A Season Which Has Lost Its Reason

          The month of December brings us so many fond memories of past celebrations. During this season we recall time spent with family and friends before a Nativity scene, joyfully singing beautiful hymns or attending services. The gifts below the tree reminding us of the many gifts God has given us. The evergreen trees would remind us of everlasting life in Christ. The manger scene would remind us of the sacred peace of the Holy Family on that first Christmas. Like a scheduled embrace with the newly born Christ, Christmas came along each year to slap us out of our foolishness, superficiality, self-centeredness and subjective agenda. Of course, that was centered on the day and the twelve days after.

          Sadly, little by little, our society and our world have pushed Christ out of His Own Birthday, turning His day into another tired excuse to feed our materialism, our ego, our comfort, our wants, our self-preoccupation and our superficiality. Now Christmas is foisted on us right after Thanksgiving, even before that in some arenas, and we are force-fed secular images that avoid all mention of even the word "Christmas." It has reached the point where it is not enough to defend Christ before the Sanhedrin or Pilate; we now have to defend Him at His Own manger. Our Lord can barely arrive before the wolves and vipers snap at His heels, trying to devour Him from our midst.

          Where we used to have auto stickers reminding us that Christmas is about Christ, we now have to have stickers that demand that we keep Christ in Christmas, which is like walking around with reminders that people work to be paid, need food to live, or bleed when they get cut. In a society where warnings tell us to not use electrical devices in the shower, allow toddlers to play with plastic bags, or eat plastic fruit, we now need to be told that Christ belongs in Christmas.

          Rather than celebrate and be enlightened by the Star of Bethlehem, we sit in the cold dark of rampant, hypocritical, and selective secular atheism masked as political correctness. The one segment most in the dark, ignoring the significance of that star as well as the obvious elephant in the room are most American "Catholics", if not world "Catholics". I'd like to think they are just ignorant, yes, stupid, if you will. However, with the statistics from the last election and previous ones that have empowered pro-abort politicians, perhaps most American "Catholics" are not stupid. Maybe they are just traitors. Traitors to the primary position of the sacredness of life in our faith's teaching. Traitors to our Lord's witness to life over death, sacrifice over selfishness, innocence over convenience, God over politics.

          Where is the Catholic courage of a Saint Thomas More, the steadfast defense of our doctrine of a Pope Leo XIII, Pope Saint Pius X and Pope Pius XII? It is a thing of the past. Instead we have the ilk of Roger Mahony and Francis George and George Niederauer, not to mention Joseph Ratzinger and William Levada in Rome and others who are more likely to betray Christ than represent Him. If the 1940s was seemingly the golden age of American Catholicism, then we are steeped in its darkest hour, a shambles of pathetic cowardice, despicable rationalization and detestable betrayal by leaders bowing to their own agenda and the ungrateful, arrogant and foolish whims of lukewarm Cafeteria "Catholics" who would do our faith and themselves a favor by simply officially establishing their own religion, having already unofficially done so over 40 years ago to the chagrin and glee of a society and media mired in secular atheism, subjective morality and diluted broth of religion.

          Instead of remembering the Silent Night we mourn the silence of a leadership which represents cowardice, betrayal and personal agenda more than the Christ they defame with frightening regularity. While we read in the Gospels for Advent of Saint John the Baptist's brave witness of His Lord and Savior, we sit in the swill of our own reluctance to stand up for our Faith with our words, actions and votes. While we recall the vile treachery of Herod in murdering the Holy Innocents of Bethlehem, most American Catholic frauds vote for a new Herod who, like the first Herod, promises to come and worship if we will only help him lead, only to murder babies with relentless passion and determination; all the while getting a free pass and encouragement from Modern Rome.

          Christ is, has always been, and will always be the only reason for the season. However, the measure of a society's loyalty to God is determined how it celebrates one of God's holiest days. And the way this society, which claims to be of God, celebrates Christmas has made Judas look like small potatoes. If how Catholics practice and apply their faith is measured in how passionately and accurately they convey it, then most of this society's "Catholics" are frauds, liars and hypocrites. As we approach the Infant in the cold, adored by His Immaculate Mother the Blessed Virgin Mother and His earthly foster father Saint Joseph, we approach the reason for this or any season. As we look at what this society has become, however, all we see is a society, and a season, that has lost its reason.

          Insanity and chaos reign as atheists, Kwanzaa fanatics, and other pagan and immoral collectives come swarming out of closet, lobbying through illegal left loopholes to squeeze out Nativity scenes, hidden behind minoras and other false religious symbols that have cropped up as last ditch efforts to eradicate Christianity. All most "Catholics" do is ask to dialog, falling into the trap of the heresy of religious liberty, more than willing to check their faith at the door and compromise, going out of their way not to offend others while gravely offending the Son of God and His holy Mother, not to mention an Eternal heavenly Father Who has to be getting angrier by the day at our audacity or lukewarmness in the face of such evil. He is, after all, the Just Judge.

          May this Christmas be for all men of true good will, a blessed calm before the storm that is on the horizon on January 20. As we begin the reign of a new Herod, it is obvious we never needed more saints like John the Baptist. Will we be willing to speak out, to be that clear, uncompromising voice in the wilderness, crying out that we must repent and return to His way, which is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life" through, and only through the Church and tenets He established? Let us take this time of Christmastide to say 'yes' and make that our determined resolution for the new year and the rest of our lives. If we do not, then we have lost all reason.


      December 25, 2008
      vol 19, no. 360