February 13, 2008
vol 19, no. 44

"Stand firm and hold the Traditions" through the Grace of Fortitude

    We can sit there and smirk that we are safe and secure in our own little parish or catacomb and shy away from the fact that we are called to convert others to the One True Faith through our prayers, penance, example, almsgiving and actively living our Faith at all times. Playing it "safe" is not what God has in mind as Saints Perpetua and Felicitas show us in persevering throughout their martyrdom. It took fortitude for them to stay the course when there was little consolation outside of their immediate fellow Christians awaiting their persecution. It takes fortitude for us to avoid caving to the majority pressure that we should conform to conciliar standards. Not on your life if you value everlasting life. Remember our Lady's words to St. Bernadette, "I can't promise to make you happy in this world, only the next." Could we ask for anything more? Only through the virtue of Fortitude will we be able to persevere as the persecution intensifies.

      "Fortitude is our compass, my dear friends. Without fortitude, we shall let go of the oars, and we too will find our finite, mortal body swimming in the tumultuous waters of the conciliar lie. Instead of rescuing souls, someone will have to rescue us, and can we truly rely upon the Church Militant to pray for our salvation? Are those on the Barque too comfortable in their familiar zone? Are they afraid to reach out to us? Where else are they too look, if not to those within the Church Militant in the One True Faith? Joseph Ratzinger and those who follow him need our prayers. Our dioceses have become cesspools of depravation, and satan is laughing his head off at us, because our faith is not even a glowing ember. It has become as so much soot and ashes lying in a heap at our feet to trip us up at a moment's notice."

    The First Sunday of Lent has passed. Our practice of virtue is to be uppermost in our minds and hearts during this penitential season.

    The first thing we must remember is that we, who by God's merciful grace alone, have recognized the heresy of the conciliar church of conciliarism and have understood that the One True Faith is not in Rome, but within the catacombs of those churches, halls, houses, and so forth, where a truly ordained priest offers the True Mass as held dogmatically by the Council of Trent, as the ONLY MASS whereby God the Father is worshipped, continue to do as He commanded of all who, believing in Him, would obey and practice unto death.

    Now that we have received ashes on our foreheads, to remind us of the fleeting life on this earth, and of our true goal of Heaven, we are now in the full thrust of penance. Are we truly practicing penance? Do we truly want to do penance? Do we realize why we must do penance? These questions and more are part of a sincere examination of conscience, which we must do each day, each week, in order to make a worthy Confession. Without a worthy confession, we are not going to make spiritual progress during this season of Lent, nor or we going to advance the One True Faith in this utterly pagan world.

    The One True Church founded by Christ upon St. Peter, His Rock, is now undergoing its crucifixion. Yes, indeed, we, the Church Militant upon earth, are being crucified. Do we know this? Do we understand this? Do we have any idea what this means? Please bear with my poor words, as I attempt an explanation.

    When Pope Pius XII died, I feel certain the Church Triumphant wept with grave sorrow for those who, by God?s grace, would understand what had happened to the priceless gift of the One True Faith. I feel certain Christ's Most Sacred Heart bled profusely when Angelo Roncalli was elected to the Chair of Peter. This so-called Sovereign Pontiff spontaneously called the Second Vatican Council in January 1959. An inspiration of the Holy Ghost? Now, in hindsight, we know that it was not from the Holy Ghost; instead, such an inspiration came straight from the mouth of satan, and his minions were released from Hell and suffocated whatever true spirit remained from the Holy Ghost, and the devil's blasphemous breath entered the One True Church of Our Blessed Savior. Since that time, we have been in the Passion of the One True Faith; as the Church Militant, it is our duty to be crucified, as our Savior was crucified, and for the very same reason trumped up by Caiphas and Annas when our dear Lord was tried before them for blasphemy!

    Do we realize that ever since Roncalli lost the office through heresy, that we have been beaten, pummeled, spit upon, chained, and scourged. We have been condemned! We have been given our cross and we have walked the path to Calvary, just as our Beloved Savior did for the salvation of the human race. Now, we are on Calvary, and we are being crucified with our Savior, for Love of Him. The mind boggling thing about this fact is this: Only a very few, a handful of the Church Militant, understand this, and know that their duty is to willingly suffer this crucifixion, and to willingly die for Love of Jesus.

    The virtue we must ask for and practice in this time when the nails our being pounded into our flesh, into the Mystical Body of Christ through us, the Church Militant, is: FORTITUDE!!!

    An example you ask? Well, let us look at the martyrs Saint Perpetua and Saint Felicitas, whose blessed names appear in the Canon of the Holy Mass.

    Both of these women lived at the beginning of the third century. They were born in Carthage, in Africa. Both of these holy women were mothers, yet both willingly gave up their lives rather than remain on this earth to care for their infants, because they knew that this mortal life is nothing, when we remember the eternity that awaits us in Heaven, if we are but faithful to Him, who died to redeem us.

    Fortitude is the foundation upon which Perpetua and Felicitas stood as they awaited their martyrdom at the hands of the Roman Empire.

    Felicitas was a slave, but she was eight months pregnant when she was arrested and tried for being a Christian. Imagine the difference between this young mother to be, and those of us who are blessed by God to be mothers today. Families are torn by dissention over the matter of the One True Faith. Husbands and wives are shattered by the devil over the True Faith vs. the false conciliar faith and the belief, however well intended, of blind obedience to the so-called pontiff in Rome. Children are torn. They have friends who go to the novus ordo service, so they want to go there too. It entertains! The One True Mass does not do that, was never intended to do that! The first is man-made, the other is Divine. The first brings no grace; the second is filled with the sublime dignity of sanctifying graces and actual graces, needed by our souls to conquer our fallen human nature.

    Therefore, for the majority of people, they remain within the conciliar structure out of human respect. Human respect sends so many souls to Hell. If you do not believe me, check out the vision given to St. John Bosco on this site at St. John Bosco's Journey into Hell by Father Eugene Brown. Hell has a very special place for those who choose human respect over Love of Jesus Christ and the One True Faith.

    Thus, as we look at the lives and, more importantly, the deaths of Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas, we come to understand more fully the gift and fruit of FORTITUDE, so badly needed in this day and age. Perpetua had an infant son nursing at her beast, and whom she continued to suck even while in prison. She was sorely afflicted by her father, who she loved, in her human nature, with her whole heart. However, through grace, she loved Our Lord above her father, and even her infant son. Her father pleaded with her to renounce her faith for the love of him and of her son. He pleaded with her to abjure her faith for the sake of the reputation of the family, for her father's old age, for her son's well-being. He went so far, when she was tried openly in the court staged by the Romans in Carthage, to bring her infant son in his arms as she confessed the One True Faith, and the authorities, seeing her son, urged her to offer sacrifice to false gods. Would we, who are mothers, willingly see our children suffer our loss, for the Love of Jesus Christ? Would we, who are mothers today, sacrifice our very lives for Him, over love of our children, which is one of our noblest and most enduring dispositions given us by our Lord Himself? This question is one we each must answer. Moreover, husbands, would you willingly see your wife go to the slaughter, rather than see her confess a false religion? Wives, would you willingly part from your husband and children to gain eternal live in Heaven? Do you believe? Do you trust Him enough to protect and guard your loved ones if He asks this sacrifice of you?

    Felicitas was eight moths pregnant when she was arrested. Her faith was so strong that she desired martyrdom, despite the duty to bear her child. Her companions in jail wanted her martyrdom as much as she did, and so they prayed! Do we pay with that same confidence in Divine Providence to care for us and those to whom we have a natural human love? Felicitas prayed to God, as did her companions that she might be delivered of her child that she might be martyred. If she had not been delivered of her child, she would have not been martyred with Perpetua and so many others arrested by Roman authorities. Their prayers were answered, and Felicitas went into labor in jail. Her captors ridiculed her as she groaned in childbirth. They joked and spat at her as she labored to give birth, telling her that if she groaned in child-birth, how much more awaited her in the arena, when the ?games? of the Romans began for the pleasure of the sinful people who were filled with satan and his minions. Felicitas gave birth to a girl. This newborn daughter was immediately given to a nurse known to Felicitas and Perpetua, and thus the little girl, not even knowing her mother, had a saint in Heaven to protect her.

    Three days after Felicitas gave birth, and Perpetua confessed the One True Faith as her father left the arena with her infant child, they were taken again to the arena to die.

    The Romans had a mad cow waiting for them. With joy bathing their faces, their eyes seeing only the means by which their souls would be free of mortal flesh, they walked into the arena with dignity and FORTITUDE. Imagine for a moment this scene. Imagine any stadium in our nation filled with a roaring crowd thirsting for blood! Imagine as you walk into this stadium where death awaits, that you see in the first row your family, husband, father, mother, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, every one you love with your human heart, pleading with you to simply recant that you are a Christian?a Roman Catholic. I am not talking about any other faith than the One True Faith. Being a 'christian' does not include any protestant denomination. Only the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith is Christian, all others are pagan. You get the picture. If you only say a few words, your life will be spared. Oh how you will be greeted by your loved-ones for doing so. What joy awaits you at home, where your children will weep in your arms and caress your head because you are still with them. You husband will rejoice and gather you into his loving arms and seek to protect you henceforth. You family will gather for a great feast to honor you, and welcome you back to life! If you remain steadfast, with FORTITUDE as your guide, you will die horribly. Yet, your soul is animated by grace and love of God. And He, Who died for you, stretches forth is Divine arms, His Most Sacred Heart, pulsating with Infinite Love for you, and all you have to do is believe in His promises! He Who sits at the Right Hand of the Father awaits you. Torment first; then an eternity of joy. Which do you choose? In short, do you have FORTITUDE to die for the One True Faith?

    We have not been asked yet to die. No, we are still lying on the cross, as the nails of heresy, apostasy, and schism are driven into the Mystical Body of Christ in His Church Militant. Are we worthy of being a member of such an august body as His Church Militant? Do we truly understand that absolutely everything in this mortal life is of no value, except that of the One True Faith, by which means alone we can gain eternal life? Do we grasp this fact, this dogmatic decree of Holy Mother Church? Or, rather, are we inclined to keep our Faith hidden from the perception of all persons of whatever persuasion, rather than bring controversy into our lives, and possibly rock the boat so strongly that a few of our loved ones will fall out?

    What are we going to do if those whom we love humanly fall behind, lose the precious gift of the One True Faith, and treat us cruelly for remaining loyal to all Christ commanded of us? Most families throughout the world are in this position. No one is unaffected by the Great Apostasy, and if you are graced by God not to have dissention in your family, you are therefore called to do more than those who are struggling with such dissention.

    We are in a time when the Church Militant is severely tried. We are lying on the wood of the cross, and our members are being nailed to the cross with cruel long nails. Every time the sins of the conciliar church are revealed to the public, the executioners pound the nails into the body of the Church Militant. Every time the false pontiff Joseph Ratzinger announces another liturgical change, the executioners pounds ever harder, so that we are fastened to the wood of the cross. The time has not yet come when we, the Church Militant, are to be lifted up. That time is still a short ways off. For now this time of the Church Militant is one of intense suffering.

    We look at our fellow members in the Church Militant in our small parishes, groups, huddled together for Sunday Mass, and we rejoice interiorly that we have been given the grace to be present at the Holy Sacrifice.

    But, do we give a thought to the millions upon millions of our brethren who are not in attendance? Have we sought after them with true seraphic charity, seeking their salvation?

    If not, then our faith lacks fortitude, and is but a hollow show of a faith that must be vibrantly alive, if it is to have virtue.

    Traditional Communities are, for the majority, very small, well hidden, and many have a priest that comes but once a month, or once a year if that. These communities, hidden away, must not remain that way.

    We, who are the Church Militant, must seek the conversion of every person we come into contact with in our lives, and through prayer, the rest of the world. We cannot get comfortable in our small communities and hide from the world, from the conciliar monster that has taken over Rome, and the One True Faith. This conciliar monster must die, and God will have the victory. Whose side do you wish to be on when this victorious moment arrives?

    It is not enough to sit placidly in our parish church on Sundays, or any other day when the validly ordained priest says the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. On the contrary, we are to be as torches of Light to the rest of the world, and pray for the conversion of our local diocese, those trapped in the conciliar lie, and, yes, even those who promulgate the conciliar lie. And what a lie it is! The greatest lie satan has conceived since the garden of Eden. Will we believe that lie, or merely be content that we have somehow escaped it? Do we truly love our neighbor enough that we would die rather than seek their approval if we only compromise our Faith? Do we wish their conversion with all our being, our heart, mind, and soul? Do we pray as if our life depended upon it, and work with all our strength for the glorious restoration of the One True Faith?

    We must pray for FORTITUDE in order to remain faithful in this time when all heavenly help seems to have abandoned us. We must believe with all our being that we have a solemn duty before the Lord to cherish and nourish the One True Faith within our own soul, and within the souls of the parish to which we belong, and in our entire diocese. Like ripples upon a pond, we must seek to expand our little communities so that they grow with converts to the One True Faith.

    In reading the Lives of the Saints, in reading the History of Holy Mother Church, it would be easy to say to ourselves that the glorious age of Holy Mother Church has come and gone. No, that is not true!

    The glorious age of Holy Mother Church is yet to come, and we are the ones who are guiding the Barque of Peter through the most treacherous waters yet to afflict her. We are manning the oars; we are looking for survivors from the wreckage of the conciliar facade that will one day crumble to dust and ashes before the wrath of Almighty God.

    Before that awful and terrible day commences, we have much work to do, and we cannot accomplish anything without FORTITUDE. This is what we must begin praying for during Lent, because not one of us knows the hour or the day when we will be called to our eternal home. If we have not labored in His True Vineyard, we are going to have to explain to Him why we were lazy, lukewarm, uncaring, scared, afraid, placid, seekers of human respect and so forth.

    As all things are known to Almighty God, it will not be a trial by jury, nor will we have an opportunity to explain our life to Him Who created us. On the contrary, we will instantly know our eternal destination. Those who truly labor for Him, for LOVE of Him, for belief in the One True Faith, are those willing to rock the boat, to shout from the rooftops the dogmas of the One True Faith, and those who will not yield one iota from the Truth. There is no wiggle room here, my dear friends. It is either the One True Faith to the end, or we have yielded, as Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas did not.

    Ours will, most likely, not be a bloody martyrdom. Rather, we who are living now in the Mystical Body of Christ in the Church Militant, will most likely have the opportunity to be dry martyrs of the Faith, for we did all we could, all we should, for Him, believing unto death in His One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith.

    What we must ask ourselves is this: Do our traditional communities remain small because we are small? Do we believe with our entire being in the priceless gift God has seen fit to give us? Are we seeking the salvation of all persons, regardless of which of satan's lies they have embraced. Are we subjecting our mortal bodies to our interior life of the sublime graces God gives to us in this valley of tears? Do we truly believe that this life is of no importance other than as a testing ground to merit Heaven?

    Fortitude is our compass, my dear friends. Without fortitude, we shall let go of the oars, and we too will find our finite, mortal body swimming in the tumultuous waters of the conciliar lie. Instead of rescuing souls, someone will have to rescue us, and can we truly rely upon the Church Militant to pray for our salvation? Are those on the Barque too comfortable in their familiar zone? Are they afraid to reach out to us? Where else are they too look, if not to those within the Church Militant in the One True Faith? Joseph Ratzinger and those who follow him need our prayers. Our dioceses have become cesspools of depravation, and satan is laughing his head off at us, because our faith is not even a glowing ember. It has become as so much soot and ashes lying in a heap at our feet to trip us up at a moment's notice.

    FORTITUDE, my dear friends, comes from the Holy Ghost. We all need to pray for such a sublime grace in our souls, because we need it now and at every moment until we breathe forth our soul to God.

    If we lack FORTITUDE, we cannot work for the glorious restoration of Holy Mother Church. Instead, we are as extra baggage being dragged along by the Church Militant's zealous souls. Are we helping or hindering this glorious restoration. It matters not whether we see it in our lifetime. What does matter is that we believe that this will happen and God will be victorious, and we have spent our life in labor for Love of Him.

    Before we can count the days off on the calendar, Easter will be upon us. We will have passed Holy Week, and gone to the Resurrection, while the Church Militant continues to be crucified. Will we willingly lay down our lives for Him? Good Friday precedes Easter. Let us prepare ourselves for the crucifixion we must undergo in this mortal life, through prayer, penance,self-denial, almsgiving and in our prayers ask the Holy Ghost for the gift of FORTITUDE.

    Let us pray for one another, and for the entire world. May Almighty God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, protect you, guide you, guard you, and fill your soul with every grace so that your virtues shine before the eyes of men, and all who seek you will come to believe that which you possess by Grace, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith.

    May our Lord and His Most Immaculate and Sorrowful Mother strengthen your resolve to stay the course, to increase in grace through the virtue of Fortitude.


    University of Virtue
    February 13, 2008
    Volume 19, no. 44