priests, as well as those not called to the religious life. Yes, those who are in the married state, as well as those in the single vocation, can and must practice the hidden life exemplified first by Our Blessed Mother, and the example given us by the canonized saints throughout the history of our priceless Faith, as the “hidden souls” who offer their very lives in a hidden way, gaining great graces for those who are laboring in the vineyard. Both are of great value and merit before the Throne of the Most Blessed Trinity, and without both, Holy Mother Church cannot fulfill her Divine Mandate.

    That is a certain sign of the heresy, apostasy, schism, and diabolical disorientation of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. There is no effort whatsoever to seek the conversion of those in pagan faiths. You see, there is only One True Faith, and no matter what clever tactic the devil uses to cloud the issue, every other so-called ‘faith’ is not of God, but comes directly from God’s enemy and ours — satan himself. Thus, we can simplify the complexity of the thousands of ‘christian’ faiths, as well as all other so-called ‘faiths’ into one category: All are pagan, and their only goal is to tear apart the seamless cloak of Christ, which is the Mystical Body of Christ present only in the One True Faith. To be ‘Christian” is to be Roman Catholic. Anything else is of the devil. It is that simple.

    Now, during the penitential season of Lent, we must seek to understand what true Charity toward our neighbor means, and begin to apply it to our life. We must seek to see our place within the Mystical Body of Christ as members of the Church Militant. We must strive to practice supernatural charity towards our neighbor in the ways mentioned above, but there is more we can do, and must do, for Christ commanded it in Sacred Scripture.

    First, we must recognize that God chooses those souls to labor in His True Vineyard, not by any merit of their own, but only by God’s grace. It is His Perfect Will, which places each individual called to this particular apostolate of laboring actively for the conversion of souls. In this time of the Great Apostasy, we must see the few true Shepherds (our traditional Bishops who will not compromise with conciliarism), and the truly ordained priests as priceless gifts from God. We must see the humble brothers, the vowed nuns who are teaching in schools, as priceless gifts, for without them, we would not have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, nor the education of our youth in the tenets of the One True Faith. Because we are in a time never before realized in the history of Holy Mother Church, Christ has placed lay people in His Vineyard, and Has instructed them to spread the Eternal Truth Christ gave to us in His earthly life, and through is Most Sacred and Sorrowful Passion and Death.

    We must realize that the Glorious Mysteries are yet to be realized for those who have believed and have lived the Two Great Commandments. We are not yet to that point in finite time when we are to experience the resurrection of the dead, the Final Judgment, and the End of All Time. That is yet to come. When it will come God the Father alone knows. So we would be wise to do as Christ said in Scripture concerning these times, to keep our Faith alive and deeply rooted lest we be deceived by satan’s continued lies, and watch for the signs Christ spoke of in Scripture concerning the End of All Time. Still, we are not to worry about these things, which must come to pass, for they are all within God’s Providence for His creatures.

    What we must concern ourselves with, and to some extent, worry about, is whether or not we are practicing the Two Great Commandments to the fullest extent. Most of us seek to fulfill these commandments, giving less than our all, giving what we can, but not what we should. Christ said that unless we do as He commands, unless we pick up our cross daily and follow him, we are not worthy of Him.

    Lent is a time to seek any lukewarmness within us, and to ask God’s merciful grace to rid ourselves of such a vile disposition. Christ demands all or nothing. Halfway measures are not pleasing to Him. Christ gave Himself fully to save fallen mankind from the wickedness and snares of the devil, who entraps souls in sin through temptation, through the use of our finite weaknesses, and who has but one aim: To destroy Holy Mother Church and thus cause the loss of countless souls for whom Christ gave His life on the wood of the Holy Cross.

    Christ commanded in Sacred Scripture that both vocations — active and contemplative, or hidden if you prefer — are vital to the Divine Mandate of His Pure Bride—His Mystical Body which exists only within the One True Faith. He said that St. Mary Magdalene had chosen the ‘better’ part, for her life after her conversion was one of contemplation of Christ, who filled her with such love that she was consumed by it. St. Martha, on the other hand, was no less pleasing to Christ in her active apostolate, which saw not only to the temporal needs of those she served, but because the One True Faith burned within her soul, she never ceased to seek the conversion of all she ministered to in her lifetime.

    We can and must follow our Lord’s commands, and this Lenten season, we must take a good, hard look at our life and what we have done, or not done, in keeping the Two Great Commandments.

    In this time of such diabolical dimented disorientation, when those who, by God’s grace, are seeking to preserve the One True Faith in every possible way, and who, by their intense labors, are being poured out as libations before the Throne of Almighty God, we must see to their needs, temporal and spiritual.

    We must put aside our own wants, even some of our own needs, and dedicate ourselves in assisting those who have been called to this very intense labor in Christ’s True Vineyard. All who have, by God’s merciful grace, been placed within the bosom of Holy Mother Church, need to expand their horizons by meditating upon the Second Great Commandment: Love thy neighbor as thyself (as Christ loves each soul infinitely). We are to aid those who are laboring day and night to keep the flame of the One True Faith alive, and who seek the conversion of every soul they encounter, who are outside the One True Faith.

    Those laboring in the true vineyard have been stripped of all earthly means of support. They have been stripped of familial ties, due to dissention within families who have been torn apart by the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Those laboring in the vineyard to preserve the True Faith and seek the conversion of all, have been stripped of friendship, of even social activities where they might meet with others laboring in the vineyard, to be strengthened. Those who are laboring in the vineyard have been stripped of nearly everything so many hold so dear.

    Many of you still have a home, a family, an income that provides the necessities of life. You have clothing to wear, a warm home in winter, vehicles to help you to fulfill your duties and responsibilities in life, and many of you have been given great earthly treasure by Almighty God. And what good is this treasure which Christ has seen fit to grant you in this earthly sojourn, which ends with our mortal remains becoming dust and ashes, if you do not seek to use your treasure for the greater glory of Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. There is no other reason that Christ gave you treasure on earth, except to use it to assist those who, being stripped of every earthly possession, even friendship, and also spiritual consolations as they willingly endure the dark night of the soul, continue to do what Christ has commanded of them: To evangelize the One True Faith to the entire earth, without compromising one iota of the Faith Christ gave us, the gift of the priceless pearl.

    To some Christ has given less, to others He has chosen to give great excess (though that is sparse in traditional circles as far as can be seen). Many have excelled in business and have amassed so much money that they are among the few who can afford not only the necessities of life, but also its luxuries. God did not intend for these souls to live in luxury, when holy Mother Church is suffering through her crucifixion, and countless souls are being swept into the abyss of Hell, through satan’s diabolical counterfeit church of conciliarism. Oh, the shame of our lukewarmness, of our coldness, or our hearts turned to stone! What shall Christ say to those to whom He has given so very much when they find that their mortal body is but dust and ashes, while their immortal soul is judged by Christ and found severely wanting in the practice of the virtue of true Charity.

    Charity seeks the conversion of all souls to the One True Faith. And even if your vocation is that of the married life, and you have a spouse and children to care for, God’s Providence for you must never be doubted. He, Who is All, will never suffer one who practices true Charity to be bereft of the necessities of life. And to those who have been given less, it is in the measure of their Charity and Confidence in Christ’s promises and His Providence to care for them, that in giving even of their own necessities, they will receive a hundredfold in return. For those to whom Christ has seen fit to give great wealth, He expects that this abundance be used not for the luxury of a few, to indulge the mortal body in every luxury available today, nor even to be clothed in the richest garments. On the contrary, he expects those to whom great wealth has been amassed to use it for those laboring in his True Vineyard, and to do so without counting out pocket change.

    Remember, Christ gave His All, and He expects each one of us to do the same if we truly Love Him. Lent is the time for us to examine our conscience, our lives, our situation, and to determine whether we are giving our all, or only a mere fraction of our all. It is a time to remember that Lent is not only a time for prayer, penance, fasting and self-denial, but also to tithe to the Church.

    In this time of the Great Apostasy, that can be confusing for to contribute to the Novus Ordo establishment only empowers satan and his minions more, evident by the filth and cover-ups of sex crimes, corruption and every other sin in the book by conciliar "bishops" and "priests" who continue to dupe so many through guilt to contribute to bailing them out while the sin continues. No, tithing to the Church means to support those chapels, orders, organizations, and ministries dedicated to carrying out Christ's commands with not one ounce of compromise. Considering there are so few of these traditional groups today, you would think Catholics would be flocking to give as their contribution to the Church Militant. But alas, there is a vast shadow of lukewarmness that settles over the traditional movement, where many feel they're fine because they have the sacraments, so why worry about others. Let them fend on their own.

    What if St. Martha thought that way? Jesus and His disciples would be waiting for their food, dust would mount up and collect because she did not clean. In other words, a real mess on her hands that would reflect badly on her not only with those in her presence but by the True Presence as well. That is the very reason for Lent: to cleanse our souls and bodies, and this is done by also cleansing our portfolios of treasures. We all know no one can take it with them. Why then would they horde it when it could be put to such wonderful use? Why would they neglect the promises our Lord has made?

    Charity, which flows from Christ’s Sacred Heart, has no limits, no measures. He expects us to use the treasures He has given us for Him, by practicing our Faith, and seeking the conversion of every single soul not within the bosom of Holy Mother Church. This means that we must want to see all in pagan faiths, who have professed such hatred against Christ’s True Church, gathered into the maternal arms of Holy Mother Church, and to will that they be saved and are given the graces to amend their lives and become true saints.

    Impossible! Never! Easy? Never! The road to our Heavenly Home is the Way of the Cross. If we truly Love Him, we need only to cling to His Cross and give Him our all in our time, our talents, and our treasure.

    To assist those who labor in His True Vineyard encompasses all that the two Great Commandments contain. To do less is to be a lukewarm, cold-hearted individual, who, for whatever reasons, decides not to share his earthly treasure with those laboring for the True Faith and the conversion of souls. And when this happens, you can be certain that it is the devil who has placed a veil over that person’s soul, a veil over that person’s eyes, a lie to stop that person’s ears from hearing the Eternal Truth of Christ’s Gospel, and whose ability to think and reason, and even to speak of Christ’s One True Faith, has been twisted by satan’s diabolical schemes.

    The evil of satan has spread to every corner of the globe, and every day it grows worse. It is beyond our ability to even imagine just how much worse this diabolical slavery is going to become, unless the few whom Christ has chosen as both His active laborers and those who are the hidden, suffering, victim souls, receive the help they so desperately need from those who have the means to help.

    The widow’s mite was glorious in Christ’s eyes. The lavishness of Lazarus’s charity, which in terms of money and other earthly goods far exceeded the widow’s mite, was equally loved by Christ, and glorious in His sight.

    Do we wish to be found pleasing before the Throne of Almighty God? Do we wish to care naught that our mortal bodies, no matter how much money we might be spending to stave off the advancing years of our life, to reshape our body into what the world sees as beautiful, and the enormous amount of money spent on cosmetics, on every conceivable luxury, and the erroneous hype that our “pets” must be cared for in a better fashion than the human person who is our neighbor, are examples of precisely what Christ did NOT mean when He gave us the two Great Commandments?

    Sooner than we can imagine, our bodies shall be but dust and ashes, and all the countless dollars spent to deny this truth, to stave off the ageing process and to deny the Eternal Truth that our mortal bodies are to be the temple of the Holy Ghost, and will one day die and decay, while our immortal soul will either eventually shine brightly in Heaven, or be lost for all eternity in the unending fire of Hell, will determine the degree and measure of our practice of Charity.

    Please take this time during Lent to examine your life in every aspect, and may the Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier, show you the difference between false charity and that supernatural charity which Christ commanded us to practice. Charity is so vital, that without this virtue glowing in our souls, we shall not make Heaven, we shall not see God face to face for all eternity. Our eternal destination depends upon our practice of Charity, and our willingness to Trust Him to care for us, while we apply ourselves to the care of those laboring in His Vineyard.

    Seek the grace to be poured out as a libation for Him, Who Shed every single drop of His Most Precious Blood for mankind. If you will to practice seraphic charity as Christ commands, and numerous saints have given witness of in their lives, then begin now.

    Every single traditional Catholic apostolate is in great need of your assistance. Not one is flourishing. All are stripped of all temporal means to continue the work that Christ has asked of them. Without your assistance in the material things, financial aid for food, water, a roof over their heads, and just the basics of life, nothing more, these vital apostolate will disappear from the face of the earth. If you allow this to happen, all that will be left, eventually, is an astoundingly small number of souls who shall persevere in the One True Faith although they shall be so widely scattered across the globe they shall be seemingly of no consequence. And they will live as the early Christians lived in the catacombs, awaiting that moment when they might give their life for Christ. But the conversion of countless souls will not happen. Graces will not flow from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary because you decided to wait and see, while traditional ministries went under because they, too, have bills and need to put food on the table.

    I am not writing this just for the sake of this ministry of SANCTUS and its flagship publication of The Daily Catholic, for God knows we depend on donations to keep this apostolate going and were it not for a few we long ago would have been forced to close down. Many things Michael had wanted to do with The Daily Catholic in expanding its capabilities has been curtailed because of budget and lack of expensive modern technology that would have aided this, not to mention training. Michael will reach retirement age this April and, though he has no intention of packing it in, his health is slipping with each year. That was, in addition to my own maladies, the main reason we returned to San Diego. But expenses mount up for us with the ministry. For our personal needs, we make it on our minimum fixed income though it is paycheck to paycheck with no luxuries. For our ministry, as the costs mount, we depend on donations and, as I said, except for a few dedicated souls, there is no guarantee of charitable income coming in. This prevents us from taking that step in upgrading to a new computer. We had hoped to purchase one late last year, but, because of costs and the need to have some reserve in case of emergencies, Michael just boosted RAM and memory on his old computer that is still held together with rubber bands and still running on St. Michael power and the grace of God. In order to accomplish what is necessary to reach more souls, he's going to need a MAC with the Leopard Software so it will be compatible with the outdated, but necessary programs he presently has. We have nearly 40,000 pages in archives and he has little time to monitor them, let alone upgrade them so they will be transferable. So yes, we are in great need of your charity in being St. Marthas.

    But I am not singling out our ministry as the only one deserving of your seraphic charity. Without traditional priests we would not have the true sacraments. Those chapels that offer the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with no concessions to the Vatican II church should be first and foremost on your list of beneficiaries. We all need to tithe to these chapels and churches in the catacombs. From Monroe, Connecticut where Bishop McKenna shepherds souls to Florida where Bishop Sanborn is molding men to become dedicated priests to Omaha where the same formation can be found at Mater Dei Seminary under the guidance of Bishop Mark Pivarunas, CMRI to St. Gertrude the Great traditional parish in the Cincinatti area under the direction of Bishop Daniel Dolan. These true shepherds all have parishes and missions that need your help to stay running. Here in San Diego we have the only True Presence in the entire diocese in the back of a home of a stalwart traditional man who has hosted the chapel for 30 years. The roof is sagging and the hinges rusting. The rain leaks through and it can barely contain those coming for Saturday Masses. Sundays we attend Holy Mass in the Old Town Holiday Inn and that will hopefully soon be too small. And that is just one case. Multiply that by so many communities and you'll see how much your contributions are needed.

    We were told by a non-Catholic that the best way to raise funds was to convert rich Novus Ordo Catholics. Not a bad idea, but only through yours and our prayers will they receive the grace to see and convert. So many traditional non-profits are dying because there is so little support. That is why such sites as ours,, and sites such as Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey's pages are so vital in reaching souls and waking them from their conciliar comas. Thomas' articles pinpoint clearly what we as true Catholics need to do. We can't do it alone; he can't do it alone. His latest plea breaks down the needs and numbers. Will you ignore it? Will you ignore your traditional communities, your traditional ministries?

    Before you brush this off as being just another plea or rationalize that you too have bills to pay, realize that the time will come when Christ will call home all of those to whom He gave treasure on earth. Each will have to answer to Him as to why they chose to ignore His words and commands, why they did not assist those called to labor for the preservation of the One True Faith, and to seek the conversion of their neighbor.

    May this Lenten season find that the Holy Ghost ignites within us such a fire of love for our Beloved Savior and His Most Holy Mother, our Lady of Sorrows, that our hearts will no longer be cold, indifferent, judgmental, opinionated, made of stone, and found to be in the category of the lukewarm who just didn’t give a darn about the One True Faith and the salvation of their own soul, much less the salvation of their neighbor.

    Rather, may this Lenten season change us forever into saints through the practice of True Charity, which never counts the cost, never seeks anything in return, and recognizes that the reward of giving to those who labor in the vineyard, is so pleasing to Our Beloved Savior, that His Love and Mercy will overshadow the generous giver, and those who have given in True Charity, will discover that Christ can never be outdone in generosity.

    Oh, God loves a generous soul. Please, pray to be a generous soul and help!


    University of Virtue
    Ash Wednesday
    February 6, 2008
    Volume 19, no. 37