October 22, 2007
vol 18, no. 295

Web-less and wheel-less, but never hopeless!
    Halloween is a little over a week away but the gremlins of Gates and gaskets have been haunting the infrastructure of The Daily Catholic, leaving this ministry helpless without your help. We have reached the emergency stage in order to survive for our only transportation is in the shop, held for ransom, and our computer is on life support. The bottom line: We desperately need your help!

My dear friends in Christ Jesus,

    Although our Annual Hiatus Issue remains on line for another two more weeks, nonetheless we've been able to connect temporarily so I could write to everyone regarding the status of the ministry, especially since we're in EMERGENCY MODE. Computer and car problems have made the situation dire and, thus, we have no one to turn to but our readers.

    For the entire month of October we have been offline since we have not been able to reconnect until this past week. Michael had to clear several thousand e-mails and hopes to be able to respond over the next few months to the many hundreds of e-mails sent that were not spam. The latter are getting bolder and more obscene and another sign of the dark times we are in, and getting darker. Vice is having a field day right now, but virtue will not, cannot be denied. Christ the King will win out! His Blessed Mother Mary has promised thus, recalling her words at Fatima ninety years ago that "in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph."

    In the meantime, the struggle continues and I must admit, generosity grows drier as hearts become harder. This is evident from the few donations we have received over the past few months.

    The facts are that we can not continue if donations do not increase. Michael has over 35,000 pages in archives and there is no way we can maintain those files on peanuts. While several Novus Ordo organizations are moaning that they need multi-thousands, even six figures to continue publishing, we can get by on so much less. But we can't get by on what contributions are presently coming in. As as has been written many times on these pages, were it not for a few generous souls, we would have had to close shop long ago.

    As you know I had two major operations this past summer in which I had 85% of my intestines removed. Despite some setbacks and my files lost in the bureacratic maze of red-tape, thus curtailing necessary meds and oxygen to bring my fibromyalgia back into able-to-exist mode, I'm still among the living. However, for medical purposes, we have returned to our roots in San Diego. It was necessary, both for my health, and for Michael to get back to sea level because of his edema and sciatica.

    The entire month of September was extremely difficult, with sorting, pitching unnecessary things, paring back on the ‘necessary' things until we reached the bare minimum. Talk about utterly exhausted! Michael and I feel as if we’ve been repeatedly run over by a MAC truck since age is beginning to set in. Yet, God gives us the strength each day to get up, say our prayers, and get going once again.

    Just as we were grateful to find an inexpensive mobile home in Mead, we were able to return the favor, letting our oldest son move in to both take care of it and to feel a sense of responsibility and pride in having his own place. We kindly ask your prayers for him for he remains totally disabled, suffering from epilepsy which resulted after a tremendous fall in the early winter of 2004, when he fell and cracked the back of his head on black ice in a parking lot. He suffered his first grand mal in June 2004, and his condition worsens each month. The hard knock on the back of his skull resulted in a continuous leak of gray matter deep into the white space of his brain. He is never going to be healed, unless our Blessed Lord grants him a miracle, for which his father and I pray every moment of every day if it is God'will.

    Our move has been both a joy and a great trial. San Diego has been home to both of us since 1968, so it’s a homecoming in many ways. Yet, our return, in addition to health, was also necessitated by several charges given us by God, which I am not at liberty to divulge at this time. We have found an affordable senior complex that caters to the disabilities we have. We are still trying to get settled, obtain only the necessities of life, and start in motion those things which pertain to the labor, which God asks of us in His vineyard.

    Chief among these tasks is the continuation of The Daily Catholic. God has reinforced to us every day that this apostolate is most pleasing to Him, and that He desires those who come to our website to not only spread the Truth of the Roman Catholic Faith, but also to help us with donations. For the very few who contribute, we most humbly thank you, and ask you to pray that more hearts and souls will be touched by the grace of the Holy Ghost to contribute as well.

    While we had saved every penny for over two years to make the move back to San Diego, as God asked of us, you can be certain satan has been doing all he can to make this difficult time nigh unto impossible.

    A brief explanation will, I hope, suffice. We immediately ran into difficulties when I continued to suffer from both continuous TIA’s and what appears, to my beloved husband, as some type of seizures because I have not had my necessary medicines over the past two months. After finding an apartment by the grace of God, we were out shopping for basic furnishings at a thrift store on October 2. One of the salesmen moved a lamp on a dresser. The light refracted off the mirror on the dresser, hit my left eye, and BANG! I had such an intense pain shoot up from my heart to my brain, passing through my left eye. I developed triple vision within a second, and had to sit down. Mike noticed and we left at once, but before I got to the exit, I had so many spots before my left eye I couldn’t see. By the time we got back to the motel room, the spots had become a ‘fog’ in front of my left eye, which remains until this moment. Any type of flickering light at any time of day worsens this condition.

    I am unable to seek medical help, since the Spokane, Washington Social Security Office did not put on my record the hearing I had in the summer of 2006, which wound up with the Judge ruling fully in my favor. Thus, I’ve had to spend untold hours on hold on the phone tracking down this paperwork, which I succeeded in doing on October 15. (Thank you Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and St. Teresa of Avila). Therefore, both Michael and I still have paperwork to fill out to obtain those benefits, which we have worked for all our lives. I know many of you are in the same position. Bureaucratic red tape is such fun, isn’t it! All for you, Jesus. All for the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary!

    If I were to tell you of all the trials, difficulties, crosses, and unanticipated ‘things’ that have developed, it would not be a short article…it wound be a novel! Trust me; I’ll spare you the grizzly details even though either Michael or I could write a chronicle of our sojourn. Yet, it pales in comparison to what our dear friends Thomas and Sharon Droleskey and their sweet daughter Lucy have encountered in their total dedication to traveling the highways and biways (literally) in uncompromisingly bringing the truths of the True Faith to anyone who will listen. Unfortunately, even in traditional circles, apathy reigns.

    And speaking of reign, this coming Sunday is the Solemnity of Christ the King. Everyday we can see less and less evidence of His Social Kingship as the world grows darker, di-illuminated, if you will, by the prince of darkness. It is in this void that so many of us grope for hope. We know His Reign will return and it will be more glorious than ever, but before that reality we must all encounter the dark night, both in our physical sufferings as well as our spiritual ones. What greater sadness can there be for any traditional Catholic than to see how He is truly present in but a few tabernacles? Every Novus Ordo church where He should be has been made into "a den of thieves." God is not there and because of this very fact, the parishioners, dedicated though they may be, cannot be receiving the necessary graces because the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is not confected. This is because the vast majority, being unsuspecting and at ease in their comfort zones, have placed their eggs in the proverbial basket of obedience to Vatican II. Because of this blind obedience they are, as we were, unaware that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been gravely compromised by a man-made rite that is devoid of the propitiatory Sacrifice.

    Realizing this and accepting this undeniable fact is not easy. It is even more difficult to leave that comfort zone, to risk ridicule and the loss of friends. But it is absolutely mandatory if you want to save your soul. This stark epiphany is what has motivated my husband and I to continue to swim upriver against the tide of public opinion, against those who sling mud and call us names. It comes with the territory. Our Lord tells everyone of us that. It is never easy and it is not meant to be.

    And yet, at the same time, it is necessary. Christ called upon the multitudes, and then Saint Paul as well, to help those who labor and toil in His vineyard. Thus, once again, I have no choice but to remind you we need your help. It is most difficult to have to ask, and yet such humiliation is part and parcel of total submission to God and His holy will in striving to fulfill all that He asks. Stay with me just a few minutes longer as I tell you of our true needs. First, and uppermost, we need your prayers for ourselves, and above all for God’s Will to be accomplished in us. We are making a plea for your help! We are conserving every penny, yet we must turn to our faithful readers, each and every one of you who come to The Daily Catholic to help us in the financial crunch we have currently as an additional cross to carry.

    We need to raise $3,500 to $5,000 before Thanksgiving in order to pay to get both car and computer fixed. These unanticipated expenses, in addition to startup costs for utilities have depleted the ministry's coffers. We're hoping we can keep Mike's old computer (from 1996) going a little while longer but it's on its last legs. We had shipped both the computer and the printer by FedEx. He insured the computer but not the printer. Little did we realize when the shipper packed it, that they would not remove the cartridge. You guessed it. Black ink spilled all over, saturating the hull and all the inner workings. Evidently it occurred from the pressure and altitutde of the FedEx plane. The bottom line: it utterly destroyed the printer. To compound the problem, however, we cannot find the tracking slip in order to file a claim.

    I think I know what happened to the latter. It got packed in the bin that is still coming but is currently in storage with all our books and files that comprise over 20 boxes. A generous, dear friend from Mount St. Michael's is going to be bringing those boxes and two bins as well as other necessary components for The Daily Catholic down next month. But by the time it arrives, the 30-day warranty will have expired. Such are the perils of perseverance.

    On behalf of Mike, I want to extend our deepest gratitude to our wonderful friends at Mount St. Michael's for their sincere friendship and caring from Father Casimir, Father Gerard, Father Macias, Brother Joseph, Brother Sebastian, Fra Juan, Dave Fuire, Tom Drahmann, Tom Gillbrough, Bob Magerl, Tom and GayeLynn Gallegos and Tracy and Dan Lewis, along with most of the good Sisters at the Mount. There are many friends we did not list and to all we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and keep you in our prayers daily, especially the Confraternity of Mary Immaculate.

    Now back to our plight. It has taken over two weeks for Mike to find a printer that ‘supports’ his operating system. He found one on a website that still supports Windows 98SE, and ordered it. Yes, he still has Win 98 and loves it. He keeps saying "If it ain't broke, don't mess with it." Hmmm, kind of remind you of a certain Latin Rite that was perfect in the 50's and was tinkered with thanks to diabolic disorientation! Anyway, we were able to get a new printer, but without the drivers for his operating system. Neither HP or Microsoft support Windows 98 any more. Those who supported Bill Gates, by shelling out good money for his systems, have been abandoned. For the most part no one supposedly had drivers to support Windows 98SE. We needed to find those drivers! Hello, St. Jude!

    Our phone had been improperly installed, so it wasn’t until late last Saturday that a tech came and fixed the problem, leaving calls to be made on Monday, October 15. On the second call, I found a person who knew what to do. He called back in ten minutes, and had the drivers. He came and spent well over three hours expanding Mike’s RAM memory, and installing the now rare drivers and setting up the printer/fax, phone/copier that this machine has as "all-in-one." Unexpected costs in replacing the printer, plus the expert tech service required to finally get the entire computer system up and running ate into our coffers. Anyone who has had to have technicians come to you should know of the hidden expenses.

    We have no computer desk, no proper chair for Mike, nor even a proper stand for the printer, which is on a larger TV tray, which we both have to hold if he prints anything! Yes, we are keeping our private vow of poverty, always for God, always in thanksgiving for all we have ever received through His Providence, all for His honor and glory.

    The real expense is what we hadn't counted on. When we arrived here, we bought an affordable second-hand car, which supposedly needed only a tune-up. Or, so we were told, shown, and promised. By the third day, we both knew the car needed the ‘tune-up’ now, not later. Mike found a good, reasonable mechanic, and took the car in. It has been up in the bay for nearly three weeks now. Turns out, it needed a bit more than a ‘tune-up.’ We're still waiting for a rebuilt transmission to go with the rebuilt engine already in the shop. The mechanic is waiting to put both in at the same time to save us labor costs. As it is, it's going to cost us close to $3,500. which we simply do not have. The Honda Odyssey van we had in Spokane, which served us well for five years and is free and clear of any debt, would not have made it to Southern California. Nor could I have survived the long ride. Therefore, we gave the van to our oldest son who did not have a vehicle.

    There have been days when we’ve had no transportation here, and on the other days the mechanic loans us his car, or his brother’s car, etc., and we go and do the things we have to do, like buying food, trying to find an inexpensive but usable computer desk and a reasonably priced chair for Mike to sit in. You see, the webmaster of The Daily Catholic normally spends anywhere from twelve to eighteen hours a day sitting, working on each issue of The Daily Catholic, for love of God, the One, Holy, Roman Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, and believe me, it is a labor of true love. However, Mike is human, and suffers from severe arthritis, edema, and two pinched nerves in his spine. Add to this he having more and more problems reading; his eyes are weakening from so many hours over the years in front of the computer screen. He needs a thorough eye-exam as well as a proper ergonomic chair to support his pinched nerves which become inflamed after sitting for a half hour or more. In the past six months he's been unable to kneel for more than five minutes when his sciatic nerve explodes and he’s basically crippled, limping badly. These afflictions were a strong reason why we had to move.

    Coming from the old school of thinking, Mike is fixed in his ways. That explains why he has stubbornly stayed with his dependable Windows 98. But recently he's discovering the sad fact that the programs he's had for years are not upgradable to XP or Vista. He's skeptical about those systems, having not only experienced a fatal crash on an XP system we were given several years ago by a generous benefactor, but having also heard so many horror stories about Gates' latest cash cows that are not as reliable as the old system. Remind you of anything? But, as I mentioned, the software he's been using is basically extinct today as technology continues at such a rapid, frightening pace. Therefore, we are in need of a new, high-powered computer as well as compatible software that will replicate what he already has and a reliable computer expert who can transfer the files without losing anything. Mike doesn't have the capability to back up on CD all the programs he has, which are fast becoming obsolete. That is why it makes it extremely difficult to just switch to a new computer without complementing software that will replicate what he already has. All of the 35,000 pages plus that he has archived on The Daily Catholic have basically been done with the "tech-relic" we still have and, lately, is giving signs of huffing and chugging its last breath.

    Without a computer, The Daily Catholic is at a standstill. It's that simple. And without wheels, we are standing still. We need at least $5,000. in donations by Thanksgiving to cover all costs in order to continue this apostolate for souls.

    This was meant to be just a really short letter to let you know of our truly desperate financial needs at this time of transition, and we most humbly and with all our prayers going out to each and every heart and soul, ask you to donate. Be it a one-time donation, or a regular monthly, even weekly donation will be most gratefully received, used for being able to continue The Daily Catholic, as outlined above, and we shall pray for each and every one of you in our daily work and prayers, and at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which we have every Sunday, as well as Saturdays, and on all Holy Days, First Friday, and First Saturday of every month. How blessed we are to have Father Gerard come each week from Spokane, and how doubly-blessed that our Beloved Savior, truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament, has a true Tabernacle in a private chapel about ten minutes away from us. There, in peace and solitude, any person who believes, can go and spend time before the Blessed Sacrament reserved on the altar (yes, there’s a true altar in this small, private chapel, which is beautifully appointed with blessed statues, prie-dieus and kneelers, and all sacramentals totally Roman Catholic). In fact, it's the oldest true church in San Diego, having been in the same location for nearly 30 years.

    With our car up in the bay, and using a once-a-while loaner, we are unable to go there as often as we desire. Yet, every day we send our guardian angels to Holy Mass and to Our Lady of Fatima Chapel here when we cannot be present ourselves, and we remember our benefactors in our prayers and ask you to remember us in yours so that we can all keep our Savior ever in our minds, hearts, and souls.

    As for myself…well, as I said, bureaucratic red tape keeps me in medical limbo, unable to seek any treatment for several chronic conditions, plus the ‘fog’ before my left eye. It will be probably past November before the proper agencies are able to process our requests and services are provided. We have done all we can and should to conserve every penny. We have never once bought the smallest thing we did not absolutely need. We are sitting in patio furniture, which is the cheapest thing we could find in any thrift store, and the rest will have to wait. Still, we have a roof over our heads, and fasting never hurt anyone, so fast we shall and we thank God for the blessing.

    As I mentioned earlier, we have an apartment in a senior citizen complex, and presently we're in a temporary unit. The manager, a truly nice person, will be moving us next month into another unit that is more handicapped accessible. We look forward to that, but not to another move. That’s another reason we have purchased only the bare essentials…we have to move it all again! All for you, dear Jesus. All for you, Blessed Mother!

    You are in our minds, hearts, and souls as well…every person who comes to The Daily Catholic. Whether we ever know your name, whether or not you are able to donate, we pray for all who visit the site. Now, one last time, we appeal: Will you help us in this time of tremendous need? If you can, whatever you can donate, please do so. Just go to the button below or you can send a donation to The Daily Catholic address in Mead which we will continue to maintain for the foreseeable future at

        The Daily Catholic
        P.O. Box 365
        Mead, WA 99021
or you can easily make a donation through PayPal by clicking on the button immediately below:

    We place this petition in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and entrust it also to His Most Blessed Mother. May our Lady obtain the grace for hardened-hearts to melt into true charity, assisting us through you in this time of tremendous need. If you never thought of it this way, do so now: We need you! Yep, not only to donate whatever you can to this apostolate, but also to peruse the multiple thousands of pages we have on-line. If you weren’t coming to read, we’d have no reason to continue to publish, would we? As it is, if you do not help financially, we won't be able to remain on-line through the end of the year, and that is not what God wants. He wants us to continue this work, and so we shall. Please, pray and ask God to enlighten your soul and mind and awaken your heart, and donate! You are a tremendous part of this apostolate. It is for you, and through you, it reaches out like ripples on a pond to more people every month.

    Keep us in your prayers, and we shall continue to keep each of you in all of our prayers and works. I’ll try to write a new letter to you next month, when we are back on-line daily. Until then, have confidence in God’s Providence, hear the whisper of the Holy Ghost, and let Our Blessed Mother be your true mother in all the necessities and cares of life, for all of us have known, know now, or will come to know, hard times.

        In prayerful petition for the return of the Social Kingship of Christ. Jesus through the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, Vivo Christo Rey.


    Symphony of Suffering
    October 22, 2007
    Volume 18, no. 295